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If you are thinking about writing a story for us (or if you just need another web site to check out), try our newly minted home page: The site includes our author guidelines, samples from the most recent issue, subscription information, and information about related products (e.g., the Sys Admin CD-ROM containing complete articles and listings from 1992 through 1995).

Actually, you don't need to be a prospective author or a Web junkie to find something useful on this site -- but you do have to know where to look. We have included a complete list of all stories in back issues. It's not a topical index, but the titles of most stories are sufficiently descriptive to make this file a reasonably effective index into past Sys Admin stories.

To find the file, click on the "Back Issue Listing" link on the home page. It will pull up the entire file. Right now, your best bet is to search this file with a text editor, as the volume/issue information appears in section heads. I'll be posting a more grep friendly version soon.

A few issues back, I mentioned the Windows PCNFS client XFS. I've recently found some additional information about this package. First, it's available as on several sites, including This package installs cleanly under Windows 3.11 (WFWG), and the file client works nicely with Linux (I didn't bother to check the print client). Unfortunately, XFS won't work with Windows 95. Moreover, according to a Usenet posting, you probably shouldn't expect XFS to be upgraded as it has birthed a commercial product named WinLink NFC. You can get information on that from

The same Usenet thread suggests using native Microsoft LanManager protocols (instead of NFS) and running a compatible server (Samba) on the UNIX host. If this sounds interesting to you, watch closely for our next issue, as it will feature a story describing one administrator's experience with Samba. If you can't wait, you can get your own copy from (Look in the directory /pub/tridge/samba.)

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Robert Ward