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New Products

P2 Software has announced Tape Management System for UNIX (TMS/IX) support for its STK Silo Module. The TMS/IX Silo Module uses StorageTek's Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS) for storage management on several UNIX platforms including AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Sequent Dynix Ptx, Unisys SVR4, and UnixWare.

The TMS/IX Silo Module provides tape management and interface control for UNIX platforms attached to StorageTek Robotics Libraries. TMS/IX tape and device management routines have also been integrated with StorageTek's CSI libraries to establish and maintain the control path (messages for robotics action and information) while using standard data paths to the available tape devices. The control path interface to the StorageTek ACSLS lets the TMS/IX managed system automatically perform the silo commands.

TMS/IX Silo Module manages UNIX hosts connected to the tape devices in the silo. By using the TMS/IX Remote General Tape Utility, supported network clients can remotely access the silo. TMS/IX also supports and provides validation for IBM or ANSI labels. Additionally, tape catalog records from mainframe tape management can be imported into the TMS/IX tape catalog, the TMS Database, for permanent or temporary control. TMS/IX also supports logical libraries that control TMS/IX volumes. It allows volumes owned by MVS, OS/2200, or other mainframes to be managed by their respective tape management system.

TMS/IX Silo Module supports Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Sequent, Unisys SVR4, OPUS, Pyramid, UnixWare, and IBM AIX. For pricing and other information about TMS/IX Silo Module, contact P2 Software, Inc., P.O. Box 2408, Richardson, TX 75085; (214) 340-1833; Fax: (214) 349-3765; WWW:

Trend Micro Releases ServerProtect 4.0 for NT

Trend Micro Incorporated has released ServerProtect 4.0 for Windows NT, a virus protection software for fileservers in multi-server environments. ServerProtect works from inside the network to detect and remove viruses. ServerProtect includes a set of remote management tools that lets a system administrator install virus protection software from a single console to numerous remote servers. After installation, the administrator can manage the remote server from the same location, change passwords, schedule scans, update the software, and respond to each incident of virus infection with a specific solution.

ServerProtect 4.0 also includes Cascade Update, a system that automatically distributes virus pattern files through file transfers among all the servers within a domain. Cascade can also generate a single integrated report based on virus activity at numerous dispersed servers.

ServerProtect for Windows NT is part of Trend Micro's NeaT Suite, which includes InterScan ViursWall, ScanMail for MS Exchange, and PC-cillin NT. ServerProtect is also available for Novell NetWare environments. Free trial software is available at

Prices for ServerProtect 4.0 for Windows NT start at $495 for 25 users, and include a free year of virus pattern updates and a 25-user license for PC-cillin for the desktop. Trend also offers enterprise-wide pricing for corporations. For more information, contact Trend Micro Incorporated, Cupertino, CA; (408) 257-1500, Internet:

J. River Upgrades ICE.Block

J. River, Inc. has upgraded ICE.Block, its network firewall product. ICE.Block supports servers running SCO and UnixWare and is compatible with SCO 3.2.4x, Open Server 5, SCO FastStart, and UnixWare 2.0 and 2.1.

Features of ICE.Block Version 2.0 include a GUI for setup and configuration, remote administration for administering ICE.Block gates from any machine, and a report and logging subsystem. ICE.Block 2.0 also includes support for PPP and multiple interface on SCO and UnixWare. ICE.Block 2.0 also has expanded audit, log, and alarm features including email/pager alerts, as well as improved filter performance and protection against IP spoofing. Other features of ICE.Block version 2.0 include transparent, bi-directional control of authorized services and users, user-defined groups, user-definable alarms with variable event thresholds, and periodic logging (user selectable) of rejected packet information.

ICE.Block Version 2.0 is priced at $1,495. For more information, contact J. River, Inc., 125 N. First St., Minneapolis, MN 55401; (612) 339-2521; Fax: (612) 339-4445; WWW:

Strategic Open Solutions Releases cyberPAGE pageBOT

Strategic Open Solutions Group has released cyberPAGE pageBOT, a turnkey email paging server. pageBOT lets users receive text messaging on their alphanumeric pagers without having to install and configure software. Text messages sent via email, API, the WWW, or a command line are routed through pageBOT, which transfers the information to the recipient's Pager Service Provider. The provider then sends the message to the recipient's pager.

Once pageBOT is configured, the administrator can create pager configuration files for all recipients through a WWW interface. Pager files can also be created with a cyberPAGE utility. The utility creates multiple pager configuration files from a single comma-separated value file from MS Excel, MS Word, or any application that supports CSV formatting. This lets administrators create pager configuration files from a flat-file CSV database.

pageBOT includes an Intel Pentium 120 with 32 Mb of RAM, one internal modem, and a 10 BaseT Ethernet adapter. Additional modems for higher page throughput, and a 10 Base2 adapter are also available. pageBOT also includes the cyberPAGE email paging engine that interfaces UNIX-based servers with alphanumeric paging systems. cyberPAGE supports the TCP/IP protocol for client/server communications. cyberPAGE runs on Sun OX, Solaris, LINUX, and HP-UX platforms.

pageBOT is priced at $1,499 plus the cost of cyberPAGE license. An unlimited-user cyberPAGE license is priced at $1,995. For more information, contact Strategic Open Solutions Group, San Carlos, CA; (415) 631-8080; Fax: (415) 631-8081; Internet:; WWW:

Rogue Wave Announces ODBC Access Library for UNIX

Rogue Wave Software, Inc. has announced the ODBC Access Library for UNIX. ODBC for UNIX is an access library for DBTools.h++ that developers can use with no change to existing DBTools.h++ applications. DBTools.h++ is an object-oriented C++ class library for cross-platform, database-independent application development. Programs developed with DBTools.h++ are written once, then use an access library as the gateway to a specific database.

The DBTools.h++ ODBC Access Library for UNIX requires DBTools.h++ Core Library and an ODBC driver for the targeted database. ODBC for UNIX supports Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, and IBM AIX. DBTools.h++ also offers access to ODBC from Windows and OS/2, and native connectivity to Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft databases.

The DBTools.h++ ODBC Access Library for UNIX is priced at $1,195 for a single-user license. Multi-user licenses are also available. For more information, contact Rogue Wave Software, Inc., 260 SW Madison Ave., P.O. Box 2328, Corvallis, OR 97339; (800) 487-3217 or (503) 754-3010; Fax: (503) 757-6650; WWW:

V-Systems Releases VSI-FAX

V-Systems, Inc. has released VSI-FAX Gold Series, a enterprise-wide messaging suite for UNIX and Windows NT networks. The VSI-FAX Gold fax server sends, receives, and manages all faxes implemented in a client/server architecture. The fax server includes a API/command-line interfaces, autosend directory, support for integration with other applications, and GUI-based administration. Inbound fax routing supports manual, DTMF techniques, or DirectFax and automatic inbound routing mechanism. Additionally, faxes can be routed to standard email packages as MIME attachments, giving users a unified in-box for both email and faxes. The fax server runs on UNIX platforms including HP, Sun, SCO, and IBM, and Windows NT.

Also included is the Virtual Fax Server for scalable fax automation. This virtual server resides on any server in a network, integrating fax capabilities with the applications on the server, but not requiring a modem pool or external telephone connections. Communications between the Virtual Fax Server and VSI-FAX Primary Server(s) is handled over TCP/IP.

The VSI-FAX Gold fax client includes fax send, receive, display, route, print, rotate, scale, and archive from GUI, character-based, and Web clients. Other fax client features include private and shared phonebooks and attachments, broadcast faxing from the desktop, direct integration with other Windows and UNIX applications, and automatic update of Windows clients across the network. The fax client can also send, retrieve, and manage faxes across the Internet, with a "firewall friendly" Web client connected to the user's home fax server. The fax client runs on Windows (3.1, 95, and NT), UNIX (HP, SUN, SCO, and IBM), and Web (HTML 3.0) platforms.

The VSI-FAX Gold Series Fax Servers range in price from $1,195 to $2,995 depending on platform. The Virtual Fax Server is priced at $795. Network clients are priced from $59 per seat. All are currently available except the Web Client (2Q97) and the Fax Server for Window NT 4.0 (3Q97). For more information, contact V-Systems, Inc., 32232 Paseo Adelanto, Suite 100, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675; (800) 556-4874 or (714) 489-8778; Fax: (714) 489-2486; Internet:; WWW:

BrainTree Announces SQL<>SECURE

BrainTree Security Software has announced SQL<> SECURE, a suite of relational database security products for Sybase's SQL Server database systems. Using SQL<> SECURE, database administrators can define and implement database security policy based upon corporate standards including minimum password length, expiration, reuse, aging, and guessability. Features of SQL<> SECURE include reporting capabilities and clients that can set, change, and maintain a secure password across multiple databases and platforms. The suite includes SQL<> SECURE Password Manager, SQL<> SECURE Policy Manager, and SQL<> SECURE Audit Manager.

SQL<> SECURE Password Manager is an audit scanner that can detect accounts under break-in attack and alert key personnel, or optionally, take evasive action in response to the event. Password administration within SQL<> SECURE also lets designated groups or department password managers securely perform password resets without DBA involvement. SQL<> SECURE Audit Manager is an enterprise-wide RDBMS auditing tool. SQL<> SECURE Policy Manager lets users define, implement, and enforce security policies in relational database environments.

SQL<> SECURE products can be used separately or together. SQL<> SECURE Password Manager is now available. SQL<> SECURE Policy Manager and Audit Manager are scheduled for release in the third quarter of 1997. SQL<> SECURE Password Manager is priced from $5,000. Multiple database instance, corporate, and site pricing are available. For more information, contact BrainTree Security Software, 200 Cordwainer Dr., Norwell, MA 02061; (617) 982-0200; Fax: (617) 982-8076; Internet:; WWW:

Exide Introduces Powerware Profile

Exide Electronics Group, Inc. has introduced Powerware Profile, a UPS with Efficiency Optimizer and Advanced Battery Management (ABM) capabilities. The Powerware Profile monitors the quality of utility power and makes adjustments before the power is passed to the protected load. The Efficiency Optimizer function automatically adjusts energy use according to utility power conditions and lets users manage power consumption, making the UPS Energy Star compliant.

Another capability of Powerware Profile is the charging technique of the ABM feature. The UPS battery is recharged only when necessary, and according to the company, results in up to 50% longer battery life and faster recharge time.

The LanSafe III and FailSafe III software included with Powerware Profile supports Novell NetWare, Windows NT, and most UNIX platforms. The software alerts administrators to power loss and low battery condition, and provides orderly shutdown if power problems occur. By connecting a modem to one of the two Powerware Profile serial ports, administrators can remotely manage the unit. An optional internal ConnectUPS adapter supports SNMP compatibility.

The Powerware Profile is available in 8kVA, 10kVA, and 12.5kVA ratings. Pricing for Powerware Profile starts at $8,869 and includes Exide's PowerCare global service and support. For more information, contact Exide Electronics Group, Inc., 8609 Six Forks Rd., Raleigh, NC 27615; (800) 554-3448 or (919) 872-3020; WWW:

Cybernetics Releases CY-9000LP

Cybernetics has released the CY-9000LP high-speed DTF tape subsystem. The CY-9000LP stores 42 Gb at 12 Mbs, uncompressed, and according to the company, with optional Ultra SCSI data compression, tape capacity can increase to 210 Gb while speeds can reach 36 Mbs.

The CY-9000LP includes a backlit display that provides status information including command under execution, transfer rate, tape remaining, compression ratio, and ECC usage. The CY-9000LP supports standard SCSI interfaces and also ESCON, Fibre Channel, and IBM FIPS Channel interfaces. For data acquisition applications, the CY-9000LP can be configured with Cybernetics' Digital Data Recorder interface. The CY-9000LP supports Cybernetics' Data Encryption and can be used with Cybernetics' Accelerated File Access software (CY-AFA). The CY-AFA option creates an index of all the files stored on the tape and lets users fast forward or rewind to the exact tape position before beginning the restore. The CY-9000LP is available in single or multi-drive desktop, rackmount, or tape library configuration.

For pricing and other information about the CY-9000LP DTF tape subsystem, contact Cybernetics, 111 Cybernetics Way, Yorktown, VA 23693; (757) 833-9000.

BSDI Announces Support for Stronghold and Internet Server Version 3.0

Berkeley Software Design, Inc. (BSDI) has announced that it will market and support C2Net's Stronghold encrypting SLL Web server. Stronghold, a commercial version of the Apache Web server, includes 128-bit symmetric encryption, full source code, RSA public key technology, and SLL client authentication. A no-cost trial version of Stronghold is included with BSDI Internet Server Version 3.0.

The company has also announced the BSDI Internet Server Version 3.0. BSDI 3.0 includes two Web servers (Netscape's FastTrack and the Apache Group's Apache) and a 10-user license for's Post.Office E-mail server. BSDI 3.0 also includes BSDI's MaxIM graphical administration manager, BSDI's Web performance and service-protection software, TCP/IP networking, and Web and Internet/Intranet development tools.

BSDI Internet Server Version 3.0 will include a 60-day trial version of Stronghold. The Stronghold Web Server is priced at $495 and available at BSDI's Web site: For more information, contact Berkeley Software Design, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO; (800) 800-4273 or (719) 593-9445; Internet:; WWW:

Inso Announces Agreement

Inso Corporation and PKWARE, Inc. have announced that PKZIP 2.5 for Windows and Quick View Plus 4.0 will be sold in bundle. The PKZIP for Windows and QuickView Plus bundle lets users view files that have been compressed with PKZIP regardless of whether the user has the file-originating application installed. PKZIP 2.5 for Windows compresses one file or all files on a hard drive and stores them in a .zip archive. Quick View Plus 4.0 lets users view, copy, and print fully formatted files from 200 programs whether or not the originating application is installed. Access is provided to file formats such as word processor, spreadsheet, database, graphics, presentation, and compressed file formats from environments including corporate Intranets/Internet, email, and the desktop.

Both PKZIP 2.5 for Windows and Quick View Plus 4,0 run on Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 3.1. The PKZIP 2.5 for Windows and QuickView Plus 4.0 bundle is priced at $79.00. If purchased separately, the price is $108. For more information, contact PKWARE, Inc., 9025 N Deerwood Dr., Brown Deer, WI 53223; (414) 354-8699; WWW: or Inso Corporation, Boston, MA, (800) 333-1395; WWW:

Wall Data Introduces ARPEGGIO Live!

Wall Data Incorporated has announced ARPEGGIO Live! Information Publishing Server, which lets organizations publish realtime information and applications over Intranet or Internet to business users with a Web browser. ARPEGGIO Live! runs on Windows NT servers and includes three modules, called Extensions, that automatically make information from databases, such as, DB2, SQL Server, Informix, Ingres Oracle, Sybase, Access, and IBM Mainframe and AS/400 applications, available in a browser.

ARPEGGIO Live! includes intuitive browser-based administrative tools that do not require an in-depth understanding of HTML. Several layers of built-in security begin with the NT server and include user passwords, IP address security, and host system log-in. Additionally, ARPEGGIO Live! is compatible with Web-based encryption and authentication protocols.

ARPEGGIO Live! Information Publishing Server is base priced at $1,495, which includes five concurrent user licenses for each Extension (Information Organizer, IBM Mainframe, and IBM AS/400). Additional licenses packets of 10, 50, and 100 concurrent users are available for each Extension. For more information, contact Wall Data Incorporated, 11332 NE 122nd Way, Kirkland, WA 98034; (800) 915-9255 or (206) 814-9255; WWW:

Kintronics Ships CD-ROM Tower/Server

Kintronics, Inc. has begun shipping its CD-ROM Tower of Changers with a multi-protocol CD-ROM server for mixed LAN environments. The Tower of Changers with 28 CD-ROM disks and a 32-bit RISC server includes 7 to 56 changer-drives providing access for 224 CDs. The Tower of Changers is plug-and-play anywhere on the network and includes the AXIS StorPoint CD-Server. The StorPoint connects to a node on the network and the Tower; the network server is not used, and there is no software to load. The StorPoint also includes a built-in WWW server, so CDs can be accessed using a browser. According to the company, the Tower of Changes has a data transfer rate of 1.2 Mbps.

The Tower of Changers supports the following protocols: IPX, SMB, NetBIOS/NetBEUI, NFS, TCP, UDP, IP, RARP, BOOTP, SNMP, HTTP, and FTP. The Tower of Changers runs on Novell, Microsoft, IBM, and UNIX Ethernet and Token Rings networks. For pricing and other information about the CD-ROM Tower of Changers/CD Server, contact Kintronics, Inc., PO Box 518, 2 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523; (800) 431-1658 or (914) 347-2530; Fax: (914) 347-2588.

Inter-Tel Announces Three Products

Inter-Tel, Incorporated has announced three products, Vocal 'Net Server, Call Server, and AXXESS v5. The first product, Vocal 'Net Server, is a telephone gateway designed to send full-duplex communications over the Internet or corporate Intranets. Vocal 'Net Server is available in multi-port sizes and interacts with telephone systems that support E&M signaling over T-1. Vocal 'Net Server does not rely on the server's CPU for compression and packetization. The initial release of Vocal 'Net Server will support calls placed telephone to telephone.

The second product, Call Server, provides an integrated server-based communication system including call processing, voice processing, unified messaging, a LAN to WAN gateway, and selected Internet services. The third product, AXXESS v5.0 provides networking capabilities.

For pricing and other information about Vocal 'Net Server, Call Server, and AXXESS v5.0, contact Inter-Tel, Incorporated, Phoenix, AZ; (602) 302-8900; WWW:

Xinet Upgrades FullPress

Xinet, Inc. has upgraded FullPress, its integrated Open Prepress Interface (OPI) server. FullPress includes integrated file sharing and print spooling, and support for 22 image formats including proprietary formats such as Contex, Dalim, and Scitex. FullPress also supports clipping paths and masking, tinting the foreground and background in grayscale, and algorithms that eliminate unnecessary data that can slow the network and printing.

Features of FullPress Version 8.11 include support for the SGI Origin and Octane. Other features include support for JPEG-encoded EPS files, PostScript slugs support, and a multilingual GUI with optional German and French. FullPress 8.11 also includes the option to force quit print jobs if they contain RGB images.

For pricing and other information about FullPress Version 8.11, contact Xinet, Inc., Berkeley, CA; (510) 845-0555; Internet:; WWW:

Box Hill Announces RDS Disk Drive

Box Hill Systems Corporation has announced the RDS, a 23-Gb disk drive that boosts the RAID Box 5300 Turbo capacity to 1.3 Tb. The RAID Box 5300 Turbo is a disk array system with transfer rates, according to the company, of 60 Mbps and capacities from 2 Gb to 1.3 Tb. The RAID Box 5300 Turbo includes 2 to 56 hot-swappable disk drives, and in case of a failure, a hot spare drive that automatically assumes drive function. In the case of a failed RAID controller, data safety is maintained by a redundant failover controller. The RAID Box 5300 also includes a 32- to 512-Mb read-or write-back cache, which accelerates multiple RAID levels concurrently on UNIX and Windows NT platforms.

The RDS 23-Gb disk drive can also be used as a full-height component in Box Hill's Mod Box 5000 enclosure. For pricing and other information about the RDS 23-Gb disk drive, contact Box Hill Systems Corporation, 161 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, NY 10013; (800) 727-3863 or (212) 989-4455; Fax: (212) 989-6817; Email:; WWW:

Cygnus Announces Samba SMB File Server for UNIX

Cygnus Solutions has announced the Samba SMB File Server for UNIX. Using the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, the Samba SMB File Server for UNIX lets clients access server filespace and printers used by Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows for Workgroups, DOS, and OS/2 operating systems. The Samba SMB File Server also supports Microsoft Office 97 and Windows NT 4.0 products, as well as integrating with Microsoft "Network Neighborhood" browser. The Samba SMB File Server also includes support for western European languages filenames, which can be stored as native language filenames on UNIX file servers.

Samba supports Novell Netware, IBM OS/2, and DEC's VMS and has been ported to 27 varieties of UNIX, ranging from Linux to Cray supercomputers. For pricing and other information about the Samba SMB File Server for UNIX, contact Cygnus Solutions; URL: