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New Products

Aurora Software Announces SarCheck for HP-UX

Aurora Software, Inc. has announced Version 2 of SarCheck, for HP-UX operating system versions 9.04+ and 10.01+. SarCheck is a performance management tool designed to assist the system administrator in the analysis of a UNIX system's performance by translating sar reports into plain English. SarCheck identifies performance bottlenecks, recommends specific parameter and hardware configuration changes, and quantifies the amount of remaining system capacity.

SarCheck is an excellent way for system administrators to save time and learn more about how their systems work, because it explains resource utilization in plain English. SarCheck reports consist of three sections and a summary. The first section contains recommendations that can be used to improve system performances, such as tuning kernel parameters, balancing disk load, and increasing memory size or CPU speed. The second section is an analysis of all system resources monitored by SarCheck. This section contains insights that can help an administrator, even when no resource bottlenecks were detected. The final section, Capacity Planning, is used to approximate how large an increase in workload a system can support, based on the sar data being analyzed.

A single SarCheck license for HP-UX begins at $600; other licensing options are available. Versions for other UNIX platforms are available or under development. For more information, contact Aurora Software Inc., P.O. Box 1033, Plaistow, NH 03865; (603) 382-4200; Fax: (603) 382-4247; Internet:

NetManage Announces Policy Management Architecture and XoftWare for Power Macs

NetManage has announced a path to native Power Macintosh performance for Apple Computer's MacX 1.2 users. Current users of Apple's MacX 1.2 product may purchase upgrades to the latest release of XoftWare for Mac OS from NetManage. As the developers of both MacX and XoftWare, NetManage is uniquely positioned to provide MacX users with a low-cost migration to NetManage's X Window server suite and X window support and services.

XoftWare for the Mac OS 3.6 provides an X Window terminal emulator for the Mac OS. Open Transport enabled, Xoftware 3.6 provides both X server technology and corporate Intranet applications such as standards-based tools for Web access, file sharing, and remote access.

NetManage has also announced the Policy Management Architecture (PMA), a networking architecture that enables applications and multimedia tools to run on existing Internet protocol-based intranets. PMA will be included as a standard feature in NetManage's next release of Chameleon.

PMA provides the ability to control performance and security for IP network applications without making changes to existing applications or network infrastructure. In addition to traffic shaping and communicating with network infrastructure components, PMA modules can filter for content, and with network service plug-ins, provide services such as encryption and data compression.

For more information, contact NetManage, Inc., (408) 873-7171; Internet:; WWW:

NEC Announces PrivateNet Secure Firewall Server

NEC Technologies' Internet Business Unit (IBU) has announced an introductory price for the PrivateNet Secure Firewall Server. The unlimited version of the system is now offered to end users for $9,950 while supplies last. The regular list price of $14,950 will apply when the promotion ends; the system is distributed nationally by Ingram Micro, Inc.

NEC's PrivateNet server is a bundled turnkey hardware/software firewall system that is marketed and supported exclusively by VARs, system integrators, and security consultants. The unlimited version of PrivateNet allows an unlimited number of nodes to be connected. It features a security-hardened UNIX operating system, Pentium-driven hardware, and proxy-server firewall software that is supplied on CD-ROM.

For more information, contact the NEC toll-free number, (800) 668-4869 and specify product number 1520-2733S-UL.

OSM Simplifies UNIX Printing

Open Systems Management has announced COS/Print, a network-aware spooling and printer management package for UNIX. COS/Print provides a consistent look and feel across all platforms and has an extensive range of facilities that is not available in the standard UNIX print utilities. Available platforms include, but are not limited to: IBM AIX, HP-UX, NCR, Digital UNIX, Solaris UnixWare, IRIX, Unisys 600, and DG/UX.

COS/Print provides controls over jobs, queues, and printers. Users can control when they want a job to run, the stationery required, and which pages to be printed. Jobs can be retained and reprinted. Built-in security insures that only authorized users have access to printers, print queues, and print job control. Printing bottlenecks can be reduced by associating multiple printers with a queue, so that a large print job will not delay all others in the queue. COS/Print distributes printer configuration details, providing for simplified administration. An administrator need add the details of a new printer only once. Changes can be made from any system on the network. Multiple levels of security provide flexible management and control.

COS/Print provides three interface options: a command-line interface, a full-screen character interface, and a graphical user interface. COS/Print is available as a standalone product or as part of OSM's COSMOS systems management environment. COSMOS consists of 13 application areas, available independently but all sharing a common look and feel. Applications include: duty scheduling, backup/restore, media management, print spooling, report management, event monitoring, batch job scheduling, access security, console management, resource accounting and chargeback, auditing, systems administration, and software distribution.

For more information, contact Open Systems Management, Inc., 1111 Third Avenue, Suite 2500, Seattle, WA 98101; (206) 583-8373; Fax: (206) 292-4965.

Tower Concepts Enhances Razor

Tower Concepts, Inc. has announced server enhancements for Razor, their configuration management and problem tracking tool for software development teams. Razor 4.0 provides improved performance, enhancements to file version control capabilities, and greater integration between the configuration management and problem tracking components.

The implementation of a more intuitive GUI has improved the integration of the components in Razor. Razor provides an adaptable configuration management and problem tracking suite by combining a highly flexible issue tracking system with enhanced version control and build coordination capabilities. Razor can also support parallel production and development environments. Razor can be used as an integrated solution or as a standalone configuration or problem tracking tool.

Razor supports development for UNIX, Windows 95, and Windows NT. Razor 4.0 is priced at $495 per floating license, with a site license available at $42,000. For more information, contact Tower Concepts, Inc.

UniPress Announced PowerTerm Extensions

UniPress Software, Inc. has announced PowerTerm, terminal emulators for PCs. PowerTerm provides a wide range of emulations (VT420, 320, 220, 100, 52, SCO-ANSI, Wyse 50/60, tvi925, tvi950, AT386, DG/MV D-412, AIXterm, IBM 3270 - with TCP/IP extensions, and IBM 5250). PowerTerm has supplemented the terminals supported with the Televideo 925 and 950 terminals. PowerTerm 3270 extensions now support communication with SNA over TCP/IP and allow functions such as printing SSCP-LU and LU-LU session control, and handling of system request and attention keys.

PowerTerm 3270 and 5250 include PowerGUI, which allows users to enhance the user interfaces for legacy systems. A free version of PowerTerm is available via ftp at in the /pub/free_evals directory and on the World Wide Web at: Prices start from $99 depending on configuration and options. For more information, contact UniPress Software, Inc., 2025 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817; (908) 287-2100; Fax: (908) 287-4929; Internet:; WWW:

Qualix Provides High Availability Systems for UltraSPARCs

Qualix Systems Group, a division of Qualix Group Inc. has announced the latest release of QualixHA Solutions, a comprehensive suite of high-availability software products. The new release provides support for UltraSPARC-based systems, including Sun Microsystems' Ultra Enterprise Servers. QualixHA 2.2.2 enables users to consistently monitor, restart, failover, and recover applications across not only Solaris 2.5 and 2.5.1, but also SunOS, HP-UX, and AIX/6000 UNIX platforms.

QualixHA runs on top of the UNIX operating system to improve the reliability and accessibility of business critical applications. QualixHA includes the following components: VERITAS FirstWatch, base HA failover engine; Qualix HA-Environment, which expands HA support to a range of volume managers, filesystems, and RAID products from various vendors; and Qualix HA-Modules, optional software components with support for specific applications or software subsystems, such as: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and CA-OpenIngres databases.

QualixHA Solutions 2.2.2 is available for Solaris 2.5 and Solaris 2.5.1. QualixHA also supports previous versions of Solaris, as well as SunOS, HP-UX, and AIX/6000. Prices for complete HA packages start at $8,000 (depending on configuration and options). For more information, contact Qualix Group, Inc., 1900 S. Norfolk Street, #224, San Mateo, CA 94403; (415) 572-0200; Internet:; WWW:

GD Associates Announces QMASTER Version 2.7

GD Associates Ltd. has announced QMASTER version 2.7. QMASTER is a scheduling and output management middleware tool for UNIX or NT networks. Improvements focused on Console Message Center, Alerts, and Forms support for the Print Management module.

The Console Message Center provides information, alerts, and messages to the end user from anywhere on the network. QMASTER ALERTS provides filterable message control to highlight problems affecting production control or users. QMASTER's systemwide MUTEX Alerts assist in the coordination of jobs as they are running. QMASTER Print Management now has full forms support, including registering forms and having jobs/output wait on the appropriate form. QMASTER supports 19 UNIX and NT platforms in heterogeneous environments. For more information, contact GD Associates Ltd., 830, 840 - 7th Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 3G2; (403) 264-8322.

Insignia Solutions' NTRIGUE Supplies Windows NT Application Service

Insignia Solutions has announced NTRIGUE, an application server for Microsoft Windows NT, delivering Windows applications to enterprise desktops, including UNIX workstations, X terminals, Power Macintosh, Macintosh, and PC computers. NTRIGUE can deliver Windows 96, Windows 3.x, and Windows NT applications to all network computer devices, including those otherwise unable to run the applications.

NTRIGUE 2.0 is a comprehensive Intranet web application server. NTRIGUE supports a range of platforms, so that desktops throughout an enterprise can access the same Windows applications. NTRIGUE allows for Internet, or dial-up access via the ICA protocol from Citrix Systems, Inc..

NTRIGUE pricing begins at $1995 for five concurrent sessions. NTRIGUE is available through Insignia Solutions and through Insignia's resellers. For information, contact Insignia Solutions; (415) 327-6197 or (800) 848-7677; WWW:

Le Reseau Introduces Secure Networking Suite

Le Reseau Network Systems has introduced the Secure Networking Suite (SNS), a suite of programs designed to secure online connections across both Internet and Intranet. SNS will allow you to verify the identity of both client and server system, and encrypt transmitted data, providing secure communications over an insecure network.

The Essential module of SNS secures telnet, ftp, smtp, and pop connections for basic networking activity. The Workplace module adds secure X and http connections for Web-based information systems. The Client Server module adds a secure gateway for (ONC-based) remote procedure calls, so that secure client-server connections can be established. SNS does not require changes to programs or binaries.

SNS uses server-based licensing, so clients may be installed on any systems. The different modules are available separately or bundled. SNS is available for Solaris (2.4), SunOs (4.1.3), and Linux (Caldera Network Desktop). Other versions planned for later in 1996 include: Windows NT and a Windows 95 client. For more information, contact Le Reseau networksystems in The Netherlands; +31 595 552431; Fax: +31 595 551279; Internet:; WWW:

Above Technology Releases New Versions of DB Capture and FS Capture

Above Technology has released Version 2.0 release of their DB Capture and FS Capture software. Version 2.0 provides various enhancements, including increased performance and support for Hewlett Packard's HP-UX in addition to the SUN platform.

The DB Capture product allows database administrators to perform hot, full, and incremental database backups on any database that runs on the supported platforms. The FS Capture product provides HP and Sun clients the ability to restore deleted files with a single command, simplifying file recovery efforts.

DB Capture and FS Capture integrate with UNIX backup and restore packages such as Alexandria, Solstice, Networker, Open Backup, SM-Arch, and Omni Back. For more information, contact Above Technology, 42977 London Drive, Parker, CO; 80134; (303) 840-7299; FAX: (303) 841-1619; Internet:

Power Center Software Migrates to OpenVMS

Power Center Software, a supplier of client/server enterprise management software has announced the migration of its Power Center suite to OpenVMS. The Power Center suite is currently available for Sun Solaris, Hewlett Packard's HP-UX, and Digital UNIX.

Power Center provides a scalable, extensible, standards-based, and interoperable system for enterprise management, supporting system availability, and improving management efficiency. Power Center includes the following applications: System Problem Monitor, highly configurable sensor packs that monitor system, peripheral, and process performance; Enterprise Notification System, providing a wide variety of alert notification mechanisms; and Mission Control Station, providing a GUI for easy configuration of sensor alarm levels, notification options, printers, disks, filesystems, as well as at-a-glance status of systems on the network.

For more information, contact Power Center Software LLC; (303) 220-9789.

ADIC Offers Scalable DLT Library and DAT Autoloader

ADIC, a division of Interpoint Corporation, has announced a new scalable DLT library, the Scalar 224, designed to provide a low-cost, scalable multiple-drive DLT tape library. The Scalar 224 provides an upgrade path that allows expansion of drives and capacities. Optionally equipped with the new DLT 7000 drive, the Scalar 224 proivdes up to 1.68 Tb of storage capacity and 600 Mb/minute native transfer rates.

The base Scalar 224 unit is supplied with 2 DLT drives and 24 cartridge positions for a list price of $27,750. Since it is housed in the same chassis as larger Scalar libraries (the Scalar 448 and Scalar 458 models), it can be upgraded to a higher capacity model. The Scalar 225 is available with a choice of DLT drives, including the 2000XT, the 4000, and the new DLT7000. The Scalar 224 includes a front-panel keyboard and LCD for configuration, diagnostics, and direct operator control.

ADIC also announced a 4 mm DAT Autoloader, the 800E. The 800E is built around the new Sony Quad-Speed SDT-7000 4 mm drive. The ADIC 800E transfers data at 46 Mb/minute (native) or 93 Mb/minute (with 2:1 average compression). The 800E also features a removable 8-cartridge magazine that can hold up to 64 Gb of data at standard on-board compression rates.

For more information, contact Advanced Digital Information Corporation, 10201 Willows Road/P.O. Box 97057, Redmond, WA 98073-9757; (800) 336-1233; Fax: (206) 881-2296; WWW:

Innovative Routines International Ports COSORT

Innovative Routines International (IRI) has released versions of COSORT ported from UNIX to platforms including WindowsNT, Windows 95, and OS/2. The look and feel of COSORT has been maintained in the port from UNIX to Windows.

The new software supports mainframe data types, including Micro Focus COBOL and EBCDIC, as well as all C (ASCII) and numeric types, natural language, and Unicode. Any special job criteria can be supported through COSORT's API or customization of its .EXE utilities: DOSSORT and UNIXSORT, drop-in replacements for their respective OS sort verbs; COSORT, command-line interactive and batch prompting program with online help; SORTCL, a high-level report generation language and program for multi-file, multi-level data type conversion, sorting and output reformatting in the same pass; and JCL2SCL, mainframe (MVS) JCL sort param conversion to SORTCL specification.

Package pricing for COSORT's UNIX versions start at $2,490 for perpetual use, $990 for Windows NT (x86), and $690 for Windows 95 and OS/2. Multi-copy, educational, and runtime integration discounts are available. For information, contact Innovative Routines International, Suite 303, Melbourne Corporate Centre, 1775 West Hibiscus Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32901; (407) 952-9400; Fax: (407) 952-9777; Internet:

Norman Data Defense Systems updates Norman Virus Control

Norman Data Defense Systems, Inc. has announced Version 3.51 of Norman Virus Control (NVC), which secures data against infection by more than 9,000 viruses, including all known polymorphic strains. NVC v3.51 provides protection against macro viruses and Windows 95 viruses.

Microsoft Word macro viruses are a particular problem, as they attack data rather than executables, and because they can spread across platforms. The latest release of NVC addresses the security risk posed by the macro viruses as well as increasing the security of Windows 95 data.

Norman's NVC software combines high-speed scanning technology with behavior blocking to detect, identify, and remove viruses to protect data enterprise-wide. The scanner transparently detects file and boot sector viruses. A companion cleaning program disables the viruses, without disabling the user. Norman's Smart Behavior Blocking uses AI techniques to continually analyze the behavior of programs and files during execution. Infected portions of programs or files are disabled before they can infect other files and programs. Norman Virus Control workstation platform products communicate with NVC for NetWare - Norman FireBreak - a true NetWare Loadable Module (NLM) that detects and eliminnates viruses on NetWare Servers.

NVC v3.51 supports networked Windows (95 and NT), DOS, and OS/2 platforms. Pricing is per workstation with price dependent on quantity. Representative prices are $75 per workstation for 15 machines, or $11 per workstation at 1,500 machines. Behavior blocking for Windows 95 and NT will become available with the next update of NVC. For more information, contact NormanData Defense Systems, Inc.; (703) 573-8802; Fax: (803) 573-3919; WWW:

CyberStorage Releases PCI Ultra-SCSI Host-Based RAID System

CyberStorage Systems, Inc. has announced CyberStorage 900, a host-based PCI-bus RAID system providing three on-board Ultra-SCSI channels, with a combined data transfer rate of up to 120 Mb/sec. The CyberStorage 900 supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5. CyberStorage is available configured in four- and nine-drive enclosures, providing up to 36 Gb of storage capacity.

An optional GUI interface allows configuration, management, monitoring, and control of the RAID system from the network or remote locations. CyberStorage 900 supports up to 128 Mb of write-through or write-back cache, along with hot-swappable drives, automatic detection of failed drives, and automatic and transparent rebuild of hot spare drives, allowing replacement of a failed drive without bringing the system down.

CyberStorage 900 supports a range of operating systems, including SCO UNIX, UnixWare, Novell NetWare, Windows NT, OS/2, Warp, and MS-DOS. CyberStorage 900 prices begin at $5,750 including three high-performance Ultra-SCSI drives. For more information, contact CyberStorage Systems, Inc., 25 Porter Road, Littleton, MA 01460; (508) 486-0005; Fax: (508) 486-3755, Internet:

Young Minds Announces UltraStudio Jukebox CD-Recording

Young Minds, Inc., has announced the UltraStudio, a CD-Recording system that combines Young Minds' UNIX-based CD Studio CD-Recording system with its UltraCapacity CD-ROM Mass Storage Systems. Initially, UltraStudio will be available with the Pioneer DRM 5004x and NSM Mercury 31 jukeboxes.

UltraStudio consists of a CD-Recordable/CD-ROM jukebox, a CD Studio controller, MakeDisc premastering software, and CD-ROM Mass Storage software. Recording capability is provided by the MakeDisc premastering software running on the host workstation. Data to be recorded can reside anywhere on the network, and any user that can remotely access the host workstation can record discs. MakeDisc sends the premastered data to the CD Studio controller. While the premastering task can run as a background task, recording a CD places a large demand on system resources, particularly in multi-user, multi-tasking environments such as UNIX. Once the premastered image has been sent to the controller, Young Minds' controller technology off-loads the task of actually recording the disk and prevents data underrun.

Yound Minds has also introduced StudioNT, a Windows NT-based CD-Recording System. For more information, contact Young Minds, Inc., 1906 Orange Tree Lane, Suite 240, Redlands, CA 92374; (800) 964-4964; Fax: (909) 798-0488; Internet:; WWW: