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New Products

UCONx Corp. has announced two intelligent, programmable LAN to WAN based communications servers, the MPS 300/600 and the MPS 3000. The servers offer contrasting scalable architectures and use either "add-in" off-the-shelf boards or "stacking" multiple complete servers connected through a common LAN. The two servers support a STREAMS-based realtime operating system, are modular, and support many serial communications protocols, including X.25, Frame Relay, HDLC/SDLC, asynchronous data transfer, financial market feeds, and radar receivers.

The two servers support multiple WAN protocols and access to local and remote networks via IP routing gateways, while concurrently bridging non-routable ethernet protocols. Multiple protocols may be resident on a target at any given time. The servers support UNIX and Windows NT on hardware clients from Silicon Graphics, Sun, HP, Digital, IBM, and other PC vendors. The servers include a STREAMS-based realtime kernel and an API for protocol software.

The MPS 300/600 LAN-based communication server supports multiple protocols, each accessible by multiple clients. According to the company, regardless of the CPU or architecture, all TCP/IP equipped computers and workstations on the LAN can access data from the MPS 300/600. The MPS 300/600 server consists of one or two MC68360 QUICC integrated communications controllers and 8 MB of RAM. The MPS 600 also includes 2 MB of Flash EPROM for optional storage of runtime software and PCMCIA. The MPS300/600 supports one or two ethernet ports and six high-speed serial ports. A variety of electrical line interfaces are available.

The MPS 3000 server is a VMEbus system, which includes a master controller card with an ethernet interface and up to eight high-speed serial ports. Additional communication controller cards may be added with support for up to 64 lines per servers. Software and configuration parameters are downloaded dynamically to the server from a user-designed client on the LAN. The MPS 3000 is user configurable for number of lines, data rates, and electrical interfaces.

Prices for the MPS 300 with three serial ports begin at $4,295. Prices for the MPS 600 with six serial ports begin at $4,995. Prices for the MPS 3000 embedded controller with VMEbus interface begin at $8,995. For more information, contact UCONx Corporation, 4669 Murphy Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92123; (619) 627-1700; Fax: (619) 627-1710; Internet:; WWW:

USENIX Announces Conference, Symposium, and Workshop

USENIX has announced the 11th USENIX Systems Administration Conference, LISA '97. Co-sponsored by SAGE, LISA '97 will be held October 26-31, 1997, San Diego, CA at the Town & Country Hotel. LISA 97 offers three days of tutorials, followed by three days of technical sessions, accompanied by a vendor exhibition. Two different types of learning opportunities will be offered during the technical sessions: a track dedicated to refereed technical and professional development papers and one track for invited talks, panels, and WIP reports.

Registration materials for LISA '97 will be available in July. Dates for refereed paper submission are as follows: extended abstracts due June 3, 1997; author notification by June 30, 1997; final papers due Sept. 9, 1997. Details are available at the Conference web page at URL: or email to; in the body of your message, state "send lisa97 conference".

For more information, contact USENIX Conference Office, 22672 Lambert St., Suite 613, Lake Forest, CA 92630; (714) 588-8649; Fax: (714) 588-9706, Internet: WWW: http//

USENIX has also announced the 7th USENIX Security Symposium. In cooperation with the CERT Coordination Center, the Symposium will be held January 26-29, 1998, San Antonio, TX at the Marriott Hotel. Program Chair is Avi Rubin, Bellcore. The Symposium offers two days of tutorials, followed by two days of technical sessions with refereed paper presentations, invited talks, WIP presentations, and panel discussions. The symposium also offers a two-day vendor exhibition. The goal of this symposium is to bring together researchers, practitioners, system programmers, and others interested in the latest advances in security and applications of cryptography. According to USENIX, the symposium is not about new codes, ciphers, nor cryptanalysis for its own sake. Papers must represent novel scientific contributions in computer security with direct relevance to the engineering of secure systems for the commercial sector.

Registration materials will be available at the end of October 1997. Dates for refereed papers submission are as follows: papers due Sept. 9, 1997; author notification October 8, 1997; and camera-ready final papers due December 9, 1997. Detailed submission instruction may be found on the conference home page: or email to:; in the body of your message, state "send security conference".

For more information, contact USENIX Conference Office, 22672 Lambert St., Suite 613, Lake Forest, CA 92630; (714) 588-8649; Fax: (714) 588-9706, Internet:; WWW:

USENIX has announced a workshop for system administrators designing or deploying management solutions for Windows NT on a large scale (500+ systems). The workshop will be help August 14-16, 1997 at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel, Seattle, WA and is co-located with the USENIX Windows/NT Workshop August 11-13, 1997. The workshop is a forum to bring UNIX and NT system administrators together to discuss problems of scale in the NT environment, establish a dialogue among system administrators who are faced with growing NT environments, address specific technical issues in managing large-scale NT environments, and provide a framework for future conferences on NT system administration. Conference attendance will be limited to 300 people. The workshop program will include informal tutorials, WIP papers, demonstrations, panels, and more informal roundtables and breakout sessions. There will also be birds-of-a-feather sessions each evening.

Each attendee is asked to submit a WIP, tutorial, demo, or panel proposal or a position paper describing your current deployment of NT and what contributions you will make to the workshop. Submission deadline is March 1, 1997. Tutorial proposals should contain a detailed outline of the material to be covered and your qualifications to teach this topic. Also, if you have expertise in an area that would benefit from group discussion, please submit a proposal for a panel discussion. Demonstrations of the successful deployment of home-grown or commercial applications that provide enhanced management functionality to NT are welcome. Vendors who would like to demonstrate their products should be prepared to provide real-world examples and case studies of product successes and failures. Submissions are not subject to a peer review process, and acceptance will be based upon the general applicability of the problem and solution as well as scalability.

Registration materials will be available in May. For detailed submission instructions, please see workshop Web page at: or email to:; in the body of your message, state "send ntsysadmin conference".

For more information, contact USENIX Conference Office, 22672 Lambert St., Suite 613, Lake Forest, CA 92630; (714) 599-8649; Fax: (714) 588-9706; Internet:; WWW:

New Dimension Announces Two Products

New Dimension Software has announced two products, CONTROL-D Internet Server and CONTROL-D/Delivery. The first product, CONTROL-D Internet Server is a Windows NT-based report viewing tool allowing users to download reports generated on MVS, UNIX, Windows NT, and other platforms to a Windows NT Web server for viewing, storage, printing, and modification using standard Web browser software.

CONTROL-D Internet Servers lets users view and customize reports by accessing and combining data from a variety of sources across the enterprise. To access production reports, users complete a login and authentication process that limits their access to only those reports they are authorized to view. CONTROL-D Internet Server also supports HTTP-S and complements CONTROL-D/PC, New Dimension's report viewing tool and management workstation.

The second product, CONTROL-D/Delivery, is an integrated client/server solution for managing report distribution across major computing and output resources. CONTROL-D/Deliver allows MIS to centralize administration of output devices and processes. With CONTROL-D/Deliver, report data and formatting attributes can be transferred between mainframe and UNIX stems via a network. CONTROL-D/Delivery compresses and encrypts all data before sending it across the network or between platforms. These reports can be sent to any output device, including alphanumeric pagers, fax machines, and printers. Users select only a destination.

CONTROL-D/Delivery supports Sun SPARC with SunOS 4.1.4 or Solaris 2.3, IBM RS/6000 with AIX 3.2.5, and HP 9000/700 and 800 with HP-UX 9.0x. CONTROL-D/Delivery also supports the following output devices: Postscript, PCL, and ASCII printers; Group III Class 2 fax modems; Hayes compatible paging modems; and email systems supporting SMTP, and ONC or DCE-compliant systems.

Pricing for the CONTROL-D Internet Server starts at $15,000 per server plus $95 per users with customized site licensing agreements available. Pricing for CONTROL-D/Delivery starts at $20,000. For more information, contact New Dimension Software, 1 Park Plaza, 11th Floor, Irvine, CA 92614; (800) 347-4694 ext. 522 or (714) 757-4300; Fax: (714) 756-3900; WWW:

Pencom/PSA Introduces PSA AnswerDesk

Pencom Systems Administration/PSA has introduced PSA AnswerDesk, an open systems support service for systems administrators. AnswerDesk's capabilities include all UNIX variations, Windows NT, TCP/IP Networking, large software subsystems and applications, routing issues, mail issues, Internet-related issues, hardware issues, security issues, and Web-related issues.

When the AnswerDesk is called, the phone is answered by an experienced systems administrator who will query the PSA Collective Intellect database for solutions to similar problems. If the problem is not yet in the database, PSA takes it off line. The problem is researched in house and forwarded to 200 senior administrators in the field. Rather than working as unrelated individuals, all PSA team members communicate through the central repository server. Solaris questions are answered by Solaris experts; security problems are addressed by security consultants. As research progresses, PSA keeps you informed, and when the solution is found, PSA notifies you.

AnswerDesk rates are $100 per hour with a one-hour minimum charge. There are no retainer fees or recurring charges. Also, if the AnswerDesk does not solve the problem or identify the vendor bug causing it, there is no charge. An outlined definition of billable and non-billable rates of the call process are included in the AnswerDesk registration package. For more information about PSA AnswerDesk, contact Pencom Systems Administration/PSA; (512) 343-1111; Internet:

Lightwave Introduces PC ServerSwitch

Lightwave Communications, Inc. has introduced PC ServerSwitch, a console management tool for Novell and NT Servers. With PC ServerSwitch, administrators can monitor and control eight PCs using a single monitor, PS/2 compatible keyboard, and mouse. Features of PC ServerSwitch include an LCD that shows server names (programmable by the administrator), error messages, and programming options; and an audible alarm that warns administrators of errors and power losses. The PC ServerSwitch can also be controlled via hot keys or the optional Remote Keypad. With the addition of a cascade port, PC ServerSwitch can control/monitor 120 PCs.

Using PC ServerSwitch, administrators can interact with any CPU without affecting any other attached PC's active software processes. Each PC attached to PC ServerSwitch operates independently of every other; a crash of one server will not affect other PCs. PC ServerSwitch contains Lightwave's video circuitry, which provides workstation-quality graphic resolution.

The PC ServerSwitch is an addition to Lightwave's family of console management tools. Other tools include ServerSwitch, a SPARC-verified switch that lets users control/monitor 25 Sun workstations from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. The SystemConsoleSwitch provides central management for data centers and 120 console ports from a single text (RS-232) terminal. SystemConsoleSwitch includes a continuous audit trail for each port. Devices can be accessed from home or off site via modem or on site either directly or through telnet.

For pricing and other information about PC ServerSwitch, contact Lightwave Communications, Inc., 261 Pepe's Farm Rd., Milford, CT 06460; (800) 871-9838 or (203) 878-9838; Fax; (203) 874-0157;

Freshwater Announces Monitoring Service

Freshwater Software, Inc. has announced SiteSeer, a monitoring service for Internet/Intranet servers. As a standalone, SiteSeer is a service option for keeping track of URLs. When paired with SiteScope, the company's automated Web server administration tool, the service delivers a way to keep Web sites up and running around the clock.

SiteSeer is a service that remotely monitors selected URLs to the subscriber's specification, as often as 4 times per hour or as seldom as once per day. If the URL becomes inaccessible, Freshwater immediately notifies the Web administrator via pager or email. Historical reports are issued to SiteSeer subscribers at regular intervals via email, or reports can be accessed continually and securely online. SiteSeer requires no special equipment or software. The service works with any available Internet server. Users interact with SiteSeer via their own Web browser and email software.

The SiteScope software resides on the user's Web server and monitors the status and performance of URLs, Web servers, processes, and disk space. When shared resources become constrained or components fail, SiteScope alerts the Web administrator via email or pager in realtime. SiteScope can take corrective action by restarting processes or executing automated recovery scripts.

New subscribers receive SiteSeer service free for 30 days. Ongoing SiteSeer service is priced at $200 per quarter ($650 per year), monitoring up to 20 URLs. Monitoring for larger installations can be arranged. Subscriptions can be initiated online at Freshwater's Web site. Prices for SiteScope UNIX licenses begin at $1,295, and prices for SiteScope for NT begin at $495. Volume discounts, site licenses, and education pricing are available. SiteScope can be downloaded for Sun Solaris UNIX, SGI IRIX, and Windows NT platforms at the company's Web site. For more information, contact Freshwater Software Inc., Boulder, CO; (415) 493-4466; WWW:

Boundless Announces NetTerminal

Boundless Technologies, Inc. has announced NetTerminal for color text applications over a TCP/IP network. NetTerminal functions as a network alternative to PCs running terminal emulation software and serial terminals connected to TCP/IP terminal servers. NetTerminal is color VGA compatible. NetTerminal supports 12 simultaneous login sessions letting users run applications concurrently on multiple hosts, using standard Ethernet protocols over thin or twisted-pair cabling. NetTerminal also includes centralized administration/maintenance and security and "plug and play" installation.

Another feature of NetTerminal is Flash ROM, making the device field upgradable over the network. The two serial and one parallel ports can be configured for printers, modems, SLIP, and other peripherals. Additionally, an upgrade to the base NetTerminal model permits the connection of up to two serial terminals. NetTerminal supports the following emulators: SCO console, ANSI, AT386, VT320/220/100, and WYSE 50/60.

NetTerminal is available in two models: Model 100 and Model 200. The Model 200 includes all the Model 100 features as well as the connectivity to two serial terminals. Other models let users select standard VGA monochrome or color monitors and PS/2 type or PC AT style keyboards (monitor and keyboard purchased separately).

NetTerminal Model 100 is priced at $699 and Model 200 is priced at $799. For more information, contact Boundless Technology, Inc., Echelon IV, Suite 200, 9430 Research Blvd., Austin, TX 78759; (800) 231-5445 ext. 7888 or (512) 349-5800; Fax: (512) 346-7062; WWW:

UniPress Software Introduces FootPrints

UniPress Software, Inc. has introduced FootPrints, a Web-based helpdesk system designed to record and track problems, solutions, bugs, and charge requests and make that information available to those with Internet or Intranet access. FootPrints allows groups of users to track the information critical to their job functions and make that information available to anyone with a Web browser.

FootPrints creates databases of related information. Users make entries, or footprints, into the database and assign priority, status, and a description to each entry, then view, edit and update them as needed. Searching and reporting on the entries provides other users with the information they need. FootPrints automatically sends email to relevant users when changes have been made. FootPrints also supports user-defined fields and includes reporting capabilities through an intuitive GUI using a Web browser.

Users with password access can view and search FootPrints solutions databases and submit queries. FootPrints also supports "guest" users who are restricted to read-only access to the solutions database. FootPrints can also include/exclude users as appropriate. The database created by FootPrints is available to users providing free, online support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

FootPrints requires a UNIX or Windows NT based Web server and supports all Web browsers. FootPrints supports SunOS, Solaris, Digital UNIX, HP/UX, IBM RS/6000 AIX, SGI IRIX, SCO UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT. The FootPrints Starter License includes the server software and three user licenses and is priced at $1,995. Additional user, customer, and guest licenses are available at $495 each. For more information, contact UniPress Software, Inc., 2025 Lincoln Highway, Edison, NJ 08817; (800) 222-0550 or (908) 287-2100; Fax: 908) 287-4929; Internet:; WWW:

Resilience Ships Resilient 110

Resilience Corp. has begun shipping the Resilient 110, a SPARC-based fault tolerant system. The Resilient 110 systems uses a hardware-based approach to fault tolerance that identifies faults at the sub-kernel level. The Resilient 110 uses three SPARC system modules running copies of a single application that constantly compare themselves against each other, and vote out a module when its results disagree with the other two. The malfunctioning module is then retired and the application continues to run on the two remaining modules. Each identically equipped system module retains its own CPU, memory, I/O controller, and power supply. No components are shared among the three subsystems. The voting architecture lets the operator replace the hot swappable module with no loss of system availability. Modules can be field replaced, and the new module is automatically reintegrated into the system at the operator's command.

The Resilience 110 uses standard microSPARC-II hardware. Custom-designed ASICs and a slightly modified Solaris 2.5 OS kernel handle system checking. The Resilient 110 runs standard Solaris software and includes fault-tolerant SCSI support for a variety of storage configurations. The Resilient 110 connects to RAID or mirrored disk systems optimized for fault tolerance. Fault-tolerant network support is also provided by three independent Ethernet interfaces, which use the same address and include built-in failover. The Resilient 110 also includes a one-year warranty of system and Solaris compatibility.

Prices for the Resilient 110 begin at $21,995. For more information, contact Resilience Corporation, 1755 Embarcadero Rd., Suite 120, Palo Alto, CA 94303; (800) 977-9008 or (415) 843-3600; Fax: (415) 843-3609; Internet:; WWW:

Encore Announces Infinity R/T 500

Encore Computer Corp. has announced the Infinity R/T 500 system for real-time applications. Whether as a standalone or clustered system, the Infinity R/T 500 offers selectable processing and the I/O capacity to meet the needs of real-time applications such as high bandwidth networking, process control, simulation, energy management, and range and telemetry. Infinity's cluster architecture provides an infrastructure giving users their choice of CPUs, I/O buses, and operating systems. Infinity systems can be configured to include: Digital Alpha CPUs, Intel Pentium Pro CPUs, PCI Bus, VMEbus, UNIX, OpenVMS, and Windows NT.

The Infinity R/T 500 system is modular and consists of a 24-inch wide by 52-inch high cabinet that supports numerous combinations of PCI-based nodes, VME I/O chassis, and PCI REFLECTIVE Memory for real-time clustering. Features of the Infinity R/T 500 system included: an underlying Balanced Power capability that lets users balance I/O and computation needs to meet specific application requirements, uninterruptable power supplies, and memory and I/O specification within the system.

For pricing and other information about the Infinity R/T 500 system, contact Encore Computer Corporation, 6901 W. Sunrise Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33313; (954) 587-2900; WWW:

Amzi! Announces WebLS 2.0

Amzi! inc. has announced WebLS 2.0, a tool that lets webmasters embed rule-based expertise on Web pages. The WebLS inference engine is designed to work through Web pages, helping the visitor use as few Web pages as possible and asking questions that are pertinent to following up on a visitor's interests. Rules are written in "if-then" syntax. Questions to the visitor and final recommendations are both specified in the rule base as HTML, so other features available on Web pages such as graphics, animation, videos and sounds can be included.

WebLS supports Windows and UNIX-based Web servers. A freeware version is available for downloading from Amzi!'s Web site, The web site also has an example of a site advisor application implemented using WebLS. Pricing for the commercial version of WebLS 2.0 is platform specific. For pricing and other information, contact Amzi! inc., 40 Samuel Prescott Dr., Stow, MA 01755; (508) 897-7332; Fax: (508) 897-2784; Internet:; WWW:

Tone Ships CompuLert 6.2.3

Tone Software Corporation has begun shipping CompuLert 6.2.3, its enterprise management tool. CompuLert includes facilities to manage multi-platform, distributed systems and hardware allowing IS to consolidate consoles, control enterprise operation, and automate the management of diverse computing environments. CompuLert 6.2.3 includes graphical Administration and Operation facilities, which provide implementation and component management capabilities through point and click, drill down access, and control of monitoring, alarming, alerting, diagnostics, and other enterprise operation. Also included in CompuLert is an integration facility that provides transparent interface between CompuLert and OpenView, letting CompuLert's system management integrate with OpenView's network management schemes. CompuLert's CompuVoice facility also uses voice technology, and the CompuLert Alarm engine automatically calls out, pages, leaves voice messages, and interacts with personnel via the telephone keypad.

Other features of CompuLert 6.2.3 include an automated full-screen application interface and the Computer Performance Evaluation System (CPES) facility, which monitors system and device performance, graphically displays component status, and automatically alerts staff of substandard performance or problem situations. For pricing and other information about CompuLert 6.2.3, contact Tone Software Corporation, 1735 S. Brookhurst, Anaheim, CA 92804; (800) 833-8663 or (714) 991-9460; Internet:; WWW: