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Sidebar: 1994 SANS Sys Admin Salary Survey

Each person who fully completes the survey will receive a free copy of the survey summary data.

Please return by September 30. You may use one of two methods:

  • email: (just enter question numbers and answers)

  • or send the completed survey form by regular mail to:

    SANS Sysadmin Salary Survey 4610 Tournay Road Bethesda, MD 20816

    1. In what state or country do you work? Enter the two-letter abbreviation of the state or, if outside the US, enter the country name:__________

    2. In which of the following types of organization do you work? Enter the three letter code:__________

    UNI: University or other educational institution
    GOV: Government
    R&D: Commercial organization in division involved in research & engineering
    COM: Commercial organization in division involved in business processing

    3. How large is the overall organization in which you work? Include the entire company, not just your department or group. Enter the three letter code:__________

    SMA: less than 10 employees
    MID: 10 to 99 employees
    BIG: 101 to 1000 employees
    XTR: 1001 and up

    Answer the following questions for the machines you are personally responsible for helping to administer:

    4a. How many different types of UNIX systems do you administer? ____________

    4b. Which type of UNIX do you consider your "main" responsibility? Type the 3 letter code:__________

    SUN: Sun-OS
    SOL: Solaris
    SGI: Silicon Graphics
    DGU: DG-UX
    ULT: Digital Ultrix SCO
    OSF: OSF/1
    GIS: AT&T or NCR
    SEQ: Sequent
    UNI: Univel
    OTH: Other

    5. Approximately how many UNIX workstations are you responsible for administering? __________

    6. Approximately how many UNIX servers are you responsible for administering? A server here means a system primarily used to service multiple users, rather than as a single individual's personal machine. ____________

    7. Approximately how many IBM PCs and/or Apple Macintosh computers are you responsible for administering? __________

    8. Are you also responsible for administering midrange (DEC VAX, AS400, etc.) and/or mainframe computers? __________ (Y= yes or N= no)

    9a. How many users do you support? ____________

    9b. How many employees report to you? (By "report to you," we mean that you are responsible for determining what they do.) ____________________________________

    10. Including those who may work for you, how many other system administrators (full-time-equivalent) are also partially or fully responsible for the workstations and servers you administer? ____________

    11. How many years of experience do you have in the field of system administration and security? Enter a number of years: ____________

    12. How many total years of experience do you have in any computer-related fields? Enter a number of years: __________________

    13. What is your annual salary in US dollars? ____________

    14. What percentage of your work would you call system administration, networking, and security management (as opposed to other jobs you also perform for your employer, such as application development). Enter a number from 0 to 100: ____________

    15. Are you a consultant who provides system administration for separate organizations or a salaried employee of the organization for which you do system administration? Enter the three letter code: ____________

    SAL: salaried employee
    CON: consultant

    16. Fill in your name and address so we can mail you the summary of the salary survey. Note: all answers are strictly confidential. Names and addresses will be stripped from the answers as soon as the entries are checked for completeness.

    Name: ______________________________________

    Address: ____________________________________



    email: _______________________________________