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For something over a year, Karen and Bruce Hunter have been producing a small journal named root, also designed to address the needs of system administrators. Many of you will recognize the Hunters as authors of UNIX Systems: Advanced Administration and Management Handbook (MacMillan: 1991). Bruce also coauthored the best selling Hayden title UNIX Sytem Administration.

For various reasons (not the least of which is that they would like to focus more on writing and less on publishing and business management), Bruce and Karen decided to sell root. I'm pleased to announce that they chose to allow us to combine it with SysAdmin. Thus, beginning with this issue we welcome a new contingent of readers and authors to the pages of SysAdmin. I'm excited to have these new readers and potential contributors and hope that they will find SysAdmin a worthy successor.

I think you'll find that the fruits of this union are quite readily visible in this issue. Of course Bruce Hunter's column is here. (In anticipation of the merger, Bruce also wrote a piece for our premier issue.) Three other root regulars also appear in this issue. Bjorn Satdeva contributes his expertise in a very informative question and answer column and Elizabeth Zinkann shares her experience with related books in her book review column. Larry Reznick, root's C specialist, delivers a handy C qualifier for a UNIX utility.

Welcome root readers and contributors, we're please we can be of service.

Before I close, I would like to thank all our readers for their kind words of encouragement and appreciation. The reaction to our premier issue has been extremely gratifying and encouraging. For me nothing satisfies better than producing something that others find useful. Keep letting us know when we're on target and when we miss the mark.

Sincerely yours,
Robert Ward ("..!uunet!rdpub!saletter")