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New Products

Pacific Software Upgrades TaskManager And TaskManager Pro

Pacific Software Group has upgraded TaskManager and TaskManager Pro personal information managers for UNIX. TaskManager provides office-wide email and messaging facilities, due date tracking, and an event/deadline reminder system. TaskManager lets users build menus to launch programs and execute system commands. Menus can be configured by user, department, or on a system-wide basis. Additionally, special configuration options can restrict user access to sensitive functions and control system security. TaskManager QuickMail also provides a visual interface to read, send, sort, and print email. Other TaskManager features include: a built-in editor, appointment calendars, prioritized to-do lists, an address book, and a reminder scheduler.

TaskManager Pro is an advanced version of TaskManager that adds a file manager and set of system utilities for UNIX files and directories called the QuickTool Utility Toolbox. Features of the QuickTool Utility Toolbox include: delete, undelete, and edit files; control print jobs; access remote systems; process DOS-to-UNIX file conversion; find, sort, and browse files and directories; and other utility and system management features.

Features of TaskManager and TaskManager Pro version 1.6 include TaskAlert, Mail Search, and mail sorting options. TaskAlert notifies users of upcoming events by email or on-screen message within applications outside TaskManager. Mail Search lets users locate mail messages that match specified search criteria. The mail sorting option let users file mail messages into multiple mail folders by date, subject, or sender.

TaskManager and TaskManager Pro version 1.6 are available for monochrome and color character-based terminals and monitors on SCO UNIX and XENIX, UNIXWare, AIX for the RS/6000, HP-UX for the HP 9000, DG-UX, Interactive UNIX, AT&T SVR3, and Coherent 4.2. A 4-user TaskManager v1.6 license is priced at $145, and a 4-user TaskManager Pro v1.6 license is $245. For more information contact Pacific Software Group, 10736 Jefferson Blvd., Suite 250, Culver City, CA 90230; (800) 949-4490 or (310) 472-5168; Fax: (310) 839-8620; Internet:


APCON, Inc. has released POWERSWITCH for UNIX. POWERSWITCH for UNIX is dual server software that automatically switches application services to a standby server in the event of a primary server failure. POWERSWITCH for UNIX can be configured to protect either the primary or standby server from failure allowing applications running on a failed server to be redirected to the operating server. After a system failure, POWERSWITCH also switches external storage devices between primary and standby servers.

POWERSWITCH for UNIX monitors primary server, standby server, and network operation. If either a primary or standby server failure is detected, POWERSWITCH checks and verifies the operational server and network integrity before switching application disks to the operational server. Failover services are automatic.

With POWERSWITCH's dual server design, systems can be configured to support multiple servers in a number of dynamic high-availability configurations. Primary and standby servers can be different types of computers. Administrators can also perform maintenance and trouble shooting without affecting mission critical applications or users.

The POWERSWITCH for UNIX supports SunOS, Solaris 2.x, SCO UNIX, HP-UX, IBM AIX, DEC OSF/1, UNIXWare, and other UNIX platforms. The base price for POWERSWITCH for UNIX is $995. For more information contact APCON, Inc., Wilsonville, OR; (503) 685-9300; Fax: (503) 685-9099.

Soft-tek Ships GRAFSMAN/WWW

Soft-tek International, Inc. has begun shipping GRAFSMAN/WWW Tools for NT and UNIX platforms. GRAFSMAN/WWW is a cross-platform add-on toolset for the GRAFSMAN charting package. GRAFSMAN/WWW provides direct output of charts and graphs as .GIF files that are appropriate for viewing on the WWW. Each .GIF image can also have an associated image map to seamlessly add "hot-spot" point-and-click interactivity to live graphs in Web applications. Each click on a bar or pie segment can have the underlying application take further action like showing what data made up that bar.

GRAFSMAN/WWW was developed to meet the growing demand for charting functionality for Web applications. GRAFSMAN has been selected for applications including a telecommunications account status reporting system for large customers; Web-based report writers; an in-house manufacturing application, where project status and current data will be available graphically; and a portfolio management package, allowing customers to view their account information via the Web, seeing their fund performance as a chart rather than just tables of numbers.

GRAFSMAN/WWW is shipping now on NT and will be available for Sun, HP, and RS/6000 systems in the future, with other platforms to follow. GRAFSMAN with the WWW tools is priced at $395 for NT and $1,995 for a UNIX server. A demonstration of GRAFSMAN/WWW is available on Soft-tek's home page. For more information contact Soft-tek International, Inc., 1999 N. Amidon, Wichita, KS 67203, (316) 838-7200; Fax: (316) 838-3789; Internet:; WWW:

Elegant Announces InSPEC Version 3.0

Elegant Communications Inc. has announced InSPEC version 3.0, an application for managing networked and remote UNIX systems that combines both security and system management. Through continuous auditing, monitoring, and reporting, InSPEC 3.0 gives system administrators diagnostic details and recommendations about the operational state of their systems. Exceptional events, system changes, and urgent conditions in the areas of security, capacity, configuration, and performance are assigned priorities, and information is dispatched to the appropriate personnel.

InSPEC 3.0 is shipped preconfigured, supports 40 different combinations of hardware and software platforms, and integrates with other system and network management tools. InSPEC 3.0 does not modify OEM software or require dedicated resources. InSPEC 3.0 is available as a service or a product. For pricing and other information about InSPEC 3.0 contact Elegant Communications Inc., 4 King St. West, Suite 1101, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 1B6; (800) 225-4552 or (416) 362-9772; Fax: (416) 362-8324; Internet:; WWW:

Red Hat Introduces Red Hat LINUX OS

Red Hat Software Inc. has introduced Red Hat LINUX OS for DEC's Alpha-based workstations. LINUX OS supports the X Window system, and includes a UNIX-like networking suite including TCP/IP, Slip, PPP, Ethernet support, Sendmail, email, and a WWW server and browser.

Red Hat LINUX OS includes unlimited licenses with every CD sold, and complete source code is also included with every license. For more information contact Red Hat Software Inc., 25 Sylvan Rd. South, Suite F1, Westport, CT 06880; (203) 454-5500; Fax: (203) 454-2582; WWW:

Platform Computing Releases LSF Version 2.2 and LSF-PJS

Platform Computing Corporation has released LSF (Load Sharing Facility) Version 2.2. LSF provides load sharing and batch queuing for heterogeneous UNIX systems. With LSF, interactive, batch, and parallel jobs are distributed across the network. Features of LSF Version 2.2 include an xlsadmin GUI for administration of LSF and expanded xlsbatch GUI for batch processing and support for LSF-PJS. Other features of LSF Version 2.2 include: pre-exec and post-exec commands, multiple LSF administrators, maximum processor limit for queues, real-time information monitoring, job project names for accounting, job parameter modification, and job mail redirection. LSF Version 2.2 also supports foreign languages, long running jobs in AFS, nonshared user accounts, and external file transfer mechanisms.

With the release of LSF Version 2.2 , Platform Computing also introduces a layered LSF product, LSF-PJS (Load Sharing Facility-Production Job Scheduler). The optional LSF-PJS integrates heterogeneous server systems to create a "virtual mainframe." Job processing is done according to user-defined calendars, a system utility for mainframe-class data processing environment. LSF-PJS supports job failover and dynamic server selection for each job.

LSF Version 2.2 supports the following platforms: Cray UNIXOS, LINUX, NEC EWS OS, and Sony NEWS. LSF Version 2.2 integrates with the following: IBM SP-2 System; SGI POWER CHALLENGE and POWER CHALLENGEarrray, and DCE. For pricing and other information about LSF Version 2.2 and LSF-PJS contact Platform Computing Corporation, 5001 Yonge St., Suite 1401, North York, Ontario, Canada M2N 6P6, (416) 512-9587 ext. 315; Fax: (416) 512-8976; WWW:

MOST Upgrades MenuAgent Manager

Modern Office Systems Technology, Inc. (MOST) has upgraded MenuAgent Manager. MenuAgent Manager consists of MenuAgent, FormAgent, Intelligent Access, and MostMail. The upgrade, MenuAgent Manager 5.2, includes MenuBuilder and MuUSEC Database, and is compatible with the previous releases.

MenuBuilder creates MenuAgent Menus using fill-in-the-blanks FormAgent forms. MenuBuilder can also be used to assemble pre-existing menu files into new menus, to edit, copy, or delete existing menu files. Menus created using MenuBuilder can be edited using vi, vedit, emacs, or other test editors. Like all MenuAgent resources, MenuBuilder uses UNIX text files. MenuAgent Manager also allows for Secure Menu System and Dynamic Menus. Context sensitive Help can be incorporated into the Menus. Another feature of MenuAgent Manager 5.2 is MuUSEC Database, which supports basic database commands and query options. Other features of MenuAgent Manager 5.2 include: a complete desktop Manger, 4GL applications development tool, dialogs, popups, and complete source to all applications.

MenuAgent Manager 5.2 supports HP, Sun, RS 6000, DEC, 386/486, NCR, Sequent, Motorola, Avion, Pyramid, and other UNIX platforms. MenuAgent Manager 5.2 runs on character and X terminals. Prices for MenuAgent Manager 5.2 start at $695; license is for unlimited users per CPU. A free online demonstration is also available. For more information contact Modern Office System Technology, Inc., 7133 Swindale Ct., Mechanicsville, VA 23111, (804) 730-1467; FAX: (804) 746-3721.

GEJAC Ships ARSAP Version 8.0 System Accounting Software

GEJAC, Inc. has begun shipping ARSAP Version 8.0 System Accounting software. ARSAP is a resource management and chargeback software package with DEC Alpha support across OpenVMS sites. ARSAP version 8.0 provides the OpenVMS system administrator with usage accounting information to perform resource management and to allocate or "chargeback" usage over VAX, VAXstations, and DEC's AXP processors. ARSAP V8 also supports these processors in mixed cluster configurations.

Features of ARSAP V8 includes Absolute Daily Accounting for improved accuracy of statistics, enhanced disk space accounting, enhanced selective image accounting, enhanced shift and holiday definitions, and consolidated distribution and license PAKs. Other features of ARSAP V8 include: All-In-One support, DECWindows Project Accounting support, Project Identifier support, and terminal by user support. Also ARSAP V8 files and routines have been renamed to be more consistent with other ARSAP files and routines.

For pricing and other information about ARSAP Version 8.0 contact GEJAC, Inc., 8643 Cherry Ln., Laurel, MD 20707; (301) 725-2500; Fax: (301) 725-7196; Internet:

UniTrends Upgrades CTAR

UniTrends Software Corporation has upgraded CTAR, their menu driven backup and recovery utility. CTAR allows for Master and Incremental backups that archive device files, links, symbolic links, names pipes, and empty directories; unattended backups; and backup result reporting. CTAR also lets the system administrator set the blocking factor as high as the CPU will allow. CTAR runs from the CTAR menu system or from the command line.

Features of the upgraded CTAR include a backup scheduler, color menu scheme with multiple color selection, bit-level verification of data, and 50 configuration options via the CTAR menu system. CTAR supports the following UNIX platforms: SunOS, Solaris, HP/9000 HP-UX, RS/6000 IBM AIX, SCO UNIX, and others. CTAR, an abbreviation for compressed tar, is compatible with all versions of tar.

For pricing and other information about CTAR contact UniTrends Software Corporation, 1601 Oak St., Suite 201, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577; (800) 648-2827 or (803) 626-2878; Fax: (803) 626-5202; Internet:; WWW:

Innosoft Introduces PMDF-X500 Directory Services For Digital UNIX

Innosoft International Inc. has introduced PMDF-X500 for Digital UNIX, an addition to its family of PMDF Email Interconnect electronic mail integration software. PMDF-X500 implements the X5000 OSI directory standard, for an extensible, scalable central data store for directory information. PMDF-X500 supports access to the directory service with TCP/IP clients using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and CLDAP (Connectionless LDAP). PMDF-X500 also supports access from World Wide Web clients so users can browse directory services and send mail from a Web browser.

PMDF-X500 is an optional add-on to PMDF-MTS, the MIME-based Message Transfer Agent. PMDF-X500 can be used as a standalone directory server, or integrated with the PMDF Email Interconnect product set. The PMDF-X500 directory service agent is based upon the ISODE Consortium QUIPU code-base, which allows PMDF-X500 to interoperate with most X.500 implementations including the Internet's White Pages Project. PMDF provides a Motif-based GUI so users can browse and maintain the directory from an X Window system. PMDF-X500 can also be intergrated with other LDAP-based X.500 DUAs.

In addition to providing X.500 directory service, PMDF-X500 can be used as an integrating engine to provided directory information across an organization that has several email directories deployed. Using a the Directory Channel in PMDF, PMDF-X500 automatically resolves addresses from messages to anyone registered in the central directory. Users can find recipients using various criteria, such as the recipient's actual first or last name. The PMDF Directory Channel automatically extracts the corresponding email address from the X.500 directory and delivers the message.

PMDF-X500 for Digital UNIX is priced at $6,500 per server. For more information contact Innosoft International Inc., 1050 E. Garvey Ave. South, West Covina, CA; (818) 919-3600; Fax: (818) 919-3614; WWW:

Syntax Announces TNAS

Syntax has announced TotalNET Administrative Services (TNAS) software. UNIX-based TNAS gives IS administrators access to configuration and status of heterogeneous networks. TNAS uses the graphical framework hierarchical data storage method, and TNadmin APIs supplied with TotalNET Advanced Servers. TNAS functions include administration of users, passwords, data access rights, configuration data, and replication.

Features of TNAS include: single point network server administration, flexible graphical framework, progressive disclosure GUI design, adminstrative security (Zones), administer network address security, resource usage account, and SNMP MIB message management. Other features of TNAS include: interface to SNMP-base network management utilities, network event/alerts communication and display, dynamic server and client asset inventory display and organization, and browse and search network resources.

TNAS supports Sun Solaris SPARC and x86, and IBM AIX operating systems. Support for other UNIX operating systems is planned. TNAS has also been integrated into SunSoft's SolarNet PC Server Services and Tandem's TotalNET Advance Server. For pricing and other information about TotalNET Administration Services software contact Syntax, Federal Way, WA; (206) 838-2626; Fax: (206) 838-9836.

Empress Software Announces PERSONAL EMPRESS

Empress Software, Inc. has announced PERSONAL EMPRESS, a single user, standalone version of EMPRESS' multimedia RDBMS version 6.8. PERSONAL EMPRESS includes EMPRESS' multimedia RDBMS 4GL application generator, GUI Builder development tool, dynamic SQL, EMPRESS HYPERMEDIA (a WWW HTML toolkit), Empress-in-one (a point and click interface to the various RDBMS modules), and a full documentation suite on one CD-ROM.

PERSONAL EMPRESS supports the following operating systems: Sun/Solaris, SGI/IRIX, HP/HP-UX, IBM/AIX, SCO Open Server, and Solaris X86. Prices for PERSONAL EMPRESS start at $399. Ordering instructions are available on the Empress WWW site. For more information contact Empress Software, Inc., 3100 Steeles Ave. East, Markham, Ontario, Canada; (905) 513-8888; Fax: (905) 513-1668; Internet:; WWW: or Empress Software Inc., 6401 Golden Triangle Dr., Greenbelt, MD 20770, (301) 220-1919; Fax: (301) 220-1997; Internet:; WWW:

GD Associates Upgrades QMASTER

GD Associates Ltd. have upgraded QMASTER, its scheduling and output management middleware for UNIX and NT networks. QMASTER schedules, distributes, prints, monitors, and controls batch processes, and output distribution across heterogeneous networks of servers, workstations and attached PCs, and devices. QMASTER supports 16 heterogeneous UNIX platforms plus NT and MS Windows.

Network-wide console messaging has been added to the upgraded version of QMASTER. Messages from the network can be posted back to the central console and are filterable based on message classes and types. The historical database tracks network problems. QMASTER's systemwide MUTEX Alerts assists in the coordination of jobs as they are running. Critical sections of processes can be identified within the batch stream. Alerts are then routed through the network requesting action to be done without interfering with other processes that require the same source.

For pricing and other information about QMASTER contact GD Associates Ltd., 830, 840 7th Ave., SW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 3G2; (403) 264-8322; Fax: (403) 265-5307.

Century Software Upgrades TinyTERM

Century Software, Inc. has upgraded its TinyTERM Series of connectivity products.Version 3.05 of the TinyTERM Series includes the file transfer protocols FTP, X-, Y-, and Z-modem to TinyTERM; a multisession FTP communication server to TinyTERM Pro; and 32-bit emulator to all four the the TinyTERM Series product including TinyTERM Plus and TinyTERM+NFS.

The TinyTERM Series products are priced in multiple-license packages beginning with TinyTERM at $79 per user; TinyTERM PLUS at $99 per user; TinyTERM+NFS at $179; and TinyTERM Pro at $259 per user. Single-user licenses of TinyTERM+NFS and TinyTERM Pro are also available. TinyTERM Series version 3.05 products are offered free to existing users of TinyTERM Series version 3.0x product purchased within the last 45 days. For more information contact Century Software, Inc., 5284 S. Commerce Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84107; (800) 877-3088 or (801) 268-3088.

Falcon Introduces ReelTime

Falcon Systems, Inc. has introduced ReelTime, a RAID system for SGI Onyx and Challenge workstations. ReelTime is designed with a dual controller architecture. Each controller supports 7 drives per disk channel. Built to handle RAID 0 (stripping), 0+1, 1 (mirroring), 3 equivalent, and JBOD applications, ReelTime also supports a true RAID 5 implementation. Other features of ReelTime include: host channel ID system, hardware-based AerRAID, and audible alarms. In addition to module design, ReelTime also features hot-swappable power supplies, disk drives, and cooling fans.

Prices for ReelTime start at $18,000 for an entry-level system with a single controller and 16GB of RAID 0 storage. For more information contact Falcon Systems, Inc., 1417 N. Market Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95834; (800) 326-1002 or (916) 928-9255; Fax: (916) 928-9355; Internet:; WWW:

Central Data Ships EtherLite PCMCIA Modem Server

Central Data Corporation has begun shipping the EtherLite Modem Servers, PCMCIA-based modem servers that connect to an Ethernet TCP/IP network. Two EtherLite Modem Server models are available. The EM-8 provides eight Type II PCMCIA slots, and the EM-16 has 16 Type II slots, both operating at 28.8K. The slots are hot swappable. The servers can be rack-mounted or stacked on a desktop. The servers connect to TCP/IP networks via standard 10BASE-T Ethernet. The EtherLite Modem Servers also provide "real" serial ports, which appear as local tty ports under UNIX and as native COM ports under Windows NT.

EtherLite Modem Servers support Windows NT, HP-UX, and IBM AIX platforms. The EM-8 model is priced at $1,695, and the EM-16 is priced at $2,395. PCMCIA modems must be purchased separately. For more information contact Central Data Corporation, 1602 Newton Dr., Champaign, IL 61821; (800) 482-0315 or (217) 359-8010; Fax: (217) 359-6904.