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New Products

Candle Introduces Candle Command Center/SentinelManager for NT

Candle Corporation has introduced Candle Command Center/SentinelManager for NT, a systems management tool for NT-based workgroups. Candle Command Center/SentinelManager for NT automates the detection, correction, and prevention of NT performance problems across systems and applications. Using this tool, systems administrators can monitor the performance and maintain the availability of their NT-based systems, networks, databases, and applications.

Candle Command Center/SentinelManager for NT automatically monitors NT performance metrics, databases, and system log files. It can take corrective action to resolve problems or alert the appropriate systems administrator. Candle Command Center/SentinelManager for NT includes log monitoring, which helps systems administrators locate security breaches, application errors, or hardware and network issues reported to the NT log files. Other features include an object-oriented user interface and historical data collection. Candle Command Center/SentinelManager for NT also includes cross-platform correlation from one standard interface.

Candle Command Center/SentinelManager for NT can serve as a standalone tool or can be integrated with Candle's suite of system management solutions, providing enterprise-wide management capabilities across a variety of platforms including HP-UX, SunOS, Sun Solaris, NCR, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, MVS, AIX, OS/2, and AS/400. Candle Command Center/SentinelManager for NT can also integrate with Candle's Alert Adapter for NetView for AIX, CA-Unicenter, HP OpenView, Tivoli/TME 10 Enterprise Console, and DEC Polycenter.

For pricing and other information about Candle Command Center/SentinelManager for NT, contact Candle Corporation, 2425 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90404, (800) 843-3970 or (310) 829-5800; WWW:

Legato Systems Announces NetWorker 5.0 for UNIX

Legato Systems, Inc. has announced NetWorker 5.0 for UNIX. NetWorker 5.0 for UNIX supports HP-UX, Solaris, and AIX platforms running backup, archive, and HSM. With NetWorker 5.0 for UNIX, the company introduces Saveset Staging and a Disk File as a supported device to storage management. Saveset Staging is implemented in HSM applications. All savesets (backup, archive, and HSM) can be staged from devices controlled by a NetWorker server, to other devices controlled by a NetWorker server. For customers with very short backup windows, NetWorker recognizes files as supported devices, letting administrators choose to do backup and recover from their hard disks instead of tape drives. As hard disks get filled, their savesets can be staged to a less expensive form of media.

NetWorker 5.0 for UNIX also supports client backup to the first available device in their priority lists. When a group of clients is configured, it can be assigned a priority list of which storage nodes it should send the clients' data. If the first storage node in not available, the second storage node will be contacted to receive data. As part of the standard functionality of NetWorker, no additional licensing will be required.

With NetWorker 5.0 for UNIX, storage devices can be placed throughout the network as NetWorker storage nodes, and can be managed as if they are locally attached. No indices are kept at the storage node. Indices can also span file systems. Other features of NetWorker 5.0 for UNIX include language localization for non-English speaking users and a Disaster Recovery manual.

Pricing for NetWorker 5.0 for UNIX begins at $3,000. For more information, contact Legato Systems, Inc., 3210 Porter Dr., Palo Alto, CA (415) 812-6000; Fax: (415) 812-6032; WWW:

Telebyte Introduces Terminal Server

Telebyte Technology, Inc. has introduced the Model 466 TCP/IP communication server for local and remote access applications. Features of the Model 466 include remote dial-in access, branch connectivity, and building Internet sites. The Model 466 supports UNIX- and Windows NT-based hosts, and includes PPP, SLIP, dial-on-demand, and dial-up Point Of Presense (POP). The Model 466 also includes user authentication (PAP), and call logging for high-level security on Windows NT-based servers.

The Model 466 can provide four network connections per port, with a maximum of 64 connections per 16-port unit. Ports can be configured for dedicated connections to a pre-selected host for security reasons or ease of use. The Model 466 supports a 25 MHz processor for multiple POP connections. The Model 466 also contains flash memory, which allows for firmware upgrades.

The Model 466 comes in three versions. The Model 466-4 is configured with four DB-25 ports, the Model 466-8 with eight DB-25 ports, and the Model 466-16 with 16 DB-25 ports. Each of the models is available as a standalone or a rack-mounted unit. The standalone units can be wall mounted using the included brackets. The Model 466-4 is priced at $999, the Model 466-8 at $1,395, and the Model 466-16 at $1,895. Rack-mounted prices are the same. For more information contact Telebyte Technology, Inc., 270 Pulaski Rd., Greenlawn, NY 11740-1616, (800) 835-3298 or (516) 423-3232; Fax: (516) 385-8184; Email:; WWW:

Overland Data Announces LibraryXpress LXS

Overland Data Inc. has announced LibraryXpress LXS, a desktop single-drive DLT storage tool with LXS. This compact mini library offers 225Gb to more than half a terabyte of native capacity. LibraryXpress LXS can be controlled from an LCD panel on the front of the unit. The front panel display lets the operator configure the mini library and access drive, robotics, and magazine status, as well as access system statistics and command history. Alternatively, these functions can be performed through software control.

The LibraryXpress LXS supports one-button media magazine loading and unloading. The media magazine stores a full, 15-cartridge data set as a single entity. The 15-cartridge magazine can be configured with the full line of DLT drives, generating capacities from 225Gb to 525Gb, with hourly backup performance from 4.5Gb to 18Gb. Flexible cartridge configuration lets the user select as few or as many cartridges as needed to perform storage operations.

The LibraryXpress LXS integrates with software previously certified for Overland Data's LibraryXpress library line including: Cheyenne ARCserve, Legato Networker, Seagate Software's Backup Exec, and IBM's ADSM. Prices for the LibraryXpress LXS begin at $8,495. For more information, contact Overland Data Inc., 8975 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92123-1599, (619) 571-5555; Fax: (619) 571-0982; WWW:

ClearSystems Announces Three Products

ClearSystems, Inc. has announced ClearStats/Lite for HP-UX, and two utilities for ClearStats/Lite for Windows NT, its network statistics and trend analysis software. ClearStats/Lite for HP-UX monitors and reports on network activity and usage. By collecting MIB-II and RMON data via SNMP, ClearStats/Lite for HP-UX generates trending reports on utilization, error rates, failures, and other network parameters. A GUI-based reporting tool gives network statistics in a variety of graphs, charts, and tabular reports.

ClearStats/Lite for Windows NT also collects SNMP and RMON data and generates trending reports on utilization, error rates, failures, and other network parameters. ClearStats/Lite for Windows NT Network Management software includes two new utilities, NMS-Sync and auto-discover. The NMS-Sync utility supports HP's OpenView Network Management Systems (NMS). The NMS-Sync process interrogates the OpenView database to collect entities such as networks, segments, nodes, and interfaces. Other features of NMS-Sync include the ClearStats Polling Engine, which polls the object for additional information and determines RMON capabilities of a device. NMS-Sync also synchronizes the ClearStats database with the configuration maintained by the RMON probe. The auto-discover utility, when used with ClearStats/Lite for Windows NT's inventory reports, lets network managers automatically collect and maintain their network device inventory. ClearStats/Lite for Windows NT supports Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0. A free, 30-day evaluation version of ClearStats/Lite for Windows NT is available at

For pricing and other information about ClearStats/Lite for HP-UX or ClearStats/Lite for Windows NT, contact ClearSystems, Inc., 4925 O'Conner Rd. N., Irving, TX 75062, (972)-541-1771; WWW:

Trend Micro Adds MacroTrap to Server-Based, Anti-Virus Products

Trend Micro Incorporated has added MacroTrap, a rules-based heuristic scanning technology for macro viruses, to its server-based, anti-virus products. MacroTrap can detect and clean macro viruses as a class, as well as individually analyze specific viruses. One of the viruses detected by MacroTrap is the ShareFun virus, which spreads by automatically sending an infected email attachment from mailbox to mailbox.

MacroTrap has been added to Trend Micro's groupware and email products for Lotus cc:Mail and Microsoft Exchange Server; its Internet gateway product, InterScan VirusWall for Windows NT; its file server anti-virus, Server Protect for Windows NT; and its desktop virus protection, PC-cillin.

A free copy of "Trapping the World's Most Prevalent Viruses," which explains how macro viruses function and details how MacroTrap detects and removes macro viruses, can be downloaded from Trend Micro's Web site. For pricing and other information about MacroTrap, contact Trend Micro Incorporated, Cupertino, CA, (408) 257-1500; WWW:

Liebert Introduces UPStation GXT UPS

Liebert Corporation has introduced the UPStation GXT UPS, an online power protection tool. The UPStation GXT reduces common standby generator operation power problems including spikes, surges, overvoltage, electrical noise and other transients, sags, outages, and harmonics and frequency variations, and prevents them from reaching the connected equipment. The UPStation GXT was developed to protect networked, clustered PCs and workstations; office telecommunication systems including voicemail and email; LAN, WAN and Internet servers; remote telecommunications units; test and diagnostic equipment; and large network hubs, routers, gateways, and bridges. The UPStation GXT is also suited to factory-floor protection of microprocessor-controlled equipment.

The UPStation GXT comes in two sizes, 700VA and 1000VA mini-tower for 120 VAC applications. Features of the UPStation GXT include Easy Swap user-replaceable batteries, user-installable Ethernet SNMP through the IntelliSlot communications port, and RS232 communications to make the UPS ready to monitor with Liebert SiteNet 1 or SiteNet 2 software kits. The UPStation GXT also includes a bypass to allow transfer to/from bypass for momentary overloads and an input power factor of 0.95.

Prices for the UPStation GXT UPS start at $839. For more information, contact Liebert Corporation, 1050 Dearborn Dr., P.O. Box 29186, Columbus, OH 43229, (614) 888-0246; Fax: (614) 841-6973.

HT Communications Announces Looker

HT Communications has announced Looker, a hand-held network verification tool that checks the network and displays what it finds. For frame-relay networks, Looker checks frame-relay network ready/not ready, link management type, circuit loopbacks, and PVCs (DLCIs) and their status. For DDS lines, Looker checks DDS line status, data rate, line quality, and line loopback.

Looker is based on HT's own chipset and costs $495. For more information, contact HT Communications, 4480 Shopping Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063, (800) 482-1544 or (805) 579-1700; Fax: (805) 522-5295; Email:; WWW:

Quadritek Introduces QIPxpress

Quadritek Systems, Inc. has introduced QIPxpress, an IP management tool designed to run on IP switching or routing equipment. QIPxpress supports DHCP, DDNS/DNS, NIS, and Bootp network services, as well as a customizable Netscape- or Microsoft-enabled Web interface for administration. QIPxpress also manages up to 1,000 IP addresses.

QIPxpress creates a central database, called the QIP KnowledgeBase, that tracks and catalogs all network resources. QIPxpress automatically downloads key data such as moves, adds, changes, and IP address lease updates to all DDNS/DNS servers in the enterprise. Also QIPxpress delivers automatic updates for primary and secondary DDNS/DNS servers. Other features of QIPxpress include customer-definable security, permission, and configuration policies that can be enforced and distributed throughout the network via a single point of control and access to management functions from standard clients. QIPxpress integrates network management systems, such as HP OpenView and Cambio Networks' Command suite, into the global environment and operates across Window NT and/or UNIX platforms and QIPxpress-enabled switches or routers.

QIPxpress is priced at $1,995 per switch. For more information contact Quadritek Systems, Inc., 10 Valley Stream Pkwy., Suite 240, Malvern, PA 19355, (800) 408-2747 or (610) 725-8538; Fax: (610) 725-8559; Email:; WWW:

Open Microsystems Announces SafeDistance And DistribuTAPE

Open Microsystems, Inc. has announced SafeDistance and DistribuTAPE. SafeDistance allows IBM's ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM) software to automatically store disaster-recovery backups in an off-site, automated tape library. A SafeDistance-configured ADSM server may be scheduled to make automated backup copies of its storage pools and databases to a supported, remote-automated tape library. The remote tape library must be a supported SCSI device, and must be attached to an AIX-based server running SafeDistance server software. SafeDistance works with or without the ADSM Disaster Recovery Module. Configuration requirements include an AIX-based ADSM server, with a network or WAN connection to a remote AIX system connected to an ADSM-supported automated tape library.

DistribuTAPE v2.0 is a software tool that supports application-transparent sharing of tape drives as network devices. DistribuTAPE also stores geographically remote data via a WAN connection. The DistribuTAPE server component can be configured to share one or more tape drives. Each shared tape drive has an access control list for security, giving systems administrators control over which nodes may be used. The DistribuTAPE client component can be configured for access to as many remote tape drives as required, subject to the access control policies of each tape drive. DistribuTAPE supports Solaris and AIX, with Windows NT support planned for later in 1997.

For pricing and other information about SafeDistance and DistribuTAPE 2.0, contact Open Microsystems, Inc., 505 E. Huntland, Suite 450, Austin, TX 78752-3714, (512) 450-0900; Fax: (512) 450-0397; Email:; WWW:

Attachmate Upgrades KEA! 420 and KEA! 340

Attachmate Corporation has upgraded KEA! 420 and KEA! 340, its VT emulation software. KEA! 420 and KEA! 340 v5.0, 32-bit products running under Windows 95 and Windows NT, provide access to VAX and UNIX environments. KEA! 420 and KEA! 340 v5.0 support Microsoft SMS and Attachment NetWizard. Features of KEA! v5.0 includes an install program for typical, minimal, and custom installs; an administration utility for customizing end-user installation, including predefined parameters and macros; and Uninstall, which lets users remove KEA!. Other features of KEA! v5.0 include a Windows 95-style wizard for host session connection and configuration, Windows 95-style configuration dialog boxes, and a configurable toolbar, so users can create custom configurations of KEA! for each host.

In addition, KEA! v5.0 includes a customizable menu, keyboard re-mapping, custom TrueType font, and a customizable SmartPad. KEA! v5.0 also supports unrestrained horizontal and vertical scaling, so users can manipulate emulation windows without losing data representation.

KEA! 420 v5.0 is priced at $245 and KEA! 340 v5.0 (including graphic support) is priced at $395. For more information, contact Attachmate Corporation, 3617 131st Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA 98006-1332, (800) 426-6283 or (206) 644-4010; Fax: (206) 747-9924; WWW:

FacetCorp Announces FacetWIN Support for IRIX

FacetWIN now supports Windows 95 and Windows NT clients for the Silicon Graphics IRIX 5.3 and 6.2 operating systems. FacetWIN is available for Silicon Graphics Origin and other Silicon Graphics servers. FacetWIN includes an all-in-one feature set that lets Windows 95 and Windows NT users transparently access and use UNIX system-based network resources such as files, disks, applications, and printers.

Features of FacetWIN include transparent file and print services, terminal emulation, and the ability to backup network PCs to a Silicon Graphics UNIX tape drive. Other features of FacetWIN include networked modem access for PC users, an email POP3 server, and remote computing support. FacetWIN includes support for the following terminal emulation products: Digital's' VT series, Wyse, SCO/ANSI color console, and IBM. FacetWIN's terminal emulation includes Window Watch and QuickLaunch.

FacetWIN for Silicon Graphics IRIX is priced at $195 for one user, with discounts for multi-user licenses. For more information, contact FacetCorp, 4031 W. Plano Pkwy., Plano, TX 75093, (972) 985-9901; Fax: (972) 612-2035; WWW:

Tone Releases CompuLert 6.3.1

Tone Software Corporation has released CompuLert 6.3.1. CompuLert's facilities manage multi-platform, distributed systems and hardware, allowing administrators to consolidate consoles, control enterprise operations, and automate the management of diverse computing environments. CompuLert 6.3.1 includes a Hypermap Facility, which lets users manage enterprise operation through point-and-click, drill-down access and control of enterprise operations. Through the graphical interface, CompuLert users control monitoring and alarming, perform diagnostics and problem resolution, and restart or reboot failed systems through CompuLert's access to the monitored system's operating console.

CompuLert 6.3.1 includes tested facilities to filter and process Year 2,000 dates in message streams. Also CompuLert's system and database recovery facilities back up the CompuLert platform to create a complete, portable replica of the CompuLert management system. Restoration capabilities let CompuLert users deploy an operational CompuLert "backup" system on any compatible hardware.

For pricing and other information about CompuLert 6.3.1, contact Tone Software Corporation, 1735 S. Brookhurst, Anaheim, CA 92804; (800) 833-8663 or (714) 991-9460; Fax: (714) 991-1831; Email:; WWW:

Jaycor Networks Adds Three Products

Jaycor Networks, Inc. has added three products to its FibreStar plug-and-play Fibre Channel communications line. The first product, the SBus FibreStar fibre channel adapter, comes in three models and support rates ranging from 266 Mbits/sec to 1,063 Mbits/sec. The SBus adapters are compatible with Sun Solaris operating systems. The second product, the PCI Fibre Channel adapter, comes in five models and targets networking and Internet/intranet environments. Depending on model, the PCI adapters support rates of 266 Mbits/sec or 1,063 Mbits/sec, and include either a removable or integrated optical or copper interface. Both the SBus and PCI FibreStar adapters support switched and arbitrated loop configurations and all classes of service, including intermix of fibre channel classes 1, 2, and 3. Communication software drivers are included for standard network peripheral protocols, including TCP/IP and SCSI.

The third product, the FibreStar FCH-1063 Hub, provides a fault-tolerant connection for Fibre Channel drives in an arbitrated loop. The FCH-1063 Hub has a bit transmission rate of 1.0625 Gbit/sec (8B/10B encoded) and a full duplex data transmission rate of 200 Mbps. The FCH-1063 Hub includes nine copper ports with DB-9 style connectors. Multiple hubs can be cascaded to support 127 connections.

Prices for the SBus FibreStar adapter range from $2,970 to $3,655. Prices for the PCI FibreStar adapter range from $1,995 to $3,680. The FibreStar FCH-1063 Hub is priced at $3,300. For more information, contact Jaycor Networks, Inc., (619) 535-3121; Fax: (619) 552-1428.

Central Data Announces Support for Solaris x86

Central Data Corp. has announced that its scsiTerminal Server, scsiModem Server, EtherLite Modem Server, and EtherLite Port Server support SunSoft's Solaris 2.5.1 for Intel-based platforms. scsiTerminal Server supports rates up to 115K and 230K baud. The server connects high-speed modems, printers, terminals, and other RS-232 devices. The Terminal Servers support serial ports via the SCSI bus. Several models are available supporting 2-, 4-, 8-, 16-, and 32-serial ports per unit. Both DB-25 and RJ-45 connectors are available. The scsiModem Server and EtherLite Modem Server integrate up to 16 PCMCIA fax/modems in a single chassis. The 115K baud modem ports support 14.4K, 28.8K, and 33.6K PCMCIA modems with hot-swappable PCMCIA slots. Each modem port is a native tty port. The scsiModem Server attaches via the SCSI bus. The EtherLite Modem Server connects to TCP/IP networks via 10BASE-T Ethernet. All eight or 16 slots operate from one TCP/IP connection.

The EtherLite Port Servers connect 8, 16, or 32 asynchronous RJ-45 serial ports to a single Ethernet TCP/IP network, supporting baud rates up to 115K. EtherLite ports are serial devices and connect modems, printers, terminals, and other RS-232 devices to workstations and servers.

For pricing and other information, contact Central Data Corporation, 1602 Newton Dr., Champaign, IL 61821-1098, (800) 482-0315 or (217) 359-8010; Fax: (217) 359-6904.

ANE Releases KEYpak for Windows NT

ANE Resources, Inc. has released KEYpak for Windows NT. KEYpak provides document conversion among diverse word processors and conversion translators for HTML, fax, graphics, and word processors. KEYpak NT comes in two versions. The standard KEYpak NT includes the KEYpak conversion library, which supports word processing, HTML, graphics, Postscript, and TIFF conversion. The enhanced version of KEYpak NT includes transparent virus protection that automatically scans for viruses and, if detected, removes the virus.

Other features of KEYpak NT include automatically identifying document file type by content, not extension; converting 130 legacy and PC word-processing formats; and drop-and-drag functionality. KEYpak NT also includes an SDK for custom integration with applications, and object-oriented converters that support complex documents containing headers, footers, frames, styles, tables, embedded graphics, and fonts.

A free, 30-day trial version of KEYpak NT is available at the company's Web site. For pricing and other information about KEYpak NT, contact ANE Resources, Inc., 830 W. Main St., Suite 250, Lake Zurich, IL 60047, (847) 382-9595; Fax: (847) 382-9608; WWW:

Datametrics Announces ViewPoint for Oracle

Datametrics Systems Corporation has announced ViewPoint for Oracle. ViewPoint for Oracle provides systems and database administrators with automated monitoring, analysis, and reporting tools for their operating systems and Oracle databases. Using correlation tools, ViewPoint locates the cause of the problem and alerts administrators by visual, audio, pager, or email notification. ViewPoint also automates and schedules the production of customized performance reports for either daily, weekly, or monthly management business review. Other features of ViewPoint include: centralized performance management of distributed Oracle databases and applications, analysis of realtime and historical database performance, GUI-based drill-down capabilities, and automatically taking corrective actions when thresholds are exceeded.

ViewPoint for Oracle runs on Digital OpenVMS. The HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Sequent DYNIX/ptx, Digital UNIX, IBM AIX, and Windows NT versions are planned for release later this year. For pricing and other information about ViewPoint for Oracle, contact Datametrics Systems Corporation, 12150 E. Monument Dr., Suite 300, Fairfax, VA 22033, (703) 385-7700; Fax: (703) 385-7711; Email:; WWW: