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New Products

Alphatronix Upgrades Inspire

Alphatronix has upgraded Inspire, its integrated suite of storage management software. Inspire is based on an object-oriented architecture that lets companies centralize management and administration of their data, while keeping their data and storage applications distributed. Features of Inspire Version 2.0 include High Availability SME capability, SME Developer Interface, Peek Mode Data Access, and Pre-Stage Migration.

The first module, the High Availability SME, provides automatic protection and database recovery. If part of the database is corrupted or accidentally destroyed, it is automatically rebuilt using a replicated database copy and automatic journal entries. The High Availability SME resides in the Inspire Storage Management Engine (SME) and tracks the location of files. The second module, SME Developer Interface, lets non-Alphatronix applications integrate with Inspire. This interface lets document management or imaging applications directly call Inspire storage management functions.

Another feature of Inspire 2.0 includes Peek Mode Data Access, which lets users read migrated data directly from secondary storage without first moving the data back to the hard disk. According to Alphatronix, this feature can increase access time by a factor of 10 or more and can reduce the disk capacities needed for applications such as imaging and document management. The last feature, Pre-Stage Migration, automatically "pre-stages" files to their migration designation (without deleting them from the hard disk) so that when new data fills a hard disk, the "pre-staged" files can be instantly flushed. Another feature, disk caching for tape migration, automatically queues files to be migrated to tape in a cache until the cache is full.

Inspire 2.0 applications share a common GUI and can share storage peripherals. Inspire 2.0 runs on Solaris 2 servers that may be directly attached to a TCP/IP network for heterogeneous, multiplatform support.

Pricing for Inspire 2.0 is modular and is based on application and capacity needs. For more information contact Alphatronix, 4022 Stirrup Creek Dr., Box 13978; Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709; (919) 544-0001; Fax: (919) 544-4079.


BMC Software has introduced OPERTUNE, a dynamic tuning solution for open systems. OPERTUNE supports both HP-UX and Sun Solaris servers and lets users make system changes dynamically while running a 24 x 7 system environment. OPERTUNE tunes the operating system kernel parameters, as needed, without requiring a system reboot, so administrators can adjust the availability of resources. Other features of OPERTUNE allow administrators to tune the system for the most efficient operation for each type of application, save the setting, and schedule it to run automatically at set times during the day. OPERTUNE includes a flexible interface that offers updates and monitoring capabilities and also provides manual adjustment of system parameters.

OPERTUNE is a standalone product but will be integrated with the PATROL suite of products. PATROL is an application and database management tool that gives centralized control of elements in distributed applications management including data, databases, server, middleware, applications, and networks.

OPERTUNE supports HP-UX 9.x and Solaris 2.3 and 2.4. Prices for OPERTUNE start at $1,900. For more information contact BMC Software, 2101 CityWest Blvd., Houston, TX 77042; (800) 841-2031 or (713) 918-8800; Fax: (713) 918-8000; WWW:

SCO Releases SCO Doctor

The Santa Cruz Operation has released SCO Doctor, a system management tool that automatically monitors and manages SCO OpenServer Systems. SCO Doctor alerts system administrators to local and remote system problems via pop-up windows, pager, email notices, or SNMP traps. An enhanced version, SCO Doctor for Networks also manages small networks or large installations over a LAN, WAN, or dial-up.

SCO Doctor is priced at $495, and SCO Doctor for Networks is $895. Client license packs, beginning at $495 for a one-client license and $2,195 for a five-client license, are available for the network version. For more information contact The Santa Cruz Operation, 400 Encinal St., P.O. Box 1900, Santa Cruz, CA 95061; (408) 425-7222; (408) 427-5448; WWW:

Applix and Red Hat Announce Applixware For Red Hat Linux

Applix Inc. and Red Hat Software, Inc. have announced the Applixware version 4.2 suite of office automation products for the Red Hat Linux 3.0.3 operating system. Applixware office automation suite includes spreadsheet, word processing, graphics, presentation, email, and HTML authoring software. Also included is Applixware Builder, an application development environment.

Applixware for Red Hat Linux is priced at $495 per user. For more information contact Red Hat Software Inc., (800) 454-5502 or (203) 454-5500; Fax: (203) 454-2582; WWW:

McAfee Announces WebShield

McAfee has announced WebShield, a secure antivirus software tool for network firewall and Internet gateways. WebShield is a companion product to WebScan, McAfee's antivirus scanner for Web browsers. Together with WebScan, WebShield provides protection against virus-infected SMTP, ftp, and HTTP traffic on a TCP/IP network. WebShield's antivirus detection can be updated each month with McAfee's virus signature updates.

WebShield resides independent of the network firewall and uses a dual-homed architecture system. Dual-homed architecture, which uses two network interface cards, provides an added barrier to potentially infected traffic. Network traffic is scanned between the cards, alerting administrators of any detected viruses. For further security, only the administrator has access to the WebShield system, and this access is granted with a one-time password key that generates a randomly different password each time it's used. WebShield is transparent to users and requires no user training or IP address management. WebShield's packet filtering scanning engines scans all incoming and outgoing traffic.

In a related announcement, McAfee has announced that Border Network Technologies and Secure Computing, two firewall vendors, have agreed to enter into WebShield OEM agreements. Also, McAfee has entered into an agreement with CheckPoint Software Technologies aimed at ensuring the interoperability of CheckPoint's FireWall-1 with WebShield.

WebShield supports DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, UNIX, OS/2, the Internet, and Macintosh. WebShield runs on hardware supporting the Intel compatible and DEC Alpha processor system. WebShield supports most TCP/IP Internet gateway environments including: Windows NT, NetWare, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, DEC Alpha, IBM AIX, Silicon Graphics, and Berkeley Systems Development. A WebShield subscription license, which provides two years of free updates and support, is priced at $3,995. WebShield is priced per gateway, and supports an unlimited number of network attached client workstations. For more information contact McAfee, 2710 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051, (408) 988-3832; Fax: (408) 970-9727; BBS: (408) 988-4004; WWW:

CNET Upgrades WiNGS

CNET Inc. has upgraded WiNGS, its digital network engineering, management, and analysis software. With WiNGS, different types of data _ coverage, interference, channel-loading, traffic, demographics, terrain, detailed roadways, and microwave path analysis -- can be taken from any source then integrated into WiNGS to analyze and predict RF performance. WiNGS can also determine actual versus anticipated network performance by integrating actual field measurement data directly from the network management system.

WiNGS 2.7 includes traffic and channel loading analysis that lets carriers pinpoint where calling demand is greatest and reallocate resources to meet the demand. Additionally, a field measurement data import function recognizes field data from different vendors. Other features of WiNGS 2.7 include: automated frequency planning, analysis across numerous systems using multiple propagation methodologies, plotting capabilities, high-resolution graphics, and an intuitive GUI. The WiNGS 2.7 database will also populate required FCC and FAA forms.

For pricing and other information about WiNGS 2.7 contact CNET, Inc., 4975 Preston Park Blvd., Suite 800, Plano, TX 75093; (800) 332-2638 or (214) 867-3333; Fax: (214) 867-6800; Internet:

New Dimension Adds Modules to CONTROL-M

New Dimension Software has added two modules to its CONTROL-M production control and scheduling software. The two modules, CONTROL-M/Analyzer and CONTROL-M/Links are based on the company's data integrity and automated operation tool. The first module, CONTROL-M/Analyzer is an automated production setup and analysis tool that lets operation personnel implement predefined rules. These rules are invoked during the production process to analyze the output of application jobs, verifying the accuracy of the run result. CONTROL-M/Analyzer rules can also be used to set up job input. Also, data gathered by CONTROL-M/Analyzer can be stored in a database for use in comparing application results from different dates or to perform cross-application checks.

The second module, CONTROL-M/Links is an automation tool designed to integrate elements of the operation environment into the production schedule. CONTROL-M/Links interacts with aspects of system management, including gathering data on a number of conditions -- from the availability of tape drives to the status of network connections. Additionally, CONTROL-M's scheduling component can be used to initiate events outside the scheduling environment through CONTROL-M/Links.

CONTROL-M supports the following UNIX platforms: AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, SunOS, Pyramid, NCR, SGI, and Digital. Other supported platforms include: MVS, VMS, AS/400, Unisys OS/2000, Tandem Guardian, Windows NT, and OS/2. Prices for both the CONTROL-M/Analyzer and CONTROL-M/Links modules start at $7,500. For more information contact New Dimension Software, 1 Park Plaza, 11th Floor, Irvine, CA 92714; (800) 347-4694 ext. 522 or (714) 757-4300; Fax: (714) 756-3900; WWW: Outside the U.S., call: 972-3-645-1111.

MMB Releases TEAMate for Linux

MMB Development Corporation has released a Linux version of TEAMate, its online Web and BBS server software. TEAMate for Linux supports five interface protocols including: access via a character-based terminal, a customizable TEAMate GUI client (Windows and Mac), a Web Browser, Query-by-Mail, and a Java Client. The interfaces are customizable and use templates to lay out the "look and feel."

TEAMate for Linux is priced at $495 and includes Web and Gopher server, unlimited distribution of customizable Windows and Mac clients, Java client, full context indexing, development environments, database support tools, and 256 simultaneous user support. For more information contact MMB Development Corporation, 904 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266; (800) 832-6022 or (310) 318-1322; Fax: (310) 318-2162; Internet:; WWW:

NetManage Releases XoftWare 5.0

NetManage has released XoftWare 5.0, a tool for corporate Intranet and Internet users requiring PC to Enterprise and PC to Web connectivity. Features of XoftWare 5.0 include: Serial ConnecXion, security with XDMCP through Xauthority, remote command utility, and WebSurfer. Other features of XoftWare 5.0 include an SMTP electronic mail client, ftp client, NEWTNews, NNTP reader, telnet with VT 420 emulation, LPR and LPD printer server, and TCP/IP stack with support for dial-up PPP. XoftWare 5.0 also includes a cut and paste function for sharing text and graphics between Windows and UNIX applications. A concurrent Window Manager lets XoftWare 5.0 users run Microsoft's Window Manager either by itself or simultaneously with a UNIX window manager such as CDE, HP Vue, DECWindows, Motif, or OpenLook in a single display.

The 32-bit PC X server software that is part of XoftWare 5.0 is Microsoft Windows 95 certified. XoftWare 5.0 for Windows 95 includes support for 32-bit platform-specific functions such as long filename, Windows NT and Windows 95 registry support, and uninstall. XoftWare 5.0 for Windows 95 also includes the "look and feel" of the Windows 95 user interface, support for an international keyboards, and one-click installation utility that automates the setup of the package's components. XoftWare 5.0 implements the X Consortium's latest version of the X Window system, X11R6, to run on Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows NT, for 386/486 and Pentium processors as well as Motorola's 601, 603, and 604 PowerPC RISC architecture chips. XoftWare for Windows is also available for the Windows NT PowerPC platform. A version of XoftWare for the Mac OS is also available.

XoftWare 5.0 is priced at $400 and includes a range of host access and Intranet applications. For more information contact NetManage 10725 N. De Anza Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014; (408) 973-7171; Fax: (408) 257-8789; Internet:; WWW:

GD Associates Upgrades QMASTER

GD Associates has upgraded QMASTER, its scheduling and output management middleware for heterogeneous UNIX and NT networks. Features of QMASTER 2.7 include a Console Message Center, Alerts, and FORMS support for the Print Management module. The QMASTER 2.7 Console Message Center provides the end user with information alerts and messages from any point on the network. Messages on the network can be posted back to the central console, so that the Help desk can centrally manage the distributed network.

The second feature, Alerts, filters messages based on message classes and types. Alerts' historical database provides for tracking of network problems, and the drill down feature sends the user directly to the details of the alert. Also MUTEX Alerts assists in the coordination of jobs as they are running. With MUTEX Alerts, sections of processes can be identified within the batch stream. Alerts are then routed throughout the network requesting action without interfering with other processing that requires the same resource.

The QMASTER 2.7 Print Management module includes full FORMS support. Features of the module include: registering forms, having jobs/output wait on the appropriate form, and a print queue that accepts print requests from many different device and form combinations. Remote printing may also be configured so information created or stored on one machine can be queued to another remote machine for printing.

QMASTER supports 19 UNIX and NT platforms including Solaris X86, Alpha NT, and DG Intel. For pricing and more information about QMASTER 2.7 contact GD Associates Ltd., 830, 840 7th Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 3G2 Canada; (403) 264-8322.

R-Active Introduces NetState

R-Active Concepts Inc. has introduced NetState, a visual design tool that graphically describes the flow of control between documents on the WWW. With NetState, the developer uses familiar flowcharts and Statecharts (or a combination of the two) to graphically build a decision process. NetState automatically generates C and Perl source code and CGI programs that build, on-the-fly, HTML pages. NetState is part of the BetterState V4.0 release, which also includes a customizable code generator.

Designs developed using NetState are based upon a dynamic decision process in which every time the client makes a selection, a new page is automatically generated, tailored for that selection. With NetState, the dynamic decision process can be specified to simultaneously gather information from the client regarding multiple, independent topics. The results of these decisions can be presented separately or can be combined.

NetState's introductory price is $1,995. The custom code generator development environment is priced at $9,995. For more information contact R-Active Concepts Inc., 20654 Gardenside Cr., Cupertino, CA 95014; (408) 252-2808; Fax: (408) 438-7684; WWW: or

UniTrends Upgrades CTAR ctmenu

UniTrends Software Corporation has upgraded CTAR ctmenu, the menu system that drives the CTAR and CTAR:NET backup engine. ctmenu v 3.1.2, with full-color support, includes an unattended backup/preconfigured command scheduler. CTAR:NET users can schedule a standalone or full network backup. ctmenu 3.1.2 also includes password protection on entry to the Setup and Configure CTAR and miscellaneous menu choices. Administrators can also globally preserve the access times of files, and files that have not been modified or accessed for a period of time can be found. Other features of ctmenu 3.1.2 include the ability to receive mail only and generate a report to the printer only in event of unattended backup failure. ctmenu also supports FLAT file restore and Interactive nondestructive restore from the menu.

CTAR with ctmenu 3.1.2 is priced at $245. CTAR with Air-Bag is priced at $364. For more information contact UniTrends Software Corporation, 1601 Oak St., Suite 201, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577; (800) 648-2827; Fax: (803) 626-5202; Internet:; FTP:

OSM Announces COS/Report

Open Systems Management Inc. has announced COS/Report, a report management tool for UNIX that automatically generates and distributes multiview reports. COS/Report delivers reports electronically to a network printer, via email or fax or, using file transfer, to a remote system. After generating a report, COS/Report defines any number of secure views or windows instead of distributing the entire report to everyone.

COS/Report has built-in security that controls who may generate, display, receive, distribute, and create reports. Audit trails verify that reports are being generated at the correct time by the appropriate people. Other features of COS/Report include a browser and three interface options: GUI, a full-screen character interface, and a command-line interface. COS/Report is available as standalone or as part of OSM's COSMOS system management environment.

COS/Report supports IBM, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and Sequent PTX. For pricing and other information about COS/Report contact Open Systems Management Inc., 1111 Third Ave., Suite 2500, Seattle WA 98101; (206) 583-8373; Fax: (206) 292-4965.

Boffin Introduces Rackmount Hot Swap CD-ROM Server

Boffin Limited has introduced a Rackmount Hot Swap CD-ROM Chassis. The CD-ROM server contains 56 CD-ROM drives, a Pentium 100 processor with 16 Mb of RAM, SVGA graphics card and monitor, Ethernet connection, 3.5" floppy, and a keyboard. The Chassis, designed with an open SCSI-2 architecture, can be populated with NEC 4X and 6X CD-ROM drives, Plextor 4X and 6X drives, or Toshiba 6.76X drives. Each drive is controlled by an individual power switch that allows replacement of a CD-ROM drive without having to "down" the server or other drives in the chassis. Redundant, hot-swappable, load-sharing power supplies are also available.

Users can start with as many CD drives as needed, then expand as needed. Or, if a system has an existing rack with vacant bays, a seven-drive CD-ROM chassis is available. The Chassis is also available on GSA schedule for government contracts.

The Rackmount Hot Swap CD-ROM Server with 56 CD-ROM drives is priced at $29,999 or $33,999 with redundant power supplies. For more information contact Boffin Limited, 2500 W. County Rd., #42, Burnsville, MN 55337; (612) 894-0595; Internet:; WWW:

Integrix Ships IGS1170E Internet Gateway Server

Integrix Inc. has begun shipping the IGS1170E, a 167 MHz, 64-bit UltraSPARC-based turnkey Internet Gateway Server. The IGS1170E includes four SBus slots and fully installed software package consisting of a POP 3 mail Server, Netscape Communication Server, WAIS access, proxy firewall security, and anonymous ftp. The IGS1170E also includes a 4.2 Gb hard disk, 32 K of level one cache on the UltraSPARC chip, and 512 Kb of level two external cache. Features of the IGS1170E include a 288-bit error-correcting memory path and a memory subsystem using Ultra Port Architecture (UPA). Additional features of the IGS1170E include: an all metal chassis, quick-release drive mounts, and a nonproprietary single connector interface.

The IGS1170E supports multiple interface options including T1, 20 Mb/sec Fast Wide SCSI II, Primary Rate ISDN, 100 BaseT Ethernet, and MII. Additional options include high-speed Creator 2D/3D graphics and additional SBus slots via the Integrix SEC160 expansion chassis. The IGS1170E offers performance ratings of 252 SPECint92 and 351 SPECfp92, 5982 SPECrate_int92, 8323 SPECrate_fp92, 341 MIPS, and 126 MFLOPS. The IGS1170E is Sun binary compatible and runs Solaris 2.5. The IGS1170E is priced at $18,500. For more information contact Integrix, Inc., 1200 Lawrence Dr., Suite 150, Newbury Park, CA 91320, (800) 300-8288 or (806) 375-1055; Fax: (805) 375-2799; Internet:; WWW:

Syntax Introduces INETgateway

Syntax, Inc. has introduced TotalNET Internet Gateway (INETgateway). INETgateway lets native NetWare users gain Internet access through their WWW server without installing a TCP/IP protocol stack on each client computer. For companies that already use a UNIX computer as their primary web server, INETgateway uses existing components to access the Internet. INETgateway equips the server to receive IPX/SPX requests without configuring IP addresses, enabling the use of industry-standard web browser software.

INETgateway also contains a set of administrative tools. Using an HTML-based interface, administrators can control Internet access by users or groups and by the time of day, as well as controlling access to applications and destinations. INETgateway also includes a WINSOCK.DLL that lets NetWare clients run most WinSock 1.1 compatible applications. The WINSOCK.DLL can be installed on the server.

For pricing and other information about INETgateway contact Syntax, Inc., Federal Way, WA; (206) 838-2626; Fax: (206) 838-9836; WWW:

Haystack Announces WebStalker

Haystack Labs, Inc. has announced WebStalker Web server security software. WebStalker watches processes on the Web server, cutting off abusive connections as they are happening and sending alarms detailing suspicious activities. When a threat occurs, WebStalker creates a report identifying who did what, when, where, and how and notifies the Webmaster. Because WebStalker takes action before damage is done, the Webmaster doesn't have to reconstruct damaged links or replace altered HTML and graphics files. WebStalker also automatically restarts the server if it goes down. Other features of WebStalker include: real time 7 X 24 Web site monitoring, an HTML-based interviewer for installing the product, email report SNMP trap and pager alert methods, and standard programmed responses.

WebStalker supports Sun Solaris and future releases will support IBM and NT. WebStalker is priced at $4,995 per license. For more information contact Haystack Labs, Inc., 10713 RR 620 North, Suite 521, Austin, TX 78726, (512) 918-3555; Fax: (512) 918-1265; Internet: