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New Products

Prime Time Freeware Updates UNIX Tools Collection

Prime Time Freeware for UNIX is a two-CD-ROM collection of advanced UNIX source code packages. The package is issued twice a year. Issue 4.2 includes expanded HTML documentation trees and expanded sections for Internet and Multimedia tools.

Prime Time Freeware for UNIX includes tools for UNIX administration and document preparation, graphics packages, the X11R5 and X11R6 Window distributions, languages, Internet tools, the complete tcl/tk distributions, and other packages. It also included a comprehensive package list, a full keyword index, HTML documentation, and tools and scripts for accessing packages.

Prime Time Freeware for UNIX (ISBN 1-881957-18-7, paperback, 180 pages, two CD-ROMs) costs $50.00. A subscription-based buying plan is also available; each edition in the buying plan is $40.00. For more information, contact Prime Time Freeware, 370 Altair Way, Suite 150, Sunnyvale, CA 94086; (408) 433-9662; FAX: (408) 433-0727; Internet:

Mazama Announces Mazama Packet Filter Version 1.2

Mazama Software Labs, Incorporated has announced the Mazama Packet Filter V1.2. The Mazama Packet Filter (MPF) allows for filtering of TCP/IP packets from an external network to an internal network. MPF has a user-friendly setup program that enables configuration based on IP, ICMP, TCP, and UDP packet attributes and common services. A C-like scripting language allows for more detailed setup for services and site-specific filtering. MPF provides the capability to run detailed tests on the configuration to check for inadvertent security holes and to verify the configuration. Mazama has also introduced Intelligent Defense Devices (IDD), the first of which is the MPF Dynamic Host Blocking (DHB). The DHB can detect activities such as the traffic generated by someone running a scanning program like SATAN.

Notification facilities make it possible to launch programs when events occur. UNIX programming tools such as shell scripts, perl, and awk can be used to develop supporting tools for specialized applications, for example integrating with other security applications and network management systems. MPF provides the following features: blocking of all services not explicitly enabled; blocking of ICMP redirect packets; blocking of IP source route options; blocking of spoofed IP addresses and fragments; default blocking of services such as rsh/rlogin, X Window, Openwindows, NFS, and other RPC services. TCP services use SYN/ACK checking to verify the directions of TCP connections.

The Mazama Packet Filter V1.2 costs $1,995. Source code is available in some countries. MPF requires a 386 or higher PC, with 8Mb of RAM, two network interface cards, and the Linux OS. For more information, contact Mazama Software Labs, Incorporated, 15600 N.E. 8th St., Suite B1 #544, Bellevue, WA 98008; (206) 545-1808; Internet:; WWW:

DEC, SunSoft, and Xerox Form Printing Services Alliance

Digital Equipment Corp., SunSoft Inc., and Xerox Corporation have announced a strategic alliance with the intent of providing platform-independent printing services and simplifying print management. The group is developing Printxchange, a platform-independent network printing service designed as an open architectural foundation for print-related applications and services. Printxchange is built on existing industry standards (ISO 10175 Distributed Print Application or DPA) and will be bundled with existing products at no additional cost.

Printxchange simplifies managing networked printing by providing for troubleshooting and capacity reporting for a remote location. Printxchange includes the APIs and portability libraries needed to facilitate development. Printxchange supports a variety of functions including status information immediately upon submitting a print job; forwarding print jobs to alternate printers; and cost accounting on print jobs. Printxchange will first be available on Digital UNIX and SunSoft Solaris, and Xerox will ensure that its printers are Printxchange compatible. Novell and Xerox plan to work together on interoperability between NetWare Distributed Print Services (NDPS -- another ISO DPA print system) and Printxchange. The alliance has funded and now operates a Printxchange Interoperability Laboratory in El Segundo, California. The lab is equipped to simulate of variety of mixed vendor client/server printer and network systems and will be available to system integrators, system and print vendors, and other companies for compatibility testing.

Printxchange consists of three distinct software modules: a client program, a spooler, and a print supervisor. Xerox is developing the client and spooler modules, as well as publishing and supporting the APIs and user interfaces (both command line and graphical). Digital will provide the print supervisor, and SunSoft will contribute a bidirectional gateway between Printxchange and UNIX print systems (lp/lpr). For more information, contact Howard Lev, Digital, (508) 467-7791,; John Grant, Xerox, (310) 333-3665,; Brian Sutphin, SunSoft, (415) 336-3443,

Internet Security Systems Announces Internet Scanner 3.0

Internet Security Systems has announced Internet Scanner 3.0, an automated "attack simulator" for protecting networks against hackers. Internet Scanner checks for more than 100 security vulnerabilities, including those associated with firewalls and the World Wide Web.

Internet Scanner systematically probes an organization's network for security holes, providing a vulnerability report on network devices, with recommendations for corrective action. Network devices could include a UNIX host, firewall, router, a web server, or PC. Internet Scanner can perform security checks automatically, day-after-day. Internet Scanner 3.0 provides parallel scanning; a graphical user interface; and added testing for WWW servers, firewalls, IP spoofing, and 8 LGM.

For more information about ISS or its products, contact Internet Security Systems, 2000 Miller Court West, Norcross, GA 30071; (404) 441-2531; Internet:; WWW:

HEROIX Integrates RoboMon with Network Managers

HEROIX has announced the integration of RoboMon UNIX with network managers, such as NetView and OpenView, providing rule-based event management on an enterprise-wide basis. RoboMon can now generate SNMP traps in response to any system, network, application, or database problem. The SNMP traps will handled by network managers, and NetView or OpenView can provide management for RoboMon. RoboMon can address problems via notification using email, paging, or SNMP, or it can use its own event monitor. RoboMon can be used to filter alerts for network managers.

RoboMon UNIX is available for AIX, Digital UNIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and SunOS and is compatible with RoboMon for other platforms. Prices range from $500 to $10,000. For more information, contact HEROIX Corporation, 120 Wells Avenue, Newton, MA, 02159; (800) 527-1550; FAX: (617) 527-6132; Internet:

OCS Enhances Express for UNIX

Operations Control Systems (OCS) has announced the addition of fault tolerance and workload balancing to the client/server EXPRESS for UNIX automated job scheduling and workload management product. EXPRESS for UNIX relies on a master/agent architecture, with a master schedule residing on one platform controlling other local or remote agent machines. Fault tolerant agents will not be affected if the master schedule platform or the shared network fails. EXPRESS users can specify a number of machines that might be used to run any given job. EXPRESS will launch jobs on any of the designated machines based on availability and CPU utilization.

EXPRESS for UNIX provides a GUI interface on Motif or MS-Windows clients with a Gantt chart presentation in addition to a command-line interface. Master schedules can be distributed across machines, and agents can be designated as fault tolerant or runtime (runtime agents provide more centralized control).

EXPRESS for UNIX is available for HP-UX, IBM RS/6000, Sun, and AT&T/GIS platforms. Pricing begins at $9,000. For more information, contact Operations Control Systems, 560 San Antonio Road, Suite 106, Palo Alto, CA 94306; (415) 493-4122; FAX: (415) 493-3393.

IRI Announces UNIX COSORT Version 4.5

Innovative Routines International has released UNIX COSORT v4.5, providing more data types, universal data translation, and reformatting. COSORT users do not need separate converters or reporters. Mainframe-to-UNIX data translation can occur in the same pass as the sort and report. COSORT users can map from EBCDIC to ASCII, from packed decimal to numeric, or between any data types. Multifile, multiformat input can be mapped to multifile, multiformat detail and summary output in a single pass through the data, with or without sorting.

The sortcl report writer, a key utility of the COSORT package, includes: data type recognition, field mapping facilities, and support for calls from COBOL. sortcl can also process multinational timestamps, currency data, floating and defined precision fields, filled and milled fields, machine macros, control characters, and conversion specifiers. Summary report functions include maximums and minimums in addition to sums, averages, and counts. Version 4.5 increases the speed of all of COSORT's interfaces as well. A new parameter called MaxMemory within the COSORT_TUNER environment variable allows users to set the amount of RAM used for sorts. Sorts are as much as 20 percent faster than in previous versions. Besides sortcl, COSORT includes a faster replacement for /bin/sort, an interactive and batch users session for flat file sorting, and an MVS JCL-to-sortcl script translator and debugger.

COSORT 4.5 has redesigned documentation and is available on UNIX-based hardware. License fees start at $2,490. For more information, contact Innovative Routines International, Suite 303, Melbourne Corporate Centre, 1775 West Hibiscus Blvd., Melbourne, Florida 32901; (407) 952-9400; FAX: (407) 952-9777; Internet:

BLAST, Inc. Enhances Communications Software Security

BLAST, Inc. has announced enhanced security features via secure BLAST. The security feature is available for SCO, Interactive UNIX, AT&T UNIX, Xenix, Sun, and DEC VAX/VMS. Secure BLAST allows system administrators to grant or deny access to BLAST functions and files based on individual passwords. Secure BLAST also enables system administrators to define multiple passwords. BLAST's cross-platform product line allows reliable file transfer between a variety of operating systems and computers, personal computers, UNIX systems, and mainframes. BLAST provides reliable communications that can resume interrupted transmissions and scripting for automation of frequent tasks.

For more information, contact BLAST, Inc., P.O. Box 808, Pittsboro, NC 27312; (800) 242-5278 or (919) 542-3007; FAX: (919) 542-0161.

UniPress and Triton Announce Winsock Support in CoSession PC2X

UniPress Software, Inc. and Triton Technologies, Inc. have announced Winsock support in CoSession PC2X, a comprehensive PC-UNIX connectivity solution for remotely displaying and controlling PCs from UNIX X Windows. With CoSession PC2X, the PC, running DOS or MS-Windows, displays in an X window from which users can run any PC applications. UNIX users can control multiple PCs by running several CoSession PC2X windows. With Winsock support, CoSession PC2X can work with Winsock-compatible TCP/IP stacks, including Microsoft TCP/IP (Windows and Windows for Workgroups), NetManage's Chameleon, Frontier's SuperTCP, Sun's PC-NFS and the latest version of FTP's PC/TCP. Winsock support eliminates the need to have a TSR running on the PC, which makes CoSession PC2X faster, smaller, and easier to install.

CoSession PC2X is available for Sun (SunOS or Solaris), IBM, HP, SCO, and SGI workstations. A single-user starter pack, with one PC host and one UNIX client, costs $595. Additional client and host software, as well as 10-pack bundles are available. For more information, contact UniPress Software, Inc., 2025 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817; (908) 287-2100; FAX: (908) 287-4929; Internet:; www:

Lancer Tools Announces UNIX Interface for SoftBoard

Lancer Tools, Inc. has released a UNIX interface for the Microfield Graphics' SoftBoard, an electronic whiteboard. The software, called XBoard, is a Motif/X application with support for SunOS 4.1.3, Sun Solaris 2.3, and HP-UX 9.5, model 9000/7xx. SoftBoard can be driven from UNIX, Macintosh, and Windows platforms. A networkable version, called XBoard Server, allows multiple users to interface with the SoftBoard simultaneously. What is written on the SoftBoard appears at both the local and remote workstations. The session display window can be controlled at any connected workstation. XBoard facilitates group meetings by capturing graphics drawn on the SoftBoard and displaying realtime graphics in an X window. The X display can be local or connected via a LAN or WAN. Documents can be saved to file and reviewed with a stroke-by-stroke or page-by-page replay.

XBoard costs $995. SoftBoard costs $3,295 (or $3,995 for a mobile version). For more information, contact Lancer Tools, Inc., 515 NW Saltzman Road, Suite 797, Portland, OR 97229; (800) 874-5699; FAX: (503) 653-6675.

Ready-to-Run Software Opens UNIX Porting Center

Ready-to-Run Software, Inc. has opened the Ready-to-Run Porting Center in Forge Village, Massachusetts. The porting center allows developers to use a single network containing 15 of the most popular UNIX platforms including Sun, DEC, SGI, DG, HP, SCO, IBM, and others. Customers may work on site or via a dialup connection. Customers will have access to the heterogeneous network, along with a comprehensive set of development tools and utilities. Ready-to-Run will also provide porting expertise as a consulting service.

For more information, contact Ready-to-Run Software, Inc., 4 Pleasant St., Forge Village, MA 01886; (800) 743-1723; Internet:; www:

Workstation Solutions Announces Additional Platforms for Backup and Restore Software

Workstation Solutions has announced Quick Restore v2 network backup and recovery software for Silicon Graphics systems and an additional HP system (the 9000/800 servers). Quick Restore is also available on Sun, IBM, NCR/ATT, DEC, SCO UNIX, and Apollo. Quick Restore V2 is a distributed system designed for heterogeneous UNIX environments. Quick Restore includes industry-standard tape format, unattended "lights-out" operation, integration with robotic media handlers, remote-operation capabilities, and support for 4mm, 8mm, and DLT tape formats.

For more information, contact Workstation Solutions, Inc., One Overlook Drive, Amherst, NH 03031-2800; (603) 880-0080; FAX: (603) 880-0696.

AGE Logic Introduces Windows 95 X Server

AGE Logic, Inc. has introduced XoftWare 4.0, a suite of connectivity products with AGE's new user interface, which is part of AGE's enterprise solutions strategy. XoftWare 4.0 is Windows 95 certified and provides a suite of remote file management and connectivity applications including: Network File Manager with drag and drop; OLE 2.0 compliance; improved printing, sorting, file transfer, and messaging capabilities; remote access utilities; NFS; VT320 terminal emulation; and VxD-based TCP/IP software. XoftWare has been optimized for Win32 operation and is X11R6 compliant.

XoftWare for Windows 95 is priced at $495 for a single user license. For more information, contact AGE Logic, Inc., 12651 High Bluff Drive, San Diego, CA 92130; (619) 755-1000; FAX: (619) 755-3998; www:

Cray Research Updates Workload Management Software

Cray Research, Inc. has announced an update to CraySoft's Network Queuing Environment (NQE) workload management software for UNIX computer networks. NQE 2.1 adds new calendar and event management functions that allow users to launch tasks at specified times or after specified events. NQE software features include network-wide load balancing, automatic job routing, event dependency, and guaranteed file transfer support for high-performance networks. In addition to NQE's standard network clients and UNIX server components, it has a Web-based client allowing UNIX, Macintosh, and PC users to access NQE services. NQE supports UNIX platforms including SPARC, IBM RS/6000, SGI, HP, and DEC. SPARC/Solaris compliant systems, such as the CRAY CS6400 enterprise server, are also supported.

For more information, contact CraySoft, (800) 289-2729; Internet:; www:

Network General Announces RMON Solution

Network General Corporation has announced Foundation Manager for UNIX and multi-port Foundation Agent and Foundation Probe. The products are standards-based RMON solutions that use a UNIX workstation for the manager and a PC for the agents or probes. Foundation Manager for UNIX console functions include continuous history collection which enables automated reporting on network activity when used with Network General's reporter. Foundation Manager for UNIX also includes QuickStats, which provides a visual scan of segment conditions using a collection of graphs, dials, and charts. The Foundation Agent, a software-only product, and the Foundation Probe, which includes a PC, adapter cards and the Foundation Agent Software, simultaneously monitor up to four Ethernet networks or up to three Token Rings from one PC. The Foundation Manager and Foundation Probe can be remotely configured from a central UNIX workstation over a LAN or WAN. Foundation Manager for UNIX supports SunOS, HP-UX, AIX, and Solaris.

Foundation Manager for UNIX costs $7,990 with Protocol Interpreters and $5,995 without the interpreters. Foundation Probe (single port) pricing starts at $2,995. Foundation Agent Software pricing starts at $495. For more information, contact Network General Corporation, 4200 Bohannon Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025; (415) 473-2000; FAX: (415) 321-0855; www:

Young Minds Introduces CD-ROM Premastering and Recording System

Young Minds, Inc. has introduced a CD Recording system that premasters and records as many as 100 different CD-ROM discs in a single day. This turnkey system, named the Mass Production System (MPS), consists of the MPS multiprocessor controller, premastering software, a CD recorder, and a media autoloader. The MPS controller is available with two, three, or four premastering engines. An in-line disc label printer is optional. The premastering tasks run on a UNIX workstation. The MPS system uses the Kodak PCD 600 6x recorder.

MPS pricing begins at $69,950. For more information, contact Young Minds, Inc., 1910 Orange Tree Lane, Suite 300, Redlands, CA 92374; (800) 964-4964 or (909) 335-1350; FAX: (909) 798-0488; Internet:; www:

IX/92 Version 6 Enhances HP Connectivity

Software Licensing Corp. has released version 6 of IX/92, the HP terminal emulator software for UNIX systems, and the companion networking product, IX/Connect. More than 40 new script language commands have been added to the new release, providing flexibility in automating sessions. The new release also provides file transfer in ASCII or binary format between an HP3000 host and the local UNIX system that is up to four times faster than in the previous version. The release also incorporates XMODEM protocol support. IX/CONNECT enables users of IX/92 to make network connections to HP3000s using HP's NS/VT networking protocol. The NS/VT connections offer faster access and less traffic.

Both products are available for HP/UX, Solaris (SunOS), and SCO UNIX. Prices start at $395 for IX/92 and $245 for IX/Connect. For more information, contact Software Licensing Corp., Suite 280, 930 Tahoe Blvd., Unit #802, Incline Village, NV 89451-9436; (800) 831-0882; FAX: (702) 832-0883.

Box Hill Introduces the RAID Box 5300 Turbo

Box Hill Systems Corporation has introduced the RAID Box 5300 Turbo, which achieves up to 4,500 I/Os per second and a total sustained throughput of more than 60Mb per second. Additionally, the RAID Box 5300 Turbo can accommodate capacities from 4 to 432Gb and support up to 512Mb of data cache that can be user-specified as either write-back or write-through. The RAID Box 5300 Turbo can implement RAID levels 5, 4, 1, 0+1, or 0.

For more information, contact Box Hill Systems Corporation, 161 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013; (212) 989-4455; FAX: (212) 989-6817; Internet: