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I have been active in/on the web now for around 3 years and have been on the internet now (in one manner or another) back before there WERE any graphic user navigation tools such as Netscape, I.Explorer, or even Mosaic! Back when I got started, we didn't even any have point and click interfaces... all we had were things like telnet, ftp, gopher, or the God send... Lynx (the ASCII browser for all you I-Net whippersnappers).

"Mouse? I don't neeeed no steengkeeng MOUSE!"

Anyway.. off the Grandpa kick...

Back in '95, while attending Texas A&M I was elected the Chairperson of the IEEE Tech Web Page Committee. My main responsibility was to gather together people that were interested in writing for the page, teach them HTML authoring, assign them all sub-pages to work on to match the base page, and to myself write the base HTML Web page for the IEEE Tech professional society. I created the base page and used my still image video camera to capture, for our web photo album, many of the images of the things our group was involved in. Unfortunately, after I left A&M the page was not well maintained, was totally re-written, and is now stagnant and looks terrible (except for my ray-traced logo that they kept on the page... I created the logo for the group using some very fancy ray-tracing Software (see below).) The rest of my Web writing adventures have been mainly for friends and for fun.

i like fun... fun is good

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How I Create My Ray-Traced Logos Using...


Ray-Tracing (/ray-tray-sing/): The method of creating, in a computer, a simulated three-dimensional world with three dimensional objects of varying sizes, textures, and graphical bit image maps; placing various forms of lighting in the computer generated world and using the computer to create, render, or 'trace', every single 'ray' of light as it bounces, reflects, refracts, bends, and scatters, from the light source (>64,000 beams/light source!) thus allowing one to create very way cool looking, photo-realistic images, logos or even animations! This process is very computationally intensive and can take hours or even days to render a single image!


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Here's Some FX Things That Are Done With LightWave

  • Star Trek: Voyager
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Space: Above and Beyond
  • Babylon 5
  • Sliders
  • X-Files
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • Blue M&Ms (commercial)
  • James Bond GoldenEye
  • Nixon
  • Hercules
  • Xena
  • Bay Watch (That's right! They're Not Real!.....We mean the explosions.)

Other Tools of the Trade...

Page Testing Browsers: Lynx/A-Lynx, Mosaic/Spry, Netscape, MS IE, Chameleon, IBrowse
Ray-Tracing (graphics): Lightwave, Caligari
Graphics Creation: Xapshot Canon Camera, Photoshop, Dpaint V, PPaint
Graphic Conversion/Uitls: Photoshop, GWS, ASDG Pro, GIF Tools, GFX, Image Studio, ImageFX
Scripting/Programming: C, UNIX/PC scripting, Pearl (examining), Python (learning)

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