Tom's Experience from 1987-1994

While no longer directly relevant to Tom's current career, some of these older college year jobs were very technical in nature and taught Tom many of his low level trouble shooting skills. These areas that ranged from component level computer tech work, electronics work, to security clearance based goverment electronics work. So these are provided below for your perusal.

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February 1996 to March 1996
Examined feasibility of employment with Trident Data Systems as their local MIS support staff. Was responsible for UN*X/PC/Mac account/email upkeep, network administration, etc. . Left to seek work which could take more advantage of my job skills and interests.

January 1995 to January 1996
Head Computer Tech at Texas Computers while attending Texas A&M University. Worked 20-25 hours/week doing in depth computer tech work, networking configuring (TCP/IP/IPX), and learning Mac tech work. Held the position of chairman for the A&M IEEE/COMSOC HTML Web Page Committee where I both taught HTML to its members and assisted in the authoring of the Texas A&M IEEE/COMSOC pages.

Summer & Fall 1994
Summer: held two part time tech jobs. One as Head Computer Tech at The Event Horizon computer store in Oklahoma City, and the other as a Pro-Audio Tech at Music Unlimited in Shawnee OK. Fall: spent in France at Telecom Bretagne with France Telecom in their Signal et Communications lab, building an underwater, digital communications, prototype receiver.

November 1993 to May 1994
Worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Texas A&M Bioacoustics Lab, specializing in the digitizing and signal processing of underwater mammal vocalizations. Also did C programming and extensive, large file network transfers.

March 1992 to February 1994
Head Computer Tech at Kroger/Family Center Video/Computers. Did PC/AT, network hardware, and Amiga/Video Toaster tech work while attending Texas A&M as full time Senior EET/Telecom student.

October 1990 to December 1991
Full time Pro Audio/Electronic Technician at Audio Electronics of Dallas repairing everything from tube/transistor power amps and large audio mixing consoles to computers and peripherals. Assisted in the configuration of a hybrid SCSI network/file server/POC setup for in house use.

February 1989 to September 1990
Authorized Computer Tech at One Byte Computers (references available) while attending Thames Valley. Very experienced in trouble shooting and repairs of PC, XT and AT clones. Configured/Utilized an IPX network for in house Tech/POS integration. Worked with oscilloscopes, freq counters and logic probes on continual basis.

Summer of 1987
Electro-Mechanical Technician at Tracor Applied Sciences in Groton CT. Held a government confidential clearance. Spent most of the time working on government sonar prototype construction .

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