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New Products

The Santa Cruz Operation has announced two products, NC/OS and Tarantella. The first product, Network Client Operating System (NC/OS), gives OEMs a way to develop Network Computers on Intel processor-based hardware. NO/OS gives network end users access to Intranet, Internet, and Enterprise applications by combining a 1.5 Mb footprint UNIX operating system and TCP/IP networking with Netscape Navigator client software and Java software. Unlike typical network desktop PCs, NC/OS uses centralized server administration and management, helping to reduce expensive upgrade costs, as well as the support and administration overhead for the IS department.

The second product, Tarantella, lets UNIX system servers and mainframe-class applications run on Java clients without rewriting the code. Tarantella provides Java clients running Web browsers with access to graphical X applications, character-based UNIX applications, and UNIX SQL-data across the Internet. The applications run instantly and are seamlessly embedded within a Web browser alongside HTML text and graphics. Client software is downloaded on demand from the server as a Java applet, letting it be updated on the server as new versions become available.

Tarantella uses the Advanced Adaptive Protocol (AAP) to transfer information to the Java clients. Tarantella adapts to the bandwidth of the connection media and delivers performance specific to the application type (X or character-based) and device type. Using Tarantella, system administrators can control which applications and data are distributed to different workgroups in their organization. The Tarantella desktop adapts to the user's browser and access device and provides authentication and security. Tarantella also includes SCO Vision Resume, which lets users disconnect from the network and change location or device type and then reconnect without loss of information or shutting down and restarting applications. For information, contact the Web site at:

For pricing and other information about NC/OS or Tarantella, contact The Santa Cruz Operation, 400 Encinal St., P.O. Box 1900, Santa Cruz, CA 95061; (408) 425-7222; Fax: (408) 427-5448; WWW:

NCD Upgrades PC-Xware

Network Computing Devices, Inc. has upgraded PC-Xware, its X11R-6 compliant, 32-bit server software for Windows 95 and Windows NT. PC-Xware 5.0 integrates NCD's PC-X emulation software with Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 user interface for transparent multi-platform network computing. PC-Xware 5.0 features the Connection Wizard, designed to walk users through the steps of creating a network connection using a series of questions and options familiar to Windows 95 and Windows NT users. PC-Xware 5.0 works in the background of the Windows desktop and is accessed by an icon in the Task Manager. Configuring existing connection icons is done via MS Property Sheets. PC-Xware 5.0 also includes NCD's WinCenter Acceleration extension, which delivers Windows applications to networked platforms via enterprise intranets.

PC-Xware is available in two versions. PC-Xware Classic, and PC-Xware Suites, which combines the server software with a package of TCP/IP utilities, including NFS client and server, terminal emulation, a graphical keyboard remapper, and a GUI-based ftp client. PC-Xware also provides remote access to X applications via NCD's XRemote software. Based on a communication protocol running over PPP, XRemote gives simultaneous access to multiple TCP applications over telephone lines and other lower-bandwidth networks.

PC-Xware is priced at $395 for the classic package (PC-Xware only), $325 for the Marathon product only, and $545 for the PC-Xware Suite package (PC-Xware and Marathon.) For more information, contact Network Computing Devices, Inc., 350 N. Bernardo Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043; (415) 694-0650; Fax: (415) 961-7711; WWW:

MIS Training Institute Announces Conference

The MIS Training Institute has announced the Conference and Expo on Network Security, May 12-14, 1997 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott, in Arlington, VA. Optional Workshops will be help May 15. The Conference and Expo is targeted for System Administrators, MIS Managers, LAN Managers and Staff, LAN Administrators, Information Center Managers, Micro Managers, Information Security Officers, IS Auditors, End-user Computing Coordinators, and Technical and Support Staff.

Sessions are organized into targeted tracks: Management, Network Security, Single Sign-On, and Platforms. Topics include internal email integration on the Internet, effective intranet implementation, UNIX server security, border and export network issues, wireless and cellular security, encryption and certificates, electronic commerce, JAVA and object security, alternative WAN technologies, and others. An expanded exhibit expo and Single Sign-on vendor track with security products for Novell, AXENT Technologies, Dr. Solomon's Software, CKS N.A., and Technologics.

For more information, contact Pam Bissett, Registration Manager, MIS Training Institute, (508) 879-7999; Fax: (508) 872-1153; Internet:; WWW:

Central Data Introduces Three Servers

Central Data Corporation has introduced three terminal servers, the ST-1620 scsiTerminal Server, the EL-32 EtherLite Port Server, and the ST-1032 scsiTerminal Server. The ST-1620 scsiTerminal Server connects 16 asynchronous, RJ-45 serial ports to a system running UNIX or Windows NT. The ST-1620 attaches to a standard fast and wide SCSI bus, without using any card slots inside the host computers. According to the company, the serial ports transfer data at speeds up to 230 K baud. The ST-1620 scsiTerminal Server also includes FLASH EPROMs for upgrades in the field. Surge protection is provided on all serial lines and includes full modem control and hardware/software flow control.

The EL-32 EtherLite Port Server provides 32 serial ports from one Ethernet TCP/IP session and is compatible with a 10Base-T Ethernet network. The ST-1032 scsiTerminal Server supports 32 serial ports from one SCSI address and attaches to a standard SCSI bus. Both the El-32 EtherLite Port Server and ST-1032 scsiTerminal Server connect 32 asynchronous, RJ-45 serial ports to a system running UNIX or Windows NT. According to the company, the serial ports on both servers will transfer data at speeds up to 115 K baud. Surge protection is provided on all serial lines and includes full modem control and hardware/software flow control.

The ST-1620 scsiTerminal Server, the EtherLite Port Server, and the ST-1032 scsiTerminal Server support fast modems, printers, terminal, and a variety of other RS-232 I/O devices. Common applications for the three servers include Internet access, point-of-sale, remote access, and factory automation/process control.

The ST-1620 scsiTerminal Server is priced at $1,795. The El-32 Port Server and ST-1032 scsiTerminal Server are priced at $1,995. For more information, contact Central Data Corporation, 1402 Newton Dr., Champaign, IL 61821; (800) 482-0315 or (217) 359-8010; Fax: (217) 359-6904.

StorageTek Announces CAM/EBF for Solaris

Storage Technology Corporation has announced its CAM Enterprise Backup Facility, CAM/EBF for Solaris. CAM/EBF is software that lets a server in a multi-vendor network function as a central backup and archive manager. This central manager automatically backs up data from client systems to storage devices attached to the server, protecting vital data from loss. Additionally, CAM/EBF offers user-initiated or centrally administered backup and retrieval of a set of predetermined files for a prescribed or indefinite period.

CAM/EBF for Solaris extends this capability to UNIX servers running Solaris so they can function as backup and archive managers for many kinds of files, including online backups for Sybase and Oracle databases.

CAM/EBF for Solaris is priced at $9,500 for a departmental server, while the enterprise version that supports robotic tape libraries is priced at $17,500. Client licenses for desktop platforms start at $120. For more information, contact Storage Technology Corporation, 2270 S. 88th St., Louisville, CO 80028; (303) 673-5020; WWW: or

PDC Introduces the BudTool Solution for Windows NT

PDC has introduced the BudTool Solution for Windows NT, enterprise-class backup and retrieval software for mixed UNIX and NT environments. BudTool is an open, standards-based tool that uses native server operating system commands to backup and restore data. A tape backup created with BudTool can be read by compatible systems.

Installed on the media server, the BudTool Solution for Windows NT automatically recognizes NT servers as backup clients and supports the file naming characteristics and security features of NT. Because BudTool is standards-based, NT backup is performed with a tar-based image that collects and manages NT file attributes. At the same time, an administrator can restore data using tar images even where BudTool is not available. As a result, NT files can be restored to a UNIX platform. The current version of the BudTool Solution for Windows NT performs backup and retrieval over the network. Full NDMP compliance is planned for 1997.

The BudTool Solution for Windows NT supports backup for Windows NT 3.5, 3.51, and 4.0 servers running on SunOS, Solaris, and Auspex platforms. The BudTool Solution for Windows NT is priced at $2,500. For more information, contact PDC, King of Prussia, PA; (800) 654-4732 or (510) 449-6881; WWW:

Software AG Opens Millennium Center

Software AG Americas has opened the Millennium Center at its customer support facility at Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The Millennium Center will provide services and solutions to customers converting their computer code to the new 4-digit date standard required after Year 2000. Using management and systems consulting techniques and automated tools for analysis and code repair, the Millennium Center evaluates and modifies mainframe, UNIX, and PC-based applications to Year 2000 standards.

The Year 2000 strategy, a three-phased approach to the problem called INSIGHT 2000, focuses on business information needs. The three phases of INSIGHT 2000 included inventory, analysis, and remediation. In the inventory/impact assessment phase, the scope of the problem and a cost-benefit analysis are established. The analysis phase continues to study the problem, designs cost-effective solutions, and outlines a plan to implement those solutions. The remediation phase focuses on repairing the problem through several methods, which includes repairing existing applications, re-engineering the applications or business processes, replacing the applications, or converting the applications.

For more information about the Millennium Center or INSIGHT 2000, contact Software AG Americas, Highland Ranch, CO; (703) 391-6946.

Seattle Software Introduces WatchGuard Global Console

Seattle Software Labs has introduced the WatchGuard Global Console, its firewall management software that provides a visual "snapshot" depicting the realtime status of each firewall on the corporate Intranet. The Watchguard Global Console is a module offered with the WatchGuard Security System. The Watchguard Security System consists of the Watchguard Firebox, a "firewall-in-a-box" security appliance, and a variety of configuration and administration software modules. The Watchguard Global Console is targeted at medium to large size enterprises for Intranet security and at ISPs offering fee-based remote firewall management.

The WatchGuard Global Console places firewalls in front of multiple Intranet application servers and specifies access privilege within the enterprise. Global Console then provides an overview of the realtime status of all Fireboxes on the Intranet on one screen. Icons indicate various firewall states including whether or not the system is running, the amount of traffic over the firewall, or whether any packets have been denied. Besides generating details about each state and letting system administrators troubleshoot network-wide from a single location, Global Console includes built-in configuration and security expertise for firewall set-up.

The Watchguard Global Console runs on Linux, Windows 95, and Windows NT workstations. Pricing for the WatchGuard Security System starts at $3,495. A licensing fee of $2,495 is required for access to the Global Console module. For more information, contact Seattle Software Labs, Seattle, WA; WWW:

Tatung Ships COMPstation U2200i

Tatung Science & Technology, Inc. has begun shipping the COMPstation U2200i 64-bit Web server. Features of the COMPstation U2200i include two, 200 MHz UltraSPARC processors and Ultra Port Architecture (UPA). The UPA also integrates all system components (the processor, memory, graphics, I/O, and networking functions) so multiple operations can occur simultaneously. According to Tatung, the COMPstation U2200i delivers transfer rates of 1.6 Gb per second and performance of up to 7.88 SPECint-95 and 14.7 SPECfp-95.

Standard COMPstation U2200i configurations include 128 Mb of RAM, a 2 Gb hard drive, Solaris 2.5.1 or higher operating system pre-installed, Turbo GX graphics, and a 20-inch monitor. Other standard features of the COMPstation U2200i include two 128-bit UPA slots; a 64-bit slot for Creator graphics cards; four SBus slots; two serial ports; one parallel port; a 100-BaseT Ethernet interface; Fast Wide SCSI-2, and CD-quality, 16-bit audio capabilities. The COMPstation U2200i's hard disk storage can be expanded to 8 Gb with the system's four drive bays. The bays can be outfitted with two, standard 3 1/2-inch hard drives; a 5 1/4 CD-ROM drive; and a 4- or 8-mm tape drive (or a 3 1/2-inch floppy drive). An add-on disk array storage subsystem increases disk capacity to 80 Gb and supports departmental or small enterprise Internet or Intranet applications. Numerous options and peripherals are also available.

Prices for the COMPstation U2200i start at $25,225, depending on configuration and peripherals. For more information, contact Tatung Science & Technology, Inc., 1840 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035; (800) 659-5902 or (408) 383-0988; Fax: (408) 383-0886; Internet:; WWW:

ATL Introduces StorLINK

ATL Products Inc. has introduced the StorLINK series of automated DLT libraries. With 528 DLT cartridges and 2:1 compression, the StorLINK series offers a capacity of 36.96 terabytes. According to ATL, the StorLINK series can backup and restore information at speeds up to 648 Gb an hour (18 DLT 7000 drives achieving 2:1 compression) with a single StorLINK library backing up 1 TB in 1 1/2 hours.

StorLINK includes IntelliGrip Inside, a precision cartridge handling system. Features of IntelliGrip Inside include a Unibody frame, the IntelliGrip gripper, and ATL-specified DLT drives. The welded Unibody construction helps prevent misalignment. If misalignment does occur, the IntelliGrip robotics system automatically calibrates itself with slots, drives, and load ports. IntelliGrip also controls gripping force, allowing the robot to grasp and swap cartridges. Also included is a dedicated serial interface to the DLT drives. Through the interface, IntelliGrip responds to a "drive needs cleaning" message by automatically inserting a cleaning cartridge.

StorLINK libraries are shipped fully assembled. StorLINK series is packaged for distributed computing environments. For pricing and other information about the StorLINK series, contact ATL Products, Inc., 1515 S. Manchester, Anaheim, CA 92802; (714) 780-7790; Fax: (714) 780-7799; Internet:; WWW:

Quantum and StorageTek Announce DLT 7000 Support for TimberWolf

Quantum Corporation and Storage Technology Corporation Global Partners Group have announced DLT 7000 cartridge tape drive support for the TimberWolf family of automated robotic libraries. The TimberWolf family of libraries is designed to attach to systems running UNIX, Digital, Sequent, Sun, and Windows NT operating systems and supports Nearline library robotics technology. The DLT 7000 tape drive, according to the company, provides 35 Gb uncompressed capacity per cartridge and sustained data transfer rates at 5 Mb per second over SCSI-2 Fast/Wide channels.

The TimberWolf 9714 with DLT 7000 technology supports 3.5 terabytes of uncompressed, automated storage, mixes DLT 4000 and DLT 7000 tapes in configurations of 1 to 6 DLT drives with 40 to 100 cartridge slots in increments of 20. The TimberWolf 9710 is a medium-scale library specifically designed for open systems applications with high duty cycle and data intensive needs. The TimberWolf 9710 stores from 252 to 588 cartridges, uses a mix of 36-track tape, DLT 4000 and DLT 7000 tapes, and supports incremental uncompressed storage capacities to 20.5 Tb.

For pricing and other information about The TimberWolf robotic libraries with DLT 7000 tape drives, contact Storage Technology Corporation, 2270 S. 88th St., Louisville, CO 80028; (303) 673-5020; WWW: or or Quantum Corporation, WWW:

Software Partners Announces Support for ACSLS

Software Partners/32, Inc. has announced support for the Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS) from Storage Technology Corp. ACSLS is an advanced storage management server/software tool that provides connectivity to the StorageTek Nearline family of tape libraries including PowderHorn 9310, WolfCreek 9360, and TimberWolf 9710. With ACSLS support, Software Partner's StorageCenter can manage the massive tape libraries found in large data centers.

StorageCenter, a storage management suite for distributed computing, includes four integrated applications: backup and restore, media management, archiving, and administration. StorageCenter manages an unlimited number of CPUs and storage devices as a single "storage domain." Features of StorageCenter include multi-site parallel backups, saveset copying for off-site vaulting, and automated media cycling. StorageCenter also includes redundancy features to eliminate single point of failure and includes RSA Data Security encryption. StorageCenter supports Sun Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Digital UNIX, and Windows NT.

ACSLS support will be offered as an option to StorageCenter with prices starting at $19,000. For more information contact, Software Partners/32, Inc. 447 Old Boston Rd., Topsfield, MA 01983; (508) 887-6409; Fax: (508) 887-3680; Internet:; WWW: or Storage Technology Corporation, Louisville, CO, WWW: or

StraightLine Ships SL-820

StraightLine, a division of IGM Communications, has begun shipping the SL-820, a 20-tape model 8-mm tape library. The SL-820 includes advanced software interfaces for subsystem mechanics and diagnostics, and a choice of operating modes including SCSI-2, sequential, or serial mode commands. The SL-820 supports 2 Exabyte (Mammoth or 8505XL) or 3 Sony (SDX 33C) 8-mm tape drives and 20 8-mm tapes. The SL-820 includes a tape drawer for tape loading and unloading. An optional bar code reader is also available. The SL-820 is compatible with major backup software vendors. According to the company, the SL-820 has a total storage capacity of 500 Gb in native mode and 1 Tb using data compression with throughput reaching 540 Mb per minute.

Prices for the SL-820 8mm tape library begin at $9,995 depending on configuration. For more information, contact StraightLine, 677 120th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98005; (800) 458-1273 or (206) 865-8314.

Pinnacle Micro Introduces Cascade CD100x4

Pinnacle Micro, Inc. has introduced the Cascade CD100x4, a 100-platter CD-ROM-based jukebox. The Cascade includes four internal 4xCD-ROM drives and Ornetix's CD-Vision management software for Novell NetWare and Windows NT networks. Using a SCSI-2 interface, Cascade provides multiple users with online access to the contents of 100 CDs or 65 Gb of information. According to the company, the CD-ROMs transfer data at rates of 676 Kbs. The Cascade also includes two compact front-loading 50-disc magazines and a mail slot (horizontal loading tray), which lets users load and unload individual discs on the fly. Cascade's non-volatile RAM automatically inventories each disc in a secure online environment. The Cascade also includes robotics for disc exchange and a picker mechanism for positioning the CDs.

Cascade's management software, CD-Vision, gives users access to multiple CD-ROM titles without loading additional software on a file server or client workstation. Features of CD-Vision include dynamic jukebox reconfiguration, on-the-fly login and mapping, unlimited virtual volumes, and automatic software distribution. CD-Vision supports OS/2, Win NT, Win 95, Win 3.11, Windows for Workgroups, and DOS clients.

Cascade CD100x4 is priced at $9,995 and includes one-year, on-site service warranty (Continental US and Canada). For more information, contact Pinnacle Micro, Inc., 19 Technology, Irvine, CA 92618, (714) 789-3000; Fax: (714) 789-3150.

OpenROUTE Networks Upgrades OpenROUTE

OpenROUTE Networks/Proteon, Inc. has upgraded OpenROUTE, its internetworking software suite that runs GlobeTrotter ISDN Remote Access routers. OpenROUTE 2.3 includes IP address assignments that automatically assign IP addresses to a router's WAN ports; support for callback that lets a GlobeTrotter router make or accept call requests to and from the remote routers or access server; IP filters that block unwanted traffic and let users create access control lists; and support for IPXWAN, a Novell protocol that standardizes the transfer of IPX packets over WAN media. OpenROUTE 2.3 also includes ISDN support with multiple mode operation including "Request," "Accept," "Always," and "Disabled." Other features of OpenROUTE 2.3 include command line editing, command completion, and command Line Recall functions.

The OpenROUTE GlobeTrotter Setup Utility is a Windows-based graphical configurator that supports Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows NT, and Windows 95. IPXWAN supports PPP, Frame Relay, X.25, and IP Relay. Single unit prices for OpenROUTE 2.3 IP connectivity start at $795 per unit. For more information, contact OpenROUTE Networks/Proteon, Inc., Westboro, MA; (800) 545-7464 or (508) 898-2800; Internet:; WWW:

Telebyte Introduces Interface Converter

Telebyte Technology, Inc. has introduced the Model 236 Codirectional G.703 to RS-232/V.35 Interface Converter. The Model 236 lets WAN devices such as routers and bridges access telco networks that support G.703. The Model 236 lets a synchronous device, RS-232 or V.35, communicate over a G.703 network using two twisted pairs, at 64 KBPS. The Model 236 accepts data and clock signals and formats them into an AMI format for transmission onto a G.703 network. The Model 236 contains a universal data port that is user selectable as RS-232 or V.35 and DTE or DCE. The mechanical interface is a DB-25 female connector. For diagnostics, the Model 236 provides a Local Loopback switch as well as six LEDs.

The Model 236 Interface Converter is priced at $410. Quantity discounts are available. For more information, contact Telebyte Technology, Inc., 270 Pulaski Rd., Greenlawn, NY 11740; (800) 835-3298 or (516) 423-3232; Fax: (516) 385-8184; Internet:; Internet:

Open Microsystems Announces Support for StorageTek Tape Drive Line

OpenvMicrosystems, Inc. has announced that its AdvanTAPE software supports the StorageTek family of high-performance tape drives on computers running the AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX operating systems. StorageTek tape drives supported by AdvanTAPE include: Timberline 9490, Redwood SD-3, Twin Peaks 4890, and DLT 4000 and DLT 7000 models. The relationship includes an agreement to continue support for future operating system versions.

AdvanTAPE software provides operating system control over the advanced features of modern tape drives including advanced error recovery and the ability to use random-access methods via the Locate and Read Position functions of advanced tape drives. Because AdvanTAPE is customized for the StorageTek tape drives, connectivity problems associated with "plug-and-play" support are minimized.

The AdvanTAPE software is available from Open Microsystems or through StorageTek alternate sales channels. A demonstration version of AdvanTAPE can be downloaded from Open Microsystems' Web site: For more information, about AdvanTAPE, contact Open Microsystems, Inc., 2700 W. Anderson Lane, Suite 901, Austin, TX 78757, (512) 450-0900; Fax: (512) 450-0397: Internet:; WWW: or Storage Technology Corporation, Louisville, CO, WWW: or