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New Products

Haystack Labs Adds SATAN Detector to Stalker

Haystack Labs has announced additions to Stalker's Misuse Detector which can detect outsiders using SATAN to scan systems. Stalker's Misuse Signature database provides a list of attack patterns, which allows Stalker to monitor and detect a range of methods used to break in to Unix systems. A pattern for SATAN has been incorporated into the database.

Stalker is active security monitoring software for UNIX systems, designed to track system activities. Stalker manages system audit files, dynamically detects breaking and insider abuse on UNIX systems, automatically sends alarms, and generates standard reports on user activities and resource access. SATAN (Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks) is a diagnostic tool which was designed to help identify and close network and system weaknesses, but can be used to exploit such holes. Stalker can detect not only the initial SATAN probes, but also hacker attacks based on the results of a SATAN scan.

An update with the SATAN detection capability is being distributed free to all registerd Stalker customers as a part of Haystacks' ongoing security subscription service. New customers will automatically receive the SATAN detection capability. Stalker is priced at $375 per monitored client, and $15,500 per monitoring server. Stalker is available for SunOS, Sun Solaris, Sun Trusted Solaris, and IBM AIX. For more information, contact Haystack Labs, 10713 RR 620 North, Suite 521, Austin, TX 78726; (512) 918-3555; email:

NetManage Announces TCP/IP Suites and SNA Connectivity Suite

NetManage, Inc., has announcd six new TCP/IP application suites for the Chameleon Desktop v4.5. NetManage also announced an SNA to TCP/IP application suite, creating a migration path from SNA to TCP/IP for the Windows PC desktop.

The six TCP/IP application suites include 48 individual internetworking applications which are organized into file and printer sharing, host connectivity, electronic mail and messaging, Internet access, group collaboration, and desktop management suites. NetManage's TCP/IP file and printer sharing applications provide integration between UNIX, IBM, DEC, and Macintosh systems using the product's FTP, LPR/LPD, and NFS client and server applications. The product provides FTP firewall support, allowing for customization of firewalls access -- users can choose site, user log-on, user no log-on, or proxy firewall access codes. The Chameleon product family includes Telnet, TN3270, and TN5250 emulation for host connectivity. A script recorder has been added to the emulation group, allowing users to automate common tasks. VT320 and Wyse support has been added for Telnet. Chameleon's SMTP email has been enhanced and now includes a spell checker, return receipts, and an enhanced folder list with a draft and archive folder. The product's MIME feature allows attachment of non-text material such as images, and viewing has been enhance with NEWTSound and NEWTView features. NEWTCal, a calendaring and scheduling tool has been added.

Chameleon 4.5 adds a PC Web Server and custom Web browser. WebSurfer was completely developed by NetManage and isn't based on Mosaic or other public domain Web browsers. Chameleon provides a graphical Archie client for searching Archie servers. Chameleon's Automatic Internet application is designed to simplify configuration for and subscription to an Internet provider.

NetManage also announced Swift, an SNA to TCP/IP application suite. Swift is a terminal and printer emulation suite for Windows PCs. Swift serves the following connectivity areas: IBM mainframe, IBM AS/400 midrange, UNIX, Digital OpenVMS, and dial-up(BBS). For IBM SNA environments, Swift applications support direct SNA connection, proprietary gateways into SNA, and TCP/IP gateways into SNA.

Chameleon 4.5 is priced at $400 and ChameleonNFS at $495 per single copy. Swift is priced at $400 or is bundled with Chameleon for $600. For more information, contact NetManage, 10725 De Anza Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014; (408) 973-7171; fax: (408) 257-6405; email: or

WGS Announces Linux Pro v2.2 on CD-ROM

WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. (WGS) has announced Linux Pro v2.2 on CD-ROM, a UNIX operating system for Intel 386- or 486-based PCs. Linux was developed and is provided free via the Internet. WGS, with Linux Pro, provides a version which is designed to be easy to install and stable, rather than just a copy of files from an Internet FTP archive site.

WGS Linus Pro v2.2 includes a wide variety of drivers for sound cards, CD-ROMS, video cards, IDE interfaces, SCSI host adaptors, and other devices. Version 2.2 also adds fast Pentium support and updated drivers for newer hardware products, including PCI bus compatible expansion cards.

WGS Linux Pro is priced at $19.99 for a single CD-ROM. The WGS Linus Pro Compendium is priced at $69, and includes a 1,200-page tutorial and reference manual, a four CD-ROM package, technical support, and a free t-shirt when you send in your registration form. The three additional CDs contain images of the two major archives of Linux on the Internet in the United States. The main CD contains what WGS has tested as the most stable software for the default installation. WGS Linux Pro v2.2 runs on any 386 or 486 PC which has a minimum of 4Mb Ram and 80Mb hard disk, and it can co-reside with DOS, Windows, Windows NT, OS/2, and other operating systems. Linux Pro comes with full source code and with features that include: TCP/IP, NFS, DOS emulation, NNTP, SMTP, FTP, SLIP, PPP, and Telnet.

WGS will also provide tech support and maintenance agreements, at extra cost. For more information, contact WorkGroup Solutions, Inc., P.O. Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046-0190; (303) 699-7470; FAX: (303) 699-2793; email: or URL:

Boole & Babbage Launch Ensign

Boole & Babbage, Inc., has introduced Ensign, a suite of UNIX system adminstration and management tools. The Ensign product family is focused on simplifying and automating a UNIX administrator's essential, everyday tasks. In addition, Ensign enables simultaneous control of the same UNIX systems from a central data center and a remote site location by different levels of staff, permitting delegation of some operations (local print queue management) to local staff, while keeping other operations centralized (backup and recovery of critical data files).

Ensign Central Manager and Ensign Alarm Manager were developed from client/server technology acquired with Oslo-based Sysnet Corporation earlier this year. A third product, Ensign Local Manager, is being enhanced. Central Manager (multi-system) and Local Manager (single-system) cover major administration applications. Ensign Alarm Manager performs surveillance and automated problem correction of multiple UNIX functions and status levels. The Ensign products use autonomous "agent" software located on the managed systems. The Ensign tools can typically be installed in 60 minutes, and require no other "framework" product to function. A standard GUI interfaces to all major UNIX platforms.

Ensign supports up to 13 different platforms, including HP-UX, SunOS, Sun Solaris, AIX, and SCO. For more information, contact Boole & Babbage, Inc., 3131 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95134; (408) 526-3000; FAX: (408) 526-3053.

CoroNet Introduces End-to-End Monitoring

CoroNet Systems has announced CoroNet Management System (CMS), a network management system which discovers, identifies, and monitors client-server application conversations, network operating systems, and network protocols end-to-end across enterprise networks in real-time. CMS addresses discovery and measurement, resource utilization tracking, detailed performance measurement, chargeback reporting, and expert rule-based design and optimization using live network data.

CMS consists of a set of Windows-based management applications built on top of CoroNet's Super Monitor Windows-based networked applications monitoring system. Release 1.0 includes Super Monitor and Single View, a console application providing an integrated view of network components and application conversations. Once CMS is installed on a network, CMS automatically discovers and displays the entire network topology including all network segments, routers, servers, and clients, as well as the network protocols and the applications running across the protocols. CMS can then trace all conversations in real-time, reporting the performance and bandwidth utilization of specific applications on the whole network, on specific segments, or to and from specific network elements.

CMS recognizes major network operating systems (NFS, Novell NetWare, Digitial PathWorks, Microsoft LAN Manager, Apple Share, Banyan Vines, IBM LAN Server), network protocols (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, DECnet, NetBIOS, Appletalk, Vines, XNS, SNA), and applications including Oracle, Sybase, Informix, ASK/Ingres, cc:Mail, MS-Mail, QuickMail, Lotus Notes, Mosaic, MS Office, Novell Perfect Office, or Lotus SmartSuite.

CMS requires a 486 PC with 12Mb of memory and Microsoft Windows. Super Monitor is priced at $4,995 for a five pack or $24,995 for a corporate license. A Single View license includes one Super Monitor and is priced at $6,995; a three-pack costs $16,495. For more information, contact CoroNet System, Inc., 5150 El CaminoReal, Los Altos, CA 94022; (415) 960-3255; email:, or access CoroNet's web server at HTTP://

Computronics Releases SYSMON and ASI-ACCOUNTING

Computronics has released SYSMON and ASI-ACCOUNTING. SYSMON is an event-driven monitoring tool for UNIX systems which tracks memory use, swapping, buffer utilization, CPU use, disk I/O, and more. SYSMON can be configured so that intensive monitoring is triggered by system states -- such as unusually high CPU utilization. SYSMON has a graphical tool, SYSGRAPH, which plots performance values, and a context-sensitive help facility. SYSMON is also available as SysmonX, an X Window version which runs in a client/server environment and permits monitoring one system from another. SYSMON can save perormance items (including user-defined items) into files at regular intervals, permitting trend analysis. SYSMON allows users to create their own performance meters and screens, such as application-based counters, and view up to nine screens simultaneously.

When SYSMON identifies a peformance bottleneck, it warns the operator, makes a log entry, and makes suggestions about the source of the trouble and ways to rectify it, such as new scheduling techniques, memory management techniques, etc.

ASI-ACCOUNTING is a set of programs for tracking resource utilization, including number of logins, CPU usage, I/O usage, connect time, and print resource usage. ASI-ACCOUNTING provides over 1000 report formats, and can present both technical and management reports. Attributes maintained include user ID, user number, project ID, login type, ETHERNET or X.25 source node name/address, and more. ASI-ACCOUNTING is available on UNIX platforms, including HP-UX, AIX, SunOS, Solaris, DG-UX, Ultrix, MIPS, and generic SVR4 systems.

For more information, contact Computronics, 4N165 Wood Dale Road, Addison, IL 60101; (708) 941-7767; FAX: (708) 941-7714; email:

ehr3 & Associates Announces The File Commander

ehr3 & Associates has announced The File Commander, a file management and productivity tool for UNIX. The File Commander is a curses(3X)-based utility for file management and user productivity on UNIX platforms (SCO, UNIXWare, Solaris, and SunOS). The File Commander provides features such as file-to-application mapping and lanuching; user-definable macros; simple access to unusual file names; filesystem independent directory optimization; comprehensive directory comparison; directory synchronization; screen saver with optional terminal locking; and over 100 configuration options.

The File Commander costs $289. Free, fully functional, time-restricted demos are available. For more information, contact ehr3 & Associates, Inc., 11 Haas Road, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920; (908) 647-1477; email:

HEROIX Introduces RoboMon Investigator

HEROIX Corporation has introduced RoboMon Investigator, a tool for managing resources and troubleshooting problems on multiple UNIX systems. RoboMon Investigator was designed to provide highly visual, interactive, simple, and flexible control of a computer's resources. RoboMon Investigator is capable of collecting over 200 statistics from UNIX, categorized into seven domains: files, files summarized by user, files summarized by group, file systems, processes, users, and networks. Some of the problems which can be identified include overly large files, new large files, storage allocation issues, file systems not mounted, file systems running out of space, CPU hogs, zombie processes, missing critical processes, inactive users, users without passwords, and excessive network traffic.

RoboMon Investigator provides a Motif-based GUI, and permits users to add site-specific actions. Collected data is presented in spreadsheet-like displays called Views.

RoboMon Investigator is available for AIX, Digital UNIX, HP-UX, SunOS, and Solaris. Pricing ranges from $395 to $1,995. For more information, contact HEROIX Corporation, 120 Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02159; (800) 229-6500 or (617) 527-1550; FAX: (617) 527-6132.

Aurora Announces Automated Performance Analysis for SCO UNIX

Aurora Software has announced SarCheck 1.0, a tool for analyzing system activity reports produced by SCO UNIX. SarCheck collects and explains various system statistics in a report written in "plain English." The report identifies potential performance bottlenecks, explains how the bottlenecks were identified, and recommends solutions. SarCheck can recognize CPU, memory, and disk bottlenecks and can recommend changes in tunable parameters or hardware.

SarCheck was consciously designed as a resource analyzer, rather than a resource monitor. It uses data collected by tools that are part of the SCO UNIX operating system.

SarCheck costs $199. For more information, contact Aurora Software Inc., P.O. Box 1033, Plaistow, NH 03865; phone and fax: (603) 382-9264.

Software Professionals Announces ENlighten Open Systems Product Line

Software Professionals, Inc., has announced the ENlighten Open Systems product line, an integrated suite of automated system administration products. The system provides enterprise-wide system administration and event management and includes support for IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and SunOS, and SCO-UNIX platforms. The core ENlighten product suite includes the ENlighten SYS ADMIN PACKAGE and ENlighten/EVENTS software modules. The product uses a standardized GUI across multiple platforms.

The SYS ADMIN PACKAGE contains the ENlighten/UI (User Interface), ENlighten/USER, ENlighten/DISK, ENlighten/ARCHIVE, ENlighten/SECURITY, ENlighter/PRINTER, ENlighten/SYSTEM, and ENlighten/WATCHDOG. The PACKAGE allows monitoring and action on various specific items. For example, processes can be selected, suspended, or terminated, even on a remote host of a different type. WATCHDOG provides automatic notification while monitoring multiple systems: disk space, swap space, printer availability, remote host availability, and file sizes.

The ENlighten/EVENTS module collects status, configuration, performance, and capacity information monitored by commercial network managers. EVENTS can generate preemptive alarms and works with software such as Sun SunNet Manager, HP OpenView, and IBM NetView.

The ENlighten product suite is offered in packages of 5, 10, 25, and 50 managed users. The SYS ADMIN PACKAGE will be priced as low as $360 for each managed system of 50. The EVENTS module, sold separately, starts at $175 for each managed system of 50. For more information, contact Software Professionals, 999 Baker Way, Suite 390, San Mateo, CA 94404-1568; (415) 578-0700; FAX: (415) 578-0118; email:

ViewPoint Supports SNMP Traps to Network Management Consoles

Datametrics has added a new feature to ViewPoint, its multiplatform performance management tool which supports integrated systems and network management. The feature enables ViewPoint performance alarms for host systems without SNMP agent support to be routed to an enterprise network management system (NMS), such as AT&T OneVision, HP OpenView, SunNet Manager, IBM NetView for AIX, and Digital's POLYCENTER Manager on NetView. In the multitiered enterprise management scenario, ViewPoint acts as a proxy agent for threshold-based problem detection on Unisys, Digital, UNIX, and NT systems.

For more information, contact Datametrics Systems Corporation, 12150 East Monument Drive, Suite 300, Fairfax, VA 22033; (800) 869-3282 or (703) 385-7700; FAX: (703) 385-7711.

Prime Time Freeware Releases Tools & Toys for UNIXWare

Prime Time Freeware has announce Tools & Toys for UNIXWare, the first of a series of Plug and Play CD-ROM disc sets. This package provides over 350 freeware packages for UNIXWare users. The collection is intended for end-users who do not want to compile the freeware packages from source. Prime Time Freeware also announced that Novell has chosen to use Tools & Toys for UNIXWare to demonstrate the capabilities of UNIXWare 2.0. The two CD-ROM package includes over 350 applications along with their source code.

Package offerings include electronic office (day planner, diary, rolodex, WYSIWIG editor, draw and paint tools, file browser, spreadsheets, data analysis package, RDBMS); Internet tools (xwais, xarchie, xgopher, Usenet news readers, mftp, xtp); communications (dial-in and terminal emulator tools, network fax system, term); compilers/programming tools (GNU C/C++, Motif debugger, application builders, complete Tcl/Tk); graphics tools (xpaint, xmorph, network chalkboard, drafting tools, xv, animation viewing tools for GL, FLI, FLC, AVI, and MPEG); and audio tools (MIDI Player and editor, sound drivers, network audio system, audio player and recorder, sample sound files).

Tools & Toys for UNIXWare costs $60 and is available directly from Prime Time Freeware, as well as from bookstores and CD-ROM resellers. For more information, contact Prime Time Freeware, 370 Altair Way, #150, Sunnyvale, CA 94086; (408) 433-9662; FAX: (408) 433-0727; email:

N.A.T. Announces UNIX-Based Network Monitoring Application

Network Application Technology, Inc. (N.A.T.) has announced MeterWare for UNIX, software for network monitoring which can be used in conjunction with N.A.T.'s EtherMeter, TokenMeter, or MasterMeter probes for monitoring Ethernet and Token Ring networks. MeterWare for UNIX provides RMON MIB support for Ethernet and Token Ring networks, and can use N.A.T.'s private MIBs in conjunction with one of the meters. MeterWare for UNIX provides a Motif-based interface and supports Sun, HP, and IBM workstations. It can be integrated with SunNet Manager, OpenView, or NetView. A replacement for N.A.T.'s Multi-Vendor Support Series (MVSS) UNIX-based network monitoring software, MeterWare for UNIX provides packet capture and coding as well as report generation.

N.A.T. also announced ToeknMeter/550, a high-performance SNMP-based network monitoring probe, capable of handling over 20,000 frames per second.

MeterWare for UNIX costs $4,995. TokenMeter/550 prices start at $3,195 and depend on the configuration. For more information, contact Network Application Technology, Inc., 1686 Dell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008; (408) 370-4300.

BGS Delivers Release 4 of BEST/1 for UNIX

BGS Systems, Inc., has announced Release 4 of BEST/1 Performance Assurance for UNIX, adding the following major capabilities: real-time performance monitor, integrated Oracle and Sybase facilities, and support for SunOS 4 and Solaris 2.x (BEST/1 was already available for AIX and HP-UX).

BEST/1-Monitor provides real-time intelligent alert and display agents. Alert and display policies are mapped to domains or nodes and alarm conditions are forwarded to the BEST/1-Monitor console or to frameworks such as SunNet Manager, NetView, or OpenView. BEST/1-Monitor can be used alone or in conjunction with BEST/1-Visualizer or BEST/1-Predict. The Oracle and Sybase support in BEST/1 collects RDBMS internal performance statistics from either SYBASE System Tables and Variables or from the Oracle V$ Performance Tables. Support for SunOS and Solaris extends the applicability to platforms beyond AIX or HP-UX.

For more information, contact BGS Systems, Inc., 128 Technology Center, Waltham, MA 02254-9111; (617) 891-0000; FAX: (617) 890-0000; email:

Best Power Technology adds UNIX Versions of CheckUPS II

Best Power Technology, Inc., has announced HP-UX and SCO UNIX versions of its CheckUPS II UPS and power monitoring software. The software provides remote software-based monitoring over SNMP, enhanced display features, and direct configuration communications with the UPS. Plans called for release of AIX and SunOS versions by summer. CheckUPS II works over an RS-232 port connection to BEST Fortress, FERRUPS, or UNITY/I UPS.

CheckUPS II versions for HP-UX and SCO UNIX cost $179. For more information, contact Best Power Technology, Inc., P.O. Box 280, Necedah, WI 54646; (800) 356-5794 or (608) 565-7200; FAX: (608) 565-2929.