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New Products

NetLabs Ships AssetManager V1.1

NetLabs, Inc. has begun shipping version 1.1 of AssetManager, a tool which finds and tracks hardware and software resources on a network. AssetManager is based on the following standards: SNMP, OSF/Motif, and the IETF Host Resources MIB. AssetManager 1.1 supports major UNIX workstations including versions for Sun, HP, and IBM platforms. It runs under Sun SunNet Manager, HP Open View, and IBM NetView/6000 network management platforms, as well as NetLabs/DiMONS.

Using AssetManager, lets administrators maintain and access information about hardware and software, automatically collecting information from intelligent network devices such as Synoptics SuperAgents, Intel LANDesk SNMP Gateway, NetWare Management System, IBM Systems Monitor/6000, HP Open View Extensible SNMP Agents, and SUNConnect SNMP Agent. AssetManager provides administrators with configuration, support, maintenance, and other information about network assets.

An AssetManager 1.1 server module license, which includes software for managing database information and data collection, costs $5,000. An AssetManager administrative user license, which includes software for setup, initiation and configuration, costs $4,000. An AssetManager analyst user license, which is a read-only station, costs $2,000. For more information contact NetLabs Inc., 4920 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA 94022, (415) 961-9500; FAX: (415) 961-9300.

Freedman Sharp Releases PowerBroker

Freedman Sharp and Associates, Inc. has released PowerBroker, a tool to help UNIX sites implement secure, shared system administration. PowerBroker gives system administrators control over who can run what, when, and where in the root account, without knowing the root password. PowerBroker can also create and maintain a log of programs running as root. The system administrator configures PowerBroker to accept requests from users to run specified programs as root (or as other key accounts). Criteria for acceptance can include username, program name, time, date, hostname, directory, group, and others. The working environment for each program can be specified to address the security issues surrounding root activities.

PowerBroker selectively logs root activity, providing an audit trail of important system actions. Optionally, PowerBroker records entire sessions for later replay, to discover both user commands and system responses during a session. PowerBroker can also attach to sessions in progress for real-time monitoring. The network traffic generated by PowerBroker can be encrypted.

PowerBroker supports Sun, HP, IBM, DEC, SGI, and Motorola UNIX platforms. For more information contact Freedman Sharp and Associates, Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (403) 264-4822; FAX: (403) 264-0873; Email:

Microlink Announces NetWizard

Microlink Technologies, Inc. has announced NetWizard, a TCP/IP file transfer software package that works in conjunction with FTP. NetWizard provides a graphical interface and supports encryption, compression, access control, batch operation, and firewalls. NetWizard is designed for corporate users who are concerned about confidentiality, system access, and security of their data when transmitting files over public services such as the Internet. NetWizard includes its own daemon that is compatible with standard FTP.

NetWizard is compatible with firewalls, so that its use addresses network security issues. NetWizard's access control feature restricts access to the system from any user or site to one or more periods of time during the week, and the access control is functional even when sites connecting the system are not using NetWizard. NetWizard's auto-batch feature lets users automatically transfer files by mirroring the contents of a pre-specified directory to one on a remote site. Other features include: X Window and TTY terminal support, DES encryption, built-in compression, and error detection algorithms.

NetWizard supports SunOS 4.1.x, Solaris 2.x, and HP 9000/7000 Series HP-UX 9.01. A single-user copy of NetWizard costs $995. Until December 31, 1994, Microlink is offering NetWizard for $495 per copy. Multiple copy discounts apply beginning with two copies. For more information contact Microlink Technologies, Inc., 1260 Lake Blvd. Suite 280, Davis, CA 95616, (800) 554-5465 or (916) 757-1180; FAX: (916) 757-6314; Email:

GEJAC Announces ARSAP 3.0

GEJAC, Inc. has announced ARSAP 3.0 System Accounting. ARSAP 3.0 is a Resource Management and Chargeback application that provides UNIX systems administrators with usage accounting information and chargeback capability. ARSAP 3.0 accounts for the use of system resources by user, project, section, or department. ARSAP's chargeback capabilities support an unlimited number of workstations, nodes, users, and projects. ARSAP also provides an unlimited number of shifts such as prime time, non-prime time, or weekends, with separate rates for each. Rates can also vary by node, user, or project.

ARSAP 3.0 also tracks CPU time, disk I/O, logins, connect (seat) time, disk usage, and other system resources. The data is monitored from Data Collection modules on each node or workstation, whether the network is a single or multiple-platform configuration. The data is then transferred back to an accounting server for reporting.

ARSAP 3.0 supports Apollo, Convex, Cray, DEC Alpha OSF/1, DEC Ultrix, HP-UX, IBM RS/6000, Intergraph, SCO-UNIX, Sequent Dynix/ptx, SGI Irix, Sun SunOS and Solaris, Solbourne, and Unisys Dynix/ptx. ARSAP 3.0 also supports NFS and Windows environments. In a Windows environment, ARSAP accounts for product connect time; overall Windows usage; and tracking which software packages are being used, how often, on which nodes, and by whom. ARSAP also reports the system resources used by individual software applications to determine their impact on the overall system. When installed in NFS environments, ARSAP allows for file sharing.

For more information contact GEJAC Incorporated, 8863 Cherry Lane, Laurel, MD 20707, (301) 725-2500; FAX: (301) 725-7196.

Elan Ships Two Products

Elan Computer Group, Inc. has begun shipping two products, SoftWatch and Elan License Manager 3.0. SoftWatch is an application management tool that monitors, from a single UNIX server, all Windows and UNIX applications running on a network. Features of SoftWatch include: reporting usage statistics on Windows and UNIX applications; monitoring software license compliance; reserving licenses for individuals, groups, or machines; monitoring applications running with the Elan License Manager or FLEXlm license manager; system monitoring and application control from a single central server; and monitoring license manager queueing.

Elan License Manager version 3.0 for UNIX is a software licensing toolkit which includes "soft" limit license usage and provides dynamic client debugging, software usage metering, and flexible start date licensing keys. The license server automatically loads new keys as they are added. Elan License Manager version 3.0 includes the Elmrpt reporting tool, which can display peak usage in addition to license checkouts and denials. The Elan License Manager 3.0 is available in both source and binary forms for UNIX systems, the NeXT platform, VAX, and Microsoft Windows and Windows NT.

SoftWatch costs $495 per 25 clients. Elan License Manager version 3.0 is priced at a one-time fee of $7,500 and is also available as a product upgrade to current customers. For more information contact Elan Computer Group, Inc., 888 Villa St., Third Floor, Mountain View, CA 94041, (415) 964-2200; FAX; (415) 964-8588.

Puzzle Systems Releases SoftNet Utilities for UNIXWare

Puzzle Systems Corporation has released SoftNet Utilities NetWare server emulation software for Novell's UNIXWare. SoftNet Utilities lets Intel-based x86 platforms running UNIXWare 1.1 (or greater) function as NetWare 3.12 compatible servers to PC workstations on Novell NetWare networks.

SoftNet Utilities lets PC NetWare clients use the IPX protocol to access the UNIXWare system's directories without the need for UNIX disk partitioning, kernel reconfiguration, or additional hardware. In addition, a SoftNet user can log onto the UNIXWare platform as a terminal and run the resident UNIX applications using the IPX-based terminal emulation program or the emulator of their choice. Bidirectional UNIX/Novell printer sharing is also included.

SoftNet Utilities for UNIXWare supports Sun SPARC (SunOS and Solaris 2.x), HP 9000 PA-RISC, Silicon Graphics, SCO, DEC Alpha (OSF-1), and Solaris for x86 environments. For more information contact Puzzle Systems Corporation, 16360 Monterey Rd., Ste. 250, Morgan Hill, CA, 95037, (408) 779-9909; FAX: (408) 779-5058; Internet:

Network Application Technology Ports MVSS

Network Application Technology, Inc. (N.A.T.) has ported its network monitoring software, Multi-Vendor Support Series (MVSS), to Data General Avion workstations, the DEC Alpha platform, and the Pyramid Series S and ES systems running the DC/OSx operating system. Under a licensing agreement with N.A.T., Digital Analysis Corporation, has modified N.A.T.'s MVSS software and renamed it RMON*Views to run on the Data General platform, which uses the DG/UX operation system. Another version sold under the MVSS name is available to run on the Digital Alpha platform using the OSF-1 operating system.

MVSS software and EtherMeters support the Remote Network Monitoring (RMON) MIB. Each EtherMeter is dedicated to monitoring the activity on a single Ethernet segment. EtherMeter statistics can be accessed from SNMP management stations running either N.A.T.'s Windows-based NMS/100 Network Monitoring System, or the MVSS software for UNIX workstations. Network information provided by the MVSS and EtherMeters includes RMON groups plus IP-to-Ethernet Address Mapping, Duplicate IP Address Detection, New Node Discovery, EtherMeter Zoom, and Top10.

For more information contact Network Application Technology Inc., 1686 Dell Ave., Campbell, CA 95008, (408) 370-4300; FAX: (408) 370-4222.

SPRY Launches NetAccess

SPRY, Inc. has launched NetAccess, a computer industry business directory that lets Mosaic users access corporate information located on the Internet. NetAccess is a directory of company "addresses" organized by product category. With NetAccess, Mosaic users are able to retrieve information from computing companies, such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Novell, PSI, Sun Microsystems, Wall Data, and others.

NetAccess comes preloaded in SPRY's AIR Mosaic, an Internet application that is included with their Windows TCP/IP package, the AIR Series. Single-user pricing for the AIR Series rangers from $149 to $399. Internet users who have not purchased the AIR Series can also log into NetAccess by going to SPRY's home page at For more information contact SPRY, Inc., 316 Occidental Avenue South, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104, (206) 447-0300; FAX: (206) 447-9008; Email:

Pacific Software Group Upgrades TaskManager for UNIX

Pacific Software Group has upgraded TaskManager, its UNIX menu, mail, and desktop organizer. TaskManager v1.1 includes an appointment calendar, prioritized to-do lists, an address book, and an individual and group reminder scheduler. Other features of TaskManager include: a file manager, a text editor, a graphical directory tree display, real-time system display, file export to word processing and database programs, DOS-to-UNIX file conversion, and context-sensitive help. Manager features lets the system administrator control user access to menus and applications, UNIX commands, and TaskManager features. The package also includes a Menu builder for creating user menus with security and a Reminder system which can alert users to upcoming events.

TaskManager for UNIX v1.1 supports monochrome and color character-based terminals and monitors on SCO UNIX and XENIX, Interactive UNIX, AIX/6000 for the RS/6000, HP-UX for the HP 9000, AT&T SVR3 and SVR4 (including Consensys and UNIXWare), DG-UX, and Coherent 4.2. TaskManager for UNIX v1.1 costs $295 for a 10-user license and $595 for an unlimited user license. For more information contact Pacific Software Group, 4703 Filly Lane, Riverside, CA 92509, (800) 949-4490 or (909) 681-2623; FAX: (909) 360-3524; Email:

Beame & Whiteside Introduces BW-Connect

Beame & Whiteside Software have introduced BW-Connect NFS Server for Windows NT, a multitasking NFS server that converts a Windows NT computer into a shared NFS server capable of providing Network File System service to any NFS client. BW-Connect Server for Windows NT provides file, printer, and other local resource access to any NFS client. Since BW-Connect Server for Windows NT is written as a native 32-bit Windows NT application, it is multithreaded, with each thread handling concurrent and independent data transfers.

BW-Connect installs as a native Windows NT service and can access the three file system types supported by Window NT: FAT, NTFS, and HPFS. Other features include support for UNIX file-naming conventions and symbolic links, support for logging of NFS mount and unmount requests, and support for displaying server statistics.

BW-Connect NFS Server for Windows NT supports Windows NT v3.1 and 3.5 and runs on Windows NT platforms including Intel 80x86, Pentium, MIPS, and Alpha AXP computers. BW-Connect NFS Server for Windows NT costs $249. For more information contact Beame & Whiteside Software, 706 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC 27603, (919) 831-8989; FAX: (919) 831-8990; Internet:

Workstation Solutions Ships Quick Restore V2

Workstation Solutions, Inc., has begun shipping Quick Restore V2, data backup and recovery software for open-system workstations. Based on distributed computing technology, Quick Restore V2 is an ISO-compliant automated backup management system. Features of Quick Restore V2 include: GUI, unattended "lights-out" operation, integration with robotic media handlers, and remote-operation capability. Other features of Quick Restore V2 include: custom device drivers for popular storage device formats including DLT, indexing schemes, and support for media formats including 4mm, 8mm, and DLT.

Quick Restore V2 supports Sun, HP, SGI, IBM, NCR, and Digital UNIX platforms as well as legacy platforms like Apollo. Prices for Quick Restore V2 start at $3,500. The company also sells complete systems consisting of Quick Restore V2 software combined with storage media. For more information contact Workstation Solutions, Inc., One Overlook Drive, Amherst, NH 03031, (603) 880-0080; FAX: (603) 880-0696.

AGE Introduces Two X Connectivity Products

AGE Logic has introduced two X Connectivity products, XoftWare/32 for Windows, 3.1 and XoftWare/32 for Windows, Professional Edition, 3.1. XoftWare/32 for Windows, 3.1 is a 32-bit PC X Server which includes X Window server software. XoftWare/32 for Windows is designed for the user who needs X connectivity without additional network feature sets. XoftWare/32 for Windows supports transparent access to UNIX-based X applications and includes such features as XoftStart, a concurrent window manager mode, and support for TCP/IP networks.

XoftWare/32 for Windows Professional Edition 3.1 integrates AGE Logic's Professional Utilities with its Serial ConnecXion to produce a 32-bit X Server which comes bundled with TCP/IP network software. XoftWare/32 for Windows, Professional Edition includes a Network File Manager utility with file transfer and local printing capabilities, a concurrent window manager mode, serial-X technology, which can transmit compressed data over Internet Protocols on modem or serial lines, and a Telnet client, which supports interactive Telnet sessions using either VT100 or VT220 emulation.

XoftWare/32 for Windows, 3.1 costs $345. XoftWare/32 for Windows, Professional Edition 3.1 costs $495. For more information contact AGE Logic, Inc., 9985 Pacific Heights Blvd., San Diego, CA 92121, (619) 455-8600; FAX: (619) 597-6030.

CAMI Research Announces Connector Protector

CAMI Research Inc. has announced the Connector Protector, a connector insert for board-mounted D-subminiature connectors. The Connector Protector, which is the size of a mini gender-changer, attaches to DB9 or DB25 connectors with jackscrews. The jackscrew may be reversed to allow mounting to either female or male connectors.

The Connector Protector takes the mechanical wear when attached cables are connected or disconnected and can be quickly and easily replaced when continuity becomes intermittent. Standard sizes of the Connector Protector are DB9 and DB25. Other D-sub sizes are available on special order. Connector Protector costs $4.85 for DB9 and $5.15 for DB25 and comes in quantities of 25. Larger quantity pricing is available. For more information contact CAMI Research Inc., 442 Marrett Rd., Suite 2B, Lexington, MA 02173, (617) 860-9137; FAX: (617) 860-9139.