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Welcome to Version 8 of the Sys Admin CD-ROM. This version includes all of the articles and associated code from the beginning of Sys Admin magazine in 1992 through December of 2002. That includes more than 90 issue's worth of articles from your resource for systems administration solutions. We've also included some Web-exclusive articles not published in the magazine.

This CD also includes all issues of The Perl Journal from 1996 through 2002. We also continue to offer both HTML and ASCII versions of the articles. Thus, when all else fails, you can grep for the phrase or regular expression you are looking for.

We are not able to provide technical support for the code included here, but we encourage you to make use of the information in our articles and code provided by our hard-working contributors to your best advantage. Please remember, however, that the contents of this CD-ROM, like the printed magazine itself, are copyrighted material under international law, and should be used accordingly. Group licensing discounts are available. If you have questions, or suggestions for ways we can improve this CD-ROM even more, please take the time to drop by our Web site and send us email.

Thanks for purchasing the Sys Admin and The Perl Journal Back Issue CD-ROM. I hope you enjoy it.


Amber Ankerholz
Editor in Chief

Sys Admin and The Perl Journal CD-ROM Staff

Publishing Director, Software Development Media Group Edwin Rothrock
Editor in Chief Amber Ankerholz
Technical Editor Joe Casad
Associate Managing Editor Rikki Endsley
Senior Production Editor Lori White
Art Director Twyla Watson Bogaard