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New Products

Cycle Introduces LiveData

Cycle Software has introduced LiveData Intranet. LiveData Intranet is server software that lets corporations put realtime, continuously changing data flows on the Web. LiveData Intranet includes active server technology which, with either ActiveX or Java, sends current information directly to Web user desktops. LiveData Intranet includes built-in drivers for realtime data sources such as computer numerical controls (CNCs), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) from Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc, Siemens, Modicon, Harris, Valmet, Systems Northwest, QEI, EnergyLine, Beckwith, and Rochester.

LiveData Intranet runs on Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows for Workgroups. LiveData Intranet supports corporate information and production systems on many platforms including mainframes, UNIX, Windows, VMS, and OS/2. LiveData supports databases including Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, DB2, Informix, and other sources accessible via an ODBC driver.

Pricing for LiveData Intranet begins at $2,499 per CPU. ActiveX support is available now with Java support planned for the first quarter of 1997. For more information, contact Cycle Software, 1212 Hancock St., Quincy, MA 02169; (617) 770-9594; Fax: (617) 770-9903; Internet:

Craftwork Releases Linux 2.2

Craftwork Solutions, Inc. has released Linux 2.2, Linux OS for Intel. Linux 2.2 is a complete, customizable operating system for desktop workstation or Web server. Linux 2.2 is a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system that includes NFS, Mail, DNS, and NIS server. Linux 2.2 requires no special proprietary networking software letting customers user their favorite programs just as they do with UNIX or Windows NT. Written from the source code, Linux 2.2 uses Craftwork's CRAFT Interface (Component Replacement And Fabrication Technology), built on the (v2.014) Linux kernel and (v2.7.2) gcc. This makes Linux 2.2 a stable 32-bit operating platform with upgradability and the ability to configure a system as a WWW server and/or client.

Features of Linux 2.2 include Metro-X Enhanced Server Set, Enhanced Software Technologies' BRU-PE, and g77 (FORTRAN), Objective C/C+ compilers. Linux 2.2 is ELF-based and compatible with Red Hat Software's RPM. Linux 2.2 security features include: IP firewalling, shadow password support, and the ability to control, allow, and deny access lists. Linux 2.2 also includes a CD-ROM with 125 file packages. The file packages include NYS networking, multi-protocol ready kernel, (TCP/IP, IPX, AppleTalk, Netware file system), PPP, kernel loadable modules, System Administration tool (Sysadm), integrity checking, X Window toolbar, Apache WWW Server, DNS name services, libc, and HOWTOs. Also included in Linux 2.2 are three predefined choices for package installation and a custom installation option.

Linux 2.2 is priced at $59.95 with free 30-day unlimited technical support. Product updates and new features can be downloaded at Craftwork's ftp site. For more information, contact Craftwork Solutions, Inc., 4320 Stevens Creek Blvd., #170, San Jose, CA 95129; (800) 985-1878 or (408) 985-1878; Fax: (408) 985-1880; WWW: or

Penril Adds Security Support to Access Beyond

Penril DataComm Networks, Inc. has added security support to its Access Beyond products for corporate remote access networks. The Access Beyond Security Software, which is incorporated into each unit's standard software, supports both PAP and CHAT authentication server protocols, NetWare Bindery, XTACACS, and RADIUS security techniques, as well as Call-back (static and roaming,) SecurID, and SNMP security methods. For smaller sites, an account/password combination list can be maintained within a server and shared by other servers.

The Access Beyond Security Software offers a range of secure access methods for UNIX (TCP/IP), NT, or NetWare (IPX) users, letting organizations implement the security capability appropriate for their individual operation. Smaller sites may use the Access Beyond security software's Windows-based password list system, while larger sites implement a host-based method. Also a combination of methods can be implemented, such as XTACACS password authentication, SecurID, and dialback.

Free upgrades of Access Beyond Security Software are available to existing Access Beyond customers. For pricing and other information about Access Beyond Security Software, contact Penril DataComm Networks, Inc., 1300 Quince Orchard Blvd., Gaithersburg, MD 20878; (800) 473-6745 or (301) 921-8600; Fax: (301) 921-8376; WWW: www/

Best Power Upgrades Fortress UPS

Best Power has upgraded its Fortress family of uninterruptible power systems (UPS) in the 520VA and 720VA models and introduced the 1020VA and 1420VA models. Features of the Fortress UPS include PowerSteady voltage regulation, hot-swap battery capabilities, and Windows 95 Plug and Play compatibility. Other features include a front panel display and embedded user-programmable UPS parameter. Fortress UPS also include no-break sinewave output and a range of power ratings and footprints. Internet protection from backdoor surges is provided by SpikeFree data-line surge suppressors, which are sold separately.

Fortress UPS are bundled with Best Power's CheckUPS II Suite power management software (including connectivity cable). CheckUPS II Suite supports Novell, UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 3.1, DOS, and OS/2 operating systems. Also, Fortress UPS are compatible with Best Power's SNMP adapters. The cabinet of the Fortress UPS will fit on the floor or desktop.

The Fortress UPS are priced at $509 for the 520VA, $549 for the 720VA, $799 for the 1020VA, and $999 for the 1420VA. Fortress is covered by a two-year limited warranty against factory or workmanship defects and includes a limited "Double Lifetime" warranty that repairs or replaces a user's Fortress if damaged by lightning and up to $25,000 (U.S.) for damage to connected equipment. (U.S. and Canada only) For more information, contact Best Power, P.O. Box 280, Necedah, WI 54646; (800) 356-5794 or (608) 565-7200; Fax: (608) 565-2221; Internet:; WWW:

Vital Announces Trudger

Vital Inc. has announced Trudger, a multi-platform Internet Web agent that makes Web surfing possible without a live connection. Trudger lets users build a personalized intranet by downloading Web pages, graphics, text, and HTML links of interest. Users can monitor Web sites as Trudger brings back all updates automatically. Trudger can be configured to control the type of content/files to download, number of links to traverse, Web sites to avoid, time to spend downloading, and amount of disk space to use.

Trudger uses asynchronous replication to stop an in-progress download and can resume later from where it left off. Users can specify how many links to download in parallel, and adjust their transfer rate while Trudger is operating. Users can also redirect Trudger's Web traversal route by pausing an in-progress download and then deleting the links/pages they do not want. Trudger does not require a Web browser, however it can communicate with one to display the downloaded pages. Trudger also includes site folders for disk space management.

Trudger supports Windows 95, NT, UNIXware, Sun Solaris/SunOS (SPARC, Intel), HP-UX, IBM RS6000 AIX, SGI, SCO, BSD, Linux, DEC-Alpha, and LynxOS platforms. Trudger is priced at $59.99. A preview version of Trudger can be downloaded from Vital's web site for multiple UNIX and Windows platforms. Free Trudger upgrades will also be available through the end of the year. For more information, contact Vital, Inc., 4109 Candlewyck Dr., Plano, TX 75024; (214) 612-2684; Fax: (214) 612-3326; Internet:; WWW:

Tecmar Introduces WangDAT 3800

Tecmar Technologies, Inc. has introduced its WangDAT 3800 4-mm DDS-2 tape drive. The WangDAT 3800 supports the DAT mechanical platform and is rated for 200,000 hours MTBF at a 20 percent duty cycle. According to the company, the WangDAT 3800 transfers data at a rate of 1.5 Mb/sec. Features of the WangDAT 3800 include 100-X speed search mode, 4 Gb of native storage, SCSI interface, 1 Mb data buffer, and 8 Gb compressed data storage.

Another feature of the WangDAT 3800 is an internal automatic head cleaner that is designed for the life of the drive. The head cleaner is automatically enabled during regular tape operation and warns the user if the 4-mm DAT media has a high defect count or is excessively worn. The WangDAT 3800 also warns the user when the internal drive tape path needs cleaning. The WangDAT 3800 is backward compatible with adapters, media, and software that supports DDS-1 and DDS-2 and is also compatible with the 3400DX drive.

The WangDAT 3800 tape drive is priced at $1,299 for internal configuration and $1,460 for external configuration. For more information, contact Tecmar Technologies, Inc., 1900 Pike Rd., Longmont, CO 80501; (303) 682-3700; Fax: (303) 776-1698.

HP Announces Microprocessor, Servers, and Operating System

Hewlett-Packard Company has introduced a range of HP 9000 enterprise servers running on the 64-bit HP PA-8000 RISC microprocessor. The PA-8000 microprocessor has earned a SPEC95 rating of 11.8 SPECint95 and 20.2 SPECfp95. The family of PA-8000 based servers include the K-Class, D-Class, T-Class, and 9000 EPS. The HP 9000 K-Class servers are intended primarily as application, Internet, database, LAN and Network File System, and compute-intensive servers. The four HP 9000 K-Class systems are designed for symmetric multiprocessing, and each can accommodate from one to four PA-8000 processors. The K-Class systems run on the HP-UX 10.20 enterprise class operating system, and existing K-class server models are upgradeable to the PA-8000 processor.

The HP 9000 D-Class servers function as Internet or Web servers and perform Network File System-type applications. The C270 and D370 are scalable for one- and two-way SMP processing. The D-Class servers are designed for resellers. The D-Class servers also run on HP-UX 10.20, and existing D-Class server modes are upgradeable to the PA-8000 processor.

The high end of the HP 9000 server family is the T-Class system, T600. The T600 supports up to 12-way SMP processing and offers an alternative to proprietary mainframe systems. Featuring a service processor, the T-Class servers are designed to be manageable, online transaction processing and decision support servers. The T600 supports up to 12 PA-8000 CPUs. Existing HP 9000 Model T520 customers may upgrade to the T600 via onsite, in-cabinet board swap, and additional PA-8000 CPUs can be added as required. The T600 is scheduled to be available in the second quarter of 1997.

The HP 9000 Enterprise Parallel Servers (ESP) also support the PA-8000 processor. The ESP architecture combines the parallel processing and SMP technologies scalability and investment protection for applications such as large-scale decision support and data warehousing.

HP has also announced HP-UX Version 10.20, which includes support for the PA-8000 microprocessor, 64-bit register calculation, and increased file size from 4 Gb to 128 Gb. HP also plans to evolve to a full 64-bit version of HP-UX, with an expected release in mid-1997. Current and future 32-bit applications are expected to run alongside or interoperate with 64-bit applications within the HP-UX environment, and 32-bit applications are expected to execute in the 64-bit environment without recompilation.

Pricing for the HP 9000 K-Class servers range from $52,000 to $77,200. Prices for the HP D-Class servers are $22,260 for the D270 and $25,250 for the D370. For more information, contact Hewlett-Packard Company, Palo Alto, CA, WWW:

Network-1 Upgrades FireWall/Plus

Network-1 Software and Technology has upgraded FireWall/Plus, its non-UNIX based, multi-protocol, multi-layer firewall. FireWall/Plus version 2.0 supports 486 and Pentium processors. The FireWall/Plus 2.0 installation procedure leads the user through a series of "yes and no" questions prior to installation and then automatically performs the correct installation. FireWall/Plus 2.0 includes filter "trees" that let the administrator graphically see how security measures are built and see which policies are dependent upon each other or conflict with other rules. Administrators can create "virtual groups" for specific user groups and security filter policies for any protocol. FireWall/Plus 2.0 also includes a "connection management" feature that lets the firewall administrator watch all sessions in progress and view extensive session information. It also includes a facility to "kill" any session that is in progress.

FireWall/Plus provides security functions that users can implement to create a customer specific customized solution. Functions include isolation of specific program access socket, bit-level filtering parameters, and upper-layer protocol filtering. FireWall/Plus also includes comprehensive data-collection and reporting facilities as well as realtime resource consumption statistics.

Prices for FireWall/Plus Version 2.0 range from $3,995 to $16,500. A free evaluation copy is available at the company's Web site. For more information, contact Network-1 Software and Technology, New York, NY; (800) 638-9751; WWW:

OAI Ships SCSIplex 7:1

Optical Access International, Inc. (OAI) has begun shipping SCSIplex 7:1, a SCSI-II processor system. The SCSIplex is an ID expander the lets seven SCSI devices occupy one SCSI address, letting more SCSI devices be connected to a SCSI bus. The SCSIplex provides more than just SCSI ID and LUM expansion. It also supports OAI's SafeSwap technology for hot-swapping CD-ROM drives, an interactive alphanumeric display panel and keypad for server management, and active SCSI bus termination for plug-and-play installation.

Other features of SCSIplex include a high-speed RISC processor, 49 SCSI devices per host bus, and support for most SCSI devices and adapters. The SCSIplex is host network operating system independent, and mounts in standard 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" drive bays (preconfigured for either size). SCSIplex supports Novell (NetWare, IPX/SPX), Microsoft (Windows NT, NetBIOS/NetBEUI), IBM (OS/2, LAN Workplace), Apple (AppleShare, AppleTalk), Banyan (Vines), and UNIX (TCP/IP, NFS) networks.

Pricing for the SCSIplex 7:1 SCSI ID extender begins at $685 for the 49 SCSI devices per SCSI channel version. For more information, contact Optical Access International, Inc., 500 W. Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801; (800) 433-5133 or (617) 937-3910; Fax: (617) 937-3950; Internet:; WWW:

Invincible Introduces LIFELINE SFT

Invincible Technologies Corp. has introduced LIFELINE Symmetric Fault Tolerant (SFT), a fault tolerant NFS server solution. LIFELINE SFT includes dual-server modules running a 64-bit UNIX operating system, LIFELINE storage array, and Invincible Technologies failover software.

LIFELINE SFT continuously monitors itself to detect and diagnose its status. In the event of a module malfunction, RAID controller error, SCSI or network device problems, LIFELINE SFT's failover software automatically redirects the workload from the affected device to another active component. Once the malfunction is corrected, LIFELINE SFT reintegrates the device back into the system and redistributes the workload again.

Invincible Technologies has also announced LIFELINE SFT support for Pure Atria's ClearCase configuration management software and Pro/PDM and Pro/ENGINEER design engineering applications from Parametric Technology Corp.

LIFELINE SFT pricing starts at $168,000 for an entry-level configuration, including 256 Mb ECC memory and 20.5 Gb of usable RAID 5 storage and a 1-year on-site service, support, and installation contract. Configuration may extend to 1 Gb of system memory and 246 Gb of RAID protected storage. For more information, contact Invincible Technologies, Corporation, Medway, MA.

GemStone Announces GemEnterprise

GemStone Systems, Inc. has announced GemEnterprise, an object replication server that lets corporations build business systems that scale horizontally across multiple servers. GemEnterprise extends the GemStone 5.0 object application server by allowing application processing and data to be located across geographically dispersed systems. Features of GemEnterprise include a high-speed communication mechanism specifically for server-to-server traffic patterns and a replication mechanism for creating parallel "standby" servers for disaster recovery. GemEnterprise security uses GemStone's user accounts, encrypted passwords, session, authorization sets, and privileged operation. Using GemEnterprise developers can distribute processing between online and decision support servers and can create and access a consolidated view of distributed objects from single or multiple servers. GemEnterprise also lets developers select specific objects or parts of objects for replication. GemEnterprise refreshes replicated and relocated objects close to the business event.

GemEnterprise is available in beta for HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and IBM AIX platforms. Production versions of GemEnterprise are planned for the first quarter of 1997. GemStone 5.0 development systems are priced at $8,000 per developer. For more information, contact GemStone Systems, Inc., 15400 NW Greenbriar Parkway, Suite 280, Beaverton, OR 97006; (800) 243-9369 or (503) 629-8383; Fax: (503) 629-8556; Internet:; WWW:

The Hyde Company Releases SPATCH Software

The Hyde Company has released four software tools for SPATCH alphanumeric paging software for UNIX. The first tool, Echelon Page, lets UNIX users send messages about system alarms and events to an alphanumeric pager. Echelon Page offers a way to escalate the alarm monitoring procedure through eight levels of escalation. Echelon Page works best with IVR hardware, which lets the paging subscriber respond to and cancel the alarm by using a touch-tone phone. The second product, SPATCH-XL, is designed for companies that need multiple modems to send alpha pages. SPATCH-XL supports 2 to 256 modems in concurrent use. The third product, PagePage, allows alphanumeric paging on an Intranet. PagePage is written in CGI and can be used in any Intranet/Internet environment. The fourth product, SPATCH ISP Solution Version 3, offers an upgrade to multiple modes so the ISPs with regional and national coverage can use local dialing to send pages. Version 3 also supports email to fax and voice mail.

SPATCH supports 12 UNIX operating systems. For pricing and other information about SPATCH alphanumeric paging software, contact The Hyde Company, P.O. Box 900190, Atlanta, GA 30329; (770)-495-0718; Fax: (770) 476-7626; Internet:

Trend Micro Bundles InterScan VirusWall With Netra Internet Server

Trend Micro Incorporated has bundled InterScan VirusWall with Sun Microsystems Netra Internet Server family. According to the company, InterScan VirusWall stops 8,000 viruses, including the Concept macrovirus, before they can infect internal networks through Internet file transfer, web browsing, and email attachments. A customized version of InterScan VirusWall will ship with Netra Internet Server 3.1.

InterScan VirusWall sorts through incoming network traffic and identifies the highest risk packets and communication paths and scans each one for viruses. InterScan VirusWall's mail-handling capabilities quarantine infected attachments while sending the mail text itself to the recipient with customizable warnings inserted. Virus alerts are also automatically sent to the system administrator and file sender.

InterScan VirusWall supports NetWare, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, and other UNIX operating systems. InterScan VirusWall limits the mail scanning component to 500 users per server and comes with one year free software updates. For pricing and licensing extension information, contact Trend Micro Incorporated, Cupertino, CA (408) 257-1500 ext. 307.

Transarc Adds Windows NT Client To AFS

Transarc Corporation has added a Windows NT client to the Andrew File System (AFS), its suite of desktop-enabled global filesystem products. AFS for Windows NT uses Transarc's client-caching technology for network traffic reduction and file access. AFS integrates with the Windows NT file manager GUI and Kerberos-based security features for IT confidence. AFS for Windows NT gives individual users consistent file access across multiple machines through its location-independent, single-shared name space. AFS also provides a heterogeneous set of access control lists for authorization for both UNIX and Windows NT environments

AFS for Windows NT is priced from $50 to $150 per client. For more information, contact Transarc Corporation, 85 Wells Ave., Suite 200, Newton, MA 02159; (617) 928-3021; Fax: (617) 928-3022.

Visio Announces SysDraw Shapes For Visio

Visio Corp. and Microsystems Engineering Co. have announced SysDraw Network Equipment Shapes for Visio products. SysDraw, the Network Illustrator network design and documentation software, contains 6,000 manufacturer-specific network equipment images. SysDraw Shapes, an add-on program, uses Visio's graphics capabilities for designing and documenting network systems. SysDraw Shapes will be included with Visio Professional.

SysDraw Shapes includes exact-replica hardware device images from 250 manufacturers, including 3Com Corp., Bay Networks Inc., Cabletron Systems Inc., Cisco System Inc., Digital Equipment Corp., Hewlett-Package Co., IBM Corp., Madge Networks Inc., NetWorth Inc., and Superior Modular Products Inc. Each network device shape within the add-on will include product specific attributes, including vendor, product name, description, and part number.

Pricing for SysDraw Shapes for Visio ranges from $99 to $795 depending upon the quantity of manufacturer-specific shapes selected. For more information, contact Visio Corporation; (800) 248-4746 ext. 93W; WWW: or Microsystems Engineering Company; (800) 797-3729.

IRE Announces SafeNet/Enterprise

Information Resource Engineering, Inc. and CyberGuard Corp. have announced SafeNet/Enterprise, a centrally managed security system for Internet business communication. SafeNet/Enterprise combines IRE's encryption technology and central security management with CyberGuard's proxy firewall.

SafeNet/Enterprise products provide a suite of comprehensive Internet security resources including userid, one-time password generation, access control, data encryption, and packet authentication. SafeNet/Enterprise includes the SafeNet/Firewall for protecting connection for both public and private access to the Internet. SafeNet/Lan is used to protect Internet connections, allowing secure communication across an organization's VPN. For remote users, SafeNet provides SafeNet/Smartcard and SafeNet/Soft. SafeNet/Soft is a software-only solution for remote users that is application software transparent. Also the SafeNet/Dial Secure Modems combines a pocket modem with hardware encryption. All SafeNet/Enterprise products are managed by the SafeNet/Security Center. For organizations without security expertise on staff, IRE offers SafeNet/Trusted Services.

The SafeNet/Enterprise Starter Kit is priced at $18,995, which includes all required elements and 3 months of managed security service. SafeNet/Firewall is priced at $13,995. SafeNet/LAN is priced at $4,995. SafeNet/Smartcard is priced at $125 per user and includes Smartcard, card reader, and software. SafeNet/Soft is priced at $79 per user. SafeNet/Dial Secure Modem is priced at $695. For more information, contact Information Resource Engineering, Inc., 8029 Corporate Dr., Baltimore, MD 21236; (410) 931-7500; Fax; (410) 931-7524; WWW: www. or CyberGuard Corporation; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; WWW: