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New Products

Qualix Releases NetProbe

Qualix Systems Group has released NetProbe, a network security analysis tool. NetProbe scans the local network's address range and detects host misconfigurations that allow unauthorized remote access from within or outside the firewall. NetProbe runs 85 tests including appropriate CERT and CIAC advisories for remote access vulnerabilites. NetProbe also tests pingable hosts with no specification for machines on the network required. When the security analysis is complete, NetProbe points to an applicable advisory, which recommends the appropriate security fix.

According to the company, NetProbe runs a subset of tests against 100 hosts in 2 minutes and all tests in 5 minutes. NetProbe can also be configured to repeatedly test for problems resulting from new software installations, ineffective security fixes, file restorations, and undetected intrusions. Other features of NetProbe include a GUI and a configuration file that lets the system administrator tailor reports by specific date, host, or test and output as ASCII or HTML.

NetProbe runs from a single SPARC workstation and tests systems accepting TCP/IP packets. Prices for NetProbe start at $2,500, depending on network size. For more information contact Qualix Group, Inc., 1900 S. Norfolk St., Suite 224, San Mateo, CA 94403; (415) 572-0200; Fax: (415) 572-1300; Internet:; WWW:

WGS Introduces WGS Linux Pro 3.0

WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. (WGS) has introduced WGS Linux Pro 3.0, a 32-bit multiuser, multitasking, multimedia network operating system. Version 3.0, according to the company, is a selection of the "best of Linux" including WGS confidence/stability testing and bug fixes. WGS Linux Pro 3.0 includes primary WGS Linux Pro 3.0 CD with X Windows GUI, graphical administration tools for systems configuration, web server setup, ftp setup, multiuser account management, and three supplementary Linux CDs.

Features of WGS Linux Pro 3.0 include an "EZinstall" program, an upgraded version of SAMBA (Microsoft Network Protocol server), enhanced TCP/IP, and a revised user's manual. WGS Linux Pro 3.0 supports EIDE hard drives and ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drives, video and networking cards, and SCSI host adapters and devices.

WGS Linux Pro 3.0 is priced at $99. Existing Linux users may upgrade for $49. For more information contact WorkGroup Solutions, Inc., P.O. Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046; (303) 699-7470; Fax: (303) 699-2793; WWW:; or

FSA Releases PowerSuite

FSA Corporation has released PowerSuite, a system that combines PowerBroker, PowerLogin, and PowerTelnet. PowerSuite provides system administrators with tools to control and audit administrative and communications activities on UNIX networks.

PowerBroker is used to secure the UNIX system administrative environment in the root account and other accounts by controlling and indelibly auditing actions occurring in them. PowerLogin secures UNIX login and password activities with control of who can log in. PowerLogin includes a flexible password-aging system that is compatible with NIS, NIS+, and shadow passwords. PowerTelnet, an encryption tool, features a secure communication channel between users and remote computer and secure transparent Internet communications across PC, Macintosh, and UNIX desktop platforms.

PowerSuite supports Sun, HP, SGI, DEC, IBM, and Motorola UNIX platforms as well as Macintosh and PCs. PowerSuite is priced at $16,000 for a 30-host license, with quantity discounts and site licensing available. The individual modules of PowerBroker, PowerLogin, and PowerTelnet are also available as standalone units. For more information contact FSA Corporation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; (403) 264-4822; Fax: (403) 264-0873; Internet:; WWW:

Software Partners Announces StorageCenter

Software Partners/32, Inc. has announced StorageCenter, a storage management suite for UNIX. StorageCenter features four integrated applications: Backup and Restore, Media Management, Archiving, and Administration. StorageCenter is offered in three versions: Enterprise, Workgroup, and Personal.

The Enterprise version of StorageCenter supports large data centers supporting client/server networks. Features of the Enterprise version of StorageCenter include: multisite parallel backups, saveset copying for off-site vaulting, and automated media cycling. The Enterprise version also contains redundancy features that eliminate single point of failure and RSA encryption, which guards against unauthorized use of data on removable media. Optional support is available for robotic tape libraries and large silos.

The Workgroup version of StorageCenter supports departmental networks. Features of the Workgroup version of StorageCenter include: a GUI that eliminates the need to create and edit backup scripts, tape labeling, and integrated file archiving. The Archiving module automatically migrates unused files to tape based on the administrator's selection criteria and free-space goals. Archived files can be preserved off-line indefinitely. Also included is an online catalog of archived files.

According to the company, the Personal version of StorageCenter will be offered later in 1996. All three versions of StorageCenter offer a Motif-based GUI. StorageCenter supports Sun Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, IBM, AIX, and Digital UNIX. Prices for StorageCenter Enterprise version start at $6,260 with prices for the Workgroup version starting at $1,875. For more information contact Software Partners/32, Inc., 447 Old Boston Rd., Topsfield, MA 01983; (508) 887-6409, Fax: (508) 887-3680; Internet:

Pacific Internet Ships WebCube Series P

Pacific Internet has begun shipping the WebCube Series P Internet server for use by ISPs. WebCube Series P server includes an open architecture, Intel Pentium processor, and a UNIX-like operating system with the hardware and software needed to establish or expand an ISP operation. Features of WebCube Series P include: 32 high-speed serial ports, GUI, system accounting, BBS software, and a built-in router (with CSU/DSU) that supports either T1, fractional T1, 56 Kb, or frame relay connections.

The introductory price for WebCube Series P is under $8,000. A full text version is available at For more information contact Pacific Internet, Culver City, CA; (310) 410-9700; FAX: (310) 410-9727; WWW:

Network Instruments Releases NIPrint 3.0

Network Instruments, LLC has released NIPrint 3.0, a bidirectional 32-bit LPD/LPR printing utility for Winsock TCP/IP. NIPrint 3.0 supports printing for Windows, Windows NT 95, and NT workstation and UNIX hosts. NIPrint prints to/from UNIX, without TCP/IP packages or dedicated hardware. NIPrint works with the TCP/IP that is included with Windows 95, Windows NT, or Winsock compliant TCP/IP. For mixed environments that include Windows, Windows 95, and Windows NT, NIPrint 3.0 includes a complete 16-bit version and a complete 32-bit versions. NIPrint ships with both versions. NIPrint's installation program will auto-detect the working environment and offer to install the appropriate version.

NIPrint 3.0 is available in the following license counts: single-PC, 5-PC, 10-PC, 25-PC, 50-PC, 100-PC, 250-PC, 500-PC, single-site unlimited, and multisite unlimited versions. Prices for NIPrint 3.0 start at $29 for a single-PC license. A complete, fully functional 21-day demo is available from Network Instruments BBS, ftp server, or web site. For more information contact Network Instruments, LLC, 4th Floor, 8800 W. Highway 7, Minneapolis, MN 55426; (800) 526-7919 or (612) 932-9899; Fax: (612) 932-9545; Internet: or or

Heroix Upgrades RoboMon

Heroix Corporation has upgraded RoboMon, which provides automated event management in a multi-platform data center. RoboMon's rule-based approach uses human reasoning to detect and correct operational problems before they interrupt system reliability and performance. After installation, RoboMon can detect problems with system resources, disks, files, processes, queues, and network reachability. RoboMon also automatically adapts to system configuration changes.

Features of RoboMon V6.1 for OpenVMS include the ability to communicate and take actions across the OpenVMS, UNIX, and Windows NT operating systems and a TCP/IP server that can interoperate with RoboMon on other platforms for multi-platform event management. In addition, RoboMon V6.1 can issue commands to take corrective actions on other platforms across a network. For example, an application failure detected on a UNIX system may require a corrective action on an OpenVMS system to restore a required resource, or vice versa. Further, RoboMon can be started, stopped, and managed across platforms. Other features of RoboMon include: SNMP trap generation, user-defined rules, built-in problem sensors for "out of box" operation, and management by NetView and OpenView.

Prices for RoboMon v6.1 for OpenVMS range from $300 to $15,000. For more information contact Heroix Corporation, Newton, MA.; (800) 229-6500; WWW:

ISS Upgrades Internet Scanner

Internet Security Systems has upgraded its "attack simulator," Internet Scanner. Internet Scanner learns an orgainzation's network and probes each network device for security holes. Features of Internet Scanner 3.2 include hyperlinks that connect to CERT advisories and vendor web sites to pull down patches and information regarding network holes and support for the Linux platform for scanning from a laptop PC. Internet Scanner 3.2 also tests for 130 security vulnerabilities including the Microsoft File Sharing bug, the TelnetD bug, the Stealth Scan, Finger Bomb, and misconfigured Linux NIS services.

ISS customers with current maintenance contracts can electronically download Internet Scanner 3.2 from the ISS web page. For Internet Scanner 3.2 price information contact Internet Security Systems, 2000 Miller Ct. West, Norcross, GA 30071; (770) 441-2531; Fax: (770) 441-2431; or WWW:

NCD Software Ships PC-Xware For Windows 95

NCD Software Corporation has begun shipping PC-Xware for Windows 95, an X11R6-compliant 32-bit server. PC-Xware lets Windows 95 users use the multitasking interface of Windows 95 while accessing remote X Windows applications and files. PC-Xware includes management tools for networked PC desktops and provides enterprise-wide networking.

PC-Xware for Windows 95 lets system administrators manage LAN networks and remote users. PC-Xware operates in an open systems environment for application interoperability, scalability, and portability. PC-Xware includes UNIX connectivity tools for PC users and capabilities for X server management.

PC-Xware for Windows is priced at $545 for a single quantity and is available in 5- and 10-user packs priced at $2,400 and $4,300 respectively; a 20-user pack is priced at $327 per user. For more information contact NCD Software Corporation, 350 N. Bernardo Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043; (800) 800-9599 or (415) 694-0650; Fax: (415) 961-7711; Internet:

Aurora Upgrades SarCheck

Aurora Software Inc. has upgraded SarCheck for the SCO OpenServer Release 5 operating system. SarCheck is a management tool designed to assist system administrators in the analysis of a UNIX system's performance by translating sar reports into plain English. SarCheck identifies performance bottlenecks, recommends parameter and hardware configuration changes, and quantifies the amount of remaining system capacity. SarCheck reports include a summary followed by recommendations, resource analysis, and capacity planning sections.

Features of SarCheck Version 2.5 include: analysis of paging thresholds, quantification of the amount of memory saved or used by any recommendation, algorithms for sizing tunable parameters, detection of inefficient path variables, and control over report verbosity.

A single SarCheck Version 2.5 license for SCO UNIX is priced at $199. Other licensing options are also available. For more information contact Aurora Software Inc., P.O. Box 1033, Plaistow, NH 03865; (603) 382-4200; Fax: (603) 382-4247.

CSI Announces viNOT

CSI has announced viNOT, a UNIX text editor for HP-UX, AIX, and SCO UNIX. viNOT is designed to edit files on a UNIX system from character-based terminals by presenting commands in drop-down windows. The commands also have online help available. viNOT's function keys, edit keys, and control keys can be defined to perform any of the editing functions.

The introductory price for viNOT is $395. For more information contact CSI, 120 E. Marks St., Orlando, FL 32803; (407) 649-0123; Fax: (407) 649-1407.

UniPress Announces Linux Version of CoSession PC2X

UniPress Software, Inc. and Triton Technologies, Inc. have announced a Linux version of CoSession PC2X. CoSession PC2X is a PC-UNIX connectivity tool for remotely displaying and controlling PCs from UNIX X Windows. With the Linux version of CoSession PC2X, the PC, running DOS or MS Windows, displays in an X Window from which Linux users can remotely run PC programs, access data, print reports, or observe the operation of another computer user.

A CoSession PC2X Linux version single-user starter pack, which includes one PC Host and one UNIX client, is priced at $395. Additional UNIX clients are priced at $295, and additional PC hosts are priced at $125. For more information contact UniPress Software, Inc., 2025 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817; (908) 287-2100; Fax: (908) 287-4929; Internet: or

I-MODE Releases Developer Source

I-MODE Publications, Inc. has released Developer Source, a CD-ROM library of leading magazines and reference books to answer technical questions and gain direction for product development. Developer Source includes 30 publications, some dating back three years, and one million lines of published code available for copying and pasting into other applications. Developer Source is offered on a annual subscription basis that includes four quarterly CD-ROM updates.

The Developer Source database includes editorial, graphics, and code from Dr. Dobb's Journal, Windows Developer's Journal, Byte Magazine, Microsoft Systems Journal, and IEEE Software to name a few. Information retrieval features of Developer Source include: keyword searching, table of contents browsing, bookmarking, annotating, and code downloading.

An annual subscription to Developer Source is priced at $545 for single users and $2,495 for the five simultaneous-user network version. For more information contact I-MODE Publications, Inc., 100 Corporate Dr., Yonkers, NY 10701; (914) 968-7008; Fax: (914) 968-9340; Internet:

Platinum Introduces Three Products

PLATINUM technology, inc. has introduced three products: CIMS, Enterprise DBA, and AutoSecure version 2.0. The first product, CIMS, is an integrated chargeback system for heterogeneous, distributed computing environments. The CIMS applications include Job Accounting, Chargeback, Cost Analysis, Resource Utilization Reporting, Capacity Planning, and Resource Monitoring.

The second product, Enterprise DBA, is a tool for database administration, alteration, and migration in heterogeneous client/server environments. Enterprise DBA lets administrators simultaneously manage multiple RDBMSs including those for MVS, UNIX, Windows, and OS/2 with point and click commands from a single console. Enterprise DBA is the first tool in the suite of POEMS products.

The third product, AutoSecure version 2.0, is a nework-side security package that prevents unauthorized access to corporate open systems by implementing an active access control mechanism at the operating system level. AutoSecure will be integrated with POEMS as well as other PLATINUM systems managements tools. AutoSecure 2.0 supports AIX, Solaris, SunOS, and HP-UX UNIX platforms.

Enterprise DBA pricing is agent based and starts at $1,200 for PC and UNIX versions, and $16,000 for the MVS version. The AutoSecure 2.0 Access Control module is priced at $1,000 per secured system plus per-user pricing starting at $150 per single user. The Administration module is priced at $5,000 per administration console. Security configurations start at $20,000. For more information contact PLATINUM technology, inc., 1815 S. Meyers Rd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181; (800) 442-6861 or (708) 620-5000; Fax: (708) 691-0710; Internet:

Loan System Releases Two Products

LOAN SYSTEM has released two software packages, Sysmaster 3.30 for Netware and Sysmaster for UNIX. Sysmaster 3.30 for Netware is a network management tool monitoring system performance, events, and alerts as well as running applications and licenses specific to Novell network administration. Sysmaster 3.30 contains two modules, the Audit Manager and the Event Manager. Sysmaster for UNIX is an administration tool for heterogeneous networks and supports AIX, HP-UX, Sun, Solaris 1 and 2, and AT&T/SVR4. Sysmaster for UNIX also contains two modules, the Resource Manager and the Event Manager.

For more information about either Sysmaster 3.30 for Netware or Sysmaster for UNIX contact LOAN SYSTEM, 9/11, rue Georges Enesco, 94008 Creteil Cedex, France; (33.1) 43 99 28 28; Fax: (33.1) 43 99 29 38; Internet: cis 100655, 3417 or contact French Technology Press Office, 401 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1760, Chicago, IL 60611; (312) 222-1235; Fax: (312) 222-1237.

Artecon Introduces LynxRAID+

Artecon, San Diego, CA., has introduced LynxRAID+ rackmount mass storage array. Features of LynxRAID+ include: LX-5030 RAID configuration, hot plug front removable power supplies and disk drives, removable fans, and high-speed RAID controllers for redundancy and failover automation. Configurations range from 16 Gb to 258 Gb housed in a singe rack enclosure.

LynxRAID+ supports the RAID controller subsystem. Occupying 5.25" (3u EIA) of vertical rack space, the LynxRAID controller unit supports one or two RAID controllers, each with 64Mb onboard cache. Each controller supports 129Gb of storage at RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, or 5. LynxRAID+ supports six data channels of one to seven ranks each. When used in conjunction with Artecon's Sphinx rackmount encapsulation of Sun, HP, or SGI workstations, LynxRAID+ can be configured into a rackmounted network RAID file server.

LynxRAID+ supports HP, IBM, SGI, Macintosh, and PC platforms. Prices for LynxRAID+ start at $8,995 and vary depending on configuration. For more information contact Artecon, San Diego, CA.

Transtar Introduces Transtar PCTE V2.0

Transtar Software Inc. has introduced Transtar PCTE V2.0, a distributed development framework for developing integrated application packages and object-oriented data management tools. Using Transtar PCTE V2.0, developers can build environments to integrate heterogeneous development and project management tools, and administer the data generated in a semantic object-based repository. Transtar PCTE V2.0 complies with the PCTE ISO specification of open repositories and is compatible with Motif and Windows.

Features of Transtar PCTE V2.0 include: a model-based object management system, support for concurrent data access, and user-defined locking mechanism for preserving data integrity. Both logically and physically distributed, Transtar PCTE uses a client/server approach where the object base is stored on UNIX hosts and local processes are run on PCs. UNIX-based PCTE servers are interconnected on Ethernet LANs, and PC clients access and process objects stored in an object base regardless of its physical location in the PCTE environment.

For more information contact Transtar Software, Inc., 300 Concord Rd., Billerica, MA 01821; (508) 294-3298; Fax: (508) 294-4405 or French Technology Press Office, 401 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1760, Chicago, IL 60611; (312) 222-1235; Fax: (312) 222-1237.

Software Moguls Introduces SM-arch Database Backup Module

Software Moguls, Inc. has introduced SM-arch Database Backup Module. Database Backup Module combines SM-arch's automated scheduling, media loading, and online catalog management with the administration functions of database backup system from DBMS suppliers, accessible from a central automated interface. The Database Backup Module is useful and effective for networks that operate 24 hours a day, such as banking, finance, hotel, or airline reservation systems.

Features of the Database Backup Module include automated unattended backup of "live" databases and scheduling backups in advance to run automatically.

The Database Backup Module is part of SM-arch version 3.1.4, which supports Sun, Digital, IBM RS, HP 9000, and SGI platforms. Pricing for SM-arch 3.1.4 starts at $1,000. For more information contact Software Moguls, Inc., Minnetonka, MN; (612) 932-6721.

ESM Releases UName-It

Enterprise Systems Management Corporation has released UName-It, a directory services management tool for UNIX. UName-It is a client/server application that includes an object relational database engine and a director services back-end. The server controls access to the database, enforces security, and establishes policy. Client applications give UName-It either graphical or programmatic interfaces. Instead of replacing exiting name services such as NIS, NIS+, or DNS, UName-It is layered on top of those services, acting as a management tool. UName-It also provides management of the entire name space. UName-It lets system administrators cooperatively manage users, host, mailing lists, printers, NIS netgroups, and pagers.

UName-It is scalable. Pricing is tiered and based on the size of the namespace being managed. For a site with up to 2,000 license units (network nodes and use accounts), the basic UName-It license is priced at $40,000. For more information contact Enterprise Systems Management Corporation, 14742 Newport Ave., Suite 207, Tustin, CA 92680; (714) 505-7686; Fax: (714) 505-7690; Internet:

GD Associates Upgrades QMASTER

GD Associates Ltd. has upgraded QMASTER, a scheduling and print management module for UNIX and NT networks. Features of QMASTER include: print distribution, print security, completion notification, and archival system for files. QMASTER's report distribution options include: single file to single device, single file to multiple devices and multiple copies, and a file pared into many sections each with a different routing specification. Security features include restricting access to specified files, restricting access to partial printouts, and encryption to reduce root's eyes. End users receive a message upon completion of printing. QMASTER's archival system include file storage, retrieval, and deletion after a specified retention period. Also included in QMASTER is storage of multiple versions of similar files.

For more information about QMASTER contact GD Associates Ltd., 160 Bayview Dr. S.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2V 3N8; (403) 264-8322.