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New Products

Seagate Releases DiMONS 1.2

SEAGATE Enterprise Management Software (Seagate EMS) has released DiMONS 1.2, the latest step users of the NetLabs/DiMONS network management platform can follow for migrating to the HP OpenView network and systems management platform. DiMONS 1.2 is intended to be the final version of the platform software, incorporating enhanced alarm management, polling, and reporting features designed to take advantage of the Seagate NerveCenter event correlation application.

Seagate NerveCenter is a distributed, rule-based application which uses a state diagram paradigm to correlate network conditions, identify critical problems, and filter superfluous events. Combined with HP OpenView Network Node Manager, an enterprise license of Seagate NerveCenter can distribute network management across multiple domains. Users at remote sites can handle local problems and also forward designated events for centralized management.

DiMONS 1.2 runs on SunSPARC and HP 9000 workstations and is being delivered as part of maintenance agreements. Seagate NerveCenter is priced at $15,000. The next release of Seagate NerveCenter, expected to be available with the conversion software in November, will be offered to DiMONS customers at a discount. For more information contact Seagate Enterprise Management Software Inc., 19925 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014, (408) 342-4500; FAX: (408) 342-4600; WWW:

Network Peripherals Introduces Adapters and LAN Switch

Network Peripherals has introduced a third-generation Ethernet-FDDI switching hub and a new PCI adapter for connecting to a FDDI workgroup backbone. The EIFO+ Client/Server Switching Hub was designed for workgroups with up to 500 users and provides 12 10Mbps Ethernet 10BaseT ports for workstation or Ethernet segment connections, and two 100Mbps FDDI fiber or unshielded twisted pair (CDDI) uplinks for backbone access or server connectivity.

EIFO+ implements three significant features: the FIREchip, an IP fragmentation engine implemented on a switch port basis; NPI's Distributed Switching Architecture, described as delivering consistent wire-speed performance on each of the EIFO+'s 12 ports; and distributed virtual LAN (VLAN) creation and mirroring capabilities to define and manage VLANs over an FDDI network.

The NPI-PCI adapters provide a copper (CDDI) or fiber (FDDI) connection for PCI bus systems. The adapter uses a 32-bit DMA bus master architecture with one megabyte of on-board buffer memory. Driver software is optimized for Novell NetWare 3.x/4.x, Microsoft Windows NT 3.5, and is compliant with ODI and NDIS 3.x standards. FDDI network statistics are provided by integrated SMT 7.3 station management software handled by the on-board CPU.

EIFO+ pricing depends on configuration and starts at $8,495. NPI-PCI adapter pricing begins at $795. For more information contact Network Peripherals, 1371 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035, (408) 321-7300; FAX: (408) 321-9218.

Kovisoft Ships Universal Desktop 1.0 For UNIX

Kovisoft, Inc. has announced Universal Desktop version 1.0, an implementation of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) for HP-UX 9.0.5, Novell UnixWare 2, SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris SPARC 2.4, and Solaris x86 2.4. CDE is a joint effort of Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Novell, and Sunsoft. Universal Desktop is a standard implementation of CDE originally licensed from Novell. Universal Desktop provides both a graphical user interface (GUI) for users and an application programming interface (API) for developers.

CDE provides UNIX with a consistent GUI across workstations, X terminals, and personal computers. CDE also provides a single API across the major UNIX platforms. The Universal Desktop is CDE technology and includes features for software developers such as Electronic Mail API, Calendar Scheduling API, ToolTalk Development Libraries, Drag and Drop, Application Builder, Icon Editor, CDE Motif Libraries, CDE Motif Window Manager, and CDE Widget Libraries. The Universal Desktop includes tools for users such as Electronic Mail, Text Editor, Motif-based Terminal Tool, Login Manager, Session Manager, Workspace Manager, Application Manager, Calendar Manager, Print Manager, File Manager, Style Manager, and Help Manager.

The Universal Desktop Personal Edition is priced at $345 for a single workstation, with discounts for bundles. The Universal Desktop Developer Edition is priced at $595, and includes additional documentation. For more information contact Kovisoft, Inc., 4040 Moorpark Ave., Suite 206, San Jose CA 95117, (408) 244-3650; FAX: (408) 244-3651; Email:; WWW:

OpenVision Announces OpenV*Event Manager 3.0

OpenVision Technologies, Inc., has announced OpenV*Event Manager v3.0. The new release manages and monitors operating system, database, and business application operations on over 4,000 nodes from a single OpenV*Event Manager Event Engine. Improved scalability provides a four-fold increase in the number of nodes OpenV*Event Manager can handle.

OpenV*Event Manager 3.0 provides a 3-tier architecture which separates Management Console, Event Engine, and Intelligent Agents. The Management Console provides a graphical interface for viewing and managing network-wide activities. The Event Engine runs on a UNIX server and handles communication between Intelligent Agents and the Management Console. Intelligent Agents are placed on remote nodes, either servers or clients, to monitor systems, network, database, or application activities.

OpenV*Event Manager 3.0 can be integrated with network managers such as HP OpenView, IBM NetView for AIX, Digital PolyCenter, AT&T OneVision, and Cabletron Spectrum. OpenV*Event Manager can forward SNMP traps. OpenV*Event can also exploit the discovery process of the network manager software, facilitating setup and configuration. Version 3.0 also provides event integration via automated trouble tickets for events with Remedy's ARS trouble ticketing system.

OpenVision also announced an Intelligent Agent for Microsoft's Windows NT operating system. NT nodes can be managed as peers with UNIX server and client systems.

For more information contact OpenVision Technologies, Inc., 7133 Koll Center Pkwy, Pleasanton, CA 94566, (800) 223-6736 or (510) 426-6400; FAX: (510) 426-6486.

DataLynx Upgrades GUARDIAN

DataLynx, Inc. is now shipping a release of GUARDIAN which provides additional features supporting system security. GUARDIAN was introduced in 1991 and provides UNIX account and access control, supporting 20 versions of UNIX with a common interface across the platforms. The latest revision of GUARDIAN adds a Motif-based GUI coupled with on-line help for creating and maintaining user accounts. GUARDIAN's multitiered assignment of security privileges allows a system administrator to grant password change authority to a designated password manager. GUARDIAN also provides password updating over multiple NIS domains. The latest version permits activation of an alarm script whenever a potential security violation occurs and provides enhanced detection and auditing of invalid login attempts.

GUARDIAN is priced from $600 to $3000 depending on login counts. Network and site licenses are available. Demonstration copies are available upon request. GUARDIAN is available for AIX, DG/UX, HP/UX, SCO, Sun, and many other UNIX operating environments. For more information contact DataLynx, Inc., 6633 Convoy Ct., San Diego, CA 92111, (619) 560-8812 FAX: (619) 560-8114; Email:

JSB Announces MultiView DeskTop 4.2

JSB has announced MultiView DeskTop 4.2. The new version provides enhanced PC to UNIX connectivity and includes fast terminal emulation and TCP/IP networking data transfers. DeskTop 4.2 includes a free copy of the Windows Sockets API, which allows access to the Internet and World Wide Web, as well as compatibility with other Winsock compliant applications. MultiView DeskTop 4.2 also provides the ability to run multiple PC and UNIX applications simultaneously and permits customization of the DeskTop environment.

DeskTop 4.2 features include: enhanced terminal emulation; data interchange between applications through copy/paste, DDE, and FTP file transfers; support for a wide range of serial connections and TCP/IP transports; support for other protocols (including IPX/SPX, DECnet); support for Novell Virtual Terminal Version 2 (NVT2) protocol over IPX/SPX; streamlined installation in less than five minutes; and new font styles.

For more information contact JSB Corp., 108 Whispering Pines Dr., Suite 115, Scotts Valley, CA 95066, (408) 438-8300; FAX: (408) 438-8360. Email:

PLATINUM Releases DBVision for Sybase

PLATINUM technology, inc., has released DBVision for Sybase, a version of PLATINUM's performance management and monitoring tool designed especially for Sybase System 10 databases in large-scale distributed environments. DBVision collects detailed performance statistics which can be used to identify problems and tune databases for efficient operation. DBVision provides continuous monitoring of database performance measures, and can display the data in strip charts, bar graphs, or tables. An Extended Retrieval option allows users to "drill down" to more detailed information by selecting a section of a graphic display.

DBVision is part of the UniVision management system, which also includes ServerVision, a performance management tool for UNIX servers in distributed environments, and a common management console.

DBVision supports AT&T/NCR, HP, IBM RS/6000, and Sun Solaris computers running UNIX. DBVision must be sold with the UniVision management console: pricing starts at $2,800 for each DBVision component and $8,000 for each console. Prices may vary depending on configurations. For more information contact PLATINUM technology, inc., 1815 S. Meyers Rd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181; (708) 620-5000; FAX: (708) 691-0710; WWW:

Century Announces TinyTERM And ICONect

Century Software, Inc., has announced its new TinyTERM Series product line for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. ICONect, Century's Icon-based, Easy Connectivity Technology is available with each product in the line, which includes new versions of TinyTERM, TinyTERM Plus, TinyTERM+NFS, and a new product, TinyTERM Pro. The TinyTERM series includes connectivity components such as network file sharing (NFS), terminal emulation, and high-speed file transfer protocols. TinyTERM also provides FTP file transfer, network printer and file sharing, and a full TCP/IP implementation.

The TinyTERM products begin with TinyTERM, which provides a networkable office client with terminal emulation and international language support. TinyTERM Plus adds remote connectivity and printer sharing. TinyTERM+NFS provides for network access to shared disks. TinyTERM Pro, the most complete configuration, adds additional connectivity features, including a script language for automating repetitive tasks such as remote systems polling and unattended file transfers.

The various product prices range from $79 to $299 per user. For more information contact Century Software, Inc., 5284 S. Commerce Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84107, (800) 877-3088 or (801) 268-3088.

Olympus Introduces Olympus TuneUp

Olympus Software has announced Olympus TuneUp, a tool addressing performance issues for SCO UNIX systems: unacceptable system performance, system crashes, and system monitoring. Olympus TuneUp will automatically reconfigure up to 75 tunable SCO UNIX system parameters. TuneUp uses a Kernel Agent for monitoring system behavior. The monitoring data provides TuneUp's Intelligence Engine with the information needed to configure the system parameters. TuneUp also provides an Alert Agent which can notify administrators of potential problems. System administrators can review TuneUp's online recommendations and manually override any of the suggested values.

TuneUp requires 3Mb of disk space and 128Kb RAM. It supports any version of SCO UNIX, Open Desktop, or Open Server. TuneUp is available with both character and X-Window based interfaces. Olympus TuneUp is available from Jones Business Systems, Star Technologies, and VarCity. For more information contact Olympus Software, Santa Cruz, CA; (408) 426-7582.

Software Moguls Introduces SM-archNT

Software Moguls, Inc., has introduced SM-archNT, a Windows NT Server version of distributed backup software from either UNIX or non-UNIX system platforms using single point control. SM-archNT is implemented as a native Windows 32-bit application and is compliant with Windows 95 3.1. SM-archNT runs on Intel platforms under Windows NT 3.5 or 3.51. SM-archNT handles special files, such as User Registry, and supports backup/restore of NTFS and FAT file systems, including support for Macintosh, Novell, and OS/2 files. User security information (access control list) is backed up as part of file information. An applet interface is provided for viewing and controlling SM-arch services.

SM-archNT supports devices attached to both UNIX and NT nodes and also includes scheduling and execution of backups/retrievals for unattended operation. SM-arch supports clients for many UNIX systems, including HP, IBM, Sun, DEC, SCO, Convex, and SGI. SM-arch clients are also available for DOS, Windows 3.1, and Macintosh.

Pricing for the SM-archNT begins at $1,000 per server. For more information contact Software Moguls, Inc., 12301 Whitewater Dr., Suite 160, Minnetonka, MN 55343, (612) 933-8790; FAX: (612) 933-8942.

DataTools Releases SQL-BackTrack For Oracle

DataTools, Inc., has announced SQL-Backtrack for Oracle, a Database-Aware backup and recovery product for Oracle databases. SQL-BackTrack for Oracle supports Oracle7 and above. SQL-BackTrack for Oracle integrates all aspects of Oracle backup and recovery, providing automated backup, improved performance, and data security. SQL-BackTrack for Oracle features include fast physical backup, guided recovery, a menu-driven interface, parallel backup streams, compression, and encryption.

SQL-BackTrack for Oracle shares a common back-end interface with SQL-BackTrack for Sybase and can back up directly to disk, or tape, or any backup storage management partner which integrates with DataTools' Open Backup Stream Interface (OBSI). SQL-BackTrack OBSI modules are available for AT&T CommVault's AT&T Backup, IBM's Adstar Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM), and Legato's NetWorker.

SQL-BackTrack is priced at $4,595 per Oracle database host. For more information contact DataTools, Inc., 3340 Hillview Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, (800) 721-8665 or (415) 842-9100; FAX: (415) 842-9101.

ISA Upgrades SQL*Operator

ISA Corporation has announced Version 4.1 of SQL*Operator, a system management tool for enterprise-wide job scheduling and application workload management. The new version incorporates a new Master/Agent architecture which enables management of application processing across multiple heterogeneous servers in a distributed client/server environment. It also enables conditional execution of a job based upon time constraints or specific events, such as the arrival of a mainframe file or the completion of a task executed on another server. SQL*Operator is available for UNIX platforms and provides an MS Windows interface in addition to Motif and character-based interfaces. From an MS Windows desktop, users can request reports and other jobs to run on the server, check report status, view output online, and print sever output to local printers.

SQL*Operator pricing starts at $16,000 for a single system. For more information contact ISA Corporation, 2475 140th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98005, (206) 644-2121; FAX: (206) 644-2266.