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New Products

SunSoft Releases SolarNet PC-X

SunSoft, Inc., has released SolarNet PC-X, which provides LAN-based or mobile Microsoft Windows users with point-and-click access to applications running on Solaris and other UNIX systems from within their Windows environment. SolarNet PC-X also provides access to X-based applications and services from Microsoft Windows PCs across dial-up or LAN-based facilities. PC-X can be used by itself or in conjunction with other SolarNet facilities such as PC-NFSpro for Windows. Features of SolarNet PC-X include: point-and-click desktop icons, running client server applications on Windows PCs, and telecommuter and remote access support.

In addition to the Solaris platform, SolarNet PC-X runs on other UNIX servers, including HP, DEC, and IBM platforms. Pricing for SolarNet PC-X begins at $345 per user and decreases with volume. For more information contact SunSoft, Inc., 2 Elizabeth Dr., Chelmsford, MA 01824, (800) 786-7638 or (508) 442-0271.

Auspex Systems Introduces DataGuard

Auspex Systems has introduced DataGuard, which allows NetServer data servers to continue delivering file and data service to users in the event of UNIX operating system or application program failure.

When a Host Processor on the Auspex NetServer fails, DataGuard will let data service continue without disruption while the Host Processor automatically reboots and restarts UNIX. DataGuard also allows you to install minor operating system releases and new applications on the Host Processor without disrupting NFS service. Host-connected SCSI devices can be added by halting the Host Processor, adding the device, and rebooting the Host Processor. DataGuard can reboot the Host Processor without operator intervention.

DataGuard is part of the Continuous Data Service (CDS) program at Auspex. The program comprises both technologies and services designed to provide data to networked computer users. Current elements in the CDS program include redundant power capabilities, hot-swappable drives, disk mirroring, fast file system check, and Auspex's File System Fault Recovery.

DataGuard runs on Auspex Systems with HP5, HP6, and HP7 Host Processors and Network Processors. DataGuard costs $15,000 for the Series 200 and $25,000 for the Series 500. Site licenses and installed base upgrades are also available. For more information contact Auspex Systems, 5200 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054, (408) 986-2000; FAX: (408) 986-2020.

NetLabs Upgrades NetLabs/NerveCenter

NetLabs has upgraded NetLabs/NerveCenter, a rule-based, distributed application used to correlate and respond to network events. With NetLabs/NerveCenter 2.0, users of HP's OpenView Network Node Manager can expand enterprise-wide management coverage from 5,000 to 80,000 nodes. NetLabs/NerveCenter 2.0 also includes features to synchronize collected information and managed devices with the OpenView management platform database.

NetLabs/NerveCenter applies a state diagram paradigm to correlate network condition, using event order or persistence to identify problems and filter out events. Automated corrective action can be sent at any point in a detected sequence of events. Managed devices can be categorized by type, location, priority, business function, or other selected characteristics, such as key route, T1 lines, sales department, or workstation. Threshold conditions, poll rates, system responses, or other management criteria can be tailored for each category. When a new device is added to an existing group, NetLabs/NerveCenter also activates all associated management constructs for the device.

NetLabs/NerveCenter supports HP9000 Series 700 systems running HP-UX 9.0 (or later) or Sun SPARCstation systems running Sun OS 4.1.3 (or later) with 32 megabytes of RAM, 200 megabytes of disk space, and a color monitor. An enterprise NetLabs/NerveCenter license is priced at $15,000; the license supports an administrator who can configure the application and an unlimited number of operators with read-only access to the application. A remote NetLabs/NerveCenter license costs $7,500 and supports an administrator and a single operator. For more information contact NetLabs, Inc., 4920 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA 94022, (415) 961-9500; FAX: (415) 961-9300.

AXENT Announces OmniGuard/EMS

AXENT Technologies, Inc., has announced the OmniGuard/Enterprise Security Manager (ESM). OmniGuard/ESM manages data security across heterogeneous client/server environments and is the foundation of AXENT's OmniGuard, a security application that manages, secures, and protects enterprise-wide, client/server systems and data. OmniGuard includes six integrated software modules and supports PCs, PC-LANs, UNIX workstations, UNIX servers, and Open VMS; support is planned for Windows/NT and IBM MVS.

As the network is evaluated for security risks, OmniGuard/ESM makes recommendations for corrections and updates. Many corrections can be made automatically through ESM's graphical interface. OmniGuard/ESM enforcement assistance includes the following functions: establish, manage, and ensure conformance with security policies; check systems for vulnerabilities such as trap doors, Trojan horses, or unauthorized privileges; provide integrity checks, including anti-viral protection; detect changes to security settings or files; and correct security settings, file attributes, and file access permissions. OmniGuard/ESM also provides users with reports on the security status of their enterprise through bar charts, pie charts, and graphics. Close-up views of charts are accessible through a single mouse-click.

Prices for OmniGuard/EMS range from $395 to $695 for agents and $695 to $3,995 for managers, which include the graphical interface. For more information contact AXENT Technologies, Inc., 2440 Research Blvd., Rockville, MD 20850; (301) 258-2620; FAX: (301) 330-5756.

Datametrics Ports ViewPoint

Datametrics Systems Corporation has ported ViewPoint, its real-time and historical performance analysis tool, to UNIX. ViewPoint uses client/server technology to detect, analyze, and report on a range of system performance problems. ViewPoint sends data collected from the host system to a PC at user-specified intervals. This method lets system managers offload the overhead from the host to the PC.

ViewPoint for UNIX supports AT&T 3000, Digital OSF/1, IBM RS/6000, HP-UX, SunOS, SCO x86, Solaris, Sequent, Unisys U6000, and Amdahl UTS platforms. Interfaces are also available for Digital's POLYCENTERps and HP's PCS performance collection software. Features of ViewPoint for UNIX include: AutoAnalyze, which automatically defines a system performance problem for the user, then recommends actions to correct the situation; EventScope, which shows which processes are using the system's resource; Expressions, which lets you store and build custom variables; AutoCorrelate, which isolates the causes of bottlenecks; and Threshold Alarms, which automatically detect problems, then warn of critical conditions via pop-up messages or an alphanumeric pager.

For more information contact Datametrics Systems Corporation, 12150 E. Monument Dr., Suite 300, Fairfax, VA 22033; (800) 869-3282 or (703) 385-7700; FAX: (703) 385-7711.

AGE Optimizes Two X Connectivity Products for Mentor Graphics Applications

AGE Logic has introduced new editions of two X connectivity products, XoftWare/32 for Windows, EDA Edition, and XoftWare/32 for Windows NT, EDA Edition. Both EDA Editions provide access to Mentor Graphics applications, including Design Architect and Design Manager, running on UNIX systems. In addition, XoftWare/32 for Windows, EDA Edition, and XoftWare/32 for Windows NT, EDA Edition, include customized features such as complex cursor support, expanded font capabilities, and predefined start-up icons.

XoftWare/32 for Windows, EDA Edition, is a 32-bit X Server which comes bundled with TCP/IP network software, AGE Logic's Professional Utilities, and remote access capabilities. Additional features include a Concurrent Window Manager mode, serial-X technology capable of transmitting compressed data over IP on modem or serial lines, and a network file manager that lets users transfer files between UNIX and PCs.

XoftWare/32 for Windows NT, EDA Edition, includes 32-bit performance and Window Panning, Multi-Process Start-up System (MPSS) to start multiple applications simultaneously, CascadeX window cascading option, Automatic Font Substitution, and a Concurrent Windows Management. In addition, XoftWare/32 for Windows NT, EDA Edition, includes a Font Manager with PCF & BDN to FON Format Font Compiler, and cursor support.

Both XoftWare/32 for Windows, EDA Edition, and XoftWare/32 for Windows NT, EDA Edition, each costs $495 per single user. For more information contact AGE Logic, Inc., 9985 Pacific Heights Blvd., San Diego, Ca 92121, (619) 455-8600; FAX: (619) 597-6030.

New Era Upgrades HARBOR/DM and HARBOR/BR

New Era Systems Services Ltd. have upgraded their HARBOR/Backup & Restore (BR) and HARBOR/Distribution Manager (DM) software. With the release of Version 3.0, HARBOR will provided an integrated suite of management service, platform support, and connectivity options.

Features of HARBOR/DM version 3.0 include a software inventory for recognition and reporting on commercial and site-written packages, automatic software implementation, and fanout distribution in which intermediate file servers (NetWare, OS/2) can store a single copy of software which can be automatically implemented on multiple workstations. Another feature of HARBOR/DM version 3.0 is a one-step system build/rebuild by which brand new systems can be configured with standard or customized suites of software, and subsequently rebuilt automatically.

Features of HARBOR/BR version 3.0 include: a flexible GUI which is consistent across platforms; client auto-upgrades, which keep clients on the most current release automatically; and alternate path routing, which lets HARBOR automatically restart active sessions on the primary or a secondary connection after a failure. Other features of HARBOR/BR version 3.0 include fuzzy backup and restore since -- which lets you restore all files changed after a specified date.

For more information contact New Era Systems Services LTD., Suite 710, 425 First St. SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 3L8, (403) 231-9800; FAX: (403) 266-6767.

OCS Introduces EXPRESS for UNIX 2.01

Operations Control Systems (OCS) has upgraded EXPRESS for UNIX, its job scheduling software. EXPRESS for UNIX 2.01 provides two options for scheduling in distributed UNIX environments. The interprocess option lets multiple master schedules be distributed across machines, networking the schedules to meet intermachine job dependency requirements. The expanded runtime host option lets systems administrators specify multiple workgroups of remote host machines for a single master schedule.

Additional features of EXPRESS for UNIX 2.01 include: customized reports, an EXPRESS production status window toolbar, integration of job group definition with the EXPRESS graphical interface, direct command scheduling, and a flexible link option. EXPRESS facilities include: job visibility via a graphical interface, client/server design, automatic scheduling of local and remote jobs, a single point of control for managing distributed job schedules and queues, and scheduling via job rules that are user-defined and modifiable.

EXPRESS for UNIX 2.01 supports HP-UX, AIX, and Sun platforms for master schedules. These platforms and other UNIX systems can be used as remote agents. Prices for EXPRESS for UNIX 2.01 start at $5,000 and vary depending on configuration. For more information contact Operations Control Systems, 560 San Antonio Rd., Suite 106, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (415) 493-4122; FAX: (415) 493-3393.

Cybermation Launches Enterprise Systems Platform Products

Cybermation Inc. has launched a new Enterprise Systems Platform (ESP) family of products to address automation requirements for distributed computing environments. Cybermation plans to release automation solutions for all significant platforms over the next 12 months."

The company's product line includes ESP Workload Manager, for job scheduling and workload management; ESP Console Manager, for console automation; ESP Encore, for rerun and restart control; ESP Communication Manager, for local-to-remote ESP communications; ESP workstation, for desktop scheduling; and DJC, for real-time resource control.

Cybermation has also announced more than 100 enhancements to ESP Workload Manager in v4r4.0; a UNIX extension to its ESP Workload Manager, allowing direct integration of RS/6000 workloads; a new ESP Communications Server; and new versions of ESP Encore and DJC.

For more information, contact Cybermation Inc., 80 Tiverton Court, Markham, Ontario L3R OG4; (905) 479-4611; FAX: (905) 479-5474.

Microport Announces Conference Link

Microport Systems has announced Conference Link, a conferencing system which lets users remotely control workstations and share high-speed graphics over a standard telephone line. In addition to application sharing, Conference Link lets users converse on the same line using audio devices included with the system.

A feature of Conference Link is the Drone. The Drone is a tool that helps organizations multiply marketing and training efforts without enlisting additional personnel. Sales or training personnel at the home site can send the Drone to a remote site and generate live demonstrations or instructions there. Multimedia presentations between two separate facilities can be operated from either site.

Conference Link supports Sun SPARC workstations running both Motif and Open Windows. For more information contact Microport Systems, 1770 N. Research Park Way, Logan, UT 84341, (801) 750-7800; FAX: (801) 755-7888.

Elan Ships SoftWatch for Windows NT

Elan Computer Group, Inc. has begun shipping SoftWatch for Windows NT. SoftWatch, a software monitoring and usage control tool, monitors Windows or UNIX or Windows NT applications running on a network from a single Windows NT server. SoftWatch for Windows NT is integrated with the Windows NT services protocol. The Windows NT SoftWatch service runs on a central server, communicating with Windows and UNIX clients via TCP/IP.

SoftWatch includes the ability to: consolidate usage statistics reports on Windows, UNIX, and Windows NT applications; monitor software usage and control usage to ensure compliance; reserve licenses for individuals, groups, or machines that need priority when running particular software applications. Other features of SoftWatch include: monitoring applications running with the Elan License Manager or FLEXlm license managers, monitoring license management queuing, and supporting redundant servers.

Prices for SoftWatch for Windows NT start at $495 on a per 25 client basis. For more information contact Elan Computer Group, Inc., 888 Villa St., 3rd Floor, Mountain View, CA 94041, (415) 964-2200; FAX: (415) 964-8588.

Pericom Upgrades Connectivity Tools and Adds Option

Pericom Inc. has upgraded its connectivity tools, teemtalk and teemX. Versions 3.0 of teemtalk for Microsoft Windows and teemX for X Windows-based UNIX/VMS environments include: ANSI BBS, Data General D410, IBM 3151, Wyse 50/50+, and 60 other terminal emulations; user-definable mouse button functions; and file transfer options via ZMODEM and FTP. Other features of teemtalk 3.0 and teemX 3.0 include: an optional API compatible with IBM HLLAPI and language support for several European languages; file transfer; scripting language; DDE (teemtalk for Windows only); user interface features such as hotspots, soft buttons, keyboard remapping, auto color mode; and connection templates.

Providing connection to HP 3000 hosts and LANs operating HP's NS/VT network protocol, teemtalk-NS/VT is available as an option with teemtalk for Windows. teemtalk-NS/VT is a Microsoft Windows-based DLL that uses source code licensed for Hewlett Packard as the interface between teemtalk for Windows and a Windows Socket-compliant TCP/IP stack.

teemtalk for Windows v3.0 costs $195. teemX costs $499. teemtalk-NS/VT costs $149 per license or $245 including a Windows Sockets TCP/IP stack. For more information contact Pericom Inc. H.Q., 9 Princess Rd., Suite D, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, (609) 895-0404; FAX: (609) 895-0408.

QStar Announces MastarMind Backup & Restore

QStar Technologies, Inc., has announced MastarMind Backup & Restore, an addition to the MastarMind storage management software for client/server networks. Scalable and operating-system independent, MastarMind Backup & Restore allows any UNIX, NFS, Novell, Windows NT, DecNet, or Apple client or server network access, backup, and recovery with automated optical and tape jukeboxes. MastarMind Backup & Restore uses WORM, rewritable, or tape media for client and server operations. MastarMind Backup & Restore provides unattended, automatic backup and recovery for standalone and networked workstations and servers across the enterprise via a centralized backup server.

Automatic features of MastarMind Backup & Restore include: online cataloging, status confirmation, and media recycling. Other features of MastarMind Backup & Restore include restricting user access by assigning different privileges to each user and using either graphical, character-based, or command-line user interfaces, depending on the system and preference. Given the filename or directory, MastarMind Restore & Backup recovers the latest copies of lost files. Earlier versions can also be recovered by reference to the backup date and time.

For more information contact QStar Technologies, Inc., 600 E. Jefferson St., Rockville, MD 20852; (301) 762-9800; FAX: (301) 762-9835.

Storage Dimensions Enters UNIX Market

Storage Dimensions has announced SuperFlex for UNIX. SuperFlex is an evolution of the ReFlex platform, which has been successful in the NetWare fault-tolerant storage arena. SuperFlex's "Enterprise Storage Platform" approach helps organizations standardize on a single storage solution for all servers and workstations. The SuperFlex disk, tape, and RAID systems now support a variety of UNIX systems, including RS/6000, Sun, and HP9000 workstations and servers.

SuperFlex incorporates the RAIDFlex I/O module, a RISC-based dual-channel array controller that allows the system to operate as a high-performance RAID 0, 1, 1+0, or 5 disk array. RaidFlex adds hot-spare and background rebuild capabilities. Each controller can manage up to 14 disk drives in a single array.

SuperFlex emphasizes scalability: the system enclosure has seven bays supporting single-enclosure capacities from 1 to 28Gb. Using a "master/slave" configuration, SuperFlex achieves 280Gb total storage capacity per host SCSI bus.

SuperFlex pricing ranges from $6,185 for a 1Gb entry-level system to $39,920 for a 24Gb RAID 5 solution. For more information, contact Storage Dimensions, 1656 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95053; (408) 954-0710; FAX: (408) 944-1200.

ADIC and Spectra Logic Announce Library Support

Advanced Digital Information Corporation and the Spectra Logic division of Western Automation have announced that Spectra Logic's Alexandria Backup Librarian supports ADIC's VLS-series of 4mm DAT and 8mm libraries and ADIC's new Scalar DLT Libraries. Designed for backup and archival storage, ADIC's Virtual Library System uses single or dual 4mm or 8mm tape drives. Read/write operations can be performed independently on both drives in a dual-drive system. The VLS 4mm uses a removal magazine of 15 cartridges; the 8mm model's magazine holds 11. Spectra Logic's Alexandria, a UNIX software package designed for automated media changers, automates filesystem and database backup across a heterogeneous network.

Prices for the server version of Alexandria range form $2,500 to $21,000, depending on the system. Prices for ADIC VLS range form $8,995 to $13,995. For more information contact Advanced Digital Information Corporation, 14737 NE 87th St., Redmond, WA 98052, (206) 881-8044; FAX: (206) 881-2296 or Spectra Logic, 1700 N. 55th St., Boulder, CO 80301, (303) 449-7759; FAX: (303) 939-8844; Email:

PLATINUM Upgrades Tools for Relational Databases and Ships Three Products

Platinum technology, inc., has announced the first shipment of PLATINUM Dependency Analyzer, a software tool for analyzing the performance of DB2 applications, based on a complete analysis of SQL-to-object dependencies. Platinum also announced comprehensive upgrades to its line of software tools. In addition to enhancements, one product, RC/UPDATE, has a new facility called RI/Editor. Two other new products were released: PLATINUM Data Transport and PLATINUM SQL-Ease Workstation.

PLATINUM Data Transport, v1.0, is a tool for moving MVS-based data to UNIX or PC-based databases. SQL-Ease provides facilities for SQL generation, EXPLAIN analysis, predicate analysis, online help, syntax checking, execution, and SQL standardization. The RI/Editor (Referential Integrity) is part of the the PLATINUM RC/UPDATE tool for manipulating DB2 objects. RI/Editor allows viewing RI structures and relationships-within-structures and working with tables in an RI set.

Pricing for the PLATINUM dependency Analyzer v1.0 starts at $12,837 and varies by CPU size. For more information, contact Platinum technology, inc., 1815 South Meyers Road, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181, (708) 620-5116, FAX: (708) 691-0710.

Innosoft Ports PMDF e-Mail Interconnect to OSF/1

Innosoft International, Inc., announced an offer for licensed customers to transfer their current PMDF licenses to OSF/1 systems at no additional cost when PMDF becomes available on OSF/1 in the first quarter of 1995. In a Decus demonstration, Innosoft highlighted its PMDF e-Mail Interconnect running under OSF/1, along with PMDF-X500, which adds X.500 e-mail directory services, and the new Microsoft Mail channel added to PMDF-LAN.

For more information contact Innosoft International, Inc., 1050 E. Garvey Ave. S., West Covina, CA 91790, (818) 919-3600; FAX: (818) 919-3614; Email:

DLI Announces Controller and Library

DLI has announced a line of Windjammer RAID 0 and RAID 1 controllers. The RAID 0 controller uses a data striping technology for faster data transfer, while the RAID 1 controller uses data mirroring to improve data security. The Windjammer devices also include a SCSI fast and wide activity host channel. The Windjammer dual SCSI fast disk channels can support up to 14 disks. DLI also announced the LIBRA 8/16 DAT Library Series of DAT autochangers, for providing reliable, unattended tape backup.

Windjammer pricing starts at $1,995. For more information contact DLI, 2862 McGaw Ave., Irvine, CA, (800) 345-6432.


VERITAS Software and ANDATACO announced the partnering of VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) and VERITAS File System (VxFS) for Solaris 2.3 with the recent release of ANDATACO's GigaRAID product line. GigaRAID systems support redundant RAID controllers to improve fault tolerance and data availability.

GigaRAID pricing ranges from $25,000 to $270,000. VxVM and VxFS each cost $1,500 for desktop systems; both start at $3,500 for servers. For more information contact VERITAS, 4800 Great American Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054, (415) 727-1222; FAX: (408) 562-4334; Email:; or ANDATACO, (800) 334-9191 or (619) 453-9191; FAX: (619) 453-9294; Email: