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New Products

Microport Introduces Session Log

Microport Systems has introduced Session Log, a productivity tool for UNIX workstation users. Session Log records and plays back workstation user sessions. Recordings made with Session Log capture mouse and keyboard interactions, not just screen images or X protocols. The captured recordings can be stored for later playback. Session Log records and plays back user sessions with a mouse click or hot key and its control menu can be hidden away so that the user's displays aren't cluttered.

Session Log lets non-technical staff give precise demonstrations created by technical experts. Training activities supplemented with Session Log let instructors provide users with libraries of live examples. For development organizations, Session Log automates test procedures and provides a method for end-user problem reporting. Session Log can also provide statistical analysis of recorded user sessions.

Session Log supports Sun SPARC workstations running Solaris 1.1 or 2.x and supports both Motif and OpenWindows. Recordings made with Session Log are portable between Motif and OpenWindows. Session Log costs $895 for a single right-to-use license. For more information contact Microport Systems, 1770 North Research Park Way, North Logan, UT 84321, (801) 750-7800; FAX: (801) 755-7888.

ISG-America Releases INFORMER-X

ISG-America has released INFORMER-X, a suite of systems management utilities for UNIX. The INFORMER-X product suite consists of four modules: SCOUT (alert management), SILHOUETTE (system profiling and reporting), PASSBOOK (job accounting and chargeback), and ENACT (job scheduling).

INFORMER-X provides a Windows 3.1 interface at the desktop, and supports DDE and OLE integration and information exchange with other Windows applications. INFORMER-X was developed in the United Kingdom by ISG plc and has been marketed successfully there for more than three years.

INFORMER-X is priced at $3,500 for the four-module product suite. The price per utility is $995. For more information contact ISG-America, 359 Littleton Rd., Westford, MA 01886, (508) 392-4977; FAX: (508) 392-4993.

MCS Ships NetLink

Micro Computer Systems, Inc. has begun shipping NetLink, a tool that links UNIX systems to NetWare clients. Tailored to the Novell environment, NetLink provides the software needed to let a standard Novell NetWare client communicate with a UNIX computer. NetLink uses standard IPX/SPX compatible protocols developed by MCS. When installed, the UNIX portion of MCS's NetLink provides the UNIX system with IPX/SPX-compatible protocols, APIs, and terminal services. NetLink offers three primary connectivity features: terminal emulation, file transfer, and application software development. Accessing a UNIX system doesn't require changes to the normal IPX/SPX configuration of the NetWare system.

The terminal emulation feature lets NetWare clients function as VT100, VT220, or Wyse60 terminals, with up to four terminal sessions available at one time. As with terminal emulation, NetLink uses standard IPX/SPX-compatible protocols when initiating a file transfer session. Users can transfer multiple files to and from the UNIX system from either the command line or the NetLink file transfer session, which has the look and feel of a UNIX ftp session. Another feature of NetLink provides UNIX resident, NetWare-compatible IPX/SPX and NetBIOS APIs that let programmers develop original network applications.

NetLink supports Interactive UNIX 3.2.2, SCO UNIX 3.2.4, IBM RS/6000 AIX 3.2.5, SUN SPARC 4.1.3, HP/UX 9.0, Unisys SVR4 1.2, Motorola SVR4 88K, UNIXWare SVR4, and AT&T SVR4. NetLink can also be configured for either Ethernet or Token Ring networks, and provides several device drivers for Token Ring support.

Prices for NetLink start at $895. For more information contact Micro Computer Systems, Inc., 2300 Valley View Lane, Suite 800, Irving, TX 75062, (214) 659-1514; FAX: (214) 659-1624.

CoSystems Ships CoISDN-SBus

CoSystems Inc. has begun shipping a family of products designed to let UNIX workstation users take advantage of the benefits and bandwidth offered by Basic Rate ISDN. CoISDN-SBus supports Sun SPARCstations and compatibles. CoISDN-SBus is available in two configurations, a SOFTWARE ONLY version and the FULL PACKAGE. The FULL PACKAGE includes both the CoISDN software and the CoISDN-SBus card, which can be installed in any available SBus slot on a SPARCstation. The SOFTWARE ONLY version targets SPARCstations which already have built-in ISDN cards. Both packages include PPP support.

The CoISDN-SBus FULL PACKAGE is priced at $895. The SOFTWARE ONLY version of CoISDN-SBus costs $595. For more information contact CoSystems Inc., 1263 Oakmead Pkwy., Sunnyvale, CA 94086, (408) 522-0500; FAX: (408) 720-9114.

Performix Releases EMPOWER/CS

Performix, Inc. has released EMPOWER/CS, a client/server load-testing tool. EMPOWER/CS captures and replays the activities of client/server applications which run on Windows PCs. EMPOWER/CS stress-tests a database server by running multiple scripts from one driver to simulate the load of multiple PCs. The database server assumes the load is originating from hundreds of PCs, and services the requests appropriately. EMPOWER/CS measures the response time of the requested queries and quantifies them according to predefined categories. Using a single driver machine, EMPOWER/CS can emulate load testing that might otherwise require a PC to represent each user.

For more information contact Performix, Inc., 8200 Greensboro Dr., Suite 1475, McLean, VA 22102, (703) 448-6606; FAX: (703) 893-1939.

Beame & Whiteside Introduce BW-MultiConnect for Solaris

Beame & Whiteside Software has introduced BW-MultiConnect for Solaris, which provides connectivity between SunSoft's Solaris UNIX system and Novell NetWare environments. BW-MultiConnect includes a high-performance IPX/SPX protocol stack for the Solaris environment, along with the appropriate BW-MultiConnect client or server functions.

The BW-MultiConnect software for Solaris resides on the Solaris server; no additional software is required for NetWare client workstations. BW-MultiConnect Server for Solaris includes: the IPX/SPX protocol stack with a TLI/TPI interface, Ethernet support, SAP (Service Advertising Protocol), RIP (Routing Information Protocol) connections to other NetWare networks, and a NetWare subset API programming library. BW-MultiConnect Server for Solaris is implemented as a loadable streams driver on the Solaris host. NetWare features included are: server filing system support, server print server, support for multiple simultaneous users, queue management, and server bindery servers. NetWare DOS utilities included are: LOGIN, ATTACH, MAP, SLIST, and LOGOUT. The BW-MultiConnect print server includes a Virtual Terminal Server that provides TELNET terminal emulation for remote access to UNIX services via NetWare NVT protocol services.

BW-MultiConnect Client for Solaris lets Solaris UNIX workstations mount a NetWare volume or directory the same way they normally mount a Solaris file system. Once mounted, the NetWare volume operates like a Solaris directory. BW-MultiConnect Client for Solaris includes support for automount by reference, UNIX file permission mapping, UNIX uid/gid mapping, and client printing. The product can also print to NetWare printers using the UNIX lp interface, or using nprint.

Prices for BW-MultiConnect Server for Solaris range from $495 for a five-user license to $9,695 for an unlimited license. BW-MultiConnect Client for Solaris is priced at $495 per user. For more information contact Beame & Whiteside Software, 706 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC 27603, (800) 463-6637 or (919) 831-8989; Internet:

I-Kinetics Announces I-Bridge Release 3

I-Kinetics has announced Release 3 of its I-Bridge Object Request Broker, which delivers UNIX applications, databases, services, utilities, and files as OLE objects to Windows operating system-based applications. I-Bridge Release 3 also includes object adapters to popular databases and high-level access services that are the same for different sources. I-Bridge can retrieve data from various UNIX data resources. I-Bridge is distributed with one part executing on Windows and the other executing on a UNIX host along with object adapters to the data sources. Besides the RDBMS object adapters, I-Bridge also includes the ObjectPump, a general purpose adapter for accessing UNIX applications, services, utilities, and files and redirecting their output to the requesting Windows-based applications. Specialized object adapters are available for Ingres, Oracle, and Sybase.

Features of I-Bridge include: interface components that provide connection and transport services and data extraction and format translation services; simultaneous data retrieval from multiple sources; and SQL transparency. Windows-based applications have a choice of three methods of using the I-Bridge. I-Bridge is an OLE Automation server to Windows applications, such as Visual Basic, Access, and Excel, capable of using OLE Automation. DDE and DLL interfaces are also available for PowerBuilder, Lotus 123, and other Windows applications that do not support OLE Automation.

I-Bridge Release 3 is priced at $995 and includes one UNIX ORB and two Windows-compatible ORBs. Additional Windows-compatible ORBs are priced at $295 each. For more information contact I-Kinetics, 19 Bishop Allen Dr., Cambridge, MA 02139, (617) 661-8181; FAX: (617) 661-8625; Email:


VERITAS Software has ported their VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) and VERITAS File System (VxFS) to Sun workstations and servers running Solaris 2.3. VxVM combines software disk array techniques (mirroring, striping, and RAID) with an on-line architecture, to administor disk storage in an open system environment. Using a GUI for both physical and logical disk resources, administrators can configure and optimize the storage subsystem. VxFS is a journaling file system for users of systems ranging from desktopss to supercomputers. VxFS currently ships on 45 hardware platforms.

In a related notice, VERITAS and Qualix Group have announced that VxVM and VxFS for Solaris 2.3 are bundled with the recent release of FirstWatch. FirstWatch is Qualix's product that automates failure detection, recovery, restart, and failover services for networked servers.

VxVM and VxFS for Solaris 2.3 are priced at $1,500 for desktop systems, and from $3,500 for servers. The FirstWatch base product is priced at $14,995 per server pair. For more information contact VERITAS Software, 4800 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054, (408) 727-1222; FAX: (408) 562-4334; Email:

UniPress Ships CoSession/PC2X and Announces W3 Division

UniPress Software and Triton Technologies have begun shipping CoSession/PC2X, a PC-UNIX connectivity tool for remote PC control from UNIX computers. CoSession/PC2X lets users control their PCs and PC applications from an X Window or X terminal of a UNIX workstation. The DOS computer displays in an X Window from which users can run PC applications, including Windows and Windows applications. Users can control multiple PCs simultaneously by running several CoSession/PC2X windows.

CoSession/PC2X's support for copy-and-paste lets users share files and transfer data between DOS and UNIX applications. CoSession/PC2X runs on existing PCs with no additional hardware requirements.

UniPress has also announced its W3 Division. The W3 Division offers a range of World-Wide Web (WWW) services, including startup, document creation, and Web server services, to help companies get "on the Web" for world-wide advertising, customer support, and new product announcements.

Prices for CoSession/PC2X start at $595 for a single-user starter pack, including one PC host and one UNIX client. Charges for most W3 consulting and documentation projects are $750 a day, with a one-day minimum. For more information contact UniPress Software, Inc., 2025 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817; (908) 287-2100; FAX: (908) 287-4929; WWW: or Triton Technologies, Inc., 200 Middlesex Turnpike, Iselin, NJ 08830, (908) 855-9440; FAX: (908) 855-9608.

Qualix Ports FirstWatch and Introduces TeamQuest Baseline 5.4

Qualix Group Inc. has ported FirstWatch 2.1 to the HP-UX 9.0 operating system running on HP 9000 Series 800 servers. FirstWatch provides failover management for systems, applications, and services. According to Qualix, FirstWatch provides automated failure detection, recovery, restart, and failover services for any type or size of network. Additional features of FirstWatch 2.1 include: multi-machine failover; compatibility with Sun's SPARC Storage Array; and failover monitoring agents for Sybase, Oracle, and Informix databases.

Qualix has also introduced TeamQuest Baseline 5.4, a performance analysis and capacity planning package for Sun SPARC servers and workgroups. TeamQuest Baseline locates a problem with a server or workgroup application and determines its cause. TeamQuest Baseline lets "named" workgroups be defined based on user IDs, process IDs, and other characteristics. Performance and services are analyzed and reported by workgroups. Other features of TeamQuest Baseline include: correlation and historical analysis capabilities; predefined report definitions, included in the user interface, which provide realtime or historic performance and trend reporting; and multiple report windows. TeamQuest Baseline also exports report data into other applications such as spreadsheets, databases, and management update reports.

Prices for FirstWatch 2.1 range from $14,995 to $36,495. TeamQuest Baseline 5.4 is priced at $4,995. For more information contact Qualix Group, Inc., 1900 S. Norfolk St., Ste 224, San Mateo, CA 94403, (415) 572-0200; FAX: (415) 572-1300; Email:

Open Microsystems Ships DistribuTAPE

Open Microsystems Inc. has begun shipping DistribuTAPE, a software utility that lets RISC System 6000 workstation clients and servers transparently share tape drivers. It allows users to share tape drives across TCP/IP networks.

DistribuTAPE requires version 3.2 of the AIX operating system and TCP/IP networking. The company plans a Solaris SPARC version and then expanded support for other workstation platforms. Prices for DistribuTAPE range from $495 for a single client/server configuration to $995 for a five-client, single-server license. Licenses are also available for larger configurations. For more information contact Open Microsystems Inc., 2700 West Anderson Lane, Ste 901, Austin, TX, (512) 450-0900; Email:

Network Instruments Releases Observer

Network Instruments, LLC, has released Observer Network Analyzer. Observer is a software-only, Microsoft Windows-based network protocol analyzer. Features of Observer include: packet capture and decode of TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and NetBEUI; tracking of short- and long-term bandwidth utilization; and network statistics by station, protocol, or packet size. Observer's packet decode includes pre- and post-decode filtering which lets an administrator isolate the important data and hide the extraneous information.

Observer LAN Analyzer for Windows for a 1-25-node LAN site license is priced at $295 and a 25+ LAN site license is priced at $495. For more information contact Network Instruments, LLC, P.O. Box 581156, Minneapolis, MN 55458-1156, (612) 822-2025; FAX: (612) 825-5647; BBS: (612) 822-0902.

MS Utilities Announces MultiMenu

MS Utilities has announced MultiMenu, a custom menu builder and system utility toolkit for UNIX running on the HP 9000 HP-UX platform. Using MultiMenu, system administrators can customize menus so users can access applications or system functions with one keystroke. Both front-end applications and user menus may be customized for individual requirements without programming.

MultiMenu's Toolkit includes a six-month user calendar for system users, a telephone notepad, comprehensive file and process editors, and full archival capabilities. MultiMenu also supports password protection for menus; full-screen, context-sensitive on-line help; keyboard remapping of the function keys; and a screen-saver option. In addition to the custom menu builder, MultiMenu's preconfigured system administration menus offer users access to system administration functions and a Utility Toolkit.

MultiMenu for HP 9000 HP/UX is priced at $595 and is available on 3 1/2" disk and 4mm DAT tape. A 30-day fully featured evaluation copy is available for $29. For more information contact MS Utilities, 112 S. Pavilion Ave., Riverside, NJ 08075, (609) 764-1923; FAX: (609) 764-9333.

Young Minds Releases MakeDisc Release 1.14

Young Minds, Inc. has released MakeDisc Release 1.14, its UNIX premastering software. MakeDisc runs on 26 UNIX platforms and lets users format data sets for ISO 9660-compliant CD-ROM production. MakeDisc provides for transparent recovery of original UNIX file names, directories, and symbolic links. A feature of the MakeDisc GUI is a timing bar which graphs the progress of a recording session. This indicator supports 1x, 2x, 4x, and 6x recording speeds. Formatting options are presented in a scrollable window. Other features of this MakeDisc release include: additional file and directory handling, and enhanced Rock Ridge support.

MakeDisc is the heart of CD Studio, a UNIX-based CD Recordable system. CD Studio combines MakeDisc with an intelligent controller and a CD-Writer, allowing users to master CD-ROMs from their desktop. Young Minds also provides the UltraCapacity product line for CD-ROM mass storage. Users who have created discs using CD Studio can keep them on-line for immediate access either from a standalone workstation or across a TCP/IP network. UltraCapacity is flexible, modular, and configurable to give transparent on-line access to a variety of CD-ROM jukeboxes, towers, and disc arrays.

For more information contact Young Minds, Inc., 1910 Orange Tree Ln., Suite 300, P.O. Box 6910, Redlands, CA 92375, (800) 964-4964 or (909) 335-1350; FAX: (909) 798-0488.

Instrumental Ships PerfAcct

Instrumental Inc. has begun shipping PerfAcct, its multiple system chargeback accounting software. PerfAcct supports Silicon Graphics systems running the IRIX 5.2 and 6.0 operating system, including the POWER CHALLENGE, POWER Onyx, and POWER Indigo2 systems. PerfAcct performs multiple-system resource accounting and chargeback from a single workstation. Features of PerfAcct include: managing network-wide system accounting from a single location; combining usage of multiple systems into a single report or bill; maintaining consistent accounting for systems; offloading account processing overhead from costly resources to workstations; and retaining smaller archives of summarized accounting data for long-term capacity planning.

For more information contact Instrumental, Inc., 4500 Park Glen Rd., Suite 390, Minneapolis, MN 55416, (612) 920-6188; FAX: (612) 920-7069.

Network Computing Introduces HMX X Terminals

Network Computing Devices has introduced the HMX family of color X terminals. Powered by a 64-bit R4000 processor, the HMX family offers 1600x1200 resolution and performs at 200,000 Xstones and 4.0 Xmarks. The HMX family includes three X terminal models: the HMX 17, with 17-inch monitor; the HMX 20, with 20-inch monitor; and the HMX 21, with 21-inch monitor.

HMX terminals support 8 Mb of DRAM, expandable to 136 Mb. Also included are 2 Mb of video RAM, one parallel and two serial ports, twisted-pair Ethernet interface, mouse, and keyboard choice of PS/2, UNIX, DEC LK401-compatible, Sun-compatible, or Japanese Kana style. The HMX's 64-bit architecture is designed to support software-decoded MPEG-based desktop video and supports NCDAudio.

NCD's NCDware X11 server software has been optimized and tuned for the HMX's R4000 processor. NCDware supports xdmcp; local IBM 3270 terminal emulation; multiple local Telnet or LAT clients; local VT320 sessions; Display PostScript Level 2; and SNMP-based network management. The user can choose from two local window manager options or host-based window management. Communication protocols include TCP/IP, SLIP, XRemote, and Digital's DECnet and LAT.

Prices for the HMX family of X terminals range from $2,895 to $4,795. For more information contact Network Computing Devices, Inc., 350 N. Bernardo Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043, (415) 694-0650; FAX: (415) 961-7711.