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New Products

NetManage, Inc. has begun shipping Chameleon HostLink and ChameleonNFS/X, members of the Chameleon ATX version 6.0 product line. Chameleon HostLink supports 3270 and 5250 terminal and printer emulation software access to IBM mainframes and IBM AS/400s over both SNA and TCP/IP connections. Chameleon HostLink also supports 32-bit direct SNA connections, NetWare for SAA or Microsoft's SNA server gateways, and TCP/IP over dialup and LAN connections. For mainframe access, HostLink also includes TN3270E and 3287 print emulation. Mainframe messaging (IBM PROFS or OfficeVision/VM) and Internet email are both supported through a common interface. For AS/400 access, HostLink provides an APPC router and ODBC database access capabilities.

ChameleonNFS/X supports application, filesystem, and Intranet integration to UNIX systems from Windows desktops. ChameleonNFS/X includes both NFS client/server software, NetManage's Xserver with X11R6.1 X Window emulation, and Chameleon's terminal emulation (TN3270/TN5250/Telnet). ChameleonNFS/X supports Windows NT 4.0.

Both HostLink and ChameleonNFS/X include file and print sharing, Z-Mail Pro electronic mail, a discussion group newsviewer, and Internet access tools, as well as desktop whiteboarding and video conferencing applications. Also included in HostLink and ChameleonNFS/X are network and desktop management capabilities enabled via SNMP super agents and NetManage's PMA (Policy Management Architecture). PMA lets administrators assign network communication priorities and access control from one central point. Administrators can control bandwidth problems on a company's Intranet and provide application transparent Class-of-Service support over TCP/IP network using Cisco routers.

Both Chameleon HostLink and ChameleonNFS/X are priced at $400. Customers with current maintenance agreements will automatically receive updates. For more information, contact NetManage, Inc., Cupertino, CA; (408) 973-7171; Internet:; WWW:

Landmark Upgrades PerformanceWorks

Landmark Systems Corp. has upgraded PerformanceWorks, its performance management software for large-scale client/server applications. PerformanceWorks is a comprehensive suite of software and services that lets system administrators troubleshoot slow client/server application response time, analyze historical performance trends, and model the performance impact of new applications. The PerformanceWorks suite uses intelligent software agents to automatically gather performance data from a client/server application system, including CPU, memory, I/O, disk, workload, space, operating system, NFS, and the network performance parameters. PerformanceWorks supports applications that are large scale, distributed, and multiplatform.

The PerformanceWorks upgrade includes a 32-bit ODBC interface, as well as the 16-bit interface, which allows data access for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT applications. Via the SQL and the ODBC interface, administrators can use various reporting tools including Microsoft Excel, SAS/Access, and Cognos' Impromptu. PerformanceWorks/SmartAgents for UNIX 4.0 has added data collection agents. SmartAgents are also available for Windows NT operating system, and Sybase, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server rational databases. SmartAgents share a common data management service, which supports viewing and correlating performance information from all components of the client/server environment.

PerformanceWorks supports UNIX operating systems including AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris. Framework support was also updated for the current version of Tivoli TME, IBM SystemView, HP OpenView, and Sun Solstice management platforms.

The company has also announced that PerformanceWorks will also support Japanese language systems. Reports, alarms, gauges, and configuration will be available in Katakana, Kanji, and other double-byte character sets.

PerformanceWorks is priced at $7,500. For more information, contact Landmark Systems Corporation, 8000 Towers Crescent Dr., Vienna, VA 22182; (800) 488-1111 or (703) 902-8000; WWW:

Xinet Ships Support for NetDoubler

Xinet, Inc. has begun shipping support for Asante's NetDoubler, a network acceleration utility for Macintosh. NetDoubler provides faster throughput by using advance caching, read-ahead server technology, optimized data transmissions using TCP/IP, and optimization of adapter and driver software. According to Xinet, when using NetDoubler in conjunction with Xinet's client/server file sharing software, K-AShare, Xinet has seen file transfer rates of up to 5.2 Mb/second between the UNIX server and network Macs.

Xinet support for NetDoubler is available free with client/server software K-AShare and prepress server FullPress. For more information, contact Xinet, Inc., 2560 Ninth St., Suite 312, Berkeley, CA 94710; (510) 845-0555; Fax: (510) 644-2680: Internet:; WWW:

Legato Announces NetWorker 4.2.5

Legato Systems, Inc. has announced NetWorker 4.2.5 for UNIX supporting the AIX, Solaris, and SunOS platforms. NetWorker 4.2.5 for UNIX uses NetWorker's parallelism and OpenTape architecture.

Customers who either require or have an existing silo or library can use the optional Silo Support Module offered by NetWorker 4.2.5 for Solaris and AIX. This module lets the NetWorker server, in conjunction with appropriate library software, use StorageTek's Automated Cartridge Storage Library Subsystem or EMASS' DAS. Multiple NetWorker servers can be attached to the silo or library, with each NetWorker server managing a separate partition within the silo or library in cooperation with the library manager. The silo can be shared with mainframes, other applications, or other UNIX servers. The two types of Silo Support Modules let NetWorker manage either 1-128 volumes within a silo or library or manage an unlimited number of volumes.

Companies who need to transfer massive amounts of data can use a high-speed storage device using Legato's optional High Speed Device Support Module for NetWorker for Solaris or AIX. The module supports attaching an AMPEX DS-310, DST-410, IBM 3590 with Magstar or Sony DTF to a NetWorker server.

Pricing for NetWorker 4.2.5 for UNIX starts at $6,000. The Silo Support Module is priced at $9,500 for the 1-128 volume module and $30,000 for the unlimited volume module. The High Speed Device Support Module is priced at $6,500 per server. For more information, contact Legato Systems, Inc., 3210 Porter Dr., Palo Alto, CA 94304; (415) 812-6000; Fax: (415) 812-6032; WWW:

Trend Micro Ports InterScan VirusWall to HP-UX

Trend Micro Inc. has ported its InterScan VirusWall to HP-UX. InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX is a three-in-one product that scans viruses in realtime in email attachments, http files, and ftp traffic. Each of the three product components can be installed on an individual dedicated server, or all together on one server. InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX uses intelligent scanning. Only files capable of carrying a virus are scanned. The system administrator may also restrict scanning by file types. InterScan for HP-UX detects known and unknown viruses in attachments to email messages, including Word macro viruses, and was designed for HP-UX 10.x. A version of InterScan VirusWall that will support both HP-UX 9.x and 10.x is planned for 97.

InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX can be installed directly on the HP-UX gateway machine or on a proxy server and requires no additional hardware. Intranet traffic can also be scanned if SMTP is used for interdepartmental communications. Features of InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX include: automatic, realtime scanning whenever a new message arrives for the server; immediate notification of the sender, recipient, and administrator of virus incidents; and automatic and prescheduled virus pattern updates via the Internet. InterScan VirusWall tracks the source of virus infections with a reporting format that tells the user and system administrator the name of the virus found, the name of the infected attachment, sender of the infected file, and the action taken on the infected file. InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX scans seven types of compressed files including: PKZip, PKLite, Diet, MS Compress, LZExe, ARJ, and LZH, as well as UUENCODE and MIME formats.

InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX is priced at $1,495 for a 50-users license and includes one year of free virus pattern updates. For more information, contact Trend Micro Incorporated, Cupertino, CA, (408) 257-1500; Internet:

ZyXEL Introduces Prestige 128

ZyXEL Communications, Inc. has introduced the Prestige 128 ISDN bridge/router. Providing a client-side solution, the Prestige 128 supports Internet access from an unlimited number of users on the corporate LAN, wide area networking between LANs and SOHO, and telecommuter remote access to corporate LANs. The Prestige 128 includes two analog ports and an SUA that lets multiple users on a corporate LAN access the Internet using a single IP address. By assuming one IP address, Internet communications are routed from PCs on the LAN through the Prestige, which keeps track of outgoing requests. The Prestige then routes responses back to the individual PC.

The Prestige 128 provides Multilink protocol for building 2 64-Kbps channels for up to 128 Kbps. BACP and BOD provide for the allocation of channels. Stac data compression is also supported. The Prestige 128 is compatible with proprietary networking products form Ascend, Cisco, and other ISDN routers. The Prestige 128 supports standard bridging for LAN-to-LAN connections, such as DEC-LAT or NetBIOS as well as multiprotocol routing for TCP/IP, IPX, and Appletalk.

Prestige 128's firewall filters let the user specify the type of data packets transmitted to and from the network, and PAP and CHAP user authentication is also included. Additional security features of the Prestige 128 include password protection, callback, and caller ID. In addition, the Prestige 128 supports telnet as well as SNMP. Other features of the Prestige 128 include CDR for tracking incoming and outgoing calls, a serial port interface connection to RS-232 for local management, call control, dial-on-demand, and spoofing.

The Prestige 128 ISDN bridge/router with S/T or U interface is priced at $799 and includes protocol software. For more information, contact ZyXEL Communication, Inc., 4920 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807; (714) 693-0808; Fax: (714) 693-8811; BBS: (714) 693-0762; WWW:

Heroix Announces RoboMon V7.0 for OpenVMS

Heroix Corp. has announced RoboMon Version 7.0 for OpenVMS, which supports OpenVMS V7.0 for both VAX and Alpha. RoboMon automatically detects and corrects system and application problems for OpenVMS, Windows NT, and UNIX data center operations. A feature of RoboMon V7.0 is the RoboMon's Omni-Collector. The Omni-Collector lets system managers instruct RoboMon to monitor problems and take action based on data that can be generated by the computer system. Examples include monitoring databases such as Oracle, Ingres, and Sybase; monitoring in-house applications; and testing key company data for anomalies. RoboMon evaluates the condition of the computer systems by collecting statistics directly from the operating system. With the Omni-Collector, users can define their own statistics (database statistics, application statistics, and corporate data from company databases) and pass these to RoboMon for evaluation. Once defined, these statistics are used by the RoboMon's Rule Engine in the same way any of RoboMon's preconfigured statistics are used.

Additionally, RoboMon V7.0 supports a specific trap number on the SNMP action that it reports to network managers such as NetView, OpenView, and Sun NetManager. The user can specify what trap number to use, and it can be used as a severity indicator. Another feature of RoboMon V7.0 is the set of conversion functions available in the rule engine. Also numbers can be formatted as a hexadecimal or an octal. Using a TCP/IP server, RoboMon for OpenVMS can interoperate with RoboMon on Windows NT and on UNIX for transparent, multiplatform monitoring. Real time problems and events detected on a operating system can be centralized to a single RoboMon Event Monitor display.

Prices for RoboMon V7.0 for OpenVMS range from $300 to $15,000. For more information, contact Heroix Corporation, Newton, MA; (800) 229-6500; WWW:

Tone Releases Two Products

Tone Software Corp. has released two products, OMC 1.0 and OMC-FLASH Release 4.0. OMC 1.0 (Output Management Center) is an integrated product suite for print and output management. OMC provides consolidated control of both host and client/server output routing, viewing, and printing. The OMC 1.0 suite includes: Host VTAM print management though OMC-PRINT 4.2.1 print routing and control facilities; print and output routing between the host and LAN, WAN, and client/server platforms with OMC-PC and OMC-TCP/IP; output capture from CICS, TP monitors, and legacy applications for distribution or printing with OMC-VNI; and online print privies and output processing control with OMC-VIEW. An installation and implementation facility lets users deploy the OMC components they need, with the option to activate additional components and expand print and output management across the enterprise as the need arises.

The second product, OMC-FLASH Release 4.0, is a JES3 spool viewing and management tool. OMC-FLASH views and controls both JES2 and JES3 spooled output without copying or respooling, and without additional DASD or system overhead. OMC-FLASH users can browse information and retrieve spooled output before, during, and after job execution. The OMC-FLASH output selection and control options have been expanded in release 4.0 letting users select, view, request, delete, copy, and process more types of output. These options include: support for task type APPC under JES3; support for multiple output statement reference on DD cards; extended 132 character column displays and Left/Right scrollable displays; overtypable fields to modify Class, Status, Form, DEST, WTR name, GCB, UCS, or copy count; and a sorting option for Class by priority, Writer name, and column headings. OMC-FLASH 4.0 installation also includes an SMP/E installation option.

For pricing and other information about OMC 1.0 or OMC-FLASH Release 4.0, contact Tone Software Corporation, 1735 S. Brookhurst, Anaheim, CA 92804; (800) 833-8663 or (714) 991-9460; Fax: (714) 991-1831; Internet:; WWW:

Power Center Adds Modules to Power Center Management Software

Power Center software has added Applications Management Modules to the Power Center Suite of client/server enterprise management software. The Power Center Suite proactively manages applications, operating systems, hardware, and networks. Power Center identifies and addresses problems before they become service and business interruptions.

The Power Center Application Management Modules gives the administrator the control needed when deploying, configuring, and managing complex client/server applications. The modules contain the product-specific information needed to discover, monitor, and manage the aspects of a particular application. Power Center Application Management Modules manage and maintain SAP R/3, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft HR and others.

The agents contained in the module ensure that all application components are operating within the service levels defined by the customer's policy. If a threshold has been exceeded, the module will correct the problem or notify an administrator. The graphical "point-and-click" Mission Control Station console of Power Center lets a variety of management procedures be performed, including fault and availability monitoring, starting and stopping application components and administrative tasks.

For price and other information about the Power Center Application Modules, contact Power Center Software LLC, Englewood, CO; (303) 220-9789; WWW:

Telebyte Introduces Web Router

Telebyte Technology, Inc. has introduced the Model 9010 Web router, an Internet Access Device (IAD) that provides full-time connectivity from an office to the Internet via frame relay or other WAN service. Using the Web Router, a single Ethernet segment, or a campus LAN, or a host on a serial port can provide Internet access. The Web Router supports IP, PPP, SLIP, and BootP protocols.

The Model 9010 Web Router automatically configures itself from a frame relay network connection. No advance information is needed from the frame relay service provider. Routing addresses maybe modified locally or remotely. The Web Router lets individual IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses start and end anywhere, even across subnets. This lets multiple users share a subnet, saving addresses. The Web Router can also use RIP to configure the routing table. Other features of Web Router include automatic installation and a menu-driven user interface.

The user connection is 10BaseT and AUI for direct connection to an Ethernet hub. Also available is an interface for a workstation or host with a serial port RS-232 connection. A 56-Kbps CSU/DSU is also included. The Web Router supports Frame Relay, TCP/IP, and edge router functions including RIP, ART, BootP routing, SLIP, PPP telnet client and server, and ping. The Model 9010 Web Router is a desk top device with a wall-mounted power supply that accepts both 110 volts/60 Hz or 220 volts/50 Hz.

The Model 9010 Web Router is priced at $995. For more information, contact Telebyte Technology, Inc., 270 Pulaski Rd., Greenlawn, NY 11740; (800) 835-3298 or (516) 423-3232; Fax: (516) 385-8184; Internet:; Internet:

OCS Introduces EXPRESS for UNIX

Operations Control Systems has introduced EXPRESS for UNIX job scheduling software for DEC and Sequent platforms. EXPRESS for UNIX supports a master agent approach to enterprise-side job scheduling. The EXPRESS master schedule can be set up to run on most UNIX platforms. Systems managers can manage jobs across any configuration that includes at least one HP 9000, RS 6000, Sun SPARC, AT&T NCR, Sequent, or Digital workstation where the master schedule resides. Scheduling agents can reside on MVS, Windows NT, and HP 3000 systems as well as UNIX platforms. EXPRESS for UNIX supports workgroup clusters and multiple versions of the Sequent operating systems.

EXPRESS for UNIX offers two options for fault tolerance. The interprocess option lets multiple master schedules be distributed across machines. The expanded runtime host option lets systems administrators specify multiple remote host machines form a single master schedule. EXPRESS for UNIX includes a facility that balances job workloads on multiple EXPRESS agents. Using the EXPRESS GUI interface, operators identify the machines that can be used to run a given job. EXPRESS for UNIX also includes choice of Motif or Windows GUI interfaces as well as a command line interface.

Pricing for EXPRESS for UNIX begins at $10,000 and $1,500 for each agent with discounts for volume purchases. For more information, contact Operations Control Systems, 560 San Antonio Rd., Suite 106, Palo Alto, CA 94306; (415) 493-4122; Fax; (415) 493-3393.

ISS Ships DiskAccess 3.0

Intergraph Software Solutions has begun shipping DiskAccess 3.0, an NFS client designed for Windows NT. DiskAccess is path-based (removing drive letter limitations), supports symbolic links, has automount capability, and features Packet-Smart technology. Users can browse and access resources through Windows Explorer, Network Neighborhood, or File Managers to link to UNIX and other NFS-based systems. DiskAccess is a multithreaded, 32-bit application supporting UNC path names, long filenames, PC-NFSD authentication, file sharing, and printing.

Also included in DiskAccess is redirector technology, jointly developed by Intergraph and Microsoft, offering Windows NT file access capabilities. DiskAccess also supports OLE. OLE maintains embedded links to objects on NFS file servers. The embedded links exist even when the file is reopened days later or mailed to another user.

DiskAccess 3.0 is priced at $325. Volume discounts are available. For more information, contact Intergraph Software Solutions, Huntsville, AL; (800) 345-4856 or (205) 730-2000; WWW:

Macro 4 Announces UniQPrint Central Print Console for UNIX and Windows NT

Macro 4 has announced the UniQPrint Central Print Console, which provides a centralized view of network-wide printing. Designed to complement Open Systems architecture, the UniQPrint Central Print Console features a Windows and Motif-based GUI that provides central control of network-wide output management. From a single screen, users can view and manipulate print objects from participating hosts on their network. Print objects include queues, printers, print jobs, and data images.

Using UniQPrint Central Print Console, users can configure multiple print environments to match those within their installation. Printing within specific areas of the business can be monitored and controlled separately and on a priority basis. Information for each environment is available on a hierarchical basis, with users "drilling down" to access more detailed data.

For pricing and other information, contact Macro 4, Inc., 35 Waterview Blvd., PO Box 292, Parsippany, NJ 07054; (201) 402-8000; Fax: (201) 402-5656 or Macro 4 plc, The Orangery, Turners Hill Rd., Worth, Crawley, West Sussex, England RH10 4SS, +44 1293 886060; Fax: +44 1293 886254.

Hull Releases Ftwalk as Freeware

Tom Hull has released Ftwalk as freeware. Hull has made the source code to Ftwalk publicly available and will continue to develop and support Ftwalk as freeware. Ftwalk is a VHLL, which is used interactively for program development on UNIX systems. Ftwalk is a replacement for the UNIX find program (ftwalk is find/ftw + awk). Ftwalk was used at Xyvision to implement an automated backup server, which used Ftwalk's file search and selection criteria to maintain an online backup of files from the local network.

In releasing Ftwalk as freeware, Hull hopes that users will join in and contribute to the further development and dissemination of Ftwalk. For more information about Ftwalk, contact the Ftwalk Web site:

BLAST Ships BLAST 10.8

BLAST, Inc. has begun shipping BLAST 10.8, a member of the BLAST family of asynchronous communication software. BLAST allows file transfer between a variety of operating systems and computers. Features of BLAST include protection from errors caused by line noise and transmission delays by resuming a transmission where it ended, and a scripting language that automates frequently performed communications functions.

Features of BLAST 10.8 include additional script verbs and variables; support of X modem, Y modem, and Z modem in host mode; and Secure BLAST. Secure BLAST is a suite of applications designed to provide an "extra layer" of security over existing UNIX restrictions. Secure BLAST lets system administrators grant or deny access to BLAST functions and files based on individual passwords and also let administrators define multiple passwords.

BLAST 10.8 supports Solaris 1.x and 2.x, Intel, IRIX, Linux, HP-UX, and AIX. Prices for BLAST 10.8 range from $495 to $1,395. For more information, contact BLAST, Inc., 49 Salisbury Street West, PO Box 808, Pittsboro, NC 27312; (800) 242-5278 or (919) 542-3007; Fax: (919) 542-0161; Email:; WWW: