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Figure 3: tree--Sample directory structure

Directory structure for the notifier host

/config.<Condition names>/

If the base directory is /usr/local/admin/sysmon,
configuration file for a condition can be
found under one or more of the following :

A host directory under
/usr/local/admin/sysmon/hosts/<hostname> contains
<Condition_Name>         - Message of the condition
e.g. Condition.NO_CONNECT
config.<Condition_Name>  - Configuration file
for condition
e.g. config.Condition.NO_CONNECT
count.<Condition_Name>   - Number of iterations by notification since
the condition has occurred
e.g. count.Condition.NO_CONNECT
End.<Condition_Name>     - End of a condition
e.g. End.Condition.NO_CONNECT
log.Condition            - Log for all conditions