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New Products

O'Reilly Releases 4.4BSD CD-ROM

The Computer Systems Research Group of the University of California at Berkeley, in cooperation with the Usenix Association and O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., has published the final, definitive release of the Berkeley version of UNIX. The source code for the system is available on CD-ROM and is accompanied by a five-volume documentation set.

The University has prepared a "Lite" release of the operating system, from which the source code for a small number of utilities and files, including a few from the operating system, has been removed so that the system can be freely distributed. The source code included on the 4.4BSD-Lite CD-ROM Companion provides information on the design of UNIX and UNIX-like systems, and the source code for the utilities and support libraries can be used as part of a programmer's toolkit. In addition to the source code, the CD includes the manual pages, other documentation, and research papers for the University of California, Berkeley's 4.4BSD-Lite distribution. The five-volume documentation set is available from O'Reilly with or without the CD-ROM. The documentation includes: 4.4BSD System Manager's Manual, 4.4BSD User's Reference Manual, 4.4BSD User's Supplementary Documents, 4.4BSD Programmer's Reference Manual, and 4.4BSD Programmer's Supplementary Documents.

The CD-ROM plus the five documentation volumes is priced at $150. The CD-ROM by itself costs $40. Without the CD-ROM, the documentation costs $120. For more information, contact O'Reilly & Associates, 103 Morris Street, Suite A, Sebastopol, CA 95472; (800) 998-9938 or (707) 829-0515; FAX: (707) 829-0104.

Xi Software Announces X-Windows MOTIF Versions of Xi-Batch and Xi-Text

Xi Software has announced X-Windows MOTIF versions of its UNIX system management products Xi-Batch and Xi-Text.

Xi-Batch is a general purpopse job batch scheduler for UNIX systems. Jobs can be set for particular times, or intervals, subject to user defined constraints. Viewing a job's contents, setting its status, running a job, and aborting a job can all be handled using menu commands. Additionally, elaborate time controls can be specified by clicking on a combination of calendar and time choices.

Xi-Text combines print spooling facilities with interactive screen-based queue management and user-configurable interfaces. A flexible form handling mechanism provides control of the printing process, including automatic pre- or post-processing invoked at the start or end of the print run, form type, document, or page. You can view a job and change its parameters graphically. You can also configure printers using the menus.

For both Xi-Batch and Xi-Text, the interactive User Permission Editor allows administrators to control user permissions. Both tools have networking facilities which provide for jobs, condition variables, and printers to be shared across UNIX hosts, with centralized or distributed control.

For more information, contact Xi Software Ltd, 6 West Burrowfield, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL74TW, UK; 0707-371405; FAX: 0707-335801; email:

SPRY Launches the AIR Series 2.5 TCP/IP Applications Suite

SPRY has announced a major upgrade to the AIR Series, its modular suite of TCP/IP applications. The AIR Series 2.5 provides members of multi-vendor LANs modular internetworking software with improved installation, increased connectivity to remote hosts, more customization within applications, and more organization as they search the Internet. Version 2.5 of the AIR Series enhances the functionality of AIR Telnet, Network File Manager (ftp), AIR tn3270, AAIR Gopher, and FRP Server.

SPRY has focused on applications rather than transports. SPRY ships the AIR Series with industry stnadard TCP/IP transports from Novell and Microsoft, and provides native Open Data-Link Interface (ODI) and Network Device Interface Specification (NDIS) support. The AIR Series implements PC to UNIX, mainframe, and Internet connectivity through the following applications: NFS; AIR Telnet; AIR tn3270; NetWare Virtual Terminal (NVT); Network File Manager (ftp); FTP/RCP Servers; Line Printer Redirector (LPR); AIR Mail; AIR News; AIR Gopher; and AIR X.

In Version 2.5, the Network File Manager provides new host drivers for Sequent, VMS, and MVS systems and adds an alternative command-line interface. AIR Telnet adds capabilities for customizing host settings and enhanced keyboard mapping. AIR tn3270 includes a tunable terminal negotiation string. AIR Gopher adds a graphical Tree Control for viewing gopher menus. The FTP Server provides for multiple user connections, and directory settings and access restrictions.

The AIR Series modules are priced from $149 to $399. For more information, contact SPRY, Incorporated, 316 Occidental Avenue South, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104; (206) 447-0300; FAX: (206) 447-9008; email:

SYSTEMWatch AI-L Adds Support for Solaris 2.x and AIX 3.2.5

OPENService, Inc., has added two new platforms for SYSTEMWatch AI-L, Solaris 2.x and IBM AIX 3.2.5. SYSTEMWatch AI-L uses expert system and behavior-modeling algorithms to automate tasks such as monitoring printers, file systems, mail queues, backups, system performance, security, customer applications, databases, and user processes at the host level.

When problems are detected, SYSTEMWatch AI-L can alert the system administrator, make recommendations for remedial action, and, for some instances, take action immediately. The swap and memory manager, for example, automatically increases swap space when existing space approaches capacity. The file system and disk manager takes action to avoid critical file and disk congestion. The CPU and resource manager can temporarily stop, reprioritize, or kill processes to manage system load. The daemon manager averts such problems as electronic mail failure, print queue slowdown, or communications breakdowns such as the loss of a market data feed. OPENService claims that the increased productivity will permit a systems administrator to manage 150 to 500 systems.

For more information, contact OPENService Inc., Three City Square, Albany, New York 12207; (518) 465-1400.

Human Designed Systems Announces X Terminals

Human Designed Systems has announced a line of X terminals designed to operate with IBM RS/6000 and mainframe environments, in addition to mixed environments of Sun, HP, and DEC machines. The product line, called the HDS ViewStation TR Series, includes the ability to connect to Token Ring, Ethernet, and PPP networks simultaneously. One HDS X terminal can have up to four IP addresses (one for each network) and can act as a network router, passing information from one network to the other. Additionally, each member of the ViewStation TR Series includes IBM 3270 emulation for direct connection to IBM mainframe applications.

Every HDS ViewStation TR X terminal includes a set of local X applications called HDSperx. These applications allow X clients to run inside the HDS X terminal, offloading the host system. Local clients include OSF/Motif and OPEN LOOK window managers, 3270 and DEC VT320 terminal emulation, a PostScript display application, and productivity tools such as alarms, clocks, calculators, and a screen saver with a local screen lock. As a result, OSF/Motif applications can run on an IBM mainframe using the terminal, but X isn't needed on the mainframe.

HDS ViewStation TR customers can port their own applications to run locally inside the X terminal using HDS's Developer Kit. The terminals also include support for full motion video (analog and digital), for teleconferencing over token ring or Ethernet networks, and for PCMCIA cards. Pricing ranges from $1399 to $3699. For more information, contact Human Designed Systems, 421 Feheley Drive, King of Prussia, PA 19406; (610) 277-8300; FAX: (610) 275-5739.

CoSystems Introduces High Performance Communications Servers

Cosystems Inc. has introduced the LanServer family of high-performance, multi-protocol, terminal, print, and communication servers. The servers combine an Intel architecture with a RISC-based serial communications controller and can be configured to support a mixture of UNIX TCP/IP, Novell SPX/IPX, and DEC LAT protocols.

The LanServer ships in three basic models -- the LS-4, the LS-8, and the LS-16, which support 4, 8, and 16 users respectively. Each model is configured with a Centronics parallel printer port, both AUI and BNC connectors for thick or thin Ethernet, and includes concurrent TCP/IP and Novell IPX protocol support. DEC LAT protocol support is optional. Prices range from $1,695 to $2,795. For more information, contact CoSystems, Inc., 3350 Scott Blvd., Bldg. 61-01, Santa Clara, CA 95054; (408) 748-2190; FAX: (408) 988.0785.

Artecon and TriTeal Expand HP Task Broker Market

Artecon has announced that TriTeal corporation has ported and released Hewlett-Packard's Task Broken 1.1 load-balancing software on IBM, SGI, and Digital AXP platforms. Artecon has an agreement with TriTeal to market Task Broker 1.1 for Sun, IBM, SGI, and Digital platforms, while Task Broker for HP platforms is available from HP.

Task Broker, originally developed by HP, monitors and manages processes and performance across a network of workstations. Once configured, Task Broker automatically manages the network process load, moving jobs running on heavily loaded workstations to other, less loaded systems. Task Broker 1.1 includes a GUI, which improves ease-of-use and simplifies administration.

Pricing for Task Broker ranges from $5,300 to $30,300, depending on the number of users and platforms licensed. Corporate licenses are also available. For more information, contact Artecon, Inc., (619) 931-5500.

Qualix Introduces UniShield

Qualix Group, Inc. has introduced UniShield, centralized access security management software for distributed UNIX environments. UniShield was developed by Network Information Technology and is available for SunOS 4.1.3 and Solaris 2.3. Plans call for support of HP-UX and IBM AIX by early fall 1994.

UniShield provides enterprise-wide information access and centralized control for distributed UNIX environments. It offers the access management features formerly found on legacy systems to customers who are moving to networked computing environments.

UniShield includes a Motif-based GUI, supported by centralized security databases which maintain security policies and account access records. Features of UniShield include: access route; access hours enforcement; account expiration and activation; ability to disable access after invalid attempts are made; password aging; password qualification; concurrent session control; root access control; and more.

UniShield supports a flexible, layered security policy scheme, enabling configuration of policies to suit the entire organization, user groups, remote access users, a particular system, or individual users. UniShield pricing starts at $1000, with volume packages available. For more information, contact Qualix Group, Inc., 1900 S. Norfolk Street, Suite 224, San Mateo, CA 94403; (415) 572-0200; FAX: (415) 572-1300.

CREN Readies List-Manager Software

CREN, the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking, has announced Version 7.0 of its ListProcessor list management software for UNIX and the Internet. The software, also known as ListProc, has been made easier to use, with more functions and better performance.

CREN describes ListProcessor as simple to install and easy to operate, requiring minimal administrator intervention.

ListProcessor features include: compliance with RFC821 and RFC822 Internet standards for email; compatibility with the MIME extensions; optional subscriber aliasing; flexible list archiving; support for multiple list owners, editors, and new list administrators; convenient list initiation and reconfiguration; optional automatic unsubscription based on analysis of bounced listmail; support for gateways between lists and news groups and for peering of lists.

Additional information is available via Gopher and anonymous ftp from (The ftp file is /cren-doc/listproc-info.txt.) Interested parties may also contact CREN through email sent to or to

OCS Launches EXPRESS for UNIX Platforms

Operations Control Systems (OCS) has introduced EXPRESS job scheduling software for UNIX. EXPRESS supports job scheduling in heterogeneous and distributed UNIX environments. EXPRESS uses a GUI with color-coding to highlight exceptional conditions, such as jobs which have aborted or are running too long. EXPRESS displays job scheduling information in a Gantt chart format. The interface also includes on-line, context-sensitive help and runs on a PC client.

EXPRESS provides a single point of control for distributed job schedules. Major capabilities of EXPRESS include: automated control over production jobs on a 24-hour basis; integration with multiple UNIX platforms (UNIX schedules created using at, batch, and cron can be imported into EXPRESS). Express also maintains auditing, security, and recovery logs. Express was designed to run in a client/server-based architecture. Terminal access to EXPRESS in a command-line mode is available as well.

EXPRESS pricing starts at $5,000 and varies depending on system configuration. For more information, contact Operations Control Systems, 560 San Antonio Road, Suite 106, Palo Alto, CA 94306; (415) 493-4122; FAX: (415) 493-3393.

Innovative Ideas Ships SmartConnect 2.2

Innovative Ideas, Inc., has begun shipping SmartConnect 2.2, an SNMP-compliant software product which works in conjunction with a LAN/WAN or PPC-to-Mainframe connectivity software, smart hubs, routers, or gateways. When a client machine attempts a server connection, SmartConnect 2.2 will automatically select the least busy network segment based on the configuration parameterss. SmartConnect 2.2 also identifies faulty or busy nodes.

SmartConnect supports the logical segmenting of the network, with configuration parameters that include load threshold, maximum number of connections per smart node per group, and preferential routes to reach teh server. Users can select the retry and time-out limits for each connection. SmartConnect 2.2 is network installable and shareable, and is Network Information Services (NIS) or Yellow Pages compliant.

SmartConnect 2.2 is available on 13 UNIX platforms (including AIX, SunOS, Solaris, and NeXTStep), MS Windows, OS/2, and DOS, with ports announced for Novell Netware and VMS. Price varies from $60 to $90 per license, depending on the platform, with site licensing available. For more information, contact Innovative Ideas, Inc., 8535-3 Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256; (904) 448-4468; FAX: (904) 448-5455.

Boole & Babbage Extend COMMAND/POST 3.1

Boole & Babbage have announced release 3.1 of their COMMAND/POST operations, availability, and fault management system for multi-vendor environments. Release 3.1 adds terminal emulators and application program interfaces which expand its capabilities and broaden its communication reach.

Scripts from the AUTOCOMMAND component of COMMAND/POST can interface to a broader range of tools using the new emulators and APIs. Release 3.1 introduces COMMAND/POST Connection Bank, which is comprised of documentation, predefined filter libraries, and detailed path descriptions for connectivity to a variety of system and network elements. The initial Connection Bank includes units for Cisco routers, Novell NetWare 3.11, Timeplex, IDNX, SunNet Manager 2.0, and NEAX 2400 PBX.

COMMAND/POST 3.1 pricing begins at $60,000. For more information, contact Boole & Babbage, Inc., 3131 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95134; (408) 526-3000; FAX: (408) 526-3503.

Freedman Sharp and Associates Announce PowerBroker 1.0

Freedman, Sharp, and Associates have announced PowerBroker 1.0. for Sun, HP, SGI, IBM, DEC, and Motorola UNIX machines. PowerBroker is a suite of programs and daemons which can help UNIX sites safely share access to the root account. System administrators can give certain users the power to run certain programs as root (or other important accounts) without having to specify the root password. PowerBroker also logs all activities run through it, optionally including a full session record. System administrators use PowerBroker's policy language to specify who can run what programs, when, where, as who, and with what runtime environment. PowerBroker can also record the keyboard and screen I/O that it handles, and can replay a user's session later for analysis. You can also attach to a session in progress and monitor the activity.

For more information, contact Freedman Sharp and Associates, 508-1011 First St. SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2R 1J2; (403) 264-4822; FAX: (403) 264-0873; email:

Puzzle Systems' SoftNet Utilities Available for Solare for x86

Puzzle Systems Corporation has announced SoftNet Utilities NetWare server emulation software for SunSoft's Solaris 2.x for x86 environments. SoftNet Utilities lets Intel-based platforms running Solaris for x86 version 2.1 (and greater) function as a NetWare 2.2, 3.11, or 3.12 compatible server to PC clients on Novell NetWare networks.

PC NetWare clients using only the IPX protocol can directly and transparently access the Solaris-based system's UNIX directories without UNIX disk partitioning, kernel reconfiguration, or additional hardware. A user can also log onto the Solaris system as a terminal and run the resident UNIX applications using the terminal emulation program of his/her choice. Bidirectional UNIX/Novell printer sharing is also a standard feature of SoftNet Utilities.

Licenses range from $1299 for 16 users to $5495 for 250 concurrent users. For additional information, contact Puzzle Systems Corporation, 16360 Monterey Road, Suite 250, Morgan Hill, CA 95037; (408) 779-9909; FAX: (408) 779-5058.

Elan Computer Group Announces SoftWatch

Elan Computer Group has announced SoftWatch, a software tool that allows end users to easily get consolidated usage reports on all software applications and monitor and control networked software usage. Using SoftWatch, systems administrators can monitor UNIX applications on the network and get a consolidated report with usage statistics on all of the applications. Designed to work with any off-the-shelf UNIX application, SoftWatch can be used to reserve licenses for individuals, groups, or machines that need priority. SoftWatch can be used to track software usage and ensure that only purchased copies of software are in use.

SoftWatch is priced at $795 on a per ten client basis, with volume pricing available. For more information, contact Elan Computer Group, Inc., 888 Villa Street, 3rd Floor, Mountain View, CA 94041; (415) 964-2200; FAX: (415) 964-8588.

Auspex Introduces Server Family

Auspex Systems, Inc., has introduced a highly scalable seven-model family of UNIX Network File System (NFS) servers. The NS 7000 NetServer family provides for consolidated data access and storage in real-world environments. The NS 7000 Series 200 entry-level server is available for under $85,000. The high end of the family, the NS 7000 Series 500, expands Auspex's network connectivity dramatically to 24 Ethernets and up to four FDDI or MLT3 connections. Auspex claims "an industry-leading 4252 SPECnfs_A93 ops/sec" for the new family, along with the ability to support from 40 to over 300 users.

The Series 200 includes disk storage from 1.75Gb to 61Gb. The Series 200 runs Solaris and supports up to 12 Ethernets and up to two FDDI or MLLT3 connections. The system design addresses performance and reliability using the company's Functional Multiprocessing architecture (FMP), designed to eliminate I/O bottlenecks. The NS 7000 family includes new dual-CPU SPARC network processors, as well as a new HyperSPARC-based host processor. The NS 7000 NetServers are Oracle Version 7 certified. NS 7000 system software includes FMK, Solaris, virtual partition management for RAID-0/1 capability, dynamic file system growth, on-line backup, and performance monitoring. The NetServer systems can be upgraded to new technology by simply replacing processor boards.

For more information, contact Auspex Systems, 5200 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054; (408) 986-2000; FAX: (408) 986-2020.