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New Products

New Dimension Software Announces Two Products

New Dimension Software Ltd. has announced two products, Enterprise Production Management and MultiPlatform CONTROL-SA. Enterprise Production Management builds on the company's CONTROL product line by combining elements of CONTROL products, such as production scheduling capabilities and automated operations technology, into an integrated solution designed for distributed heterogeneous environments. Enterprise Production Management manages both scheduled and unscheduled events and includes a GUI that gives users a global, consolidated view of the production workload across the enterprise. Enterprise Production Management offers interoperability across multiple platforms including new and legacy applications running on MVS systems, UNIX platforms (e.g., AIX, SunOS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Pyramid, and NCR), AS/400, OpenVMS, NT, and OS/2.

The second product, MultiPlatform CONTROL-SA is a tool for enterprise-wide security administration in distributed environments. Composed of the Enterprise SecurityStation and SA agents, MultiPlatform CONTROL-SA gives administrators a central point of management for a variety of commercially available security systems. Features of the GUI-based Enterprise SecurityStation include: an audit trail of events based on prioritized alerts, reporting facility with customized reports, and optional password synchronization. Security Station is a UNIX-based application that supports Sun, HP, or IBM workstations. The SA agent includes MultiPlatform CONTROL-SA's Universal Security Administration Application Programming Interface (USA-API), which translates commands from SecurityStation to the security product resident on each platform. USA-API integrates legacy and client/server applications into the enterprise and automates the registration process for third-party or in-house applications. SA agents are available for IBM-MVS/RACF, Sun Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and Novell platforms.

Prices for Enterprise Production Management start at $35,000. MultiPlatform CONTROL-SA pricing upon request. For more information contact New Dimension Software, 1 Park Plaza, 11th Floor, Irvine, CA 92714; (800) 347-4694 ext. 522 or (714) 757-4300; Fax: (714) 756-3900: WWW: For inquiries outside of North America contact 972-3-645-1111 (Tel Aviv).

PLC Releases SnapShot

Programmed Logic Corporation (PLC) has released SnapShot, an online backup engine. SnapShot provides online filesystem backup without support from the underlying filesystem by creating a dual view of a filesystem that consists of a frozen read-only view and a current, up-to-date writeable view. Features of SnapShot include online backup based on files, directories, and filesystems, and also storage of modified files on a server over NFS.

SnapShot, a UNIX filesystem module, plugs into PLC's StackFS architecture, which is implemented as a layer on top of an existing filesystem. SnapShot conforms to the Virtual File System interface and supports the SVR4 Application Binary Interface standard.

SnapShot is priced at $1,995 for a server license and $495 for a client license. For more information contact Programmed Logic Corporation, 200 Cottontail Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873; (908) 302-0090; Fax: (908) 302-1903; Internet:

Datacom Technologies Introduces NETcat 2000

Datacom Technologies has introduced the NETcat 2000 Series Network Testers for Ethernet LANs. The NETcat 2000 Series testers, the NETcat 2200 and the NETcat 2100, combine cable testing, network monitoring, protocol analysis, and diagnostic functions into handheld instruments. The handheld unit, which acts as the network interface for the test system, has two RJ-45 type jacks that connect in series between a workstation and hub.

The NETcat 2000 Series Network Testers include a variety of network statistics tests and WINcat Diagnostic and Control Software. WINcat Diagnostic and Control Software, which runs under Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, provides an interface for selecting tests and saving results with a PC. Test results are saved in ASCII report files. Protocols supported by the NETcat 2000 Series include IPX, IP, Vines, AppleTalk, and DECnet.The handheld units are portable and operate from either disposable AA cells, a battery eliminator/charger, or an optional rechargeable NiMH battery pack.

The NETcat 2200 model tests UTP, STP, and coaxial cables for conformance to Ethernet, Token Ring, EIA/TIA Cat 3 and 4, and ISO 11801 Class C requirements. NETcat 2200 also tests the Network Interface Card (NIC) transmitter and receiver functions for operation within IEEE 802.3 specifications. Features of the NETcat 2200 model include a cable autotest function with a preprogrammed suite of tests and the Packet Error Rate Test (PERT) for intermittent NIC problems. NETcat 2200 also identifies cable damage, and damage location is included in the test results.

The NETcat 2100 model provides a wire map of 10BASE-T cable to verify proper cable wiring. The NETcat 2100 detects and identifies wiring errors including reversed pairs, crossed pairs, opens, and shorts.

The NETcat 2200 model with NiMH battery pack is priced at $2995 and the NETcat 2100 is priced at $1795. A TCP/IP Analyzer Option is priced at $495. For more information contact Datacom Technologies, 11001 31st Place West, Everett,WA 98204; (206) 355-0590; Fax: (206) 290-1600; or Datacom Technologies, Hawthorne Rd., Unit 4, The Causeway, Staines, Middlesex, UK TW18 3AY; 44 (0) 1784 460 030; Fax: 44 (0) 1784 460 040.

Boole & Babbage Upgrade Ensign

Boole & Babbage, Inc. has upgraded Ensign, its event management and systems administration tool for multisite, heterogeneous client/server environments. Ensign R3 supports PC LAN servers running NetWare, version 3.1 and 4.1, and Windows NT. Additionally, Ensign R3 supports the following UNIX platforms: IBM AIX, HP-UX, SunOS, Solaris, SNI Sinix, SGI IRIX, SCO UNIX, AT&T GIS, NCR Tower, Dolphin, Ultrix, and Digital UNIX.

Ensign R3 includes a customizable console that integrates alerts and system administration functions. Icons correlated to color-coded alerts let operators simultaneously identify both server and application problems and drill down to the appropriate corrective action. Another feature of Ensign R3 is the Ensign Request Broker (ERB) module. ERB's rule-based architecture forwards alerts representing certain critical conditions to the appropriate notification device, including UNIX-mail, SNMP, manager, pager, printer, or fax. ERB also performs automated polling for IP devices, such as PCs, router, bridges, and hubs, as well as checking for Ensign Agents. Other features of Ensign R3 include: a Troubleshoot function, 50 predefined filters and automation modules, a graphical Alarm Builder, and an "out-of-the-box" intelligent install program.

Ensign R3 also functions as an open platform for running best-of-breed management application, including OCS Express for Scheduling, Remedy ARD for trouble ticketing and Tangram AM:PM for software distribution. Prices for Ensign R3 begin at $5,000. For more information contact Boole & Babbage, Inc., 3131 Zanker Rd., San Jose, CA 95134; (800) 544-2152 or (408) 526-3000; Fax: (408) 526-3053.

BMC Announces PATROL For Lotus Notes On Solaris Servers

BMC Software and Sun Microsystems have announced PATROL application management product suite for deployment of Lotus Notes on Solaris servers. As a Solstice Solutions Partner, BMC Software's PATROL is integrated with Solstice SunNet Manager though BMC Software's PATROLVIEW for SunNet Manager. This integration lets users manage their Lotus Notes server through the SunNet Manager console.

PATROL automates the management and monitoring of applications, databases, servers, and networks in distributed computing environments. The PATROL KM for Lotus Notes is a dynamic library of product-specific expertise for how PATROL manages the Lotus Notes application. The combination of PATROL with the PATROL KM for Lotus Notes lets administrators take proactive recovery actions.

Pricing for PATROL V3.0 begins at $6,000 depending on the number of consoles and managed objects. Pricing for the PATROL KM for Lotus Notes starts at $750 depending on the server size. For more information contact BMC Software, Inc. 2101 CityWest Blvd., Houston, TX 77042; (800) 841-2031 or (713) 918-8800; Fax: (713) 918-8000; WWW:

EZ Image Upgrades EZ Recall

EZ Image Inc. has upgraded EZ Recall, a suite of business records management tools. EZ Recall manages computer-generated reports and documents from Windows compatible PCs, minicomputers, and mainframes, and data from many applications, faxes, and scanned images. The "Core Module" (single user or networked) provides computer information capture, automated indexing, report management, storage, query, retrieval, and "data mining tools." Additional add-on modules include: Imaging, Storage Management, and Business Records Publisher. For production applications with additional requirements, EZ Recall offers Barcode Recognition, Auto Filing OCR, and Rendition Billing.

Features of EZ Recall 5.0 include: process automation for data capture; publishing and distribution on floppy, CD, or via the Internet; and a "Data Viewer Module" that can be distribute free with EZ Recall data. The Storage Manager controls transfers between storage device including hard disk, optical, magneto-optical, CD, tape, or recycle bin. Other features of EZ Recall 5.0 include: WYSIWYG report access, viewing, and printing; copying and pasting information to other Windows applications; paperless archiving; portable viewer and search engine; automated report processing and indexing; and report and information publishing.

EZ Recall is "ready out of the box" and supports Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. EZ Recall also supports the following networks: Novell, Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups, and other LANs. EZ Recall 5.0 Core Modules are priced at $595 for a single user and $4995 for a 50-station network license. The EZ Recall Modules range in price from $249 to $14,895. For more information contact EZ Image Incorporated, P.O. Box 73284, Puyallup, WA 98373; (800) 677-8333 or (206) 840-2004; Fax: (206) 840-0877; Internet:

Mystic River Announces UNIX Version of SBL

Mystic River Software, Inc. has announced a UNIX version of its SBL (Softbridge embeddable Basic Language) scripting language. SBL is a multiplatform scripting language, compatible with Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications. SBL generates platform-independent P-code, so macros generated on one platform can run on other platforms. SBL supports Sun Solaris, Sun OS, HP-UX, and IBM/AIX platforms.

In a related announcement, Mystic River has reported that three software companies have agreed to license the UNIX version of SBL. Licensing the UNIX version of SBL are: Business Objects, Inc. of Cupertino, CA; Intersolv, Inc. of Rockville, MD; and Scopus Technology, Inc. of Emeryville, CA.

In addition to UNIX, SBL runs on Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 32S, NLM, OS/2, Macintosh, and the Power PC. For pricing and other information contact Mystic River Software, Inc., 125 Cambridge Park Dr., Cambridge, MA 02140; (617) 497-1585; Fax: (617) 497-0749; Internet: or

Qtek Announces SCOM

Qtek has announced the Qtek SCOM Serial Communication tool for controlling, monitoring and testing serial devices without writing C programs. Deployed directly from the command line or through shell scripts, SCOM has been used with modems, terminals, plotters, automatic test equipment, control units, and power line automation devices. SCOM lets UNIX users configure, send data, and receive responses from serial ports within the shell. SCOM coexists with other UNIX software (uucp, cu) because it uses the same lock file convention, preventing compatibility problems.

SCOM supports SCO UNIX, SUNSOFT Interactive, and UNIXWare. SCOM comes on a diskette and installs under "custom." The Qtek SCOM single machine license is priced at $60. For more information contact Qtek, P.O. Box 786, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5M 2C2; (416) 492-9211; Fax: (416) 492-5242; Internet:

Luminex Introduces the Fire Series Product Line

Luminex Software, Inc. has introduced the Fire Series CD-ROM. The Fire Series is a suite of hardware and software tools for networking CD-ROM drives in NetWare, UNIX, and multiprotocol environments. The hardware products include: LSX Towers, NetExpress Towers, LSX Jukeboxes, and CD-Recorders. The networking software products include: Fire Series for NetWare, Fire Series for UNIX, and Fire Series MultiNet.

The LSX Towers product supports seven CD-ROM drives as a single SCSI ID with hot swappable, interchangeable components. LSX Towers is available in tower or rack-mount configurations for 7 to 49 drives in a single cabinet. The second product, NetExpress Towers, connects to the Ethernet or Token Ring network cable for NetWare or for NFS and Windows NT environments. A third hardware product, LSX Jukeboxes, requires a single SCSI ID on the server, can be used as near-line storage system for libraries of CD-ROM and CD-R media, and has capacities of 50, 100, 150, and 500 CD-ROMs. The fourth product, Fire Series CD-Recorders, lets users create and distribute cross-platform CD-ROM discs that are compliant to CD-ROM standards.

A companion software product, Fire Series for NetWare, is a CD-ROM networking NLM for Novell networks. A second software tool, Fire Series for NetWare, integrates with Novell servers and NetWare Directory Services and supports LSX Towers and LSX Jukeboxes. The third software tool, Fire Series for UNIX, provides client access to CD-ROM in drive towers and jukeboxes. Fire Series for UNIX runs on SUN, HP, IBM, and SGI servers concurrently with native NFS, and supports LSX and LSX Jukeboxes. The fourth software tool, Fire Series MultiNet, combines Fire Series for UNIX with multiprotocol connectivity for CD-ROM networking in LANs and WANs. Using Fire Series MultiNet, UNIX computers can become a server with native NFS, NetWare, LAN Manager, and AppleShare clients accessing CD-ROM and native NFS file systems.

For more information about the Fire Series product line contact Luminex Software, Inc., 6840 Indiana Ave., Suite 130, Riverside, CA 92506; (909) 781-4100; FAX: (909) 781-4105; Internet: or

Information Builders Announces FOCUS For UNIX 6.8

Information Builders Inc. has announced FOCUS for UNIX 6.8, a database management tool. FOCUS for UNIX 6.8 is designed to aid customers engaged in data warehousing and rightsizing efforts. Features of FOCUS for UNIX 6.8 include a memory map subsystem, an external sort capability, and parallel table support. An increase in FOCUS database support to one gigabyte per database increases the maximum size of files within databases and allows the consolidation of databases from mainframe and other platforms to FOCUS on UNIX. Also FOCUS for UNIX 6.8 can synchronize with mainframe FOCUS, support long filenames, and store passwords and restrictions associated with a data files separately from the metadata.

Also available is FOCUS for UNIX plus EDA (Enterprise Data Access). The EDA family of client/server products provides SQL-based access to relational and nonrelational data, regardless of file structures, hardware environments, or communication protocol in use. The EDA family includes server/client engines, with hub servers for location-transparent access with data management functionality; a call level API; communication interface for lining EDA servers; direct interfaces for desktop tools; and scalable gateway solutions for point-to-point access requirements.

FOCUS for UNIX 6.8 supports Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Siemens Nixdorf, and IBM AIX platforms. Pricing for FOCUS for UNIX 6.8 is user based and ranges from $3,000 for a singe user to approximately $123,000 for 128 users utilizing eight processors. Enterprise licensing is also available. For more information contact Information Builders, Inc., 1250 Broadway, New York, NY 10001; (212) 736-4433; Fax: (212) 269-7470.

Esker Upgrades Tun PLUS

Esker has upgraded its connectivity product Tun PLUS. Tun PLUS 8.0 is a suite of communication software that lets PCs integrate with client/server networks. With Tun PLUS 8.0, PC users can access UNIX servers, run multiuser applications, utilize data from remote databases, share peripherals, and exchange messages from within the Windows environment. TUN PLUS 8.0 includes four individual modules: Tun TCP, TCP/IP and transparent resource sharing; Tun EMAIL, a terminal emulation for UNIX, DEC, and IBM hosts, including synchronous and asynchronous emulations; Tun SQL, a multidatabase middleware tool for client/server architecture; and Tun MAIL, Internet mail and fax software. Tun PLUS 8.0 also includes the Netscape Navigator Internet browser.

Features of Tun PLUS 8.0 include: NFS client and server modules, 3270 emulation capabilities, ftp client/server applications based on the Windows File Manager, and graphical revamping that renders monotone, character-based application three dimensionally. Tun PLUS TCP/IP applications support MS VxD TCP/IP. The TCP/IP applications are native 16-bit applications with plans for native 32-bit applications.

Tun PLUS 8.0 is priced at $395 for a single-PC user license and $1,695 for a 5-PC user license. For more information contact Esker, 350 Sansome St., Suite 210, San Francisco, CA 94104; (800) 883-7537 or (415) 675-7777; Fax: (415) 675-7775; Internet:

Morning Star and Santa Cruz Operations Announce Agreement

Morning Star Technologies has announced a licensing agreement with Santa Cruz Operations, Inc. (SCO) to include Morning Star's PPP and SecureConnect for UNIX with SCO's Atlas family of Internet products. Together, they provide PPP and Internet security protection for businesses using the Internet to support Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and other business-critical functions.

The combination of Morning Star PPP and SecureConnect for UNIX provides SCO Atlas with dynamic packet filtering, virtual private networking, dial-back modems, CHAT scripts that allow security tokens, and PAP or CHAP link-level authentication. Other PPP features include: link-level error detection; asynchronous control character mapping; packet size negotiation at connection time; physical link loopback detection; IP address negotiation; PPP addr/Ctl field and protocol field compression; and link status, reliability, and performance monitoring. The server will also detect whether or not the other end supports TCP header compression.

For pricing and other information contact Morning Star Technologies, Inc., Columbus, OH, WWW: or The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc., WWW:

Blueberry Software Announces Filtrix 3.3

Blueberry Software has announced Filtrix 3.3, file format conversion software for UNIX and DOS computers. Filtrix-UNIX and Filtrix-DOS let the user import 24-word processing formats and export documents in 15 formats. FrameMaker 5 has been added as an import with support for graphics, autonumbers, master pages, true color, and other FrameMaker features. Another feature of Filtrix 3.3 is bidirectional filters between Word for Windows 6, WordPerfect 6, and other Filtrix-suppported formats, such as FrameMaker, Interleaf, and other word processing formats.

For UNIX users, Filtrix 3.3 adds export into IslandWrite 4 and Applix Words 4. Filtrix-UNIX is available with a fixed license for Sun Solaris 2.4 and Sun OS 4.1.3, HP 700/800, IBM RS/6000, SGI Iris/Indigo, and DEC Alpha. Floating licenses are available for the Sun and HP versions. For DOS and Windows users, Filtrix 3.3 operates under the Run option of Windows 3.1. Filtrix-DOS includes utilities for customizing conversion for unusual or unique forms.

The price for a Filtrix 3.3 single, fixed license is $695, and $4,865 for 10 units to a site. Site licensing and floating licenses are also available. World Wide Web users can download sample Filtrix modules for either DOS or Sun through the Filtrix home page. For more information contact Blueberry Software, 260 Petaluma Ave, Sebastopol, CA 95472; (707) 829-5443; Fax: (707) 829-5380; Internet: or

EAGLE Forms Backup Solutions Business Unit

EAGLE Software, Inc. has formed a business unit providing backup solutions. Besides selling backup hardware and software, the EAGLE unit will evaluate the host solution, provide product installation, and after-sale support.

EAGLE has worked with Spectra Logic selling the Alexandria Backup Librarian software for UNIX file systems. Alexandria can also be used with Oracle, Sybase, or Informix databases. Alexandria is designed for backups with networked systems and operates with tape libraries or optical autoloader units. EAGLE has also made available backup software from Arcada, Cheyenne, and Palindrome. These companies offer backup solutions for Windows NT and Novell NetWare systems. Cheyenne also offers UNIX backup software. The backup software form each of these companies is supported by hardware from Spectra Logic, the Spectra 4000 4mm automated library, and the Spectra 9000 8mm automated tape library.

For more information contact EAGLE Software, Inc., 123 Indiana Ave., P.O. Box 16, Salina, KS 67402; (913) 823-7257; Fax: (913) 823-6185.

Falcon Systems Introduces FastfilePro

Falcon Systems, Inc. has introduced Fastfile Pro, a line of configurable, NFS fileservers designed to deliver file access to networked UNIX environments. Included in FastFilePro's multiprocessor architectures is a 100 MHz Pentium processor dedicated to NFS file transfer and up to four, dedicated PCI RAID processors, which handle RAID functions including parity generation, hot swap, and reconstruction. FastfilePro also features its own realtime operating system, AerREAL. AerREAL supports UNIX platforms and can link FastfilePro with Sun, Silicon Graphics, IBM, HP, and DEC platforms as well as other NFS compatible systems. With AerREAL's menu-oriented interface, FastfilePro can access at the system console or remotely with TELNET protocol. The activity monitor screen reports on disk accesses, disk free space, print jobs queued, active clients, CPU usage, tape backup status, and the most recent log message. AerREAL also supports Falcon's Journaling Automation System, a journaling filing system.

Other features of FastfilePro include: fiber channel networking technology, a PCI bus that, according to the company, runs at speeds of 132 Mb per second, and remote backup. FastfilePro is compatible with standard storage peripherals such as RAID devices, CD-ROM drives, hard disk drives, and tape backup devices.

Prices for FastfilePro start at $18,995. Prices for the fiber channel interface cards and software start at $3,500. For more information contact Falcon Systems, Inc., Server Development Division, 1417 N. Market Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95834; (800) 326-1002; Fax: (916) 928-9355; Internet: or

Brooks Introduces RPM Remote Print Manager

Brooks Internet Software, Inc. has introduced RPM Remote Print Manager. RPM is a TCP/IP print server for Windows, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT, and Windows 95. RPM supports the LPD protocol for Internet printing, including the lpr, pr, lpq, lprm, and lpstart commands. RPM accepts requests from mainframes running MVS, CMS, and CICS applications, from UNIX, AS/4000 workstations, and from other PCs.

Features of RPM include: printing to Windows printers, passing data directly to a printer, and running a local program instead of printing. Other features of RPM include: Windows print options, business and academic users functions, scaling the font down, independent named queues, context sensitive help, toolbar, and multiple windows interface.

RPM requires a PC running Windows 3.1, Workgroups, NT, or Windows 95. The PC must be connected to a TCP/IP network and equipped with Windows Sockets, and one or more Windows printers must be visible to the PC. RPM is priced at $40 per unit with volume discounts and site licenses available. A demo version is available on the company's web page. For more information contact Brooks Internet Software, Inc., 410 N. Bellin Rd., Idaho Falls, ID 83402; (800) 523-9175 or (208) 523-6970; Fax: (208) 523-9482; Internet: or

TGI Technologies Releases Enroute Exchange Pro Version 2.1B

TGI Technologies Ltd. has released Enroute Exchange Pro Version 2.1B. Exchange Pro, for Solaris 2.x and Sun OS 4.1.x , is a configurable client/server fax gateway for LANs and WANs. Exchange Pro supports TCP/IP connectivity between UNIX and Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows NFS or Socket-based clients. Users can manage and distribute faxes and fax modems using Exchange Pro's Motif cross-platform GUI.

Exchange Pro's queue manager (QMD), which manages the scheduling and routing of fax jobs, can be installed in one location but configured to send faxes from modems distributed over a WAN. Administrators can select fax trunks anywhere on the WAN and choose the least expensive fax route. The QMD operates with an automatic file backup of its records and can be restarted after a system failure with fax job recovery. Exchange Pro's device managers (DMD) and fax modems can be placed on two or more workstations. Other features of Exchange Pro include an API for system integration, fax phone books, email notification, account code billing, and automatic inbound routing. Exchange Pro also supports the following security features: multilevel security access, modem firewall isolation, and user authentication.

Pricing for Enroute Exchange Pro Version 2.1B starts at $795. For more information contact TGI Technologies Ltd., 107 E. 3rd Ave., Vancouver, B.C., Canada V5T 1C7; (604) 872-6676; Fax: (604) 872-6601.