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Yes... this is our dog Bear wearing shades and a black Red Hat ball cap. And while he looks smashing, what you can't tell is that we had to hold his head in position with two hands to take the picture. I later experimented with GIMP to the point where I was able to edit out the hands and still make it look fairly natural. In short.. GIMP Rocks! (as does Bear)...

My Personal, Home Computing Annals

Here's a bit about the various (main) personal computing machienery that I've collected and used over the past couple of decades:

Documented Geek Close Encounters





Having a VB with Maddog (the grandfather of Linux) at the Open-Source Expo in Sydney Australia, 1999. He just signed my RedHat ball cap... :) Really nice guy. Later I hung out with him after the show that day at the famous SLUG group meeting where I also met Andrew Tridgell, the inventor of SAMBA.
Insert photo of me with the The Apache Group and I'll be set! Here is a shot of me and Monty Widenius at a Rackspace customer luncheon after the MySQL 2005 User Conference. He's a really cool guy. Here is a shot of myself and Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP. Cool guy. He came to visit at Rackspace and we showed him around San Antonio and had a couple meetings about PHP and got to hear some of the untold stories. Very cool. :)

"Alpha Geek" contest at Rackspace.
I placed third.