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New Products

Innosoft's PMDF Provides Email Integration for UNIX

Innosoft International, Inc. has announced two UNIX versions of its "Internet-style" email solution: PMDF for Digital UNIX and PMDF e-Mail Interconnect for Solaris. PMDF replaces Solaris' sendmail transfer agent (MTA) with a commercially supported, SMTP/MIME-based or Internet-style MTA. PMDF for Solaris will serve as the integration engine that drives a comprehensive, modular email software system capable of interconnecting multiple, disparate email systems. With PMDF, sites can integrate with a range of other email systems, including cc:Mail, Microsoft Mail, Novell GroupWise, any Novell-based MHS-based mailer, X.400 networks, alphanumeric pagers, and more. PMDF also provides users with POP and IMAP servers, a Pine user agent, and support for other user agents and applications that work with sendmail.

PMDF provides support for both PC and Macintosh users, thanks to the Pine user agent that is included as part of PMDF-MTA (the core of the PMDF system that can function as the backbone of a messaging implementation). Every customer implementation of the PMDF e-Mail Interconnect product set is centered on PMDF-MTA, the core electronic mail system, available for OpenVMS or Digital UNIX, with Solaris available early in 1996. Each site runs at least one PMDF-MTA system to serve as the email integration engine -- a backbone, store-and-forward, distribution and routing system, capable of interconnecting with a wide range of networks, protocols, and messaging environments. The core product comes with directory coordination tools that can be used to update addresses in multiple directories including LAN-based mail systems, Digital's DDS, or a centralized X.500 directory. PMDF-MTA also includes MIME-compliant user agents. There are two on OpenVMS: PMDF MAIL, an extension of VMS Mail but with MIME support; and PMDF Pine, a menu-driven user agent based upon a popular UNIX and DOS application. PMDF Pine is also available as part of PMDF-MTA for Digital UNIX. PMDF Access extends the functionality of PMDF-MTA by making its services available to systems clustered or networked with a machine running PMDF-MTA. PMDF-LAN supports direct channels to Lotus cc:Mail, Microsoft Mail, Novell's GroupWise, and Novell MHS-based mailers.

For more information, contact Innosoft International, Inc., 1050 East Garvey Avenue South, West Covina, CA 91790; (818)919-3600; FAX: (818) 919-3614; WWW:

Morning Star's SecureConnect Software Addresses Internet Security

Morning Star Technologies, Inc. has announced SecureConnect for UNIX, providing protection for UNIX system users connecting to wide area networks. SecureConnect for UNIX combines Morning Star's Internet standard point-to-point (PPP) software with its advanced dynamic firewall packet filtering and virtual private networking technology. Morning Star's advanced dynamic firewall packet filtering technology adapts its structure during execution to open, time, and lock the port needed for a given transaction. With dynamic packet filtering, the firewall is only open to the applications and services specified by a security policy; other access is prohibited. SecureConnect for UNIX's encryption feature enables organizations to safely use the Internet and allows users to create a virtual private network (VPN). Encrypting data with Data Encryption Standard (DES), SecureConnect's VPN uses destination specific keys to hide the content and true source/destination of sensitive data.

SecureConnect maintains local logs and remote redundant logs protected by encryption. These logs provide 24-hour monitoring for access attempts, probes, and spoofs. Morning Star also provides a GUI for administering and building security policies and for configuring firewalls. SecureConnect for UNIX is being shipped and expands Morning Star's SecureConnect product line of firewall routers, authentication servers, and encryption capabilities.

For more information, contact Morning Star Technologies, Inc., 3518 Riverside Drive, Columbus, OH 43221-1754; (800) 558-7827; FAX: (614) 459-5054; WWW:

The Seventh Annual Corporate Contingency Planning Seminar and Exhibition

Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) is sponsoring the Seventh Annual Corporate Contingency Planning Seminar and Exhibition March 25-27, 1996 in San Diego, California. The conference and trade show focuses on disaster recovery, contingency planning, and business continuity. Participants at the conference can become qualified to take the CDRP certification exam an earn Continuing Education Units. This year the program will include various changes including a new Issues and Answers Session, expanded General Sessions, and six 3-hour workshops.

Attendees sign up for their choice of two sessions and one workshop. General Sessions (in the morning), the Issues and Answers segment, and exhibitor product demonstrations are open to all attendees. The general session has been expanded to allow more time for attendee participation. The longer sessions will permit coverage of more detailed information and allow more time for questions and answers. Six workshops will be added this year, devoting 3 hours to in-depth exploration of topical issues. The Issues and Answers segment will address issues arising in attendees' business environments, and provide a networking opportunity allowing various answers to be presented.

For a complete brochure, and information on exhibition or presentation possibilities, contact the Disaster Recovery Journal office, P.O. Box 510110, St. Louis, MO 63151; (314) 894-0276; FAX: (314) 894-7474; WWW:; Internet:

Overland Data Adds Drives and Mini Libraries

Overland Data has announced an extension to its line of Digital Linear and data interchange solutions with the introduction of a series of value-priced products that offer native storage capacities of up to 105 Gb.

The DLT XT Series is composed of three models, all using the new DLT 2000XT drive technology from Quantum. The DLT XT products provide a lower cost alternative for customers that do not require the capacity and performance enhancements provided by Overland Data's DLT 4000 series, while still providing the data integrity and drive reliability designed into the DLT line. The new product line includes the standalone DLT 2000XT and two MiniLibrary products -- the DLT 2500XT and DLT 2700XT, which are equipped with five- and seven-cartridge loaders, respectively. The products offer 15Gb per cartridge and a sustained data rate of 1.25Mbp. Onboard IDRC data compression can boost capacity and performance. The MiniLibrary models provide a front panel display with status information on subsystem operations. The XT series supports all SCSI-2 configurations (embedded, asynchronous, synchronous sequential, and random access). Overland Data has also qualified its DLT products on the leading backup, Hierarchical Storage Management, and data management software packages, including Cheyenne's ARCserve for Novel NetWare, WindowsNT, and UNIX environments.

The DLT 2000XT is priced at $4,330. Bundled drive and library solutions are also available. For more information, contact Overland Data, 8975 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123; (619) 571-5555; FAX: (619) 571-0982.

PLATINUM technology Delivers AutoSys for Siemens Nixdorf Platform.

PLATINUM technology has announced its AutoSys job management and scheduling software for Siemens Nixdorf hardware platforms. AutoSys provides job scheduling for heterogeneous UNIX and NT platforms. PLATINUM AutoSys is an open, scalable job management tool built on an event-driven client/server architecture.

AutoSys is a key component of PLATINUM's plan to provide comprehensive, integrated management solutions for the Open Enterprise Environment (OEE) the networked computing environment which includes MVS, UNIX, and Windows-based platforms and may also contain VMS, OS/400, and OS/2 systems. The OOE uses open systems technology to create an integrated heterogeneous work environment. AutoSys supports the OEE by providing UNIX and NT job management and scheduling from a common console.

For more information, contact PLATINUM technology, inc., 1815 South Meyers Road, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181-5241; (708) 620-5000; FAX: (708) 691-0710; WWW:

AGE Logic Upgrades X Server

AGE Logic, Inc. has announced XoftWare for Mac OS, Version 3.1, an accelerated multisession X server software. Version 3.1 enhances XoftWare for Mac OS's enterprise connectivity capabilities with bundled SLIP and PPP protocols, an integrated ftp File Transfer client, support for X authorization methods, and full Open Transport compatibility. XoftWare for Mac OS provides Macintosh access to graphical-based UNIX applications.

XoftWare for Mac OS features including support for multiple host and user-based authorization methods such as xhost, xauth, and MAGIC-COOKIE for secure network and host access control. Additionally, XoftWare for Mac OS supports TCP/IP connectivity over serial lines via ARA, SLIP, and PPP, delivering bundled SLIP/PPP capabilities that are Open Transport compliant.

XoftWare for Mac OS, Version 3.1 is priced at $295 for a single user license. AGE also includes XoftWare for Mac OS as part of its Connectivity Bundle. The Connectivity Bundle combines XoftWare for Mac OS with AGE's PacerTerm VT420 terminal emulation package and is priced at $395.

For more information, contact AGE Logic, Inc., 12651 High Bluff Drive, San Diego, CA 92130; (619) 755-1000; FAX: (619) 755-3998; WWW:

PSC Announces UNIX System Tools Package

PRO\SIM Corporation (PSC), has announced Version 3.0 of PinQuik (PQ), a UNIX utility toolbox for system administrators and UNIX users. PQ Release 3.0 includes the latest release of Tcl and Tk, offers remote support capabilities, and allows dynamic loading. The Tcl extensions can now be built into shared libraries, and then the Tcl load command can be used to add C language extensions to the interpreter without rebuilding the base interpreter supplied by PRO\SIM.

PQ is a lite application development tool that includes Tcl and Tk. As a front-end visual tool, it allows "drag and drop" GUI form and interface building in minutes. New applications will run on UNIX platforms regardless of terminal display mode (X Window or character mode). PQ-Plus incorporates PQ with 180 hours of UNIX computer-based training modules, from beginner to system administration.

For more information, contact PRO\SIM Corporation, 14201 Memorial Drive, Suite Four, Houston, TX 77079; (713) 558-6866; FAX: (713) 558-8857; Internet:

Platform Computing Announces LSF 2.2

Platform Computing Corporation has announced LSF (Load Sharing Facility) version 2.2. LSF is a load sharing and batch queueing software for heterogeneous UNIX systems. With LSF, interactive, batch, and parallel jobs are continuously distributed across the network. New features include: LSF-PJS, a production job scheduler, with processing according to user-set calendars, integrating heterogeneous server systems to create a "virtual mainframe." LSF-PJS supports job failover and dynamic server selection for each job. LSF supports new platforms including: Cray UNICOS, Linux, NEC EWS OS, and Sony News. LSF is integrated with IBM SP-2, SGI POWER CHALLENGE and POWER CHALLENGEarray, and DCE. LSF also features enhanced and expanded graphical interfaces, including a new xlsadmin GUI and expanded xlsbatch GUI.

Other enhancements include: support for long running jobs in AFS, Pre-Exec and Post-Exec commands, job project names for accounting, multiple LSF administrators for added flexibility, maximum processor limit for queues, job parameter modification, job mail redirection, nonshared user accounts, external file transfer mechanisms, real-time load information monitoring, and support for foreign languages.

The LSF 2.2 schedule calls for release on all supported platforms in February 1996. For more information, contact Platform Computing Corporation, 5001 Yonge Street, Suite 1401, North York, Ontario, Canada M2N 6P6; (416) 512-9587; FAX: (416) 512-8976.

Empress Software Releases Empress Connectivity V2.0

Empress Software, Inc. has announced EMPRESS CONNECTIVITY V2.0, an ODBC interface that permits UNIX or MS Windows users to acess data from any EMPRESS database. EMPRESS CONNECTIVITY includes both a UNIX server product and a client driver. The client driver runs on popular UNIX platforms as well as Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, or Intel Windows NT platforms. The server product runs on popular UNIX platforms.

EMPRESS CONNECTIVITY adheres to industry standards, providing access to EMPRESS RDBMS data via TCP/IP networks. A current list of ODBC compliant PC software that has been certified by Empress Software, Inc. is available on EMPRESS' web page.

For more information, contact Empress Software, Inc., 6401 Golden Triangle Drive, Greenbelt, MD 20770; (301) 220-1919; FAX: (301) 220-1997; WWW:

Ready-to-Run Announces ReadyPak UNIX Tools for Windows 95

Ready-to-Run Software, Inc. has announced the latest in its ReadyPak line of software products, the Win95Pak. This package contains UNIX tools, including the emacs editor, bash, sed, awk, vi, perl, and more than 100 other applications, all running on Windows 95 and Windows NT platforms. Win95Pak also comes with Windows connectivity software for Sun Solaris, Digital UNIX, HP-UX, and SunOS systems. Win95Pak allows users to create a consistent environment accross both UNIX and Windows systems. The programs in the ReadyPaks include popular publicly available UNIX software built into finished, ready-to-run versions, avoiding the find/download/build/test/install process.

Win95Pak is distributed on CD-ROM and sells for less than $80. For more information, contact Ready-to-Run Software, Inc., 4 Pleasant Street, P.O. Box 2038, Forge Village, MA 01886-5038; (800) 743-1723; FAX: (508) 692-9990; Internet:; WWW:

Cactus International Introduces the DOS-TAR Toolkit

Cactus International, Inc. has introduced the DOS-TAR Toolkit, enabling file conversion between DOS and UNIX, useful for restoring files on one platform that was created using the UNIX "tar" format on a 4mm DAT, 8mm or QIC-02 tape. The toolkit comes bundled with SCSI and QIC-20 drivers, the Data Transformer, and 60+ UNIX utilities ported to DOS.

The Data Transformer is a DOS application that facilitates data transfer from user-defined points on storage media between various devices on the system, without regard to file format. This transfer is done directly, without creating intermediate files, and supports SCSI and QIC-02 devices. The utilities bundled include: AWK, cat, df, find, sort, true, whereis, and more.

The DOS-TAR Toolkit is priced at $250. For more information, contact Cactus International, Inc., 13987 W. Annapolis Court, Mt. Airy, MD 21771; (800) 525-8649; Internet:; WWW:

OSM Releases COS/Batch V1.1

Open Systems Management Inc. (OSM) has released version 1.1 of their COS/Batch job scheduling tool. COS/Batch includes three interface options: a command line interface, a full screen character interface, and a GUI. Version 1.1 includes full Boolean dependency handling, job-suite submission, and a more intuitive user interface.

COS/Batch provides a multi-multi queuing model, allowing multiple queues per CPU and multiple CPUs per queue. Jobs may be prioritized, held before and after execution, and submitted according to simple or complex schedules. COS/Batch provides full dependency handling, automatic termination of rogue processes, access security, output run control, and default handling. COS/Batch is a module within OSM's COSMOS systems management environment.

COS/Batch V1.1 is shipping on HP/UX, Digital UNIX V3, SunOS 4.1.3, Sun Solaris V2.x, AT&T GIS, and IBM AIX V3.x and 4.x. Ports to Pyramid DC/OSx, Sequent PTX, SGI IRIX V5.x, DG/UX, SCO UNIX, Solaris for Intel, and Unysis 6000 are to follow shortly. For more information, contact Open Systems Management Inc., 1111 Third Avenue, Suite 2500, Seattle, WA 98101; (206) 583-8373; FAX: (206) 292-4965; Internet:

IRI Announces UNIX COSORT Version 4.5

Innovative Routines International has released version 4.5 of COSORT. Its Sort Control Language (sortcl) supports more data types, does universal data translation, and features powerful reformatting. Sort users no longer need separate converters or reporters. Mainframe-to-UNIX data translation can now occur in the same pass as the sort and report. COSORT users can map from EBCDIC to ASCII, from packed decimal to numeric -- or between data types. Multi-file, multi-format input can be mapped to multi-file, multi-format detail and summary output in a single pass through the data, with or without sorting.

Version 4.5 provides a speed increase for all of COSORT's interfaces as well (as much as 20% more than prior versions). A new parameter allows control of the amount of memory used for sorting. IRI's one-time (perpetual use) license fees start at $2,490. For more information, contact Innovative Routines International, (800) 333-7678.

UNISPOOL Released for Digital Unix

Holland House has announced UNISPOOL for Digitial Unix and OpenVMS for VAX. UNISPOOL provides centrally configured network-wide print management. UNISPOOL was already available for Ultrix and soon to be available for OpenVMS for Digital Alpha. A choice of user interfaces makes UNISPOOL easy to use across a mixed environment. Users can adopt their preferred commands, whether UNIX or VMS, through a variety of look-and-feel command line interfaces, and access printers from across an entire mixed environment. UNISPOOL can be centrally configured to specify printers attached to hosts, the network, a PC, a terminal server, or PC server. UNISPOOL provides a control language that supports automatic redirection of print files, saving, suspending, and resuming printing with a choice of restarting points. A Windows graphical user interface module provides system managers a means of conrolling and monitoring their printing network.

For more information, contact Holland House, 44 (01625) 500800; FAX: 44 (01625) 500900; Internet: or

LBM Announces Batch Processing Package

LBM Systems Corporation has announced UniQue Job, a batch processing package for UNIX. UniQue provides a dynamic, full-screen user interface and control of the order, time, and priority of jobs. Each job can be scheduled for sequential, delayed, or periodic execution. Multilayer security is available. UniQue was designed for a UNIX environment while providing mainframe capabilities. LMP offers other products, including UniQue Print, a print spooler, and Forms & Fonts, a utility for enhanced printer output.

For more information, contact LBM Systems Corporation, 145 Cherry Street, New Canaan, CT 06840; (800) 898-6434; FAX: (203) 966-8242; Internet:

Vital Updates Multiplatform GUI File Editor

Vital Inc. has demonstrated CRISP 4.2, a graphical file editor for both X and Windows platforms. The new release provides new features and has been tuned for Windows 95. Crips now provides complete encapsulation with HP Softbench 3.0/4.0, Centerline's CodeCenter, and Microsoft's Visual C/C++. CRISP provides integrated support for IPC, named pipes, message passing, dynamic screen colorization, and colorized printing for 40 new languages. CRISP supports personalized toolbars and tool icons, a GUI mail interface, recallable named projects, keyboard macros, 64-bit cross-platform compatibility; and support for unlimited file/column sizes.

CRISP provides native X, Windows, or character-based environments on the following platforms: SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.x-Intel, Solaris 2.x-Sparc, HP/UX 9.x 700/800 series, IBM RS/6000, SGI IRIX, DEC Alpha-Unix, DEC Ultrix, Motorola, Linux, LynxOS, CRAY, Data General, SCO UNIX, Unixware, Windows-NT, Windows 95, and Windows 3.1. For more information, contact Vital Inc., 4109 Candlewyck Drive, Plano, TX 75024; (214) 491-6907; FAX: (214) 491-6909; Internet:

Tower Ports Razor to Solaris x86 and Alpha OSF/1

Tower Concepts, Inc. has announced ports of their software configuration management and problem/issue tracking product to Sun's Solaris x86 operating system for Intel-based systems and DEC's Alpha systems running OSF/1. These platforms add to the existing support for Sun Solaris and SunOS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and SGI IRIX. Razor is an integrated suite for UNIX-based software developers. It combines a flexible issue tracking system with traditional version control and build coordination capabilities.

Razor is priced at $495 for a single floating license and $42,000 for a site license. For more information, contact Tower Concepts, Inc., 103 Sylvan Way, New Hartford, NY 13413; (315) 724-3540; FAX: (315) 724-3129; WWW:

Atria Software Annoucned ClearTrack

Atria Software, Inc. has announced ClearTrack, a customizable client/server change request management (CRM) system that tracks defects and enhancement requests throughout the software lifecycle. ClearTrack supports teams recording change requests, tracking their evolving status, and obtaining metrics through query and reporting facilities. Cleartrack integrates with ClearCase, Atria's software configuration management (SCM) system and incorporates technology acquired from Silicon Graphics. As part of Atria's open systems strategy, ClearCase can also be used with other change request management systems.

Atria plans to ship ClearTrack in the first quarter of 1996, with support for the following platforms: SunOS 4.1.3 and 4.1.4; Solaris 2.3 and 2.4; HP-UX 9.0.4, 9.0.5; and SGI IRIX 5.2 and 5.3. Support for Windows and additional UNIX platforms is planned for follow-up releases. ClearTrack is priced at $795 for the first single user license. ClearCase and ClearTrack will also be available in a bundled configuration at $4,595. Quantity discounts are available. For more information, contact Atria Software, Inc., 20 Maguire Road, Lexington, MA 02173-3104; (617) 676-2400; FAX: (617) 676-2550.