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This month's issue represents one of our more successful efforts at presenting a group of articles on a particular subject. The theme for the issue was originally "Filesystems: Tuning, Maintenance, and Backup": as it happened, we had a bumper crop of articles concerning backups, so you'll find here just about all you could want to know on that topic (not really, of course, but there is a great deal of useful information). To help trigger your writing instincts, here's our editorial calendar for 1994:

3.1 (January/February) -- Communications Proposals due: 1 October 1993 Manuscripts due: 1 November 1993

3.2 (March/April) -- Performance/Kernel Tuning Proposals due 1: December 1993 Manuscripts due: 1 January 1994

3.3 (May/June) -- Connectivity Proposals due: 1 February 1994 Manuscripts due: 1 March 1994

3.4 (July/August) -- File System Maintenance Proposals due: 1 April 1994 Manuscripts due: 1 May 1994

3.5 (September/October) -- X Window Configuration and Management Proposals due: 1 June 1994 Manuscripts due: 1 July 1994

3.6 (November/December) -- Security Proposals due: 1 August 1994 Manuscripts due: 1 September 1994

In this month's Call for Papers you'll find a few suggested topics for the January issue, but if you have other ideas, please feel free to send them in. These are merely suggestions and are certainly not exhaustive.

If you've read Sys Admin over time, you'll have noticed that new names appear regularly in the Table of Contents. Most of those new names are readers of the magazine who've come up with something they think is worth sharing. Once bitten by the writing bug, such readers often become regular contributors. We invite you to try it.

FYI -- we recently held an in-house contest for a slogan for Sys Admin. The winner? System Administration: It's a dirty job but somebody said I have to do it! You'll be seeing this on Sys Admin t-shirts at the conferences we attend.

Sincerely yours,
Robert Ward ("...!uunet!rdpub!saletter")