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New Products

ON Technology Ships ON Guard Firewall v2.1

ON Technology Corporation has begun shipping ON Guard Firewall v2.1, its plug-and-play SMLI Firewall. ON Guard Firewall v2.1 supports 145 preconfigured applications and protocols for IP and IPX networks, providing users with access to network applications such as Java, RealAudio, PointCast, and Lotus Notes, as well as custom or in-house applications. ON Guard v2.1 also supports 56-bit encryption for creating Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). The VPN module is based on DES for encryption and IPSec Tunnel Mode for key management, firewall authentication, and full packet encryption.

Optional features of ON Guard Firewall v2.1 include URL Blocking and User Authentication. The URL Blocking application, which includes the CyberNOT list of Web sites that could be considered objectionable in the workplace, lets system administrators block access to specified Web sites by checking off predefined categories. These categories contain URLs for thousands of sites which make up the CyberNOT lists. The CyberNOT list is regularly updated and maintained by Microsystems Software, Inc. System administrators can also identify specific URLs to be blocked in addition to those provided by the list.

The User Authentication Option, based on RADIUS and CHAP, provides password-level protection to remote users who require access to the internal network through the firewall. Using the User Authentication Option, system administrators configure security policies that specify the types of access permitted to remote users. The User Authentication software consists of a desktop client and authentication server for both Windows 95 and Windows NT machines. The software supports periodic session authentication and logs both valid and invalid authentication attempts.

Prices for ON Guard Firewall v2.1 range from $4,995 to $14,995. Turnkey systems start at $6,495. Prices for the URL Blocking Option start at $795 for 50 users. The User Authentication Option is free from the company's Web site. Current ON Guard Firewall customers will receive the upgrade free. A 30-day evaluation copy of ON Guard Firewall is also available on the company's Web site. For more information contact ON Technology, Corp., One Cambridge Ctr., Cambridge, MA 02142; (800) 767-6683; Email:; WWW:

SMART Announces SMART DB Workbench for NT

SMART Corporation has announced SMART DB Workbench for NT, a data-migration tools suite for Windows NT. Based on the SMART DB Workbench suite of graphical data conversion tools, SMART DB Workbench for NT supports migration of legacy RDBMS data from mainframe and mini computers to NT-based client/server systems.

SMART DB Workbench for NT transforms and maps legacy data to relational databases running on NT platforms. The software creates a client/server system of NT migration development stations, tied via the network to either a UNIX- or NT-based database. This allows concurrent, parallel development for large data migration projects. Using SMART DB Workbench for NT, project groups can manage data migration from NT stations, distributing the process throughout the organization.

Pricing for SMART DB Workbench for Windows NT starts at $37,500. For more information contact SMART Corporation, 1121 San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303; (650) 988-8996; Fax: (650) 988-6833; Email:; WWW:

Axiom Upgrades Manifest and Sterling 5000 Host Collector

Axiom Inc. has upgraded Manifest Traffic Management System and Sterling 5000 Host Collector. The Manifest Traffic system supports dial-up, dedicated, and private networks, and is designed to meet the requirements of both small and large switching networks, including digital, cellular, SS7, and analog switches. Manifest Traffic Management System Release 4.1 supports cross-platform capabilities in Windows and UNIX environments, an OSF/Motif GUI, ODBC compliance, X.25 communications, and TCP/IP and NFS protocols. In addition, Manifest 4.1 users can access reports via standard Web browsers. The Manifest Host supports color workstations and X terminals, disk mirroring, and a CD-ROM for HP documentation. The Manifest Application supports HP-UX 10.2, Informix 7.2 relational database, a GUI database browser and report writer, online graphing, a multiple windows environment, and native language support.

The Sterling 5000 Host Collector is a realtime billing, data collection, and processing system. Features of the Sterling 5000 Host Collector Release 6.1 include a scalable, modular HP K410 multi-processor computer with up to four processors, and 20Gb of RAID storage for each volume group. The Sterling 5000 Host Collector 6.1 also supports RAID alarms and tertiary storage that is implemented in the system's GUI. Other features of the Sterling 5000 Host Collector 6.1 include a location comments box in the location configuration screen, file searching, a GUI that indicates operation status of polled sites, and online documentation.

For pricing and other information about the Manifest Traffic Management System 4.1 or the Sterling 5000 Host Collector 6.1 contact Axiom Inc., 351 New Albany Rd., Moorestown, NJ 08057-1177, (609) 866-1000; FAX: (609) 866-0185.

CyberStorage Introduces Ultra Wide PCI RAID Systems

CyberStorage Systems, Inc. has introduced a series of PCI Ultra Wide, Host-Based RAID systems. Supporting RAID Levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, and disk spanning, the Ultra Wide PCI Systems combine 40 Mbps Ultra Wide SCSI disk drive channels with the 132 Mbps bandwidth of the PCI Bus to provide RAID storage to desktop, workstation, and mid-range server environments. Each Ultra Wide PCI System includes an interactive GUI running under Windows NT or Windows 95, which provides visual tools to configure, monitor, and manage all RAID functions. Other features of the Ultra Wide PCI Systems include remote access to the RAID system from any network node or remote location, and Automatic Remote Fault-Notification Systems, which notify designated personnel of system changes via email, pager, or beeper.

Ultra Wide PCI Systems range in capacity from 6Gb to 184Gb, with systems using 2Gb, 4Gb, 9Gb, and 23Gb Ultra Wide SCSI-3 disk drives. Each Ultra PCI System supports 32Mb of battery-backed cache, hot-swappable drives, automatic detection of failed drives, and automatic and transparent rebuild of hot spare drives. Other features of the Ultra PCI System include fault-tolerant cabinetry available in both deskside and rackmount configurations, redundant and hot swappable power supplies and fans, and support for optional peripheral device, such as tape or CD-ROM drives. The Ultra PCI Systems also include Environmental Support, which monitors power, temperature, fan, and battery-backed cache, alerting users with visual and audible alarms in the event of changes within the system.

The Ultra Wide PCI System Series supports NetWare, SCO UNIX, UnixWare, Windows NT, OS/2, and MS-DOS. For pricing and other information contact CyberStorage Systems, Inc., 25 Porter Rd., Littleton, MA 01460, (508) 486-0005; FAX: (508) 486-3755; Email:

SMARTS Ships InCharge

System Management ARTS has begun shipping its InCharge Event Correlator. InCharge analyzes monitored network, system, and application data and events to determine their root cause. InCharge's analysis is based on Codebook Correlation and Object-Oriented Diagnostic Modeling. Codebook Correlation assumes that every problem causes particular symptoms in the networked system as a whole. These symptomatic events create a unique "code" that InCharge uses to identify that problem. Object-Oriented Diagnostic Modeling assumes that each type of element has characteristic problems and each problem has characteristic symptoms and propagation patterns. These properties are independent of the topology, which describes the actual elements in the managed system and the relationships between them. InCharge automatically computes the optimal problem codes specific to each networked system from diagnostic models and topology.

Features of InCharge include cross-correlating network, system, and application data and events, and automatically generating correlation rules and updates. InCharge supports SNMP, CORBA, proprietary data and event sources, and a Web/Java-based GUI. InCharge runs on Sun Solaris and will be available on UNIX and Windows NT in the second half of 1997. InCharge, an add-on to existing management products, requires adapters to interface to sources of events and topology, and diagnostic models for the type elements being managed. SMARTS provides standard adapters and model libraries.

For pricing and other information about InCharge contact System Management ARTS, Inc., 14 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, NY 10601, (914) 948-6200; FAX: (914) 948-6270; WWW:

HP Introduces HP SoftBench OpenStudio

Hewlett-Packard Company has introduced HP SoftBench OpenStudio, a development environment that lets software engineers co-develop C++ applications for Windows NT, Windows 95, and HP-UX systems. With HP SoftBench OpenStudio, developers can write Microsoft Visual C++ applications for Windows-based clients and HP-UX servers. In addition, OpenStudio can perform simultaneous debugging sessions for HP-UX and Windows in two side-by-side views, and develop or maintain existing HP-UX applications from a PC. SoftBench can also create single source-stream applications for HP-UX and Windows through a pull-down menu option, which lets developers build source code for different target machines.

OpenStudio is configured in two parts: client and server. The client works with Visual C++ v5.0, Microsoft's 32-bit application development tool for Windows NT and Windows 95. The server includes the HP-UX C and C++ compilers and the runtime system of HP's implementation of CORBA.

Single and bundle pricing for client and server HP SoftBench OpenStudio licenses start at $999. For more information contact Hewlett-Packard Company, 3404 East Harmony Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525; (970) 229-3800; WWW:

ATC Upgrades AXI

Advanced Technology Center has upgraded AXI, its Ada Interface to X and Motif product. AXI 4.1.3 aids X/Motif developers, who are migrating existing ADA 83 applications to object-oriented Ada 95, and supports the GNAT Ada 95 compiler. AXI 4.1.3 lets users implement their applications on GNAT 3.09, as well as on other Ada compilers like Apex, AdaWorld, ObjectAda, and VADS, while maintaining the same X/Motif API in each environment. Customers with AXI v3.x license can upgrade to AXI 4.1.3 without difficulty since the new version's Ada 95 API is identical to the Ada 83 API.

Features of AXI 4.1.3 include UIL-to-Ada conversion, Widget subclassing, and Ada bindings to XPM for the entire XPM Format 3 API. Also included in AXI 4.1.3 is the Varargs API and the STARS interface.

AXI 4.1.3 is portable to many compilers and hosts that support X11 release 5 or later and Motif 1.2 or later. AIX 4.1.3 for GNAT 3.09 supports Digital UNIX 4.x, HP-UX 10.x, IRIX 5.x, SunOS 4.0 and Solaris 2.x. AXI 4.1.3 is priced at $2,995 for a single seat license with volume discounts available. For more information contact Advanced Technology Center, 22982 Mill Creek Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653, (714) 583-9119, ext. 212; Email:; WWW:

Trend Micro Introduces PC-cillin HouseCall

Trend Micro Incorporated has introduced PC-cillin HouseCall, an online virus scanning service that detects "in-the-wild viruses" including boot, file, and macros. PC-cillin HouseCall is designed for the Internet and scans hard drives and network drives connected to the user's computer. PC-cillin HouseCall uses the same scanning engine found in PC-cillin and uses technology that detects known and unknown macro viruses. The majority of PC-cillin HouseCall's files are maintained on Trend Micro's server, and the other program files needed at the desktop are automatically downloaded using ActiveX controls. PC-cillin HouseCall detects virus infections only while the user is connected to the Web.

To use PC-cillin HouseCall, users surf to a site that carries the PC-cillin HouseCall server, click on the logo, choose the directories they'd like to scan for viruses, and click on "scan." If a virus is detected, the name of the virus and the infected file(s) are displayed in a pop-up window, along with options for automatic cleaning or deletion of the file. The user can also access Trend Micro's online virus encyclopedia to learn more about the virus.

PC-cillin HouseCall supports PCs and requires Internet Explorer 3.1 or above or Netscape Navigator 3.01 or above with a plug-in that can be accessed from the PC-cillin HouseCall Web site. PC-cillin HouseCall is available free at the company's Web site. For more information contact Trend Micro Incorporated; (408) 257-1500; WWW:

Axis Announces AXIS StorPoint HD

Axis Communications Inc. has announced the AXIS StorPoint HD for the Jaz product line. StorPoint HD for Jaz, based on 32-bit RISC technology, is a workgroup network connectivity tool that provides ways of sharing removable storage over a network. StorPoint HD for Jaz includes three models: the StorPoint HD, a standalone storage server that connects seven SCSI drives to Ethernet networks; the StorPoint HD/T, which is a tower module version of the HD model that slides into a standard 5.25-inch tower bay; and the StorPoint HD/4, which includes four pre-installed Iomega Jaz drives in a plug-and-play storage tower.

StorPoint HD for Jaz uses a compatible, multi-platform workgroup storage server, which lets users in Windows NT, Windows 95, OS/2, and HTTP environments seamlessly and simultaneously write-to and read information on drives connected to the network. The built-in Web server also let users access data on Jaz cartridges using any Web browser. StorPoint HD for Jaz also includes Axis' ThinServer Technology with the ETRAX2 processor, a 32-bit RISC CPU, and device I/O, such as SCSI-2. Additionally, StorPoint HD for Jaz also includes flash memory for central and remote software updates over the network using FTP over TCP/IP.

The StorPoint HD standalone model and StorPoint HD/T internal mounting model are both priced at $999. The StorPoint HD/4 tower with Jaz drives is priced at $2,999. For more information contact Axis Communications, Inc., 4 Constitution Way, Ste. G, Woburn, MA 01801-1030; (800) 444-2947 or (617) 938-1188; Fax: (617) 938-6161; Email:; WWW:

Portable Enhancements Releases Driveport

Portable Enhancement Products, Inc., has released Driveport, a series of 2.5-inch EPP Parallel Port and PC Card (PCMCIA) External Storage products. Driveport can be purchased complete with HDD or as a chassis with capacities ranging from 810Mb to 3Gb. After upgrading an internal HDD, Driveport can be used along with the old HDD to provide additional storage.

Both the EEP and PC Card Driveport include a single driver enabler, are plug-and-play-compatible, and let users upgrade their storage capacity without using tools. The EPP Driveport is compatible with any desktop parallel port and ships with a Windows 95 driver, which lets the user connect the unit to their system and gain access to their data without rebooting the system.

Driveport fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less that two pounds (including carrying case). Driveport supports Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows, OS/2, and DOS. Driveport prices range for $99 for the EPP version without hard drive to $929 for the PC Card 3Gb unit. For more information contact Portable Enhancement Products, Inc., 15751 Brookhurst St., Suite 101, Westminster, CA 92683; (800) 737-7693; FAX: (714) 418-0117; Email:; WWW:

Artecon Introduces LynxStak

Artecon has introduced the LynxStak Series 2000 RAID system. The interlocking modular LynxStak, which lets users add capacity and failover RAID controllers, is host-independent and operating system-transparent. The stackable disk drives, tape drives, or controllers are self-contained with independent removable power supplies and fans. LynxStak is scaleable from 12Gb to 146Gb and supports 16-bit Ultra-Wide SCSI channels providing plug-and-play RAID with data transfer rates of 33 Mbps. LynxStak's Intel-based RAID controller achieves 4700 I/Os per second. Other LynxStak features include Artecon's heartbeat cable and failover jumper block, multi-hosted controllers, and hot-swappable removable RAID controller, disk drives, fans, and power supplies. Remote RAID management is supported via the host communication port located on the front of the RAID controller. The LynxStak RAID controllers and drives can also move into Artecon's rackmount LynxArray.

For pricing and other information about LynxStak Series 2000 RAID contact Artecon, P.O. Box 9000, 6305 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009-1606, (619) 931-5500; FAX: (619) 931-5527, Email:; WWW:

Storage Dimensions Introduces JETArray DLT7000

Storage Dimensions has introduced the JETArray DLT7000, a DLT7000 tape array with RAID fault tolerance. The JETArray DLT7000 combines Storage Dimensions' MegaFlex storage enclosure with DLT7000 drives, and RAID and image backup software from Cheyenne. JETArray DLT7000 supports backup and RAID protection for NetWare and NT.

By capturing a direct image of the disk content rather than copying data file by file, the JETArray DLT7000 supports speeds of 54 Gb-per-hour (RAID 5). For RAID fault tolerance, JETArray DLT7000 supports RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, and 5. The JETArray DLT7000 enclosure features redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and cooling fans, and dual-locking power cords.

The JETArray DLT7000 is priced at $51,682 (fully loaded). For more information contact Storage Dimensions, 1656 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035; (408) 954-0710; FAX: (408) 944-1200; WWW:

JMR Announces RAID and CD Enclosures

JMR Electronics, Inc. has announced the Wildcat RAID series of RAID enclosures and the Info Tower with an Axis Controller Bay line of CD enclosures. The Wildcat RAID series includes four models with removable 1-inch and 1.6-inch drive canisters. Each unit features LED indicators for disk drive activity, power, fan, and temperatures. An audible alarm sounds for power, fan, and temperature anomalies. The Wildcat RAID enclosures fit in computer drive space for either two or three 5.25-inch half-drive bays.

The Info Tower 7 and 14 support seven or fourteen half-height 5.25-inch CD drives, and an Axis controller bay that is located directly above the CD drive bays. The drives are accessible through a lockable smoked PLEXIGLAS front door. Additional features of the Info Tower 7 and 14 include internal cabling, side doors with locking option, 300-watt power support with internal fan, one cooling fan, rear panel cut-out for I/O installation, and pen set rotary switches for SCSI address selection without drive removal.

For pricing and other information about the Wildcat RAID or the Info Tower 7 and 14 CD enclosures contact JMR Electronics, Inc., 20400 Plummer St., Chatsworth, CA 91311; (818) 993-4801; FAX: (818) 993-9173; WWW:

Relevant Announces INFIMACS II Supports NT

Relevant Business Systems Inc. has announced that INFIMACS II, its second-generation ERP, supports Windows NT in addition to UNIX-based client/server networks. INFIMACS II is database-independent and able to support MS SQL, as well as Informix and Oracle. INFIMACS II supports a GUI, object-oriented development, and both UNIX client/server and Microsoft tools to integrate departments within an organization.

For pricing and other information about INFIMACS II contact Relevant Business Systems Inc., 2 Annabel Lane, Suite 215, San Ramon, CA 94583; (510) 867-3830; FAX: (510) 867-3840; Email:

Brooks Upgrades RPM

Brooks Internet Software, Inc., has upgraded RPM (Remote Print Manager), its TCP/IP print server that lets WinSock-equipped PCs print data from UNIX workstations, AS/400s, and mainframes regardless of where they're located. RPM 2.1 includes control over font, margins, line wrap, and printer setup. RPM 2.1 also includes print data options for adding or manipulating data, added security, and support for "reverse telnet." RPM 2.1 printing control features include stopping and restarting a print job in progress, specifying a new starting page, and holding for later printing. RPM 2.1 prints in the background without interrupting current work. Also RPM 2.1 is interoperable with a variety of UNIX and other systems.

A free, 30-day trial version of RPM 2.1 is available at the company's Web site. For pricing and other information about RPM 2.1 contact Brooks Internet Software, Inc., 1820 E. 17th St., Suite 360, Idaho Falls, ID 83404-6497, (800) 523-9175 or (208) 523-6970; Email:; WWW:

Box Hill Implements XOR RAID Technology

Box Hill Systems Corp. has begun implementing exclusive or (XOR) RAID technology, embedded in Seagate's Barracuda 9 Fibre Channel drives, into its Fibre Channel disk array storage system, the Fibre Box. The X/ORaid module activates the XOR Raid in the Barracuda 9 Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) disk drives.

Features of the X/ORaid Module include automatically updating redundant copies of data without host adapter and external RAID controller supervision, drive-to-drive communication, and reducing the number of I/Os along the bus effectively providing greater bandwidth. With Fibre Box, 72Gb of data per enclosure can be stored on a series of eight Fibre Channel Barracuda 9 disk drives. The Fibre Box, using FC-AL, can address 126 devices and store up to 1.1Tb of data per loop, with data transfer rates of 200 Mbps (with dual loops) and cabling distances from 30 meters to 10 kilometers.

The Fibre Box with the X/ORaid Module currently supports Windows NT 4.0 and Solaris 2.x with support for other operating systems planned for later this year. For pricing and other information about the Fibre Box with X/ORaid Module, contact Box Hill Systems Corporation, WWW:

IntraServer Announces ITIpci

IntraServer Technology, Inc. has announced the ITIpci family of Ultra Wide PCI SCSI Host Bus Adapters for Alpha- and Intel-based platforms. The ITIpci line includes the Series 3000 Ultra Wide SCSI Host Bus Adapters and the Series 4000 Ultra Wide SCSI and Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Host Bus Adapters. The Series 3000 includes the ITI-3140 U and ITI-3140UD single-port Ultra Wide PCI SCSI adapters, the ITI-3280U and ITI-3280UD dual-port Ultra Wide PCI SCSI adapter, and the ITI-3460U and ITI-3460UD quad-port Ultra Wide 64-Bit PCI SCSI adapters. The Series 4000 include the ITI-4140UE and ITI-4140UED single-port Ultra Wide PCI SCSI and 10/1000 Base-T Ethernet adapters, and the ITI-4280UE and ITI-4280UED dual-port Ultra Wide PCI SCSI and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet adapters. Both the Series 3000 and Series 4000 adapters are available in single-ended or differential variants.

The Ultra Wide SCSI PCI adapters support Digital UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, and Windows NT platforms and DECsafe ASE Clusters and OpenVMS SCSI Clusters. For pricing and other information, contact IntraServer Technology, Inc., 125 Hopping Brook Park, Holliston, MA 01746, (508) 429-0425; Fax: (508) 429-0430; WWW:

IRI Ships COSORT 6.0

Innovative Routines International, Inc. has begun shipping COSORT 6.0, its cross-platform, parallel-sort software for SMP UNIX platforms. Features of COSORT 6.0 include support for Year 2,000 conversions and a parallel-sort engine, which replaces SAS and MF COBOL native-sort functions. COSORT 6.0 also processes three Micro Focus variable-length record formats and adds licensing and configuration schema. Other features of COSORT include three standalone sort utilities and a coroutine API. COSORT 6.0 also uses a machine's locale-based collating sequence to process multi-byte characters like German, Korean, and Russian.

For pricing and other information about COSORT 6.0, contact Innovative Routines International, Inc., 1775 W. Hibiscus Blvd., Ste. 200, Melbourne, FL 32901, (407) 952-9400; Fax: (407) 952-9777; Email:; WWW: <