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NT Responses

Subject: NT coverage in The Journal for UNIX Systems Administrators

Although I subscribe to Sys Admin primarily as a resource for UNIX information, I appreciate your coverage of NT and other platforms as they relate to UNIX. Articles on topics such as integrating NT servers into a UNIX environment are appropriate for your magazine and have been useful to me. Mazer's environment includes not only multiple flavors of UNIX (AIX, SunOS, IRIX) but also NT, Novell, and AppleShare. Although our UNIX servers have been and will continue to be the primary pieces of our network, we cannot, nor would we want to, eliminate the other platforms. Sys Admin should focus on UNIX but does not overstep its bounds by reporting on other platforms as they relate to UNIX. Please continue to do so.

David Lauri
Director of MIS, Mazer Corp.

Subject: Please. No more NT

I'm very disappointed to see articles on NT creeping into the Sys Admin magazine. It's supposed to be for UNIX system administrators, so let's keep it that way. I noticed that in the latest issue, you've started listing NT items the the New Products section - why? The "Trend Micro Releases ServerProtect 4.0 for NT" announcement bears no relation to UNIX whatsoever as far as I can see. Bill Gates apparently has claimed that "NT is a weak UNIX," but until it fully qualifies as a full UNIX (if ever), there's no call to push it to us.

Best Regards,
Brian S. Craigie
Unix Sysadmin
NEC Semiconductors (UK) Ltd
Of course I'm not speaking for my employer.

We received several comments regarding the inclusion of NT-related administrative issues within the magazine, the two above being fairly representative of the non-extremes. A majority of readers appear to favor some degree of NT coverage from the perspective of a UNIX system administrator, however. Considering the growing majority of readers who manage both UNIX and Windows NT systems, we plan to continue looking at NT administration issues occasionally as they relate to UNIX.


Subject: Cool Mag

Your magazine is really cool . . . I just discovered it while browsing through a news agency in Australia. I was quick to hop on the Web and order the CD-ROM to see what I've missed. And it's a good idea to publish an archive CD-ROM like yours as well. Keep up the good work.

Binh Nguyen

Thanks for the positive feedback.