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New Products

Telexpress Releases XMENU for IBM RS/6000

Telexpress, Inc., has released XMENU, its custom menu and system administration utility for UNIX, for the IBM RS/6000 under AIX. XMENU, for character-based terminals, provides three functional areas: systems administration, custom menu generation, and office automation. XMENU provides preconfigured system administration menus and utilities that display available options and provide single keystroke access. The front-end and user menus can be customized, complete with online help, without programming. The package includes utilities such as a six-month user calendar and a telephone notepad. Additional features include: global or individual installation of user menus; password protection for any or all menus; full-screen, context-sensitive, online help; keyboard remapping; and a screen-saver option.

XMENU RS6000 under AIX has been priced at $595. XMENU is also available for all Intel 386/486 UNIX V platforms and several minicomputer platforms, including AT&T 3B2, NCR Tower 32, and Unisys 5000. Prices range from $295 to $595. XMENU is distributed exclusively by UniDirect, (800) 755-8649; FAX: (714) 707-3095.

Spectra Logic Announces ALEXANDRIA -- Backup, Archive, and Library Management Software

Spectra Logic, a division of Western Automation of Boulder, Colorado, has released a comprehensive UNIX software package for managing data on automated media changers. Spectra Logic has also announced an addition to its Spectra Tape Library Series, the STL-6000 Automated Tape Library. The Alexandria Backup and Archive Librarian supervises backup and archival storage across a network, providing automatic store operations, management of data, media, and storage devices, and drive maintenance. Alexandria provides both an X11/Motif interface and a command-line interface. The STL-6000 provides twenty-cartridge capacity for up to 100Gb backup and storage. Other features include RS-232C or SCSI-2 interface; robust exchange mechanism; front access door; interchangeable carousels; field-upgradable to Spectra Logic's STL-8000 for 200Gb storage; software for UNIX, VAX/VNS, AS/400 and Novell available or under development; and optional barcode reader and LCD control panel.

Server versions of Alexandria are priced from $1,550 to $12,000 depending on configuration, while client versions range from $200 to $750. The STL-6000 is priced from $9,080 to $17,260 depending on quantity. For more information, contact Spectra Logic, 1700 North 55th Street, Boulder, CO 80301, (800) 833-1132 or (303) 449-7759; FAX: (303) 939-8844.

SCH Announces UNIX Management Environment SCH:SAM

SCH, Inc., has announced SCH:SAM (System Administration Manager), a UNIX management environment that provides a consistent interface across UNIX platforms and integrates several utilities for controlling system resources. SCH:SAM provides interactive menus for management functions. Other SCH management products share the SCH:SAM interface: Qprint (print management utility), Qbatch (batch job scheduler and interactive queue manager), REELBackup (comprehensive tape backup), and SCH:SAM Toolkit (customization tools for SCH:SAM environment). Each of these applications can be accessed from the SCH:SAM main menu, and functions in character-based, X Window/Motif, and mixed terminal environments. SCH:SAM runs on many UNIX platforms, including IBM RS/6000, HP 9000, NCR 3000, Sun, SCO UNIX, Sequent (Dynix and Dynix/ptx), Pyramid, DG AVion, Motorola 68K, DEC, and Amdahl systems. SCH bundles Qprint, Qbatch, and REELbackup with SCH:SAM for resellers, and provides the SCH:SAM Toolkit for programmers to integrate applications with SCH:SAM.

For more information, contact SCH, Inc., 895 Central Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202, (800) 729-8649; FAX: (513) 579-1064.

Mercury Interactive Introduces XRunner Software Testing Tool

Mercury Interactive Corp. has introduced XRunner, a testing system for X Window applications which incorporates output synchronization and text recognition for unattended operation. XRunner monitors the display for specific bitmaps or text, then responds with the appropriate command rather than relying on preprogrammed time sequences. XRunner provides a C-like Test Script Language (TSL) for programming and editing the test program. Test programs can include subroutines for individual functions that can be combined for more complex tests.

XRunner supports IBM RS/6000, Sun SPARCstations, and HP 9000/700; Mercury also plans delivery of XRunner for DEC ULTRIX systems. A related tool, TestRunner, is available for UNIX, DOS, Windows, Macintosh, and other systems. A base package of five licenses is priced at $50,000 for the IBM RS/6000. For more information, contact Mercury Interactive Corporation, (408) 987-0100.

Maynard Adds High Capacity QIC Drive and 50Gb Autoloader

Maynard Electronics, a division of Archive Corporation, has begun shipping the MaynStream 1350Q DC6000 tape backup system for Novell NetWare networks, delivering 1.35Gb in a quarter-inch cartridge (QIC), with data transfer rates in excess of 30Mb per minute. Maynard has also introduced the MaynStream 10L-HS system, a high capacity tape backup autoloader for Novell NetWare networks. The MaynStream 10L-HS system is a 50Gb, 8mm tape autoloader system equipped with one 5Gb tape drive, MaynStream Autoloader NLM software, ISA/EISA and PS/2 MCA controller cards, and a fully loaded ten-cartridge tape magazine (providing 50Gb storage). Maynard has also begun offering a subscription-based customer service program, Support Plus, which provides 24-hour a day, 7-day a week person-to-person technical assistance, as well as product handbooks, technical bulletins, and other support services.

The MaynStream 1350Q drive is priced at $2,795 to $3,095; the MaynStream 10L-HS autoloader at $18,995; and Support Plus at $995 annually. For more information, contact Maynard Electronics Division, Archive Corporation, 36 Skyline Drive, Lake Mary, FL 32746, (407) 263-3500; FAX: (407) 263-3555.

MaxTech Launches Double VISION for IBM RS/6000

Maximum Computer Technologies, Inc., (MaxTech) has announced Double VISION for the IBM RS/6000, with shipments planned to begin fourth quarter 1992. Double VISION is a UNIX remote control software package that allows one user to control another user's terminal. Both terminal screens look identical and the keyboards can be used interchangeably. Double VISION is priced at $495 for a 32-user version. Double VISION is also supported for SCO UNIX, SCO XENIX, and HP-UX. For more information, contact Maximum Computer Technologies, Inc., 4343 Shallowford Road, Building B, Suite 4B, Marietta, GA 30062, (800) 582-9337 or (404) 587-9152; FAX: (404) 587-9153.

CaseWare Announces RS/6000 Port of CaseWare/CM Configuration Management System

CaseWare, Inc., has anounced CaseWare/CM for the RS/6000 AIX 3.2 platform. CaseWare/CM is also available integrated with IBM's WorkBench/6000 software development environment. A software configuration management and integrated problem-tracking system, CaseWare/CM provides control over software development and maintenance activities for medium to large-scale UNIX development teams running in heterogeneous, distributed computing environments. CaseWare/CM includes an OSF/Motif interface, a command-line interface, and a UNIX shell interface. CaseWare/CM does not implement an alternate file system and doesn't require modification or rebuilding of the OS kernel. CaseWare/CM can support fully automated, remote cross-target builds for non-UNIX execution platforms.

CaseWare/CM is priced at approximately $4,000 per user. CaseWare/CM is available on Sun SPARC, and HP 9000, with plans for DEC Ultrix support in 1992. For more information, contact CaseWare, Inc., (714) 453-2200.

DPT and Integra Provide RAID-5 for SCO UNIX

Distributed Processing Technology (DPT) has announced that its SmartCache Plus SCSI adapters are supported by the OASAS I disk array software from Integra Technologies. OASAS (Open Architecture Scalable Array System) is a RAID level 0 and 5 solution for SCO UNIX. Both ISA and EISA versions of the SmartCache Plus adapters are supported. The combination of OASAS I software and the DPT SCSI host adapter allows for full-time fault tolerance and increased performance. Platforms that incorporate the DPT SCSI adapter can be upgraded to a RAID Level 5 disk array with the addition of the Integra disk array management software. SmartCache Plus is available as a non-caching controller, and can be upgraded with a plug-on caching module and up to 16Mb of cache RAM.

For more information, contact Distributed Processing Technology, 140 Candace Drive, Maitland, FL 32751, (407) 830-5522; FAX: (407) 260-5366.

V-Systems Releases UNIX FAX Software

V-Systems, Inc., has announced FxServer 2.0, an integratable computer FAX product for UNIX systems. FxServer 2.0 combines a command-line interface with "lp" spooler design structure. FxServer 2.0 is designed to be integrated with applications in the same way as the UNIX line printing utility. Applications that print directly to "lp" may be configured to use a remote printer interface, which handles routing of the FAX transmission to the server. FxServer 2.0 enhancements over version 1.2 include: group requests, VGA viewing capability, class II modem support, a menu-driven interface, automatic cover sheet generation, and fax printing support for Postscript and Epson printers. V-Systems also announced FxVision, an X-Window fax management system, and FxScript, a postscript interpreter for fax.

For more information, contact V-Systems, Inc., 39 Brookhollow Drive, Santa Ana, CA 92705, (714) 545-6442; FAX: (714) 545-7653.

ISI Announces ISIcon Programming Language and ISIcon/SI Screen Interface Development System

Iconic Software, Inc., announced the ISIcon programming language, a commercial version of Icon, with additional features (such as module level identifier scoping) to support production software development. ISI also released ISIcon/SI, a screen interface development system that combines ISIcon with the character terminal package, Extended Terminal Interface (ETI), supporting terminal independent, full-screen user interfaces with ETI windows, menus, and forms. Both products can be used for prototyping before final implementation in C or C++. ISIcon/SI can be used to develop fully functional, transportable front-ends to C language applications. ISIcon is priced at $395 and ISIcon/SI at $695. Quantity and educational discounts are available. Runtime versions may be distributed without additional license fees. A demonstration version is available. For more information, contact ISI at (800) 621-4266.

James River Group Enhances ICE.TEN.PLUS and ICE.TCP

The James River Group has announced the following enhancements for their ICE.TEN.PLUS package (software providing connectivity between DOS PCs and UNIX): MS Windows 3.x Front End; Host Print under Windows (allows DOS or MS Windows applications to transparently use UNIX/XENIX spooled printers); IBM 3151 emulation; and SCO UNIX 3.2.4 Color ANSI emulation. ICE.TEN is the standard serial version of the connectivity software.

ICE.TCP, a TCP/IP suite of software which connects DOS PCs to UNIX via network connections, is now being shipped with the following new features: TSR option; Multi-Session, allowing up to three concurrent TCP/IP sessions with one or multiple hosts; Host Print; and Personal Print, allowing UNIX/Xenix to transparently use local DOS printers.

ICE.TEN.PLUS is licensed for one UNIX host and unlimited DOS PCs in the same location and costs $395. ICE.TCP costs $245 for a single PCs license; $995 for ten PCs; $1995 for 25 PCs; and $4995 for 100. For more information, contact James River Group, Incorporated, 125 North First Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401, (612) 339-2521; FAX: (612) 339-4445.

ArnetFAX Package Adds X Window System Support

Arnet Corporation has added the X Window System FAX view program to their ArnetFAX package for UNIX Systems. The command xfaxview allows users to view a specified group3 file under an X Window System. xfaxview can be run from the command-line, and it will be automatically invoked by faxrcv if the user selects View while running under X. At least 8Mb RAM and a fast 386 are required for adequate performance. ArnetFAX allows multiple users to send FAXes concurrently to a Group 3 FAX machine directly from a user's terminal. ArnetFAX supports various versions of UNIX (and Xenix) on 386 and 486 machines with ISA bus architectures. ArnetFAX costs $995 for a single line board with UNXI software; $695 for a single line board without software; $1,295 for a dual line board with sfotware; $995 for a dual line board without software. For more information, contact Arnet Corporation, 618 Grassmere Park Drive, #6, Nashville, TN 37211, (615) 834-8000; FAX: (615) 834-5399.

Esprit Systems and Stallion Technology Provide Application Independent Simultaneous Dual-Session Windowing for UNIX

Esprit Systems, Inc., and Stallion Technologies, Inc., have announced the integration of Stallion's ONboard, BRUMBY, and Easyreach range of multiport boards and the Esprit 400 terminal to provide plug and play, simultaneous, dual-session communication and display for UNIX systems. The new combination provides dual displays with no change to application software. With a Stallion Technologies card using Stallion's 'Easy' software and a menu setup on the Esprit 400, a user can move between four presentation modes with continuous updating of both sessions. The Esprit 400 terminal displays and updates dual sessions in operator-controlled windows. Both sessions can be simultaneously updated and displayed. The Stallion products start at a price of $499; the Esprit 400 costs $599. For more information, contact Esprit Systems, Inc., 2115 Ringwood Avenue, San Jose, CA 95131, (408) 954-9900; FAX: (408) 954-9800.

VersaSoft' Releases dBMAN V for Coherent

VersaSoft Corporation has announced dBMAN V, a dBASE work-alike, for Mark Williams' Coherent on PCs. dBMAN's features include: multi-user support with file and record locking; compatibility with dBASE III Plus applications; licensing for unlimited users on a single system; over 300 extensions to dBASE III Plus Programming Language; "Band" style report writer. dBMAN V requires 500Kb RAM plus 128Kb per user, and less than 2Mb disk space. dBMAN V is priced at $99.95. For more information, contact VersaSoft Corporation, 4340 Almaden Expressway, Suite 110, San Jose, CA 95118, (408) 723-9044; FAX: (408) 723-9046.

Pacific Microelectronics Provides OSF/Motif Interface for Common-Link

Pacific Microelectronics has developed an OSF/Motif interface for their data transfer product, Common-Link. Common-link supports reading and writing Mac and MS-DOS 3.5 inch disks with UNIX workstation floppy disk drives. Common-link is available for various UNIX workstations including: HP, IBM, Sun, NeXT, Interactive, and SCO. Common-Link is compatible with Mac 1.44Mb and MS-DOS 720Kb/1.44Mb floppies; and with Macintosh System 7.0 and DOS 5.0. For more information, contact Pacific Microelectronics, Inc., 201 San Antonio Circle, C250, Mountain View, CA 94040, (415) 948-6200; FAX: (415) 948-6296.