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If you are a red boxxing, pHrAcK wanna-B, this is NOT the place for you... This area is dedicated to hardware hacks that appreciate the finer points of creating/modifying hardware systems; for people who KNOW and wish to learn... not for war dial'n, cell phone hack'n kids! >8v/

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Tom-D-Tek, Tech Tips

This section was stared when a user asked me a simple tech-y question (thus TDTTT#1). I then realized that the keeping such technical information to myself was not edifying for the amiga/tech-y community as a whole. So anyway... hope some of you get some technical use out of this stuff. Please feel free to contact me about any mistakes (technical or grammatical in nature (PLEASE! I have no spell checker in DPaint!)) or special subject requests. Keep an eye on this section as I will continually add to it over time. UPDATED: 24-Nov-97
TDTTT # Tech Tip Description Technical Difficulty
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#1, 26-Oct-97 "How to Fix a Broken DIP Chip Pin": Gives a graphical step by step process of how to technically attack a broken pin on a DIP chip.
3bit GS 640x680
#2, 26-Oct-97 "Voltage Dividers and Ohms Law": Basic down and dirty tutorial I whipped up for some guy who was having problems understanding how a shorted mother board could make it look like his power supply was not putting out 5V. (I had really gone round and round with him via email.. and saw that he needed pics & formulas... at least he could not argue with THEM! well.. maybe the pics... heh)
1bit BW 640x680
-More To Come-

Hack ToolDescription

The Leatherman "Super Tool"

THE ultimate pocket tool for Hacks & Geeks... A MUST! I have gone through several swiss army knives--don't bother! This thing has locking blades, "between size" phillips head, two flat heads, wire cutters, an awl, a big file, a SHARP blade, a serrated blade, Needle Nose Pliers, a bone saw, can opener, and more! An Absolute MUST for any serious hardware geek or tech! I use mine every day!

The Dremel Moto-Tool

VERY Handy "Cut, Bore, Grind, Strip, Drill ANYTHING" (at 30,000 RPM) tool! Do metal work on your computer case, cut off a master lock like BUTTER, drill your won P.C. project board holes, heck--do your own DENTAL work! hehe... Best tool investment I've made (under my Leatherman!)

Here's a picture of me hack-n on my PSI-WEB server (the same server that all these apges run on).

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