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In 1998, God impressed it upon me to drop a job offer in Houston and stay here in San Antonio to start up a soup kitchen for the poor and the hungry. With the basic principal being: You can't minister to a man's soul if his stomach is empty. most of my IT friends thought that I was nuts.

It was not until 1999 that the TailGateway Soup Kitchen was actually operational. It's not a traditional soup kitchen, as we prepare the meal for around 60-80, and take it down town to the Sam Shelter and feed the homeless under one of the bridges, on the second and third Saturdays of the month.

Here is the official site for the soup kitchen at our church right now.

DUE TO OUR 6 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THIS MINISTRY, WE HAVE FORMULATED SOME COMMEN SENSE GUIDELINES TO KEEP OUR MINISTRY AND ITS MINISTERS SAFE AND SCRIPTURAL. If you are interested in participating in our ministry, or possibly starting your own similar ministry, please take some time to review our street wise "Soup Kitchen Orientation Sheet", please check out these guidelines to help orient you in going down and safely serving in this type of environment.

We will be publishing more pictures and the like once we scan in some good pictures and I get my digital camera.

Tom Weeks

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