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New Products

Walnut Creek Upgrades FreeBSD

Walnut Creek CDROM in association with the FreeBSD Project, has upgraded FreeBSD, a 4.4 BSD Lite-based UNIX-like operating system for PCs. FreeBSD comes with a full development environment with C/C++ and FORTRAN compilers and debuggers. FreeBSD includes BSD networking and services like NFS, NIS, SLIP/PPP and IP routing /firewall security features. The X Window System (XFree86 3.1.2), USENET News, UUCP, email software, and graphical utilities are also included. FreeBSD installs alongside other operating system such as DOS and Windows and shares DOS files both on the local disk and over the network with SAMBA and PCNFS. Also SCO, Linux, and BSD/OS emulation lets FreeBSD run executables from these systems. Full source code is provided.

FreeBSD 2.1 includes a revamped VM system with a merged VM/file buffer cache that improves performance and reduces the memory footprint. Other features of FreeBSD 2.1 include NIS client and server support, transaction TCP support, dial-on-demand PPP, an improved SCSI subsystem, early ISDN support, support for FDDI and Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit) adapter, and support for the Adaptec 2940 (WIDE and narrow) and 3940 SCSI adaptors. Additionally, FreeBSD 2.1 offers a collection of ported software programs. The 350 programs range from http servers to games, languages, and editors. The software collection requires 10 Mb of storage, and all ports are expressed as "deltas" to their original sources.

FreeBSD is free on the Internet at A CDROM version of FreeBSD is available from Walnut Creek CDROM. For more information, contact Walnut Creek CDROM, 4041 Pike Lane, Ste. D, Concord, CA 94520; (800) 786-9907 or (510) 674-0783; Fax: (510) 674-0821; Internet:

TeamQuest Releases TeamQuest Baseline 6.2

TeamQuest Corporation has released TeamQuest Baseline level 6.2. TeamQuest Baseline 6.2, a performance analysis and capacity planning tool for UNIX, provides work group analysis, correlation analysis, alarms and thresholds, and analysis in realtime or over historic periods. Features of TeamQuest Baseline 6.2 include integration with HP OpenView and Tivoli/Enterprise console management frameworks and performance data collection from instrumented sources. From a single console, operators can see performance alarms from any machine. Data collection agents in TeamQuest Baseline 6.2 collect performance data from Oracle and Sybase database applications, report TCP/IP and NFS traffic, and measure the performance of user-written applications or other software that supplies performance data.

For pricing and other information, contact TeamQuest, 2410 Third Ave. South, Clear Lake, IA 50428; (515) 357-2700; Fax: (515) 357-2778; Internet:; WWW: http://

GraphOn Announces GO-Global

GraphOn Corporation has announced GO-Global, native 32-bit, X11R6-compliant client server software. GO-Global is designed for high speed access to graphical UNIX/X applications from Windows desktops without running an X Server on the PC. GO-Global provides a centrally located platform for delivering UNIX/X application to mobile Windows users, remote sites, and branch offices. The client, residing on the Windows desktop, requires less than 300K of memory and minimal CPU cycles. G0-Global's X agent resides on a UNIX machine supporting UNIX workstations. GO-Global includes VT100 emulation, telnet, point-and-click file transfer, local printing, cut and paste capability, and a scripting language.

Integrated into GO-Global is GOconnect, GO-Global's connection manager. GOConnect acts as a "wizard" to walk users through prompts for the information required for specific connections. GOconnect can be used to deploy large numbers of remote users, to automate an individual user's simple or complex connections, or as a connection engine into X Window-compliant applications.

GO-Global supports Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, Workgroups, and OS/2. GO-Global also supports SunOS, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Alpha. GraphOn has recently added SCO OpenServer support for Intel X86 platforms. GO-Global support is scheduled for RS 6000 AIX, Digital UNIX, and Silicon Graphics IRIX.

An evaluation copy of GO-Global is available via ftp from GraphOn's Web site. Pricing for GO-Global begins at $295 per seat. For more information or to request an evaluation copy, contact GraphOn Corporation, 150 Harrison Ave., Campbell, CA 95008; (408) 370-4080; Fax: (408) 370-5047; Internet:


ANDATACO has introduced ESP RAID Lite, which combines the fault-tolerant advantages of RAID with their Enterprise Storage Packaging (ESP) technology. ESP RAID Lite includes a single active or dual active/passive controller, each using an i960 Intel RISC microprocessor. The processor provides visual, audible, email, and web-based alarms preceding failure of a system's disk driver, fans, or power supplies.

Also, ESP RAID Lite's microprocessor supplies the needed MIPS to provide I/O's between the fastest RISC-based CPU's and disk drives. This microprocessor, along with a cable-less chassis, lets ESP RAID Lite support a full suite of applications including imaging, video-on-demand, bulk storage, and multiple online transactions. ESP includes operability at UltraSCSI (40 MB/s) data transfer rates and support for 10,000 RPM drives. Remote monitoring and control across the network are also available by adding the client/server RAID Management Utility (RMU Lite), a module of ANDATACO's Web Storage Manager software, which uses Netscape as the GUI.

For pricing and other information about ESP RAID Lite, contact ANDATACO, 10140 Mesa Rim Rd., San Diego, CA 92121; (800) 334-9191 or (619) 453-9191; Fax: (619) 453-9294; Internet:; WWW:

Xerox Announces ScanWorX API 3.1 For UNIX

Xerox Corporation Desktop Documents Systems has announced ScanWorX API 3.1 for UNIX. ScanWorX 3.1, a client-server API which uses Xerox' Document Recognition Technology (DocuRT) engine, lets developers integrate high-end optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities into their applications.

The ScanWorX API is a C/C++ developers toolkit, designed for integration into third party applications using C/C++. According to the company, ScanWorX 3.1 API gives developers high-recognition accuracy on a wide variety of document, including facsimiles, photocopies, and other documents with complex layouts. Additional features of ScanWorX 3.1 include expanded Lexifier, a natural language system that increases recognition accuracy for classes of text found in business documents (including telephone numbers, dates, and social security numbers) and foreign language support for 12 languages (including English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish). Other features of ScanWorX 3.1 include automatic preprocessing capabilities such as page segmentation, rotation, fax/dot matrix detection/adjustment, noise removal, and de-skew (between 1.5 and 10 degrees); recognition of fonts between 5 and 72 point size; and two-page mode for open-face books and magazines. ScanWorX 3.1 supports the following input formats: Windows PCX, DCX, BMP, Binary Image, TIFF, CCITT group 3 and 4, and XDOC Lite, and the following resolutions (in dpi): 100x200, 200x100, 200x400, 400x200, and 70 to 900 square (e.g., 250x250).

ScanWorX API 3.1 For UNIX supports SunOS 4.1x, Solaris 2.3+, HPUX 9.x/10, and IBM 4.1. The 32-bit ScanWorX 3.1 API basic toolkit is priced at $5,000 and includes one year of free support. For more information, contact Xerox Corporation, Desktop Document Systems, 3400 Hillview Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304; (800) 248-6550 or (415) 813-6800; Fax; (415) 813-6967; WWW:

LBMS Announces Process Engineer Version 3.5

LBMS, Inc. has announced Process Engineer Version 3.5, a client/server-based process management environment that automates and drives the application development process. PE 3.5 features a work-process driven interface, expanded workgroup communication capabilities, and application templates.

Features of PE 3.5 include: PE Launch Pad, a control interface for PE components; Wizard style Project Creation that provides a series of dialogs to walk the user through the creation of a project plan; and publishing capabilities that let the user created a "project book" containing all or a subset of current project information. Other features include a learning section, which provides a guided tour and interactive computer-based training on all product functionality. PE 3.5 Workgroup capabilities include support for Groupwise 4.x, VIM for cc:Mail 6.0, VIM for Notes 4.x., and OLE2/Automation. Besides Primavera Systems project Planner and Microsoft Project, PE 3.5 provides interfaces to CSC/Artemis' Project View 3.2 and ABT Corp's Project Workbench 3.0.

A PE componoent, PE/Web Publisher, includes facilities for publishing "best practices" onto a corporate Intranet from information stored in a Process Engineer Library. PE/Web Publisher lets an organization create and maintain a "best practices Web site" for information dissemination and communication. The pages created by Web Publisher are accessed through standard Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Various components are available for Process Engineer 3.5. PE/Process Library is priced at $50,000 per server. PE/Process Manager, PE/Project Manager and PE/Activity Manager are priced at $10,000, $3,5000, and $1,500, respectively, per client workstation. For more information, contact LBMS, Inc., Houston ,TX; (800) 231-7515; WWW:

Specialix Ships JETSTREAM

Specialix Inc. has begun shipping the JETSTREAM family of modular terminal servers (MTS) for WAN/LAN, TCP/IP, and Remote Access Servers. The JETSTREAM family is comprised of JETSTREAM 6000, JETSTREAM 7000, and JETSTREAM 7500. The JETSTREAM 6000 is an 8-port terminal server that is upgradeable to 16, 24, and 32 ports with the use of clip-in modules. JETSTREAM 6000 supports Rlogin/Telnet, multi-sessions, downloadable terminal definitions, and printer or modem grouping. The JETSTREAM 7000/7500 are expandable from 8 to 16 ports and provide single port of entry for remote access and WAN applications such as LAN bridging, home and remote office, Internet, and database access. The products support SLIP/PPP, 115 Kbps line speed and hunt group capability, as well as SNMP (MIB II), BOOTP, net rebooting, and downloadable terminal definitions. They also enable transparent access to UNIX servers for terminal and PC users with full Rlogin/Telnet. The 7500 is equipped for 19-inch rack mounting.

The JETSTREAM terminal servers provide access to UNIX servers supporting Rlogin and telnet with multiple sessions per user depending upon terminal type with hot-key control. Users can be configured to log straight into network servers, enabling them to be up and running immediately.

The JETSTREAM 6000 is priced at $1,695, the JETSTREAM 7000 is priced at $1,795, and the JETSTREAM 7500 is priced at $2,395. For more information, contact Specialix Inc., 745 Camden Ave., Campbell, CA 95008; (800) 423-5364 or (408) 378-7919; Internet:

Amdahl Introduces Fibre 2000 Storage Array Series

Amdahl Corporation has introduced the Fibre 2000 Storage Array Series for use on Solaris operating systems. The Fibre 2000 supports data warehousing and other applications the require high throughput. The Fibre 2000 can be configured with the following RAID levels, 0, 1, or, 5 and uses 25 Mbps fiber channels

For protection against a disaster, the Fibre 2000 arrays can be connected to a server located in an alternate building up to two kilometers away. The Fibre 2000 includes an intelligent controller, with a nonvolatile cache that off-loads much of the I/O processing burden from the server CPU. When used with A+FailSafe software, the Fibre 2000 Storage Array Series supports "hot spares" and a dual-ported controller for failover protection. The "hot spare" option lets customers choose the exact time to replace a faulty disk. Because the hot spare is activated immediately, data is rebuilt, and RAID protection is restored. Also, a GUI interface tool lets the user monitor status, tune performance, and reconfigure the system while continuing to let users access their data.

The Fibre 2000 Storage Array Series is available in three models, the 2100, the 2200, and the 2500. The Model 2100 array uses up to thirty 2.2 Gb low-profile 3.5-inch drivers. The Model 2200 supports scalability for datacenter applications requiring multi-terabytes of storage by utilizing up to thirty-six 9 Gb, 5.25-inch drivers. Both models support disk replacement without taking the system down or rebooting. The Model 2500 combines the Fibre 2000 controller with hot pluggable disk drives and with redundant "hot" pluggable power supplies and fans. The 2500 supports 3.5 inch 4.2 GB disk drives. The Fibre 2000 Storage Array Series integrates with the Sun Microsystems line of Ultra Enterprise servers.

For pricing and other information about the Fibre 2000 Storage Array Series, contact Amdahl Corporation, 1250 East Arques Ave., P.O. Box 3470, Sunnyvale, CA 94088; (408) 746-6000.

Mercury Ships XRunner 4.0

Mercury Interactive Corporation has begun shipping XRunner 4.0, its testing tool for UNIX client applications. Features of XRunner 4.0 include: reusing tests across UNIX and Windows NT platforms, and supporting Mercury Interactive' WebTest to test Java and Netscape application functionality. Additional features of XRunner 4.0 include: RapidTest Script Wizard, Exception Handling, WidgetLint, OpenTest Technology, and Report Analyzer.

The RapidTest Script Wizard learns the entire application and automatically generates test scripts. XRunner's exception handling automates responses to unanticipated application or system errors. WidgetLint is an error detection tool for testing Motif user interfaces. WidgetLint also detects GUI implementation errors such as invisible text, labels and widgets, window and widget resizing errors, and widget redundancy. XRunner's OpenTest Technology allows reuse of existing C/C++ code for testing through shared library extension to Mercury Interactive's Test Script Language (TSL).

XRunner 4.0 supports HP SoftBench, Oracle Developer 2000, Computer Associates Open Road, SAS Environment and KL Group XRT Widgets, ParcPlace-Digitalk VisualWorld, Neuron Data Elements Environment IST X-Designer, Visix Galaxy, ICS Builder Accessory, and Visual Edge UIMX. XRunner 4.0 is available for Solaris, SunOS, HPUX, and SGI IRIX. Future support is planned for IBM AIX, Digital UNIX, UNIXWare, AT&T GIS NCR, and SCO UNIX.

A single-user license of XRunner 4.0 is priced at $10,000. The WebTest extension is priced at $495. For more information, contact Mercury Interactive Corporation, 470 Potrero Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086; (408) 523-9900; Fax: (408) 523-9911; WWW:

Alida Ports GT Backup to SGI IRIX

Alida, Inc. has ported its GT Backup software to the SGI IRIX platform. GT Backup is network-based backup, restore, and tape management software. Operating in a client/server architecture, GT Backup is not proprietary, as it supports standard UNIX tape formats. As a result, users need not restore GT Backup prior to restoring data or learn new operating instructions and procedures. GT Backup performs both multiple backups and writes to multiple tape drive and any computer on the network can backup to any device on the network. GT Backup also supports GUI's plus a character-based user interface.

GT Backup runs on UNIX platforms including, HP Apollo 9000 Series 700/800 workstations and servers, IBM RS/6000, and SUN SPARCstation running OS and Solaris 2.5. GT Backup is priced at $595 for a single user license. Discounts are available for multi-station networks. For more information, contact Alida, Inc., 27 McDermott Place, Bergenfield, NJ 07621; (800) 883-4878 or (201) 384-0080; Fax: (201) 384-3382; Internet:

Capital Technologies Announces RAPS 2.0

Capital Technologies Integration Inc. has announced its Real-time Application Performance System (RAPS) version 2.0. RAPS is a UNIX -based client-server performance and system management tool that lets users view collected data outside of set parameters. System and performance information is gathered by RAPS using Data Collection Modules (DCMs). Each DCM is designed to extract specific performance indicators that can be viewed in graph or table form. Standard DCMs include: Oracle, Sybase, General Purpose (client vital statistics), and Networking and File Systems. Currently14 different DCMs are available, including one customizable DCM that comes with programming and script writing guides.

Once the data has been collected by the DCMs and displayed in table form, RAPS users can click on the desired information and drag-and-drop onto a graph. RAPS lets the user customize the viewed graph by zooming in or out and adding colors and labels.

RAPS 2.0 will be released to a select list of customers for a period of 45 to 60 days. CapTech plans to release a beta production version by fall and anticipates production, sales, and distribution of RAPS by year end. RAPS 2.0 is begin offered at discounted rates to companies interested in purchasing the system within the alpha stage. This discount includes free upgrades to the consumer production version. For more information, contact Capital Technologies Integration, Inc., 525 Market St., Suite 1550, San Francisco, CA 94105; (415) 777-2364; Fax: (415) 777-2398; WWW:

Tecmar Introduces Wangtek 52000 Universal QIC Tape Drive

Tecmar Technologies, Inc. has introduced the Wangtek 52000 Universal QIC tape drive, which provides a native capacity of 2.5 Gb based on the QIC standard by utilizing the DC9250 data cartridge. The Wangtek 52000 Universal QIC tape drive includes a standard SCSI-2 connection, and according to the company, a sustained data rate of 17 Mb per minute, more than 1 Gb per hour. Besides linear recording, the Wangtek 52000 Universal QIC tape drive includes read-after-write verification and supports Quick File Access file restoration operations. The Wangtek 52000 is compatible with a range of standard SCSI host adapters, backup software applications, and UNIX utilities.

The Wangtek 52000 Universal QIC tape drive is based on the QIC 2GB DC standard, and is compatible with the many QIC formats, even those dating back 10 years. The Wangtek 52000 can write QIC-standard formats back to QIC-120DC, and can read tapes in QIC format dating back to QIC-11. The Wangtek 52000 Universal QIC drive is available in internal and external models.

The Wangtek 52000 Universal QIC tape drive is priced at less than $500. For more information, contact Tecmar Technologies, Inc., 1900 Pike Rd., Longmont CO 80501; (303) 682-3700; Fax: (303) 776-1698.

PLATINUM Announces NetArchive 2.5 And Integrates Apriori

PLATINUM technology, inc. has announced NetArchive 2.5, their product line for filesystem backup, filesystem space management or hierarchical storage management (HSM), online and off-line medial management, and disaster recovery. NetArchive 2.5 features "out-of-band" data transfer technology that instructs an operating system to bypass several layers of the pr0otocol stack used to transfer data to the network.

Other features of NetArchive 2.5 include: Network interface specification, length, and age sorting for migrated filed, raw device backup support, parameters for "burst mode," and an option to retain migrated files after automatic or manual retrieval. NetArchive 2.5 supports UNIX platforms and storage devices including optical disks, 4mm and 8mm tape, and Digital Linear Tape (DLT).

In another announcement, PLATINUM has integrated Apriori products with the HP OpenView IT/Operations management framework. Apriori completed the HP IT/Operation certification program and has achieved the Premier Level of integration with IT/Operations. With the Apriori integration complete, IT/Operation managers can use the Internet, corporate Intranets, and the IT/Operation console to solve problems via the Apriori Hands-Free Support tool. IT/Operations managers can also launch and manage Apriori, send and receive messages/alerts to and from Apriori, and pass information between Apriori and other systems management tools, including other PLATINUM tools.

Prices for NetArchive 2.5 start at $3,000 for a site-based server license and $2,000 for a site-based client license, both are required. For more information about NetArchive or Apriori, contact PLATINUM technology, inc., 1815 S. Meyers Rd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181; (800) 442-6861 or (708) 620-5000; Fax: (708) 691-0710; Internet:

Professional Protocol Releases WatchDog-HA

Professional Protocol has announced WatchDog-HA, high availability and failure management software for UNIX systems. WatchDog-HA automatically reconfigures available replicated resources when hardware or software failures or outages occur. Critical applications are automatically restarted on alternate machines. WatchDog-HA helps reduce system downtime, making use of a flexible client-server architecture. WatchDog-HA detects system failures and alerts system adminstrators via gui, email, or pager. WatchDog-HA also automatically restarts services on backup servers, or the same servers, or according to corrective scripts. WatchDog-HA supports 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 3 to 1, or many to many failover configurations.

WatchDog-HA server monitors its client or vice versa, offering redundant monitoring capabilities. System administrators can write scripts and pass tokens that interface with WatchDog-HA's server, allowing flexible, system- and service-specific responses. WatchDog-HA provides extensive management support, allowing a centralized management system, with GUI interface, online system error messages, logs, and other user specified troubleshooting data. WatchDog-HA supports Professional Protocol's SmartScsi Switch, dual-ported RAID, SCSI-2, and IPI. WatchDog-HA runs on SunOS, Solaris2.x, Solaris x86, HP-UX, AIX, and SCO UNIX.

For pricing and other information, contact Professional Protocol, Corporation, 860 San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303; (800) 797-2772; Internet:; WWW: