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New Products

MachTen X Software Turns Macintosh into X Terminal

Tenon Intersystems has begun shipping MachTen, Release 2.0 for Macintosh, and MachTen X Client and X Server. MachTen is Berkeley 4.3BSD UNIX, built on a Carnegie Mellon Mach foundation, licensed AT&T software. MachTen runs on every Macintosh from Powerbooks to Quadras. MachTen allows you to run off-the-shelf Macintosh programs while simultaneously running UNIX programs.

Tenon's MachTen X Server software, release 1.4.0, conforms to X11R4 of MIT's X Window system, links MachTen users to X Window applications, and runs in conjunction with MachTen and MacOS. The MachTen Server has a built-in window manager which supports up to six independently configurable X screens, with three styles available: rooted screens, Macintosh style rootless windows, and Motif style rootless windows. The MachTen X Window Client, release 1.5.0, is an X11 development environment based on S11R5, and is designed to be used in conjunction with MachTen and the MachTen Development System. The package includes X programming libraries, Athena widgets and utilities, configuration files, documentation for the X11R5 adaptation to MachTen, and sample sources for X client applications (e.g., xterm, twm, and xbiff). Motif libraries are an option.

For more information, contact Tenon Intersystems, 1123 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, (805) 963-6983; FAX: (805) 962-8202.

Mark Williams' COHERENT Enters 32-Bit Operating System Race

Mark Williams Company describes COHERENT 4.0, the newest release of their UNIX-like operating system, as "only the third 32-bit operating system [for PC compatibles] ... to be released." The others are IBM's OS/2 and SCO UNIX System V/386 release 3.2. COHERENT's design aimed at a "plug and play" UNIX. COHERENT installs into a 10Mb hard disk partition in less than an hour, and requires only 1Mb RAM and a 16MHz 386SX computer.

COHERENT 4.0 provides a multi-user, multitasking operating system that runs many unmodified UNIX programs. COHERENT bundles development tools including an optimizing C compiler, a new optimizing linker, a documented macro-assembler, and versions of lex, yacc, awk, and make, as well as termcap, terminfo, and curses.

COHERENT comes with one 1,200 page manual, a single unlimited user license, and free technical support. COHERENT 4.0 costs $99.95. Registered users can upgrade for $74.95. For more information, contact Mark Williams Company, 60 Revere Drive, Northbrook, IL 60062, (800) 627-5967 or (708) 291-6700; FAX: (708) 291-6750; E-mail:

Archipel and Chorus Systems Announce Transputer-Based Distributed UNIX

Archipel SA (France) and Chorus Systems SA have announced a transputer-based distributed UNIX system. Built on the Chorus microkernel technology, Archipel's VOLVOX-TS family was to have been made available in September 1992. The new system is the result of integrating the Chorus operating system, CHORUS/MiX SVR4, into Archipel's VOLVOX MIMD (Multiple Instruction Multiple Data) machines. Designed as a MIMD operating system, Chorus is also UNIX System V compatible. The VOLVOX-TS system makes parallel processing power available in the UNIX Open Systems environment.

The VOLVOX-TS line is built on transputer technology, using the INMOS T805 processor. Later versions will employ the T9000. Each processor has its own memory and communicates with other processors using on-chip communication facilities. The Chorus microkernel interprocess communication is mapped directly on to T805 communications, yielding high performance. Applications can be distributed across processors to increase performance while the peripherals and functionality of each processor are made available transparently to the programs on all the other processors.

For more information, contact Chorus Systems, Inc., 15262 NW Greenbrier Parkway, Beaverton, OR 97006, (503) 690-2300; FAX: (503) 690-2320.

UNIX International Delivers Second Early Access Version of UNIX SVR4 ES/MP

UNIX International (UI) has provided members with early access to a second development version of UNIX System V Release 4 Enhanced Security/Multiprocessing (ES/MP), which is in development at UNIX System Laboratories, Inc. (USL). This version is based on the multiprocessing technology requirements defined in UI's 1992 Roadmap for UNIX System V and Related Technologies, and it builds on the first version (EA1) by providing a multithreaded kernel. This release merges the features of UNIX SVR4.1 Enhanced Security and UNIX SVR4.2, and adds other features and performance enhancements, such as enhanced scalability to support up to 30 CPUs, a compilation environment that can build both uniprocessor and multiprocessor versions, installable reference binaries for the Intel platform, system management commands for multiprocessing, and APIs for multithreaded security features.

For more information, contact UNIX International, Inc., Waterview Corporate Center, 20 Waterview Boulevard, Parsipanny, NJ 07054, (800) 848-6495 or (201) 263-8400; FAX: (201) 263-8401.

MaxTech Ships Double Vision Release 1.2

MaxTech has begun shipping Release 1.2 of Double VISION, their UNIX utility for controlling a terminal remotely from another terminal. When using Double VISION, both displays appear identical and their keyboards may be used interchangeably. Release 1.2 enhances the previous release, with expanded terminal support for the Wyse 50, HP 760, VT320/220, and PC TERM terminal types, support for most serial I/O boards, revised documentation, and support for scancodes. Release 1.2 marks MaxTech's first port of Double VISION to a non-Intel UNIX. MaxTech has supported HP-UX 8.0 and their plans called for support of IBM AIX in September 1992.

Double VISION prices start at $395 for SCO versions and $495 for HP-UX versions. Contact Maximum Computer Technologies, Inc., 1355 Terrell Mill Road, Building 1466, Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30067, (404) 952-5398; FAX: (404) 984-1714.

Qbatch Offers Flexible Queue Management for UNIX

SCH, Inc., has announced release 3.1 of Qbatch, its UNIX job scheduling utility. Qbatch now uses the SCH:SAM (Systems Administration Manager) interface. Qbatch operates in character and X Window modes, and can be accessed from SCH:SAM's main menu. The SCH:SAM interface provides menus for all functions, but command-line and API access methods are still available. Release 3.1 provides greater control of priorities and more alternative views for multiple queues. Priorities and load levels can be specified for both specific queues and specific jobs. Qbatch release 3.1 supports UNIX on IBM RS/6000, HP 9000, Sun, SCO, NCR 3000, AT&T Star Server, Sequent (Dynix and Dynix/ptx), Pyramid, DG AViiON, Motorola 88K, Amdahl, Encore, and DEC Systems.

For more information, contact SCH, Inc, Three Centennial Plaza, 895 Central Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202, (800) 729-8649; FAX: (513) 579-1064.

OSF Releases First Snapshot of Its Distributed Management Environment

Open Software Foundation has announced the first Snapshot release of its Distributed Management Environment (DME) and has made public their development and release schedule for DME. An OSF Snapshot release offers members early access to source code throughout the development process.

DME addresses the need for multivendor distributed management. DME will roll out in a two-phase process. The Distributed Services Release, targeted for the first half of 1993, will provide distributed management services to the OSF Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) technology. The DME Framework Release, scheduled for the second half of 1993, will provide the integrated DME framework, development tools, and selected framework applications. For more information, contact Open Software Foundation, 11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142, (617) 621-8700.

Telexpress Releases XMENU for IBM RS6000 AIX

Telexpress, Inc., has released XMENU, UNIX Systems Administrator Utility package and Custom Menu Builder for the IBM RS6000 under AIX. XMENU, for character-based terminals, provides preconfigured system administration menus and utility functions which lay out available options and provide single keystroke access. Both front-end and customer menus can be customized, complete with online help. Additional features include global or individual installation of user menus, password protection for any menu, context sensitive help, and keyboard remapping.

XMENU is priced at $595 for RS6000 AIX, and is also available for Intel 386/486 System V platforms and other systems, including NCR Tower 32, Unisys 5000, and AT&T 3B2. XMENU RS6000 is distributed by UniDirect, (800) 755-8649; FAX: (714) 707-3095. For more information, contact Telexpress, Inc., P.O. Box 217, Willingboro, NJ 08046, (609) 877-4900.

Portal Provides Archive Service and Tools for UUCP Connection

Portal Communications Company has announced tools for UUCP connectivity, and has established an archive of public domain software files for subscribers to the Portal UUCP Connection service. The tools use the Sun OpenWindows interface and can install and configure UUCP, e-mail, and a Usenet news feed. Portal describes their archive as "the country's largest" and they provide an OpenWindows tool for Sun users called the "Archive Manager" to simplify access. Some of the tools are distributed free; the Usenet Install Tool is bundled with Portal's UUCP Startup Kit. For more information, contact Portal Communications Company, 20863 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 200, Cupertino, CA 95014, (408) 973-9111; FAX: (408) 725-1580; DATA: (408) 725-0561.

XTree Announces xtree for UNIX Systems

XTree Company has introduced version 1.1 of xtree, their character-based file and disk manager, for UNIX systems. Version 1.1 adds support for Intel 386/486 versions of UNIX SVR4 and SunOS for SPARCstations. This version also adds the ability to log tar, bar, and cpio archives, making it easier to manage backup and restore functions. xtree for UNIX systems can also work in an X-Window environment. The new version is priced at $295, and is available through a wide distribution network. For more information, contact XTREE Company, 4115 Broad Street, Building 1, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-7993, (805) 541-0604, (800) 333-6561; FAX: (805) 541-4762.

V-Systems, Inc. Releases UNIX Fax Software

V-Systems Inc., developer of the VSI-FAX UNIX facsimile system, announced FxServer 2.0, an integratable computer fax utility. FxServer 2.0 can be integrated with applications in the same way as the line printing utility, and FxServer performs similarly to the lp spooler. Enhancements from version 1.2 include group requests, VGA viewing capability, class II modem support, a menu driven interface, automatic cover sheet generation, and fax printing support for Postscript and Epson printers. Two complementary modules are available: FxVision, a Motif based fax manager, and FxScript, a Postscript-compatible interpreter for fax. Contact V-Systems, Inc., 39 Brookhollow Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92705, (714) 545-6442; FAX: (714) 545-7653.

Chase Announces High-Speed Communications System

Chase Research has introduced a high-speed version of its IOLAN TCP/IP terminal server that supports a throughput up to 115.2Kb. The upgraded IOLAN also provides SNMP support and enhanced security features. Chase IOLAN is designed with Cirrus Logic CD180 intelligent UARTs; the RISC-based I/O processor offloads tasks such as flow control and buffering from IOLAN's 80186 processor, permitting rapid refresh and more efficient resource sharing. New security features include dual-level password support and port-level locking. For more information, contact Chase Research, Inc., 545 Marriott Drive, Suite 100, Nashville, TN 37214, (615) 872-0770; FAX: (615) 872-0771.

Island Graphics Delivers IslandPresents -- Multimedia Presentation Graphics for SPARC

Island Graphics Corporation has announced IslandPresents for SPARCstations and compatibles using SunSoft's Solaris software environment. Island has added multimedia features to their multimedia presentation and business graphics package, including full-screen slideshow transitions, and support for playback of voice annotation or musical soundtracks created with the SPARCstation's microphone and audio tool. Island Graphics is the creator of Island Write, Draw & Paint, a desktop publishing and graphics program for UNIX. IslandPresents lists for $995; evaluation copies are available. For more information, contact Island Graphics Corporation, 4000 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903-7413, (800) 255-4499 or (415) 491-1000; FAX: (415) 472-0335.

Structured Software Introduces Window Manager for AlphaWindow Terminals

Structured Software Solutions, Inc. (SSSI), has introduced FacetTerm for AlphaWindows, which provides window manager support for AlphaWindow terminals, a new generation of character terminals that incorporate a window-style user interface. As a "plug and play" window manager, FacetTerm for AlphaWindows should work with all existing UNIX-based character applications, as well as all terminals that adhere to the Display Industry Association's (DIA) AlphaWindow specification. SSSI plans ports to all major UNIX platforms, beginning with SCO UNIX. Prices for FacetTerm begin at $495. For more information, contact Structured Software Solutions, Inc., 4031 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 205, Plano, TX 75093, (214) 985-9901; FAX: (214) 612-2035.

Spry Software Supports UNIX Workstations as NetWare Clients

Spry, Inc., has introduced SprySoft NetWare Client for UNIX, software enabling a UNIX workstation to become a NetWare compatible client for file and print services from a NetWare server. Users running UNIX applications can share data with NetWare LANs using native UNIX commands. Spry's software provides an IPX/SPX protocol stack and NetWare redirector for the UNIX workstation. No changes are needed on the NetWare server. NetWare Client for UNIX is priced at $495 (single user, SCO) or $995 (single user, SunOS). For more information, contact Spry, Inc., 1319 Dexter Avenue North, Suite 150, Seattle, WA 98109, (206) 286-1412; FAX: (206) 286-1722.

Raxco to Acquire UNIX Utilities from Systems Center

Raxco has signed a letter of intent to acquire certain UNIX utility products from Systems Center, Inc., of Reston, Virginia. The products include BACKUP.UNET, PRINT.UNET, UBACKUP, UQUEUE, and USECURE. Raxco will assume responsibility for the products, including product enhancements and customer support. The transaction was expected to close during the third quarter of 1992. For more information, contact Raxco, 2440 Research Boulevard, Suite 200, Rockville, MD 20850, (301) 258-2620; FAX: (301) 330-5756.

O'Reilly Publishes Internet Guide

O'Reilly & Associates has published The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog. Written by Ed Krol, assistant director for LAN deployment at the University of Illinois, this 400-page book covers the basic utilities and Internet archives. Some topics include: Internet history; remote login; e-mail; file transfers; and finding software or users. For more information, contact O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 103 Morris Street, Suite A, Sebastopol, CA 95472, (800) 338-6887 or (707) 829-0515; FAX: (707) 829-0104.