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New Products

Trend Micro Upgrades InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX

Trend Micro Inc. has upgraded its email and Internet gateway virus protection software, InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX. InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX is a three-in-one server-based product that scans for viruses in SMTP email attachments, HTTP files, and FTP traffic. Each of the three product components can be installed on an individual dedicated server, or all three can be installed together on one server.

InterScan VirusWall HP-UX Ver. 2.0 is multi-threaded and simultaneously scans multiple mail message attachments. InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX 2.0 includes installation scripts that integrate with the HP-UX system and a built-in FTP/HTTP proxy for smoother integration with InterScan VirusWall and HP-UX. InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX 2.0 also includes optional Java applet blocking and executable program downloads (such as .exe or .com files), and a performance monitor that measures the number of kilobytes of message attachments handled per second. Other features of InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX 2.0 include: automatic, realtime multi-threaded scanning; immediate notification to the sender, recipient, and administrator of virus incidents; automatic and prescheduled virus pattern updates via the Internet; and a reporting format that tells the user and administrator the name of the virus found, the name of the infected attachment, sender of the infected file, and the action taken for the infected file.

InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX 2.0 scans only files capable of carrying a virus, including Word macro viruses. The administrator is also able to exclude scanning for a specific file type, such as lengthy sound and animation files. InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX 2.0 also scans nine types of compressed files including PKZip, PKLite, MS Compress, LZExe, LZH, ARJ, GNU zip, UNIX compress, and TAR, as well as BINHEX, UUENCODE, and MIME formats.

InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX 2.0 installs directly on the HP-UX gateway machine or on a proxy server and requires no additional hardware. Intranet traffic can also be scanned if SMTP is used for interdepartmental communications. InterScan VirusWall for HP-UX 2.0 is priced at $1,795 for a 50-user license and includes one year of free virus pattern updates. An evaluation copy is available for download at the company's Web site. For more information, contact Trend Micro Incorporated, 2024 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014; (800) 228-5651 or (408) 257-1500; FAX: (408) 257-2003; Internet:; WWW:

ICL Announces Centrivex Swift

ICL Inc. has announced Centrivex Swift, a tool for integrating UNIX and NT systems and sharing data between the two systems. Centrivex Swift is designed to let organizations use their existing UNIX systems as they incorporate an increasing number of Windows NT platforms into their IT environments.

Centrivex Swift provides 45 of the most commonly used UNIX utilities. Centrivex Swift also lets users access utilities from a graphical interface featuring menus and toolbars within the Swift shell. Many tools are also available via shortcuts from the desktop. Centrivex Swift also includes A2pr, a Windows program that provides many of the characteristics of A2ps, a UNIX program for text file printing.

Centrivex Swift requires a minimum 486-class PC running Windows 95 or Windows NT, 8 Mb RAM, and 3.5 Mb available disk space. An evaluation copy of Centrivex Swift if available from the company's Web site. Centrivex Swift is sold over the Internet and priced at $159 (introductory). Users wishing to purchase Centrivex Swift need to provide a credit card number in exchange for a license key to unlock full product functionality. For more information, contact ICL Inc., 9801 Muirlands Blvd., Irvine, CA; (714) 855-5505; FAX: (714) 458-6257; WWW:

Integrix Expands SCSI Adapter Line

Integrix Inc. has expanded its SHA adapter family to include the SHA220, SHA400, and SHA450. The three new adapters join the SHA100 and SHA200 to provide high-speed SCSI and Ethernet I/O for desktop systems, tape backup, RAID, network, and other peripheral devices.

The three adapters are single slot SBus devices. Specifically, the SHA220 includes Sun Swift-functionality with 20 Mbps Fast Wide SCSI-2 and 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet interfaces. The SHA400 is an Ultra Wide SCSI-2, single-ended adapter with throughput of 40 Mbps. The SHA450 includes an Ultra Wide differential interface with transfer rates of 40 Mbps with an Ultra Wide SCSI-2 interface. The SHA100 is a Fast Narrow SCSI-2/Ethernet adapter that provides 10 Mbps SCSI speeds through its FN single-ended SCSI connector and a standard 10 Mbps Ethernet via its RJ45 network interface. The SHA200 includes a high-speed 20 Mbps Fast Wide SCSI-2 interface and can help in upgrading first generation SPARC workstations and servers with FN SCSI interfaces.

The SHA family of SCSI adapters supports the SPARC platform. The SHA220 is priced at $695. The SHA400 is priced at $495 and the SHA450 is priced at $550. For more information, contact Integrix, Inc., 2001 Corporate Center Dr., Newbury Park, CA 91320; (800) 300-8288 or (805) 376-1000; FAX: (805) 376-1001; Internet:; WWW:

Xi Graphics Introduces Two Products

Xi Graphics, Inc. has introduced two products, maXimum cde Executive Edition v1.0 and the Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server. The first product, maXimum cde Executive Edition v1.0 integrates the company's X Server with a runtime version of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) from The Open Group. maXimum cde includes the Accelerated-X display Server v3.1 and an enhanced CDE v1.0.1.0 specifically tuned for Linux. Features of maXimum cde include custom-configure workspaces, drag-and-drop capability, and a tool bar located at the bottom of the screen. Additional features of maXimum include managers for Style, File, Print, and Mail; pop-up sub-panels; keyboard and screen lock; text editor; context-sensitive help; personal tool box; and logout feature. maXimum supports 500 graphics adapters. Laptop versions are also available.

The second product, the Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server lets PC laptop users running Linux or FreeBSD use workstation-class features such as multiple visuals and gamma correction, while maintaining high display performance. The Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server supports PseudoColor (16 and 256 colors), High Color (32768 and 65536 colors), and TrueColor (16.7 million colors) modes; handles large displays; and includes "Hot Keys" for on-the-fly display resolution switching. The Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server is compatible the native X Windows System and the Common Desktop Environment.

maXimum cde Executive Edition v1.0 is priced at $199.95. For more information about maXimum or pricing and more information about the Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server, contact Xi Graphics, Inc., 1801 Broadway, Suite 1710, Denver, CO 80202; (303) 298-7478; FAX: (303) 298-1406; Internet:; WWW:

1776 Announces 1776 Fault-Freedom II

1776, Inc. has announced 1776 Fault-Freedom II server-mirroring cluster software, which supports the SCO OpenServer 5 platform. Fault-Freedom II can be used at remote sites and conforms to the UNIX Computing Forum's tentative requirements for low and midrange clustering software.

Fault-Freedom II features network-based "server mirroring" technology. With server-mirroring, each server in a cluster holds an identical and current mirrored copy of user data, so the nodes within a cluster can be separated physically or geographically. Data is protected in case one of the servers, or its storage subsystem is damaged due to fire, theft, or other disaster. Fault-Freedom II also provides online data archiving, which protects the data in case one of the servers or its storage subsystem is damaged.

Fault-Freedom II also provides traditional shared-storage clustering on platforms that support the sharing of storage devices between multiple servers. The company plans to port Fault-Freedom II to SCO UnixWare (including the merged Gemini release). Other ports will be made available for other variants of UNIX as well as NT.

Pricing for a 1776 Fault-Freedom II 2-node cluster begins at $3,950 in the United States and Canada, $4,450 in all other regions. For more information, contact 1776, Inc., 8632 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045; (310) 215-1776; FAX: (310) 216-1107; Internet:; WWW:

Luminex Ships NET-CDR

Luminex Software, Inc. has begun shipping its NET-CDR network enabled CD-Recording tool. NET-CDR is based on the Fire Series for UNIX software and provides automated CD-based software publishing, distribution, duplication, and information archiving. Originally developed for CD library configurations, NET-CDR is available in a standalone configuration for local and network-based recording.

Using NET-CDR, any local or remote directory accessible from the UNIX server can be recorded to CD-R. NET-CDR creates a CD image that can be tested while it is still on hard disk then records and verifies that image onto CD-R. Once recording and verification is finished, the Fire Series software can automatically mount the recorded disc, making it available to users on the network. NET-CDR supports recording and retrieval of ISO 9660, Rockridge, Joliet, and Macintosh HFS-formatted CD-ROMs.

NET-CDR supports SUN, SGI, HP, and IBM servers. NET-CDR includes everything necessary to record CDs from a UNIX workstation: the Fire Series Software for recording and retrieval, quad-speed CD-Recorder, hard disk, and blank media. NET-CDR is priced at $4,995. For more information, contact Luminex Software Inc., 6840 Indiana Ave., Suite 130, Riverside, CA 92506; (888) 586-4639; FAX: (909) 781-4105; Internet:; WWW:

EGS Announces T-sight

En Garde Systems, Inc. has announced T-sight, a tool for intrusion detection/response and network usage analysis. T-sight uses a framework that visualizes the traffic and data going over a network. The framework also evaluates the risk of certain transactions. Connection/transaction data can either be logged or viewed using various monitoring/logging options. Another feature of T-sight is "Active Sniffing," which lets the administrator take over or terminate a connection or send a message to the client.

T-sight also includes a customizable Alarm System. The administrator can indicate which activities trigger alarms and how they will be alerted, gaining control over what are considered suspicious activities by the program. The API also lets the administrator incorporate proprietary protocols or other in-house network variances into the program. T-sight also includes login and reporting features that analyze and define abuse or misuse. Also T-sight's filter and purge sections can eliminate unnecessary data.

T-sight version 1.0 supports Windows NT and a variety of protocols including Telnet, SMB, Rlogin, Rsh, FTP, HTTP, and SMTP. The company plans to port T-sight to various UNIX platforms. For pricing and other information about T-sight version 1.0, contact En Garde Systems, Inc., 1 Executive Center, 8500 Menaul, Ste. A-335, Albuquerque, NM 87112; (505) 275-8655; FAX: (505) 275-8482; Internet:; WWW:

ENlighten Adds NT Support To DSM

ENlighten Software Solutions Inc. has added Windows NT support to ENlighten/Distributed Systems Manager (DSM), its distributed systems controller for UNIX. ENlighten/DSM Release 2.2 provides centralized, "push-button" control of mixed Windows NT and UNIX environments. Using a common user interface, DSM 2.2 seamlessly monitors and manages UNIX and NT hosts. Third party NT applications can also be controlled centrally. Additionally, a single status map displays the status of Digital UNIX, HP-UX, IBM AIX, SCO UNIX, SGI Irix, Sun OS, Sun Solaris, and Windows NT systems in the network.

Features of ENlighten/DSM 2.2 include archival of NT data to UNIX tapes and vice versa, management of DNS configuration across NT and UNIX, remote file distribution with pre- and post-processing scripts, and administration of user accounts in a manner consistent with UNIX. Other features of DSM 2.2 include process monitoring and control; disk usage monitoring; file searching, and detection of file changes; and events monitoring for cpu load, network statistics, and other standard and user-configurable tests.

Pricing for ENlighten/DSM 2.2 starts at $195 for a single workstation and $495 per server. A 10-node configuration is priced at approximately $2,000 per node. For more information, contact ENlighten Software Solutions, Inc., 999 Baker Way, Fifth Floor, San Mateo, CA 94404; (415) 578-0700; FAX: (415) 578-0118; Internet:; WWW:

CyberStorage Releases Ultra 2010 RAID System

CyberStorage Systems, Inc. has released the Ultra 2010 Series of scaleable RAID storage management systems. The Ultra 2010 supports RAID levels 0,1, 0+1, 3, and 5 concurrently, global hot spare drives with automatic rebuild, and partitioning within RAID sets. Systems are scaleable to 19 Terabytes. The Ultra 2010 Series is configurable with up to four hosts and up to eight disk drive channels. Features of the Ultra 2010 include active/active redundant controller support, which provides failover protection, and the CyberStorage Remote Dial-In capability, which lets administrators perform system setup and diagnostics and maintenance procedures from remote locations.

The Ultra 2010 Series in available in half and full-height systems in tower or rackmount configurations. Other features of the Ultra 2010 Series include environmental monitoring and alert systems, redundant hot swappable power supplies and fans, and automatic remote fault-notification. Additionally, the Ultra 2010 Series includes an interactive host-based GUI for local monitoring and control of the system. SNMP-based remote access is available as an option.

For pricing and other information about the Ultra 2010 Series RAID storage management system, contact CyberStorage Systems, 25 Porter Rd., Littleton, MA 01460; (508) 486-0005; FAX: (508) 486-3755; Internet:

Tower Ports Razor

Tower Concepts, Inc. has ported Razor, its configuration management and problem tracking tool, to SCO OpenServer. Razor is a CASE tool that helps development teams manage and coordinate changes to source files.

For pricing and other information about Razor, contact Tower Concepts, Inc., 103 Sylvan Way, New Hartford, NY 13413; (315) 724-3540; FAX: (315) 724-3129; WWW:

Competitive Automation Announces JOIN DHCP For NT

Competitive Automation Inc. has announced JOIN DHCP for NT, an NT server version of its JOIN DHCP address management product. JOIN DHCP for NT supports a turnkey approach for centralized IP administration. JOIN manages IP addressing in heterogeneous networks with machines running different operating systems and hardware platforms. The JOIN DHCP server provides a single point of control for the configuration and management of all DHCP and BootP clients.

For pricing and other information about JOIN DHCP for NT, contact Competitive Automation, Inc., 1050 University Dr., Suite 210, Menlo Park, CA 94025; (415) 321-4006; FAX: (415) 321-4405; Internet:; WWW:

Kintronics Ships IPS-168

Kintronics Inc. has begun shipping the IPS-168, an Internet Router/Gateway for LANs. A unified management interface based on HTML, the IPS-168 integrates the required functions for LAN to Internet/WWW connectivity. The IPS-168's UNIX-based server is a gateway between the desktop/remote users and the Internet. Using the IPS-168, a Web page can be created on any computer on the LAN and sent to the server via email. Security is provided by a multi-level firewall. The IPS-168 also produces reports tracking "who" accesses the Web site. Another feature of the IPS-168 is a Mail Service that automatically collects mail from an ISP and distributes it to the end users. Users can also use the ISP-168 as their mail server when sending email.

For pricing and other information about the IPS-168 Internet Router/Gateway for LANs, contact Kintronics Inc., 2 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523; (800) 431-1658 or (914) 347-2530; FAX: (914) 347-2588.

Transarc Introduces DFS Starter Kit

Transarc Corporation has introduced the DFS Starter Kit, a tool to help a customers install and configure their first DFS cell. DFS provides secure enterprise-wide file access and management for LAN and WAN installations, letting groups of computers from all locations operate as a single unit. DFS supports file sharing between UNIX, OS/390, Windows NT, and other systems.

The DFS Starter Kit contains a DFS server and client accompanied by a DCE secure core. The core contains Cell Directory Service (CDS) and security, and DFS Web Secure, a Web access client that integrates the file-level security features of DFS with standard Web Servers. In addition, the DFS Starter Kit includes install and configuration scripts and full documentation.

The DFS Starter Kit is part of the standard DFS package available on AIX and Sun Solaris platforms. For pricing and other information about the DFS Starter Kit, contact Transarc Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA; (412) 338-6806.

Xinet Announces Support

Xinet, Inc. has announced support for Apple Computer Inc.'s AppleShare software for Macintosh. Xinet support for the AppleShare Workstation client version 3.7 gives FullPress users the TCP/IP support provided by Apple File Protocol (AFP) version 2.2. FullPress gives prepress users access to a central server for file sharing, print spooling, and OPI image substitution to compose and produce complex documents. FullPress, which runs on UNIX workstations, lets Mac users access the UNIX server without leaving the Mac environment. TCP/IP support will aid file transfer rates and let AppleShare volumes be mounted over the Internet.

For pricing and other information about FullPress and Xinet AppleShare over TCP/IP support, contact Xinet, Inc., Berkeley, CA; (510) 845-0555; WWW:

FacetCorp Announces MIPS ABI Support

FacetCorp has announced that FacetWin can integrate Windows 95 and Windows NT clients with AIPS ABI 1.1-based servers. MIPS ABI is a consortium of hardware vendors that support a common binary UNIX platform. FacetWin includes an all-in-one feature set that lets users of Windows 95 and Windows NT clients transparently access and use the MIPS ABI UNIX-based network resources such as files, disks, applications, and printers. FacetWin features include file and print services, terminal emulation, and the ability to automatically backup networked PCs to a MIPS ABI UNIX tape drive. Other FacetWin features include networked modem access for PC users, an email POP3 server, and remote computing support that provides network functionality to users connected via modem.

Pricing for FacetWin for MIPS ABI UNIX starts at $195 with discounts for multi-user licenses. A free 30-day evolution copy is available from the company's Web site. For more information, contact FacetCorp, Plano, TX; (972) 985-9901, WWW:

Bluecurve Introduces Dynameasure 1.5

Bluecurve, Inc. has introduced Dynameasure 1.5, a suite of capacity planning and performance management tools for Windows NT. Dynameasure measures capacity by applying a controlled, application-level stress to an infrastructure and reporting performance as average response time and throughput. The Dynameasure 1.5 suite includes Dynameasure Enterprise, Dynameasure for File Services, and Dynameasure for SQL. Dynameasure Enterprise supports concurrent testing of multiple Windows NT services, DSS tests, and the Oracle Enterprise Server and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Dynameasure for File Services includes 50 tunable file tests based on file work that users typically perform. Dynameasure for SQL offers OLTP and support for Oracle7 server and Microsoft SQL Server SQL tests.

For pricing and other information about Dynameasure 1.5, contact Bluecurve, Inc., Oakland, CA; (510) 267-1554; WWW:

Sealevel Introduces SeaMAC

Sealevel Systems, Inc. has introduces SeaMAC, a family of PC serial communications software drivers that provide buffered input and output to synchronous serial communication ports. SeaMAC includes the following products: ProTest, a communications link monitor and analysis application; SeaTerm, a binary and text file transfer software application supporting X modem, X modem 1K, Y modem, and Y modem G protocols; SeaBERT, a bit error rate test program for Sync/Async data transfer; and MFCTerm, which allows users to sample SeaTerm source code without protocol support. The following samples are also included in SeaMAC: VbTerm, a Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 terminal and text file transfer source code sample and ConTest, a 32-bit Windows console source code sample that allows testing of SeaMAC API calls.

The SeaMAC drivers support the Sealevel System Advanced Communication Board (ACB) family of Zilog 85x30-based synchronous communication cards. SeaMAC drivers also support SDLC, HDLC, and asynchronous data formats. These packet drivers provide an interface to implement PPP, LAP, LAPD, and other custom protocols.

For pricing and other information about SeaMAC drivers, contact Sealevel Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 830, Liberty, SC 29657; (864) 843-4343; FAX: (864) 843-3067; WWW:

Eagle Software Announces SEEKRite

Eagle Software has announced the release of SEEKRite, an access optimization tool for UNIX platforms, which enhances system performance. SEEKRite identifies the most heavily accessed information on a disk and clusters that information together. This reduces disk head movement and improves performance of both filesystem and raw partition disks.

According to the company, this tool can improve average disk response time by 35% or more. SEEKRite can also optimize multiple disks simultaneously. It features online optimization, which allows users to safely access and modify data during the optimization process.

SEEKRite also features a "freeze frame" option that can create a snapshot of the disk. This allows backups to be done on static data while other processes continue to make modifications to that same data. Specific software is not required to back up these frozen images. SEEKRite is currently available for Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX.

For pricing and other information, contact Eagle Software, Inc.; (800) 477-5432; Internet:


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