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New Products

DMS Releases New Version of Disk Backup and Recovery Software

DMS Systems, Inc. announces Disk Backup & Recovery System for UNIX (DBR for UNIX), a new version of their DBR system. Basic DBR features include error recovery, selective restores, multiple-volume backups, and multiple backups per tape. DBR for UNIX includes these features and adds features compatible with UNIX systems: data compression and verification, prevention of accidental overwrite, full TCP/IP support, optional retry of open files, customized reports, and special support for 8mm and 4mm devices. DBR for UNIX provides a menu- and window-based interface accessible from both text and X-terminals. Other new features include graphical access to the directory structure, automatic backup scheduling (weekly, monthly, daily, specific days, etc.), and provisions for tape library management.

DBR for UNIX supports both tar and cpio formats. DBR was developed for Data General systems and has been used for over eight years. Data General purchased the product and distributes it as Dump II/Load II and Dump 3/Load 3. DBR can be used to migrate tapes between AOS/VS and UNIX systems, with tapes created by DBR on one system readable by DBR on the other. For information, contact DMS Systems, Inc., 1111 Brickyard Road, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106, (800) 284-8333; FAX (801) 484-3367.

SMCC and TIVOLI Sign Joint Marketing Agreement

TIVOLI Systems, Inc. has announced a joint marketing agreement with Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation (SMCC, a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems, Inc.) to promote TIVOLI's WizDOM software for centralized administration of distributed UNIX systems. Plans include collaboration of SunSoft (Sun Microsystems' subsidiary and makers of the Solaris distributed system for SMCC platforms) with TIVOLI on underlying object technology for system management built on the Object Management Group (OMG) standard for distributed computing.

TIVOLI products currently available on Sun include WizDOM Primary Resource Management (PRM) and WizDOM Privilege and Security Management (PSM). The products provide a point-and-click interface to automate routine tasks, such as remote management of hosts, users, and groups, and administration of the Kerberos security/authentication system. For information, contact TIVOLI Systems, 6034 West Courtyard Drive, Suite 210, Austin, Texas 78730; (512) 794-9070; FAX (512) 794-0623.

Sixth USENIX Systems Administration Conference

The 6th annual USENIX Systems Administration Conference (LISA) will be held October 19-23 at the Sheraton Hotel, Long Beach, CA. The only conference which specifically provides a forum for system administrators, LISA has historically targeted large system, but this year the scope is extended to include system administrators from all UNIX sites. The first two days include a dual-track tutorial program that addresses both introductory and advanced system administration. A three-day technical conference follows the tutorials.

The program committee plans to include papers which "provide freely available or fully described solutions to existing problems" and, "in some way, advance the state of the art." Planned topics include: tools for real-time system troubleshooting, remote/off-site system administration, distributed system administration, network growth and performance management, system security monitoring, heterogeneous system administration, and system archiving and backups. The conference proceedings will be distributed to attendees and also will be available after the conference from the USENIX Association.

In addition to tutorials and regular technical sessions, the program may include special panels, work-in-progress reports, birds-of-a-feather (BOF) sessions, and invited talks. For information contact the USENIX Conference Office, 22672 Lambert St., Suite 613, El Toro, CA, 92630; (714) 588-8649; FAX (714) 588-9706.

Cumulus Technology Announces Support for New AlphaWindow Standard

Cumulus Technology has announced AlphaDesktop, a window manager application compliant with the Display Industry Association's (DIA) AlphaWindow standard, which defines a windowing system for alphanumeric UNIX applications. AlphaDesktop provides moving, resizing, selecting, copy-and-paste, and hot-key functions while supporting up to seven sessions and 32 windows. AlphaDesktop was based on a client-server architecture and includes Personal Touch, a point-and-click customization system.

AlphaDesktop is OSF Motif Level 1 compliant. AlphaDesktop starts at $150 for two users and supports UNIX open system environments, including Pyramid, HP-UX, IBM RS/6000, Sun SPARCstation/SPARCstation Server, Sun Interactive UNIX System v3.2, and SCO UNIX/Xenix. For information, contact Cumulus Technology, 1007 Elwell Court, Palo Alto, CA 94303; (415) 960-1200; FAX (415) 960-3522.

AGE Releases New Version of X Server Software

AGE has announced a new release of XoftWare for Windows v1.5, its X server software for MS-Windows. The new version is compatible with MS-Windows 3.1 (and 3.0) and, according to data released by AGE, significantly increases performance. With XoftWare, X applications can be displayed using Microsoft's local window manager or other window managers such as mwm (Motif), olwm (OPEN LOOK), or dxwm (DECWindows). XoftWare for Windows v1.5 lists at $495. For information, contact AGE, 9985 Pacific Heights Blvd., San Diego, CA 92121; (619) 455-8600; FAX (619) 597-6030.

NCD PC-X Division Announces PC X Server for Windows 3.1

Network Computing Devices' recently acquired PC-X Division (formerly the GSS Personal Graphics Division of Spectragraphics) has announced X Window System server software for MS-Windows 3.1 that allows users to mix multiple X Window and Windows 3.1 applications on the display screen. PC-Xview features include cut-and-paste between X and Windows applications, "virtual" screen panning, and support for DECnet and XRemote, a data-compression algorithm for high-speed remote serial communication. NCD describes PC-Xview as providing up to triple the performance of the previous version as measured by X11perf benchmarks.

PC-Xview runs as an MS-Windows application and costs $445, with free upgrades for users of version 3.0. XRemote is priced at $80 with PC-Xview or $160 separately. For information, contact NCD PC-X Division, (503) 641-2200.

Quarterdeck Ships DESQview/X

Quarterdeck Office Systems, Inc. has released DESQview/X, a DOS client/server implementation of the X-Window System. DESQview can multitask DOS and MS-Windows programs, and DESQview/X adds X Window System graphics and network protocols, plus Rational Systems' 16- and 32-bit DOS extenders. DESQview/X includes four companion programs: application management, file management, icon editor, and Adobe Type Manager for DESQview/X. QEMM-386, a memory manager, and Manifest, a system and memory reporting tool, are bundled with DESQview/X. Options for DESQview/X include a network manager for TCP/IP, an OPEN LOOK window manager, and an OSF/MOTIF window manager. A minimal system requires at least a 386SX, 4Mb RAM, and a 40Mb hard disk. For information, contact Quarterdeck Office Systems, 150 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405; (310) 392-9851; FAX (310) 399-3802.