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New Products

UniPress Announces LAN Manager for Solaris 2

UniPress Software, Inc., has begun shipping Microsoft/AT&T LAN Manager V2.2 for UNIX (LMU) for Sun Solaris 2. LAN Manager for Solaris allows Sun workstations to act as servers for PC clients on MS-DOS, MS Windows, Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, and OS/2. LMU from UniPress is compatible with Windows NT clients and works in the same domains as Windows NT Servers (NTS), LMU provides an approach for sites which need to integrate UNIX and Windows NT.

A collection of LMU servers form a "domain," with a primary domain controller handling security, keeping track of users, and managing server resources. Using such a primary controller can simplify network changes and reduce network administration overhead.

LMU for Solaris supports NetBIOS over TCP/IP or NetBEUI for either the standard Sun Ethernet board or the optional Sun Token Ring board. LMU also provides UNIX features, such as access to NFS, RFS, and AFS data. LAN Manager users can access UNIX disks and printers anywhere on the network. Extended TCP/IP enhancements allow domains to span routers, connect to WANs, and connect to the Internet. Clients can also be connected to Novell NetWare on the same network.

LMU V2.2 for Solaris 2 costs from $2,395 for a 24-user license to $9,595 for an unlimited user license. Clients are included. UniPress also supports versions of LMU for SunOS, RS/6000, and UNIX SVR4.2 on 3/486 systems. For more information contact UniPress Software, Inc., 2025 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817, (908) 287-2100; FAX: (908) 287-4929; email:; WWW:

Go Ahead Ships Go Ahead Doctor and Doctor for Networks

Go Ahead has shipped Go Ahead Doctor and Doctor for Networks, systems management tools designed specifically for Intel-based UNIX servers. There tools provide systems management for standalone servers or remote distributed management for networks over a LAN or WAN.

Go Ahead Doctor provides a suite of management facilities, including reliability management, performance monitoring, problem detection, alert notification, automatic tuning, and operations management. Go Ahead Doctor provides data capture facilities to record system parameters for aspects of system performance including: cpu, memory, disk, networking, kernel tunables, printers, and security. Graphing operations provide views and printouts of both live and ahistorical data.

Doctor for Networks is an enhanced version of Go Ahead Doctor designed for managing small networks, or large installations of several thousand systems over a LAN, WAN, or dial-up network. Extending the system management features of Go Ahead Doctor, Doctor for Networks adds facilities for network-wide monitoring, management, reporting, file transfer, remote command execution, terminal emulation, and remote software deployment.

Go Ahead Doctor costs $495. Doctor for Networks costs $2,995 for software that manages five systems. For more information contact Go Ahead Pty. Ltd., 1 Park Rd., Milton 4067, QLD Australia; 61-7-2175300; FAX: 617-217-5162; email:; or Truger Technologies, 7305 Rapistan Ct., Mississauga, L5N 524, ONT Canada, (905) 542-8454; FAX: (905) 542-9223.

ESMC Announces UName*It

Enterprise Systems Management Corporation has announced UName*It, a tool which enables distinct groups of systems administrators to collectively manage an enterprise's shared namespace. UName*It is a client/server application that works by storing all namespace information in a central database. A server that is knowledgeable about systems administration controls access to the database. Client applications provide UName*It users with both graphical and programmatic interfaces. In addition, an open API enables customers to write their own client applications.

UName*It doesn't replace existing name services such as NIS, NIS+, or DNS. Instead, it supports multiple name services by modeling the environment abstractly so that the various name services stay consistent. UName*It provides a user-configurable Task Oriented Interface (TOI). For example, the process of renumbering an entire subnet with new addresses can be aggregated as a single task, reducing manual operations and avoiding possible errors. UName*It integrates a security scheme into its data model, providing the capacity to control authorized operations for creating, modifying, or deleting namespace information, allowing restrictions by both role and scope. One class of UName*It users might be restricted to adding new user accounts, and prevented from otherwise modifying the namespace.

UName*It is available for Sun Sparcs under either SunOS or Solaris. Pricing depends on the size of the network to be managed. A basic license for a site with about 400 nodes and a similar number of users costs $24,000. For more information contact Enterprise Systems Management Corporation, 2522 Chambers Rd., Suite 110, Tustin, CA 92680; (714) 573-4075; FAX: (714) 573-4076; email:

Elan Announces SoftWatch 3.1

Elan Computer Group has announced SoftWatch 3.1, a tool the provides consolidated usage reports on software applications and monitors and controls networked software usage over heterogeneous networks. With SoftWatch 3.1, system administrators running UNIX, Windows, or Windows NT networks can monitor software applications by version, provide a redundant server action recovery feature, license and monitor suites of software applications, and reserve licenses by domain name.

SoftWatch 3.1 can recognize and separately monitor different versions of the same application. Besides users and groups, IP addresses or machine names can be used to reserve application licenses (e.g., @marsbars -- reserve a license for the system marsbars; or @192.42.111-116 -- reserve licenses for 6 Class-C networks, 192.42.111-116). SoftWatch 3.1 can provide application-specific handling of a server crash and can also provide queuing options for when no licenses are available.

SoftWatch is designed to work with off-the-shelf UNIX, Windows, or NT applications; prices start at $495 on a per 25 client basis. For more information contact Elan Computer Group, Inc., 888 Villa St., Third Floor, Mountain View, CA 94041, (415) 964-2200; FAX: (415) 964-8588.

Digital Controls Releases NovPrint

Digital Controls Corporation has released NovPrint, a NetWare NLM which provides bidirectional UNIX-Novell printing. Uisng NovPrint, UNIX users can route print jobs from UNIX hosts into a NetWare queue so work can be accessed by printers on file servers, NetWare workstations, or print-dedicated PCs. UNIX users can use standard commands, such as lp or lpr, since NovPrint emulates the line printer daemon (lpd). NetWare clients can route print jobs from NetWare server print queues to printers on UNIX hosts or terminal servers supporting TCP/IP connections. Existing NetWare print queues are used, so utilities such as CAPTURE and NPRINT will not change for NetWare users.

NovPrint is available for NetWare 3.11 or greater and costs $595. NovPrint is available from UniDirect and other distributors. For more information contact Digital Controls Corporation, 305 Pioneer Blvd., Springboro, OH 45066; (800) 274-1627.

1776 Upgrades Multi-Host

1776, Inc., has announced a new generation of 1776 Multi-Host software for SCO-based systems. 1776 Multi-Host software permits two SCO systems to share resources. With a terminal network or compatible terminal subsystem, a pair of SCO servers can share users to improve system response time. With 1776 Multi-Host software, this cluster is flexible: users can be switched from one server to another while the host is running and either server can be rebooted without affecting the other. If one server then fails, the second server acts as a standby which can tack over automatically.

1776, Inc., has also announced plans for cooperation with Digiboard, Specialix, Stallion, and Systech to permit clustered SCO UNIX-based systems using the Multi-Host software to tie clustered SCO-based systems together.

1776 Multi-Host is priced at $2,895. For more information contact 1776, Inc., 8632 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 203, Los Angeles, CA 90045, (310) 215-1776; FAX: (310) 216-1107; email:; MCI Mail: 326-2975.

OPENSERVICE Ships Host Availability and SYSTEMWATCH 1.60

OPENSERVICE, Inc., has begun shipping its Host Availability Application & SYSTEMWATCH Release 1.60. Host Availability allows the system administrator to know if a remote host is down, without polling from a central host. Host Availability can be configured for mandatory check-ins or voluntary check-ins, and different classes of systems can be monitored at different intervals. Before generating an alert, the Master Client diagnoses the level of the problem.

SYSTEMWATCH 1.60 incorporates expert systems technology and behavior modeling algorithms to support routine UNIX tasks, such as monitoring file systems, mail queues, system performance, customer applications, and databases. When SYSTEMWATCH detects problems, it can alert the administrator, make recommendations for remedial actions, and, in some cases, take actions immediately. The swap and memory manager can automatically increase swap space when existing space approaches capacity. The daemon manager can prevent problems such as email failure or communications breakdowns.

Host Availability has a suggested list price of $195 per client, while SYSTEMWATCH Release 1.60 has a suggested list price of $395 per client and $7,995 per console. The SYSTEMWATCH family of products is available for SunOS, Solaris, IBM-AIX, and HP-UX. For more information contact OPENSERVICE, Inc., 3 City Square, Albany, NY 12207, (800) 892-3646 or (518) 465-1400; FAX: (518) 465-1495.

UniPress and Triton Announce CoSession PC2X for Solaris, SCO, and SGI

UniPress Software, Inc., and Triton Technologies, Inc., have begun shipping Sun Solaris, SCO, and Silicon Graphics versions of CoSession PC2X, a PC-UNIX connectivity tool for remotely displaying and controlling PCs from UNIX X Windows.

CoSession PC2X allows UNIX users to display and control PCs and PC applications from an X Window on their UNIX workstation. The PC, running DOS or MS-Windows, displays in an X Window from which users can run PC applications. Users can control multiple PCs simultaneously, by running several CoSession PC2X windows. Using PC2X, an administrator can run PC programs, access data, print reports, or observe the operations of another computer user.

CoSession PC2X runs on existing PCs with no additional hardware requirements. CoSession PC2X is a client/server application, with the server residing on one or more PCs. The server provides the full PC session to the CoSession PC2X client, which runs on a UNIX workstation.

CoSession PC2X is available for Sun, IBM, HP, SCO, and SGI workstations. A single-user pack, which consists of one PC host and one UNIX client, costs $595. Additional clients cost $495 and additional hosts cost $125. Licenses are available in larger quantities as well. For more information contact UniPress Software, Inc., 2025 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817, (908) 287-2100; FAX: (908) 287-4929; email:; WWW: or Triton Technologies, Inc., 200 Middlesex Turnpike, Iselin, NJ 08830; (908) 855-9440; FAX: (908) 855-9608; email

Haystack Labs Announces Stalker for RISC/6000

Haystack Labs has announced that its Stalker software is compatible with both IBM AIX 3.2.5 and AIX 4.1. Stalker is security monitoring and auditing software for UNIX systems which enables companies to track system use. According to the announcement from Haystack, Stalker is the first security software to be certified for IBM AIX 4.1. Stalker is used for two primary tasks: system auditing -- keeping track of system use and misuse, particularly in such applications as financial services where audit trails of transaction are important; and security monitoring -- knowing when a break-in or misuse has occurred, and, if so, what was done.

Stalker for RS/6000 costs $15,500 for a server license and $375 for each client license. For more information contact Haystack Labs, Inc., 10713 RR 620 North, #521, Austin, TX 78726, (512) 918-3555; FAX: (512) 918-1265; email:

EST Ships BRU 14.2

Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc., has begun shipping release 14.2 of BRU, its UNIX backup and restore utility. According to the announcement from EST, release 14.2 is 5% to 30% faster than previous versions. New features in release 14.2 include a tape directory option, selection of files by directory depth, a Translate-on-Restore option for renaming (or moving) files when restoring, backup/restore of raw data partitions, improved support for tape stackers, optional labels on all tapes, improved data compression, better handling of locked files, and more flexible file pattern matching. BRU 14.2 also introduces SmartRestore, which lets BRU restore active shared-library and in-use executable binary files without crashing the system.

Standard features of BRU include AUTOSCAN for detection of data errors, error logging, file inclusion/exclusion for selective backups, full/incremental/differential backups, automatic recovery from errors, and tape overwrite protection. BRU will back up and restore all types of files, including special files, links, pipes, and empty directories. BRU calculates and writes checksums to tape with every block of data, allowing detection of errors.

BRU is available for UNIX systems including SCO, Interactive, BSDI, Linux, Altos, Sun, Solaris, UnixWare, NCR, IBM, Unisys, HP, DEC, Intergraph, Sequent, SGI, AT&T, Data General, Pyramid, Motorola, Convex, and others. Prices range from $149 (for Linux) to $3,499. For more information contact Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc., 5016 S. Ash Ave., Suite 109, Tempe, AZ 85282; (800) 998-8649 or (602) 820-0042; FAX: (602) 491-0865.

Sanar Announces SPARC Product Line and HyperSPARC Support

Sanar Systems, Inc., has launched a line of workstations and servers that support a client/server computing environment. The workstations and server operate under Solaris 1.x or 2.x operating systems and are designed with a SPARC-based architecture for compatibility with Sun's workstation and server products. Sanar's new product line includes Sanar Micro SA5, SA20, and Server 2000T. Sanar Micro A5 is an entry-level microSPARC II desktop system, with SPECint92 of 64 and SPECfp92 or 54.6 using a clock speed of 85Mhz. Sanar SA20 uses the Superscalar SPARC architecture with TI's or Ross's CPU processors. The SA20/100Q has a SPECrate-int of 9132 and SPECrate-fp of 11,389. The Server 2000T is designed for internet and nfs file serving, and has a capacity of four SA20 system boards, expandable SBus slots, and RAID disk arrays. The Sanar SA/20 workstation can work with the Ross 100MHz hyperSPARC CPU yielding a 35%-45% performance improvement over the Ross 55MHz hyperSPARC.

SA5 pricing begins at $2,995; the SA20 at $10,000; and the Server 2000T at $18,495. The systems support both Solaris 1.x and 2.x. For more information contact Sanar Systems, Inc., 3350 Scott Blvd., Bldg. 6501, Santa Clara, CA 95054, (408) 982-0288; FAX: (408) 982-9369; email:

AGE Announces Serial-X Server

AGE Logic has introduced XoftWare/32 for Windows NT 3.1, a Windows NT networking package with remote access capabilities. XoftWare/32 for Windows NT includes Serial ConneXion, which transmits compressed data over Internet Protocol (IP) lines. Serial ConneXion supports transmission of UNIX applications over remote and serial phone lines, and permits the access and display of multiple applications from multiple hosts. XoftWare/32 for Windows NT 3.1 provides 32-bit performance, Window Panning, Multi-Process Start-up System (MPSS) to start multiple applications simultaneously, a CascadeX window cascading option, Automatic Font Substitution, a Concurrent Window Management, and a Font Manager with PCF & BDF to FON Format Font Compiler and enhanced cursor support.

XoftWare for Windows NT costs $495 for a single user license. For more information contact AGE Logic, Inc., 9985 Pacific Heights Blvd., San Diego, CA 92121, (619) 455-8600; FAX: (619) 597-6030.

Microplex Adds SNMP and FTPD Support

Microplex Systems Ltd. has added SNMP and FTPD (File Transfer Protocol Daemon) support to its version 5.4 print server firmware. FTP support allows network managers running a graphical internet browser like Mosaic or Netscape to monitor any Microplex print server over the internet. Functions supported include monitoring paper status, jobs, print queues, and so forth. V5.4 firmware is available for the M202, M212, and M204 print servers.

Customers with over 1000 Microplex print servers will be able to reconfigure large numbers of units in a single process using FTPD support. Microplex print servers now include a custom MIB file that contains over 150 variables and traps, allowing the print servers to be managed by SNMP managers such as Castle Rock Computing's SNMPc, HP's Open View, or Suns' SunNet Manager.

Version 5.4 also includes additional features, such as: automatic frame type sensing and simultaneous support for Novell frame types; ability to specify preferred servers in a Novell environment; logging of printer error messages to a specified sys admin's logfile; ability to print to a specified TCP/IP port number; and the ability to sense printer errors through parallel port pins.

The print servers cost $495 and provide simultaneous support for TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk, and NetBIOS. For more information contact Microplex Systems Ltd., 8525 Commerce Ct., Burnaby BC, V5A 4N3, Canada, (604) 444-4232; FAX: (604) 444-4239; email:

Apertus Announces EXPRESS TN3270

Apertus Technologies Incorporated has announced EXPRESS TN3270, communications software which links UNIX systems with IBM hosts over TCP/IP. The product is available on major UNIX platforms, including SunOS and Solaris, HP 9000, SCO, RS/6000, UnixWare, and AT&T GIS (NCR). EXPRESS TN3270 provides features including emulation and programmmatic access to legacy applications. The 3270 emulation includes color, blink, underscore, reverse video, models 1,2,3,4, and 5, IND$FILE transfer, and support for the latest TN3270 extensions (RFC 1647). In conjunction with EXPRESS TN3270, Apertus has developed a HLLAPI-compatible library based on the DOS and OS/2 specifications. The library provides for cases where an application is moved to a client/server architecture, but the host application is difficult to change. THe HLLAPI library provides the IBM-defined functions, as well as many extensions and enhancements in a UNIX environment.

EXPRESS TN3270 pricing begins at $595 and depends on the number of users. EXPRESS HLLAPI costs $1,000. For more information contact Apertus Technologies Incorporated, 7275 Flying Cloud Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344, (800) 876-7671; email:

AIWA and CORE Announce Two Autoloaders

AIWA America, Inc. and Core International, Inc. have introduced two products supporting automated tape backup. The autoloaders, Models AL-D210 and AL-D220, work with network servers supporting Novell NetWare, OS/2, Windows NT, UNIX, and Macintosh. The AL-D210 is a SCSI-based autoloader witha single tape drive based on Digital Data Storage-2 (DDS 2) 1 millimeter technology. The AL-D220 features two tape drives. Each autoloader may hold 16 data cartridges and one cleaning cartridge.

The AL-D210 costs $6,995; while the AL-D220 costs $8,995. For more information contact AIWA AMERICA, Inc., 800 Corporate Dr., Mahwah, NJ 07430, (201) 512-3600; FAX: (201) 512-3710 or CORE International, Inc., 7171 N. Federal Highway, Boca Raton, FL 33487, (407) 997-6055; FAX: (407) 997-6009.

Ready-to-Run Announces ReadyPak Support

Ready-to-Run Software, Inc., has announced its ReadyPak line of software products on Data General AViiON, Unixware, SGI IRIX, and Sun's Intel Solaris systems. ReadyPaks are cost-effective collections of UNIX software that address a number of common workstation tasks and requirements, including language and software development tools, office utilities, text management software, general utilities, X Windows, FAX, internet, and communications products. The products are selected from among publicly available software. Each ReadyPak is priced at $300. For more information contact Ready-to-Run Software, Inc., 4 Pleasant St., P.O. Box 2038, Forge Village, MA 01886, (800) 743-1723 or (508) 692-9922; FAX: (508) 692-9990; email:; WWW:

Westinghouse Releases WES-View

Westinghouse Software Products has announced a new release which will provide direct connection of Allen Bradley PLC networks to UNIX-based, SPARC processors. The WES-View package provides data acquisition and supervisory control in a client/server architecture. The WES-View server provides database, communication, and point alarming functions, allowing client stations to receive, process, and incorporate online PLC data in UNIX applications. For more information contact Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Westinghouse Bldg., Gateway Center, Pittsburg, PA 15222, (412) 642-5564.

Pixel Innovations Launches TERMiTE 6.0

Pixel Innovations Ltd. has launched TERMiTE v6.0, a terminal emulator and connectivity tool. TERMiTE 6.0 includes 30 emulations; support for major networking interfaces; a wide choice of file transfer protocols; a GUI applications interface facility; and a host developer's toolkit. The release also includes a bundled TCP/IP stack, AS/400, IBM and ICL mainframe conntectivity. Pricing begins at [POUND SIGN]87.00. For more information contact Pixel Innovations Ltd., Viking House, Swallowdale Ln., Hemel Hempstead HP2 7HA, England, 44-2-231081; FAX: 44-2-235775.

Datametrics Upgrades ViewPoint

Datametrics has upgraded ViewPoint v4.1, its multiplatform performance management tool. ViewPoint now includes AutoAnalyze, which examines the system and can generate reports addressing problems such as high CPU saturation, heavy disk I/O, and disk space usage. Security improvements include the ability to encrypt text into custom scripts. A new directory structure makes directory and file maintenance easier for LAN installations and commands can be executed on AutoAlert threshold violations. For more information contact Datametrics Systems Corporation, 12150 E. Monument Dr., Suite 300, Fairfax, VA 22033, (800) 869-3282 or (703) 385-7700; FAX: (703) 385-7711.

Central Data Introduces Three scsiTerminal Servers

Central Data Corporation has introduced three scsiTerminal Servers. Each new scsiTerminal Server adds high-speed (115K baud), intelligent serial ports via the scsi port, without using a workstation's internal expansion slots. The ST-1400 provides four ports, the ST-1800 provides eight, and the ST-1800+ provides eight serial ports and a parallel port for printer connections. The servers are compatible with UNIX workstations from Sun, HP, IBM, DEC, and SGI. The ST-1400 costs $795; the ST-1800 costs $895; and the ST-1800+ costs $995. Volume purchase, GSA, and educational discounts are available. For more information contact Central Data Corporation, 1602 Newton Dr., Champaign, IL 61821, (800) 482-0315 or (217) 359-8010; FAX: (217) 359-6904.

Artecon Introduces LynxTower

Artecon has introduced LynxTower, a modular RAID mass storage deskside subsystem based on Artecon's Lynx storage technology. The LynxTower can support any combination of up to seven hot plug, removable Lynx units for a total of over 29Gb of removable mass storage in less than 1 sq. ft. of floor space and less than 2.5 cu. ft. The LynxTower houses a RAID 0, 3, 5 controller. Prices vary depending on configuration and start at $8,995 for a LynxTower with a single LynxRAID controller. For more information contact Artecon, Inc., P.O. Box 9000, Carlsbad, CA 92018-9000, (619) 931-5500; FAX: (619) 931-5527.

IST Announces OpenExchange Pro 1.5 for Windows

Innovative Solutions and Technologies has announced OpenExchange PRO 1.5 for Windows, a third-party tool supporting data import and export capabilities to database applications. OpenExchange PRO 1.5 supports additional worksheet formats, including Lotus 123, Excel 3.0-5.0, Quattro PRO, and Symphony worksheets. OpenExchange also supports a variety of databases, including MS-Access, Btrieve, Xbase, Paradox, and ASCII. OpenExchange costs $189. For more information contact Innovative Solutions & Technologies, 904 Jefferson Ave., Joplin, MO 64801, (417) 781-3282; FAX: (417) 781-3299; CompuServe 74722,3231.

Winchester Systems Announces FlashDisk SCSI Series

Winchester Systems Inc. has announced a FlashDisk SCSI series of high-performance RAID disk arrays for open systems. The disk arrays deliver 2,700 disk read/write operations per second, per disk controller. Each intelligent caching controller includes up to 64Mb cache memory and an Intel 486 processor. FlashDisk also provides RAID 0,1,3,5 data redundancy, including "hot-spare" automatic data rebuild plus "hot-swap" online drive replacement. FlashDisk SCSI systems are available in rackmount, pedestal, and tabletop enclosures, with prices starting at $5,250 for a 1 Gb storage system and ranging to $159,995 for a 128Gb model, which includes 32 drives of 4 Gb each, two FlashDisk controllers, each with 16 Mb cache, and a pair of 4mm tape drives. For more information contact Winchester Systems Inc., 400 W. Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801, (800) 325-3700 or (617) 933-8500; FAX: (617) 933-6174.