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New Products

UniPress Announces Microsoft LAN Manager V2.2 for UNIX

UniPress Software, Inc. has announced LAN Manager for UNIX (LMU) for SVR4.2 PCs. UniPress has ported LMU 2.2 to SVR4.2, allowing Univel and Consensys 386/486 UNIX systems to act as servers for PC client applications on MS DOS, MS Windows, Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, and OS/2 platforms.

Microsoft LMU for SVR4.2 lets users access UNIX disks and printers on the LAN Manager network. Windows users can log into the network and manipulate data on UNIX servers and network resources with the Windows File Manager. Microsoft LAN Manager also provides extended interoperability with other LANs, as LAN Manager clients can be connected to Novell NetWare servers on the same network.

Microsoft LAN Manager for SVR4.2 supports NetBIOS over TCP/IP or NetBEUI. Microsoft LMU also provides UNIX features such as access to Network File System (NFS) and Remote File System (RFS), which gives users access to all UNIX data on any other networked UNIX computer. Extended TCP/IP features allow domains to span routers, connect to WANs, and connect to the Internet.

Microsoft LMU can be installed over the network and administered from any computer on the network using the standard Microsoft Net and NetAdmin programs. LMU's domain architecture allows several servers to be set up simultaneously and heterogeneous servers can be grouped and managed collectively, eliminating the need for individual server updates for every network change.

LAN Manager for SVR4.2, including Univel UnixWare and Consensys, is priced at $1,995 for a 24-user server, $2,995 for a 48-user server, $4,995 for a 128-user server, and $7,995 for an unlimited user server. LAN Manager clients are included free. For more information contact UniPress Software, 2025 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817, (908) 287-2100; FAX: (908) 287-4929.

Chorus Systems and SCO Introduce CHORUS/Fusion

Chorus Systems and The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) have introduced CHORUS/Fusion for SCO Open Systems Software. Through its micro-kernel architecture, CHORUS/Fusion for SCO extends SCO systems software to ease integration for complex real-time systems and allow clustered computing. CHORUS/Fusion for SCO components support POSIX 1003.1b/c (previously referred to as 1003.4/4a) standard real-time and thread extensions to POSIX.1. CHORUS/Fusion also provides open systems support and interoperability with UNIX, and includes the CHORUS kernel-to-kernel transparent connectivity services, which let applications interact in a consistent manner whether they run on the same or different nodes in a network.

CHORUS/Fusion for SCO Open Systems Software includes three components. The CHORUS/Fusion Real-Time SCO Open Server supports standard SCO systems software application binaries, standard POSIX 1003.1b/c real-time APIs, CHORUS transparent connectivity, TCP/IP interoperability protocols, and X-Windows server and clients. The CHORUS/Fusion Real-Time Node supports dedicated POSIX 1003.1b/c-based real-time processes, which cooperate transparently with other real-time processes or SCO system software standard applications on other CHORUS/Fusion Real-Time nodes and servers. The CHORUS/Fusion Development System combines a CHORUS/Fusion server, five CHORUS/Fusion nodes, a C development system, and the CHORUS multi-thread and remote debugging extension to GDB. The CHORUS/Fusion Development System supports development and testing of real-time and distributed applications before deploying them on CHORUS/Fusion servers and nodes.

Prices for CHORUS/Fusion for SCO depend on volume. Typical unit prices are: $29,950 for the CHORUS/Fusion Development System; $1,118 for the CHORUS/Fusion Real-Time Server runtime (in 10 unit quantities); and $400 for the CHORUS/Fusion Real-Time Node runtime (in 100 unit quantities). For more information contact Chorus Systems, Inc., 15262 NW Greenbrier Pkwy., Beaverton, OR 97006, (503) 690-2300; FAX: (503) 690-2320.

Qualix Ships XvM

Qualix Group, Inc. has begun shipping XvM, an API-level tool for porting applications from OPEN LOOK to Motif. XvM is a library for GUI applications which supports the XView API to create Motif-compliant applications. The XvM library can be used as a replacement for existing XView applications in a conversion to a Motif look and feel. Users can recompile and run existing XView code in a Motif application. XvM source code is available.

XvM supports Sun SPARC and SunOS 4.1.x. XvM also runs on the following Window systems: X11R4 and R5; Motif 1.12 or higher; and XView 3.x applications. XvM is priced at $495 per single user binary, and $5,000 for source per building. For more information contact Qualix Group, Inc., 1900 S. Norfolk St., Ste 224, San Mateo, CA 94403, (415) 572-0200; FAX: (415) 572-1300; email:

Encore Announces OVATION

Encore Technology Group has announced OVATION, a family of SCSI-2 disk and 8mm tape storage units for use on the IBM RS/6000. Ovation is also compatible via SCSI interface with HP, DEC, Silicon Graphics, and Sun. OVATION supports IBM AdStar or Seagate disk drives and Exabtye 8mm tape drives in large capacity configurations. Up to 16 Gb of disk storage and 10 Gb of tape can be combined within the OVATION Subsystem.

Prices for OVATION Subsystems start at $2,245 for 1.2 Gb SCSI-2 disk and 1 full height expansion. IBM on-site service is available at $265 per year. For more information contact Encore Technology Group, 311 E. Ramsey, San Antonio, TX 78216, (800) 880-0202; FAX: (210) 308-0255.

Software Partners/32 Introduces StorageCenter

Software Partners/32, Inc. has introduced StorageCenter, integrated storage management software engineered for the open systems computing environment, particularly addressing decentralized, distributed workgroups using multi-vendor platforms. StorageCenter provides four integrated modules: Backup and Restore, Hierarchical Storage Manager, Media Manager, and Remote Administrator. Built on an open systems architecture, StorageCenter uses a MOTIF GUI and an API.

StorageCenter v2.0, including the Backup/Restore module and the Media Manager module, is scheduled to ship in late March. Device licenses for the Backup/Restore module are $2,000 per drive; user licenses are $125 each, with volume discounts available. Basic pricing for the Media Manager module is $5,500, which includes support for 100 tapes; support for additional tapes is priced on a sliding scale. Also available is a Robotics Interface Library (RLI), with pricing starting at $2,000. The products come with a 90-day warranty and one set of documentation. The Hierarchical Storage Manager, scheduled for release later this year, will include an API. For more information contact Software Partners/32, Inc., 447 Old Boston Rd., Topsfield, MA 01983, (508) 887-6409; FAX: (508) 887-3680.

OPENService SJI Adds Applications to SYSTEMWatch AI-L

OPENService SJI, Inc. has added four applications to SYSTEMWatch AI-L. SYSTEMWatch AI-L can monitor printers, file systems, mail queues, backups, system performance, security, user processes, customer applications, and databases. SYSTEMWatch can alert the system administrator to problems, make recommendations for remedial action, and take actions such as automatically increasing swap space. With system management consoles, a system administrator can monitor multiple hosts simultaneously. Other features of SYSTEMWatch AI-L include: on-site support, rules-based customization, and the ability to change responses over time based on a behavior-model analysis of how the system administrator has handled problems in the past.

The applications added to SYSTEMWatch are: file system and disk manager, swap and memory manager, CPU and resource manager, and daemon manager. The file system and disk manager tracks files and disk usage behavior, identifies potentially dangerous growth patterns and takes action to avoid congestion. The swap and memory manager monitors virtual memory and swap space and can increase swap space when existing space approaches capacity. The CPU and resource manager identifies runaway processes or other problems that may impede efficient CPU operation, then initiates automated actions such as temporary stopping, re-prioritizing, or killing processes to manage system load. The daemon manger controls background processes and can avert electronic mail failure, print queue slowdown, or communications breakdowns.

The SYSTEMWatch AI-L client package is priced at $395 per host, and the system administrator's system management console is priced at $7,995. The four new applications are shipped with the core technology. Site licensing for system management consoles and runtime versions is available. For more information contact OPENService SJI, Inc., 9428 Baymeadows Rd., Ste 132, Jacksonville, FL 32256, (904) 645-1801.

VenturCom Announces VENIX 4.2.1

VenturCom, Inc., has announced VENIX 4.2.1, a real-time operating system for Intel's 386, 486, and Pentium platforms based on UNIX System V, Release 4.2, or UNIXWare. VENIX 4.2.1 is a preemptive real-time UNIX system for PCs and compatible with UNIX System V 4.2 source code. Support for TCP/IP and NFS lets VENIX-based systems and machines communicate and share resources with other systems. VENIX also supports journaling based on the Veritas File System.

Features of VENIX 4.2.1 include: integral X-Window, Motif, and OPENLOOK GUIs; preemptive kernel; bounded context switch latencies; fixed priority scheduling; a contiguous file system that writes and retrieves data with a single disk access; and direct physical and I/O memory access. Other features of VENIX 4.2.1 include: programmable high resolution alarms which can trigger polling, suspend execution for defined intervals, or synchronize processes; user space interrupts which handle device interrupts without writing a device driver; memory locking; memory pre-allocation; asynchronous and overlapped I/O; direct physical and I/O memory access; and high-speed RAM buffering.

VENIX 4.2.1 conforms to the following standards: IEEE POSIX 1003.1; X/Open; USL UNIX System V Release 4.2; DDI, DKI, SVID, SVVS, ABI/386; iBCS2; and WAVE logo from USL. For a price of $995, a VENIX 4.2.1 workstation system includes the real-time operating system; NFS, and TCP/IP networking; X-Window, OPENLOOK, and Motif GUIs; and the Veritas journaling File System. For $2,395, a VENIX 4.2.1 development system includes all the workstation components plus an ANSI C compiler, a library of real-time functions, GUI development software, real-time development utilities, and selected industrial I/O device drivers and sources. For more information contact VenturCom, Inc., 215 First St., Cambridge, MA 02142, (617) 661-1230; FAX: (617) 577-1607.

AGE Logic Ships XoftWare/32 for Windows, Version 3.0

AGE Logic has begun shipping XoftWare/32 for Windows, Version 3.0, the company's 32-bit PC X-Window server software for Microsoft Windows. Compliant with X11R5 technology, XoftWare/32 for Windows lets users concurrently access and display Microsoft Windows and network-based UNIX applications on a PC.

Features of XoftWare/32 for Windows Version 3.0 include a Network File Manager utility with file transfer and local printing capabilities, a Concurrent Window Manager mode for simultaneous use of both local and UNIX window managers, an interactive Telnet client, and a Windows-based Trace diagnostic tool. XoftWare/32 for Windows, Version 3.0 also includes a UNIX Print Re-route Utility, support for installation from a remote server, and 24-/16-bit color support. Additional network capabilities include direct support for IPX/SPX networks and serial communications using the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP).

XoftWare/32 for Windows, Version 3.0 is priced at $395. A version incorporating Novell's TCP/IP network software is priced at $495. Special upgrade pricing is available to registered users of any XoftWare products, including XoftWare for Windows, Desktop Edition, XoftWare/32 for Windows, and XoftWare for DOS. Multi-pack pricing, site licenses, and custom OEM versions are also available. For more information contact AGE Logic, Inc., 9985 Pacific Heights Blvd., San Diego, CA 92121, (619) 455-8600; FAX: (619) 597-6030; email:

Unison-TymLabs Ports Maestro to Sun and NCR

Unison-TymLabs has ported Maestro for UNIX, an automated network workload management tool for UNIX systems, to Sun and NCR platforms. Maestro for UNIX lets systems administrators automate network job scheduling, tracking, and monitoring to increase throughput and reduce processing errors. Using Maestro for UNIX, system administrators can schedule jobs on the network according to date, day of the week, time, and customized business calendars. With Maestro's client/server architecture, system administrators can control user access and production activities on remote clients.

Maestro for UNIX is also available for HP-UX. Prices for Maestro for UNIX start at $3,000 depending on platform. For more information contact Unison-Tymlabs, 675 Almanor Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086, (408) 245-3000; FAX: (408) 245-1412; email:

Phase X Repositions X Terminals

Phase X Systems, Inc. has upgraded its CA Series X11R5 server software and reduced the price. The CA series offers monochrome and color, and medium-to high-resolution X terminals. The CA X Terminals use an AMD-29000 RISC processor and, as a graphics accelerator, an ASIC chip running at 64 MHz. The CA series provides 65,000 X-Stones graphics performance. All CA series are ISO-9001 quality certified. CA series X terminals support Sun OS, Solaris, VMS, Ultrix, AIX, HP/UX, DG/UX, and other systems such as Sequent. Supported standards include Motif, OPENLOOK, SCO Open desktop, and DECWindows.

Features added to the CA series include: local Motif window manager, font server access, screen lock, low memory dialogs, 3D GUI setup windows, and remote configuration capabilities. LAN connectivity is provided via two Ethernet LAN interfaces: Thin net, and Thick net, with an auto select LAN interface. The CA series includes serial and parallel ports for supporting local peripherals such as printers.

Prices range from $1,395 (19-inch monochrome, 1280x1024) to $2,595 (20-inch color, 1280x1024). Prices include a one-year warranty and X server software. For more information contact Phase X Systems Incorporated, 19545 NW Von Neumann Dr., Ste 210, Beaverton, OR 97006, (503) 531-2400; FAX: (503) 531-2401; email:

Pacer Upgrades UNIX File and Print Servers

Pacer Software, Inc. has upgraded its PacerShare and PacerPrint file and print severs for UNIX systems. PacerShare is an AFP 2.1-compliant implementation of Apple Computer's AppleTalk Filing Protocol (AFP) for UNIX host platforms. PacerShare lets Macintosh users mount and use UNIX volumes and directories as if they were Macintosh disks. PacerPrint integrates Macintosh and UNIX printing resources by letting Macintosh users print directly to UNIX print queues as if they were LaserWriters. PacerShare and PacerPrint support Sun SPARC, HP 9000 700/800, and DEC RISC Ultrix systems.

The upgraded PacerShare provides interoperability with LAN Manager for UNIX, Pathworks for Ultrix, and PC-NFS. Using PacerShare, systems managers can integrate file-sharing services for Macintosh, DOS, Windows, and UNIX users on a single RISC computer system.

The upgraded PacerShare and PacerPrint ship with PacerAdmin, a Macintosh application that lets system managers add, modify, and delete UNIX users and groups. PacerAdmin also provides a graphical interface for creating and modifying PacerShare volumes and PacerPrint print queues. System administrators can use PacerAdmin to list, delete, and move jobs in UNIX print queues as well as to manage host log files.

Pricing for PacerShare and PacerPrint is based on the number of users, starting at $3,000 for a 20-user license. For more information contact Pacer Software, Inc., 1900 West Park Dr., Ste 280, Westborough, MA 01581, (508) 898-3300; FAX: (508) 366-1356.

ANDATACO Ships Liken 2.0

ANDATACO has begun shipping Liken 2.0, a Macintosh application engine that lets "off-the-shelf" Macintosh software run and execute on Sun, HP 9000 series, and IBM RS/6000 workstations (with plans for DEC Alphas). Liken incorporates MABI technology, which lets applications designed for the Macintosh environment use system resources such as X windows, file systems, and networks at workstation speeds.

Liken 2.0 supports both System 6 and System 7 Macintosh applications. Liken's support for the IBM RS/6000 AIX 3.2 will let Liken run on the IBM Power PC. Liken 2.0 also provides AppleShare Client support, Macintosh TCP/IP support, XpressFax compatibility, and Meeting Maker XP compatibility.

Liken 2.0 is priced at $299 for a fixed license and $399 for a floating license. Free upgrades are provided to users who purchase Liken after January 3, 1994 and to those who have the Annual Update Service. Other Liken owners can upgrade for $99 or $149. Liken ships with 60 days of free support. For more information contact ANDATACO, (800) 334-9191 or (619) 453-9191; FAX: (619) 453-9294; email:

Locus Announces PC-Interface UNIXWare Server

Locus Computing Corporation has announced PC-Interface for DOS/Windows and PC-Interface for Macintosh, network connectivity software programs that run on Novell UNIXWare Application Servers. PC-Interface UNIXWare server software allows DOS, Windows, and Macintosh PCs equipped with PC-Interface client software to share files and applications on the UNIXWare server, and to use any UNIX or PC printer on the network. Along with UNIXWare compatibility, the upgraded version of PC-Interface will also support UNIX SVR4.2.

PC-Interface does not impose a different interface on the DOS, Windows or Macintosh users. By running PC-Interface for DOS/Windows and Macintosh products together on UNIXWare, DOS and Windows users can exchange files with Macintosh users on cross-platform compatible applications such as Microsoft Works, Excel, and PowerPoint. Desktop users can connect directly to UNIXWare through built-in terminal emulation and run UNIX applications.

For more information contact Locus Computing Corporation, 9800 La Cienega Blvd., Inglewood, CA 90301, (310) 670-6500; FAX: (310) 670-2980.

I-Kinetics Introduces I-Bridge

I-Kinetics, Inc. has introduced I-Bridge, a family of software products that lets Windows applications directly access databases, programs, and files on UNIX servers. I-Bridge puts information into a Windows application, such as a spreadsheet, without the user having to manually locate, transfer, or convert it. I-Bridge Windows clients communicate with different UNIX data sources, including different databases, through a single driver with automatic data conversion. I-Bridge gives Windows applications access to data in flat files, and can directly output from UNIX programs without intermediate file storage.

I-Bridge uses an organization's existing SQL to protect the data sources from ad hoc queries. SQL and shell commands are developed and distributed by the IS staff to I-Bridge desktop end-users, or maintained as centrally managed stored procedures that are shared. They can be entered via function calls in the application's macro language or interactively through the I-Bridge Wizard, an interactive user interface tool. I-Bridge executes in the background, giving the user access to the application while data is being retrieved, and retrieves data from different sources through a single communications driver.

The initial release of I-Bridge includes adapters for Excel, Ingres, Oracle, and Sybase SQL Server databases. UNIX adapters are available for Sun and HP platforms. The I-Bridge starter system, including a UNIX server module and two Windows client modules, is priced at $995. For more information contact I-Kinetics, Inc., 19 Bishop Allen Dr., Cambridge, MA 02139, (617) 661-8181; FAX: (617) 661-8625; email:

proGIS Announces VMove

proGIS has announced VMove, an implementation of PC filesystems for UNIX systems. Features of VMove include accessing DOS type media without system privileges and data retrieval from or to DOS by inserting the disk and accessing the data with one command. For every command there are several switches available. For example, the Text switch provides special character and EOL conversions between UNIX and the PC in both directions.

VMove is available for VMS, DEC Ultrix, DEC Alpha, Sun SPARC, RS/6000, GSI, and MIPS. VMOVE supports MS- and PC-DOS (2.0-5.0), Atari, CP/M (on demand), MAC PC-Symbiot, and other filesystems. VMove also supports floppy devices, rewritable optical disks, SyQuest disk drives, and any other mountable device with DOS structure.

For more information contact proGIS, Jakobstr. 181, D-52064, Aachen, Germany, +49-241-403-446; FAX: +49-241-403-407; email: