Thomas Weeks' Bio:

Tom holds a BS-EET / Telecom degree from Texas A&M, has worked for several large government, IT, Security and Web Hosting firms over his career. "Tweeks" has done Test & Integration Engineering in a military hardware/software lab, is a 15+ yr seasoned Linux/Solaris/Windows Sys-Admin, RHCE Trainer & Sys-Admin Technical Trainer/course developer, and has filled various Electrical Engineering and Systems/Security roles over the years. Having joined San Antonio based Rackspace Hosting just after its inception in 1999, he is now Racker#1by tenure -- however in 2011 Tweeks left Rackspace headquarters in San Antonio Texas to relocate his family to Rackspace's development center nestled in the green Appalachian hills of Blacksburg VA (next to Virginia Tech University). Thomas is the coauthor the book, "Linux Troubleshooting Bible" (Wiley) and has published various other web and print magazines over the years.

Tweeks now spends most of his spare time playing with his kids but also enriching his community by offering free kids STEM community classes, homeschooling CS classes[1][2] [3], and spawning other STEM related events through his various technical community connections.

In his spare time, Tweeks loves to foster geeky, tech community groups like:

  • The free, comminuty technology training group Let's Code Blacksburg, for which I'm a technical trainer (from 2013 - current)
  • Sits on the STEM Committee of theRoanoke Blacksburg Technology Council since 2013.
  • The Blacksburg area New River Valley (High Power) Rocketry group ( (founder 2011).
  • The LUG/technology user group "X-otic Computer Systems of San Antonio" ( (founder and president from 1996-2010 back in San Antonio)
  • The San Antonio Hackerspace (advisor, 2008)

  • Video of Let's Code Blacksburg! Kids Classes, "Programming Arduino Microcontrollers" and "PyGame (python) Programming" in 2014

    "Tweeks" contact and other info is: