Thomas Weeks' Bio:

Tom, or "Tweeks" as he is known, an an EET / Telecom grad from Texas A&M, has worked for several large government, IT/Security and Web Hosting firms over his career 25yr career. Before accepting an offer at Virginia Tech as the IT department's Future Technology Director, he filled various technical and engineering roles at Rackspace Hosting from their inception 17yrs prior. Tweeks is a seasoned Sys-Admin & hands on security professional who has enjoyed leading Linux/RHCE/Sys-Admin/Internet security training for around 18 years. He's a published Linux author, and sits as the technical lead for our regional technology council's Cyber Security Forum. Through his position with Virginia Tech IT, he also helps the Virginia Cyber Range as a consulting systems architect, security course developer and lab-VM image designer.

In his spare time, Tweeks is passionate about teaching kids to peek behind the curtain of modern technology through various community STEM related groups and opportunities.. to help transform our growing consumer generation more into a generation of innovators and designers.. or "Transforming kids from takers into makers". He waters the STEM grass roots of his community by offering various STEM related home schooling workshops, coaching First Lego League, teaching coding/robotics classes with Let's Code Blacksburg! and helping run the High Power Rocketry club

In his spare time, Tweeks loves to foster geeky, tech community groups like:

  • The free, comminuty technology training group Let's Code Blacksburg, for which I'm a technical trainer (from 2013 - current)
  • Sits on the STEM Committee of theRoanoke Blacksburg Technology Council since 2013.
  • The Blacksburg area New River Valley (High Power) Rocketry group ( (founder 2011).
  • The LUG/technology user group "X-otic Computer Systems of San Antonio" ( (founder and president from 1996-2010 back in San Antonio)
  • The San Antonio Hackerspace (advisor, 2008)

  • Video of Let's Code Blacksburg! Kids Classes, "Programming Arduino Microcontrollers" and "PyGame (python) Programming" in 2014

    "Tweeks" contact and other info is: