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New Products

The Kernel Group Upgrades SCTrace

The Kernel Group, Inc. has upgraded SCTrace, its call tracing tool for AIX. SCTrace lets systems administrators and developers look inside a running program and see what is going on. SCTrace generates a report of the calls made by the target program, and gives enough detail to show exactly what each one was meant to do and what it actually did. SCTrace displays system calls with arguments and return values; regular function calls, including stripped binaries; and timing information for performance analysis. SCTrace follows fork operation, stores the trace data for later viewing, and can restrict traces to specific functions or system calls. It also attaches to programs already running, requires no super-user privileges, and provides flexible configuration options with defaults.

SCTrace v2.0 includes a profiling facility that records how much real time is spent in each system and function call. Also with SCTrace v2.0, recompiling is not necessary. It allows administrators to pinpoint bottlenecks in complex client/server systems or in I/O intensive situations.

SCTrace v2.0 operates on any AIX executable, regardless of source language, compiler, use of shared libraries, or optimization level. No compiling or relinking is necessary. SCTrace v2.0 for AIX supports all versions of AIX on RS 6000 and the Motorola PowerStack platforms, and is priced at $495 for one node-locked license. A one-year maintenance contract is priced at $75. A free 30 day trail version of SCTrace v2.0 is available: at For more information, contact The Kernel Group, Austin, TX; (512) 433-3322.

Clarity Upgrades Compatibility Server

Clarity Software, Inc. has upgraded Clarity Compatibility Server, its universal file format translator that bridges the differences in platforms, email systems, applications, and Web-based packages. Clarity Compatibility Server Version 1.4 lets users attach fully formatted documents, spreadsheets, and images to their email for cross-platform distribution of files that arrive ready to review, edit, and print. Other features of Clarity Compatibility Server Version 1.4 include support for bi-directional conversion of FrameMaker 5 and Word for Windows Version 7 files, and profile management capabilities.

Clarity Compatibility Server Version 1.4 provides HTML and PDF support so that documents from the Web, or destined for the Web, can maintain the formatting of the original image. The Clarity Compatibility Server Version 1.4 is mounted with an SMTP gateway where email messages and attachments are automatically intercepted. The messages and attachments are transformed according to the recipient's user profile, which is maintained in the system's Address Book. Then, when the recipient opens the document or image, it appears as though it was produced on his or her system, regardless of whether the sender used a PC, Mac, or UNIX workstation.

Additionally, Clarity Compatibility Server Version 1.4 lets users add, change, and delete password protected Address Book profiles, including individual home page URLs from the Web. A UNIX-based SMTP mail hub is required for operation. Clarity Compatibility Server Version 1.4 supports the following UNIX systems: HP-UX, SunOS 4.1.3, and Solaris 2.x. It also supports PC, UNIX, and Macintosh mail client products.

Clarity Compatibility Server Version 1.4 is priced at $4,000 per 25 users. The system includes all required documentation and bi-directional converters for UNIX, PC, and Macintosh text, spreadsheet, and graphic formats. A remote demo is available on Clarity's Web site at For more information, contact Clarity Software, Inc., 2700 Garcia Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043; (800) 235-6736 or (415) 691-0320; Fax: (415) 964-4383; Internet:; WWW:

Cygnus Announces Kerb*Net

Cygnus Support has announced Kerb*Net, a security system for open networked computing environments. Kerb*Net is the IETF standard for network security (RFC 1510) amd offers robust user authentication. Features of Kerb*Net include customization, applicaion integation, and compatibility with Kerberos V4. The Kerb*Net core technology is built on MIT's Kerberos V5, an enterprise-wide client/server security system developed as part of Project Athena. There are two APIs that can be used to access Kerb*Net, the standard Kerberos API and the IETF's Generic Security Server API (GSSAPI) based on RFCs 1508, 1509, and 1964. Kerb*Net can be used to secure other standards-based client/server solutions.

Kerb*Net comes with complete sourcecode and guarantees that unauthorized users are who they say they are without requiring the user to type multiple passwords. Each user and application server has a unique encryption key that it shares with the Kerb*Net server. These secret keys are based on the password of the user or applicaion server. Kerb*Net never sends passwords across the network. Passwords serve as private keys with which the data sent over the Net is locked.

Kerb*Net is available on UNIX, Macintosh, Windows 3.1, 95 and NT. For pricing and other information about Kerb*Net, contact Cygnus Support, 1937 Landings Dr., Mountain View, CA 94043; (800) 294-6871 or (415) 903-1400; Fax: (415) 903-0122; Internet:; WWW:

CNET Introduces Two Products

CNET, Inc. has introduced two products, Traffic Trending Tool and BOS 6.5. Traffic Trending Tool integrates RF data and network operating information. It bridges the power of CNET's network management software, Basic Operation system (BOS), and the RF design and planning system, Wireless Network Graphics System (WiNGS).

Traffic Trending Tool's "topology overlay" takes geographically referenced data and presents it graphically in color to distinguish network problem areas. Traffic Trending Tool features a GUI that depicts network conditions for specific time periods according to the user's selected parameters and provides visual analysis of any performance attribute. Also the Traffic Trending Tool communicates with a variety of network switches and elements within PCs, paging, cellular, two-way radio, ESMR, and other wireless networks. Traffic Trending Tool is menu-driven and runs on Sun platforms using Solaris 2.x. Additional features of Traffic Trending Tool include object-oriented design, custom icons and maps, standard or custom reports, and multiple network viewing.

BOS 6.5 is an upgraded version of CNET's Basic Operations System (BOS). BOS, a modular collection of UNIX-based operational support programs, collects realtime fault, performance, and customer detail data from any continuously operating network and translates the data into information operators can use. With BOS, users can graphically configure the network, view the results, and post alarms to alert staff to system problems.

Features of BOS 6.5 include an alarm inhibit feature that lets the user define and inhibit alarms for a period of time; a remote backup capability; BOSapl version 2, the BOS scripting language; and the BOSinfo user interface, which lets the user overlay roadways on the displayed geography. BOS 6.5 also integrates Xtalker for direct interaction with remote system consoles and Xbrowser for direct access to network event histories.

For pricing and other information about Traffic Trending Tool or BOS 6.5, contact CNET, Inc., 4975 Preston Park Blvd., Suite 800, Plano, TX 75093; (800) 332-2638 or (214) 867-3333; Fax: (214) 867-6800; Internet:

PLATINUM Ships Desktop DBA for Motif

PLATINUM technology, inc. has begun shipping the UNIX version of its client/server database administration and migration tool Desktop DBA. Desktop DBA for Motif replaces the need for UNIX database administrators to memorize SQL syntax of RDBMS commands with point-and-click commands.

With Desktop DBA for Motif, database administrators can perform routine and complex management tasks for multiple database types with point-and-click computing. These tasks include: automating database comparisons, saving administrators time when synchronizing databases; and altering database objects including tables, indexes, views, and procedures in real-time by clicking on dialog box options. Other management tasks include the ability to drag and drop objects and data including all dependencies and associated security between database servers; and streamlining many administrative functions such as those for local and remote server configuration, user access permission, and catalog reporting.

Desktop DBA for Motif supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase and runs on HP-UX, and Sun Solaris. Support for Informix, IBM DB2, IBM AIX and other UNIX platforms is planned for the future. Prices for Desktop DBA for Motif start at $2,490. For more information, contact PLATINUM technology, inc., 1815 S. Meyers Rd., Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181; (800) 442-6861 or (708) 620-5000; Fax: (708) 691-0710; Internet:

JSB Announces MultiView DeskTop and MultiView/X Version 5

JSB Corporation has announced MultiView DeskTop and MultiView/X version 5 for Windows 3.x and Windows 95. MultiView DeskTop and MultiView/X version 5 include a 32-bit VxD TCP/IP stack, providing the reliability to run TCP/IP networks; Bootp and DHCP support for configuring IP addresses; and network utilities including Ping, Whois, Nslookup, Finger, and Traceroute. Other features of MultiView DeskTop and MultiView/X version 5 include a monitoring application for key network information including connection, routing, interface tables, and protocol and buffer statistics; a TCPDump that provides packet trace information; and support for mobile computer users via a Dialup facility for SLIPP/PPP connections.

MultiView/X version 5 also includes a 32-bit X11R6 PC X Server that provides access to graphical UNIX applications. Features of the X Server include an X control panel for central administration of applications, a graphical interface for keyboard mapping, and a "Log Browser" for examining trace file contents. MultiView/X version 5 offers a range of terminal emulators for text-based UNIX applications with support for DEC VT320 and VT420 emulators.

MultiView DeskTop is priced at $295 for an single license and $995 for five licenses. MultiView/X version 5 for Windows 3.x and Windows 95 is priced at $495 for a single license and $1,950 for five licenses. For more information, contact JSB Corporation, 108 Whispering Pines Dr., Suite 115, Scotts Valley, CA; (408) 438-8300; Fax: (408) 438-8360; Internet:; WWW:

Lynx Ships SNMP Network Management Tools

Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc. has begun shipping SNMP Network Management Software tools, SNMP Master Agent and SNMP Development Toolkit for building SNMP subagents and MIBs. The tools are based on the PATROL SNMP Agent Development Kit from BMC Software Inc. The PATROL SNMP Agent Development Kit uses an open, multi-MIB architecture. The Development Kit creates master agents and subagents providing SNMP-based management support for applications and devices across a network.

SNMP Master Agent software provides the communications pathway between the Network Manager and the embedded systems' MIB. Besides supporting SNMP Classic, SNMP Master Agent also supports the SNMPv2 standard. The SNMP Master Agent comes free with Version 2.4 of LynxOS Development System running x86/Pentium platforms. The SNMP Development Toolkit provides a flexible, modular development environment and a high-level API.

The SNMP Master Agent and SNMP Development Toolkit is priced at $9,990. Source code for both the runtime master agent software and the SNMP Development Toolkit is available. For more information, contact Lynx Real-Time Systems, Inc., 2239 Samaritan Dr., San Jose, CA 95124; (800) 255-5969 or (408) 879-3900; Fax: (408) 879-3920; Internet:

MICRO-LINK Releases Gemini

MICRO-LINK TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. has released Gemini, a data storage management tool for continuous online backup. Gemini lets users of large data networks maintain a live "twin" of critical data on the network for immediate access and recovery. Gemini makes a duplicate of all data, as selected by the administrator from his clients on an NFS network, and ensures stipulated partitions, directories, and files maintained by Gemini including all updates and modifications. Once the choices have been made, the operation is automatically maintained by Gemini and is available for access in the event of a disaster.

Gemini has its own built in backup, so that even data held by Gemini can be recovered in the event of a failure. Data is written without going across the network. As an additional layer of protection, Gemini writes all its data and backups in nonproprietary format. The data held in Gemini repository is as current as the last access of the client's disk by Gemini, which can be set to run with as little as delay as possible.

According to the company, Gemini supports all NFS clients regardless of manufacture or operating system used. Pricing for Gemini starts at $40,000 depending on the amount of data that requires a live "twin." Gemini includes the hardware and software necessary to operate on an NFS network as a "turnkey" solution. For more information, contact MICRO-LINK TECHNOLOGY, Inc., 401 Pennsylvania Pkwy., Suite 205, Indianapolis, IN 46280; (317) 848-2246; Fax: (317) 848-2254.

PPT Announced EtherWeb

Personal Productivity Tools has announced EtherWeb. Based on client/server technology, EtherWeb supports Intranet desktop-to-wireless communication using any paging service to send information to an unlimited number of alphanumeric pagers. Part of the EtherPage family of products, EtherWeb provides seamless integration with Web servers running on a variety of platforms. Pages are generated from the desktop using HTML 2.0 compliant Web browsers. Features of EtherWeb include support for multiple modems, redundant server, distributed administration, job queueing and monitoring, and configurable error recovery. According to the company, EtherWeb's automatic batching of messages supports the delivery of tens of thousands of messages hourly.

EtherWeb supports Web servers running SunOS 4.1.x, Solaris 2.x and Solaris X86 2.x, HP-UX 9x and 10.x, AIX 3.x and 4.x, and SCO 5.x platforms. Supported client platforms include Windows, Windows NT, Windows 95, MacOS, UNIX, and others connected to heterogeneous UNIX hosts. EtherWeb is priced on a per Web server basis ranging from $595 for three pagers to $2,195 for unlimited pagers. For more information, contact Personal Productivity Tools, Inc., 14141 Miranda Rd., Los Altos Hills, CA 94022; (415) 917-7000; Fax: (415) 917-7010; Internet:; WWW:

DAZEL Announces Output Server

DAZEL Corporation has announced the DAZEL Output Server, which lets the Output Management Framework for client/server environments deliver information from existing applications directly to the Web. The Output Server provides centralized control of, and unified access to printing, faxing, paging, email and file transfer, in a client/server enterprise. The Output Server maintains a central repository of output destinations and provides system administration capabilities giving MIS a central point for managing and controlling output destinations and domains. The Output Server integrates into the existing client/server infrastructure, providing an open, scalable, heterogeneous solution that is destination independent.

MetaWeb, a new destination, will extend the reach of the Output Server beyond current hardcopy and electronic designation to corporate users, providing comprehensive publish and subscribe capabilities. The MetaWeb destination, in addition to Web publishing through the Output Server, lets users subscribe to specific information relevant to their needs. This lets corporate application deliver information directly to users.

The DAZEL Output Server supports SunOS, Sun Solaris, Hp-UX, IBM AIX, and NCR SVR4 platforms. For pricing and other information about the DAZEL Output Server, contact DAZEL Corporation, Austin, TX; (800) 357-8357 or (512) 306-7300; WWW:

UniSolutions Releases UNISOL JobAcct Version 2.2.5

UniSolutions Associates have released UNISOL JobAcct Version 2.2.5 with expanded resource accounting capabilities, including application-specific accounting function for ISP and universities, and enhanced disk usage accounting. UNISOL JobAcct is a system monitoring, resource accounting, and billing tool for UNIX systems.

UNISOL JobAcct performs cost accounting by user, group, project, and cost center, and can also assign proportional chargeback for projects or departments. Individual accounting charges include connect time, disk usage, CPU usage, miscellaneous charges, memory usage, disk I/O operation, and pages printed. JobAcct's reporting formats itemize charges for user, group, project chargeback number, and cost center, and can include addresses for direct mailing to users and their organizations. JobAcct also alerts the user when the budget is exceeded or when logins may be disabled. Additionally, JobAcct offers flexibility in disk usage accounting that includes standard disk usage averaging, and lets the user set minimum and maximum charges for disk usage. An optional performance monitoring module monitors system activity, collects performance data, and provides graphical summaries of system performance

JobAcct support most UNIX platforms. Prices for a single machine license start at $1,595. For more information, contact UniSolutions Associates, 33586 Via Lagos, Dana Point, CA 92629; (714) 488-3960; Fax: (714) 443-5354.

NetManage Introduces Z-Mail Pro For Windows

NetManage Inc. has introduced Z-Mail Pro for Windows. Z-Mail Pro for Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, and Windows NT is an email client that includes inline HTML viewing/composition and IMAP 4 support. With Z-Mail Pro, users can design and exchange email messages in Web page format, including styled text, embedded graphics, and live links to pages anywhere on the WWW. Because Z-Mail Pro uses embedded ActiveX technology, all of this is accomplished without the help of an external Web browser.

Features of Z-Mail Pro for Windows include: a forum conferencing application for multimedia collaborative discussion; VBA scripting capabilities; RapidSearch for finding messages by content, and InPerson multipoint electronic whiteboard and realtime video/audio conferencing. Other features of Z-mail Pro for Windows include: built-in privacy features, incoming mail rules and filters; indexed search capabilities including message-body search; and converters for messages saved in other email applications. Z-Mail Pro also supports NetManage's Chameleon FAX Server.

Z-Mail Pro for Windows is priced at $75. For more information, contact NetManage Inc., (408) 973-7171; Internet:; WWW:

Box Hill Introduces Echo Box

Box Hill Systems Corporation has introduced the Echo Box simultaneous self-duplicating DLT media changer. Features of Echo Box include one or two DLT drives 3000 (15-30 Gb) or 4000 (20-40 Gb), 10 cartridge magazine capacity, and 150 Gb to 400 Gb capacity. Other features include two-drive streaming for high-speed backup, 6 Mb/second transfer rate and interlocking design for stacking which is upgradeable to 3.2 Terabtyes with rate of 172 Gb/hour, and tapes that can be interchanged with any drive.

The Echo Box includes a LCD front-panel display of library status and mode select button for automatic or manual operation, one-button magazine handling, and a bar code reader for data management. Also included in Echo Box is TMS (Tape Mirroring Software), that provides realtime mirroring, and a device driver (NSRMC) which provides control of all Echo Box operations. The Echo Box can be desk, side, or rack mounted.

For pricing and other information about the Echo Box, contact Box Hill Systems Corporation, 161 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013; (800) 727-3863 or (212) 989-4455; Fax: (212) 989-6817; Internet:; WWW:

Storage Technology Announces TimberWolf 9714

Storage Technology Corp. has announced the TimberWolf 9714 Automated Cartridge System, a Nearline library designed for small-scale distributed computing environments. The TimberWolf 9714 supports systems running UNIX, Windows NT, and NetWare and offers connectivity with Cheyenne, Legato, OpenVision, and Platinum data management software.

The TimberWolf 9714 library provides 800 Gb to 2 Tb of uncompressed, automated storage and can be equipped with up to six DLT drives. The TimberWolf 9714 can be configured with 40 to 100 cartridge slots. Designed for the office environment, the TimberWolf 9714 is 43 inches tall, 36 inches wide, and 26 inches deep. According to the company, the TimberWolf 9714 is designed for 1 million mean exchanges between failures and can be upgraded in the field.

The TimberWolf 9714 ACS is priced at $46,800 and includes 40-cartridge capacity and two DLT4000 drives. For more information, contact Storage Technology Corporation, 2270 S. 88th St., Louisville, CO 80028; (800) 922-3260 or (303) 673-5020; WWW:

Qualix Announces Support For Baydel RAID

Qualix Group Inc. has announced that their QualixHA Solutions, a suite of high-availability software, supports the Baydel RAID subsystem. The Baydel RAID offers hardware resilience against failures in the disk subsystem. The QualixHA package maintains communication between servers and provides transparent failover from one server to another in the event of system, network, or other failures. Qualix HA supports specific applications and software subsystem including Web server and databases such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and CA-Open Ingres. QualixHA also lets users monitor, restart, failover, and recover applications across Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, and AIX/ 600 UNIX platforms.

For more information about the QualixHA Solutions for Baydel RAID, contact Qualix Group, Inc., 1900 S. Norfolk St., Suite 224, San Mateo, CA 94403; (415) 572-0200; Fax: (415) 572-1300.

Sun Users Group Announces Symposium

The Sun Users Group has announced the third annual Computers and The Law Symposium. Computers & The Law III will be held December 1-4, 1996 at the Red Lion Hotel in San Jose, California. The Computers & The Law Conference Series is a unique forum in which members of the computer, legal, and law enforcement fields meet to share experience and ideas, and address the growing connections between their professions. Previous symposiums have featured talks by members of the FBI and Secret Service Computer Crimes Units, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, notable hackers, science fiction authors, and leaders from throughout the high-tech industry.

Computers & The Law III speakers include Mike Godwin (EFF), Peter Galvin (Security columnist for "SunWorld On-line"), Professor Eugene Volokh (UCLA), and S. Lee Henry (TASC and ex-CIA). The Symposium will also feature a trade show specifically oriented to showcase security products and technology affecting the legal ramification of computers. This free trade show will spotlight products designed to keep computers safe from intrusion and protected under current legal guidelines including firewalls, system monitors, contract software, law enforcement software, parental control, and other security devices.

The tutorials and workshops will be held on December 1 and 4; the talks, keynotes and other featured events on December 2 and 3; and the trade show will be open to the public on December 2 from 5 pm to 9 pm and December 3 from 10 am to 4 pm. To register or for more detailed information on Computers & The Law III, contact The Sun Users Group; (617) 232-0514; Internet:; WWW: