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New Products

EST Announces QuickStart

Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc. has announced QuickStart, a family of multi-platform software products for replicating identically configured systems and recovering business systems and critical data. The QuickStart family includes QuickStart System Replicator, QuickStart System Rescue, and QuickStart Data Rescue.

QuickStart System Replicator provides replication of identically configured systems. QuickStart System Replicator supports one-step mass reproduction for 10 to 10,000 systems. The administrator creates a verified QuickStart Master Volume consisting of the full system and application environment for the replicated systems, then uses the QuickStart System Replicator disk to duplicate this master environment on each target system. QuickStart System Rescue provides one-step disaster recovery of the system and application environment so the administrator can restore a fully configured system to its original state without reinstalling the operating system or applications. QuickStart Data Rescue provides single boot-disk backup and disaster recovery of a system environment including data files so the administrator can restore a system to the exact state of its last backup. Equipped with a QuickStart Master Volume and backup volumes from any other backup software, the administrator boots the system using the QuickStart Rescue disk to restore the system without reinstalling the operating system.

QuickStart products support Intel-based PC systems, including Windows 95, Windows NT, NetWare, and OS/2, as well as PC UNIX platforms, including SCO, UnixWare, Interactive UNIX, Linux, BSD, and Solaris x86. QuickStart supports SCSI or IDE/ATAPI tape device, floppy-based QIC-80 or Travan tape device, Iomega Jaz and Zip, and Syquest EzFlyer and Syjet. The QuickStart DemoStart Package includes a free 10-user QuickStart System Replicator license. QuickStart System Replicator licenses, available in bands from 10 to 10,000 uses, are priced at $25 per use and include a free QuickStart System Rescue disk for each QuickStart replicated system. QuickStart Data Rescue is priced at $99 per system. For more information, contact Enhanced Software Technologies, Inc., Tempe, AZ; (602) 820-0042; FAX: (602) 491-0865; Internet:; WWW:

Collective Technologies Announces Linux Commercial Support

Collective Technologies has announced its newest AnswerDesk service: Linux Commercial Support. The vendor-independent Linux telephone support was announced at the 1997 LISA Conference in San Diego, along with the NT and UNIX support currently being offered. The Collective Technologies AnswerDesk provides multi-platform NT and UNIX telephone support to Fortune 500 clients.

Linux phone support is available to Collective Technologies clients in 50-hour blocks, includes 24x7 phone support, and allows users to access the Collective Intellect, a knowledge base of answers to problems that cover all major NT and UNIX platforms. This vendor-independent service will allow a company to receive cross-platform support for all of their NT and UNIX needs. The Linux phone support contract comes with the guarantee that if the Collective Technologies AnswerDesk does not solve your Linux problem, then you don't pay.

Along with the announcement of the new Collective Technologies service offerings, the company also used the LISA Conference to announce their new name. Collective Technologies is formerly PSA/Pencom Systems Administration.

For more information about Collective Technologies Linux support service, contact the AnswerDesk at (512) 343-1111; Internet:; WWW:

Insession Launches TransFuse

Insession Inc. has launched TransFuse, a tool that links client platforms with venerable host transaction processing systems. Dubbed "enterprise accessware", TransFuse makes that content of corporate databases available to a client platform, whether a browser or traditional desktop, while enforcing transaction integrity.

TransFuse supports TP monitor access and makes it available to C++, Visual Basic, Java, PowerBuilder, ActiveX, Lotus Script, Delphi, and CORBA IDL application developers. On the back-end, TransFuse supports TP monitors such as IMS's CICS and IMS, Tandem's Pathway and BEA's Tuxedo, as well as IBM's MQSeries messaging middleware. TransFuse's API supports Microsoft's DCOM and the Object Management Group's CORBA.

Once TransFuse's API is incorporated into an application, TransFuse controls a transaction throughout its life cycle. If a transaction fails to complete, it is automatically rolled back. For large mainframe data centers where more than one TP monitor is operating, TransFuse also binds application components together into a single transaction that can span multiple TP monitors, or multiple passes to the same TP monitor. In an n-tier architecture, TransFuse works with ORBs to provide scalability.

Pricing for TransFuse starts at $5,000 for 10 concurrent users. For more information, contact Insession Inc., 2030 Main St., Suite 1300, Irvine, CA; (714) 260-9098; FAX: (714) 260-9099; WWW:

Western Scientific Introduces Two Products

Western Scientific, Inc. has introduced two products, the FusionX2 family of WindowsNT/Solaris workstations and servers and CycloneRAID Ultra-III. The FusionX2 system runs either WindowsNT or Solaris software and includes: built-in UltraWide SCSI-3 port (40 Mbps), auto-sensing 100 Base-TX Ethernet port (100 Mbps) with Matrox Millennium II video graphics card, and 15X-speed CD-ROM drive support. FusionX2 also includes a removable single-connector (SCA-2) disk and tape devices, four 32-bit PCI bus and three ISA bus slots, 4.0 Gb DDS-2 removable DAT for system backup, and one or two 200 MHz 32-bit Pentium Pro processors. Base systems ship with 128 Mb ECC memory, which is upgradeable to 512 Mb maximum using standard 168-pin DIMMs.

The CycloneRAID Ultra-III is a RAID level 3 (parallel byte striping) disk array featuring Ultra Wide SCSI for a 36 Mbps sustained transfer rate using 32-bit 25 MHz RISC. Other features of CycloneRAID include hot-swappable SCA drives and auto-start hot-spare disk drives Also, a single tier 17.2 Gb CycloneRAID can be expanded to 1299 Gb incrementally, meaning the drives can be added without reconfiguring the RAID system. The CycloneRAID Ultra administration console port has a UNIX "shell-like" interface for console messages and syslogs for RAID and disk events. The console can be viewed on a desktop as a console window for real-time notification of events and system statistics. The CycloneRAID Ultra is available with five (4+1) 3.5-inch 4.5 Gb 7,200 rpm, 9.1 Gb 10,000 rpm, or 5.25-inch 23.2 Gb 5,400 rpm and can be configured to 70 drives. The CycloneRAID also include redundant power supplies, redundant cooling fans, audible power supply failure, and thermal alarms, as well as local and remote controller failure sensing.

Prices for the FusionX2 start at $9,985. Prices for the CycloneRAID Ultra-III start at $14,895. For more information, contact Western Scientific, Inc., San Diego, CA; (800) 443-6699; WWW:

SCO Announces System V Release 5 UNIX Kernel

SCO has announced System V Release 5 (SVR5) UNIX kernel technology. The SVR5 kernel technology is optimized for enterprise computing and server-centric Network Computing. According to the company, SVR5 customers will realize a 250% increase in network performance over current SVR4 releases. SVR5 supports ccNUMA systems including process synchronization and scheduling and system memory management. The SVR5 kernel also supports 120, Intel's intelligent I/O specification. SVR5 is also binary compatible with all existing SCO UnixWare, SVR4, and SCO OpenServer applications.

Features of SVR5 include 64 Gb of main memory, 1 Tb file and file system, and 512 logical disks. SVR5 includes Multi-path I/O, which provides built-in device failover capabilities. SVR5 also supports Compaq's PCI Hot Plug for hot swapping adapter cards. The SVR5 kernel includes support for 64-bit file system and implements 64-bit libraries, commands, and APIs. SVR5 compilers also support 64-bit APIs and lets users develop 64-bit applications using standard SCO tool for Intel's Merced processors.

In a related announcement, SCO has announced a beta version of Gemini, their UnixWare operating system based on SVR5. Also, the company plans to release a series of products based on SVR5. The UnixWare systems based on SVR5 will include Java-based administration, support for a Webtop interface, and CDE. The UnixWare systems will include SCO's Tarantella, the Java Development Kit, and Java Virtual Machine.

For pricing and other information about the SVR5 kernel, Gemini, or SVR5-based UnixWare, contact The Santa Cruz Operation, 400 Encinal St., P.O. Box 1900, Santa Cruz, CA 95061; (408) 425-7222; FAX: (408) 427-5448; WWW:

HIARC Ships HIARC HSM for Solaris X86

HIARC, Inc. has begun shipping HIARC HSM for Solaris x86. HIARC HSM for Solaris x86 gives network administrators and clients full "UNIX-strength" HSM capabilities, while operating on single or multiprocessor Intel Pentium-based servers.

HIARC HSM for Solaris x86 supports a variety of storage technologies, including 4mm (DAT), 8mm, DLT, 3480/3490, and MLR tape technologies, as well as optical disks. Pricing for HIARC HSM for Solaris x86 starts at $2,995. For more information, contact HIARC, Inc., 305 Second St. S.E., Suite 500, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401; (888) 366-3789 or (319) 366-3789; FAX: (319) 366-3773; Internet:; WWW:

Network General Announces CyberCop

Network General Corp. has announced CyberCop, an intrusion detection system that performs real-time surveillance of network traffic. Placed at key locations throughout a network, from LAN segments and dial-up modem servers to connections to the Internet or other WANs, the CyberCop system's sensors unobtrusively analyze the datastream for suspicious activity. Once CyberCop detects suspicious activity, CyberCop alerts system administrators and records data in permanent logs and Sniffer Analyzer trace files. Administrators can then use the Sniffer trace files to build trend analysis information or as evidence to prove that improper use of the network occurred.

Using technology from the WheelGroup, CyberCop recognizes 170 kinds of network and host-based intrusion originating from either inside or outside the corporate network. To ensure its own security, CyberCop includes secure user identification and authentication, encrypted communications and messaging, and multiple layers of security. CyberCop includes a browser-based interface, location-independent access to alarm information, and configurable intrusion sensors. CyberCop also includes out-of-the-box installation. When new security breaches are discovered, they can be added to CyberCop.

For pricing and other information about CyberCop, contact Network General Corporation, 4200 Bohannon Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025; (800) 764-3337 or (650) 473-2000; FAX: (415) 321-0855; WWW:

Electric Mail Introduces AKA

The Electric Mail Company Inc. has introduced the AKA service, a multi-purpose service that gives companies Internet email addressing capabilities and routing flexibility. Using a Web interface, the system administrator can create any number of multiple, unique, or generic Internet email aliases that are automatically and transparently routed to existing email addresses, either internal or external to the company. AKA also lets an organization use one simple company domain name for all its employees, even if their email system uses multiple sub-classes, complex domain names, or outside ISP accounts. AKA services can be activated, deactivated, or reconfigured via the Web. Addresses can be as complex or simple as needed, and each user can have as many addresses as they like.

AKA also performs a mailing list function. The administrator can create a generic email address in AKA that can be directed to a specific group whether they are working in the office or in a remote location using an ISP account. One email message sent to the generic address will be received by all members of that specific group. Also, AKA lets users create more succinct domain name and have messages routed transparently to the longer email address. AKA routes email to mobile employees who want to use the company's standard domain name even though they may be accessing their email through an external ISP account.

AKA monthly corporate subscription fees start at $25 per month. There is also a setup fee. The self-managed Web interface is accessible from any browser. If an organization does not have Web access, AKA maintenance service is available directly though Electric Mail. For more information, contact The Electric Mail Company, Inc., 409 Granville St., Suite 1158, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 1T2; (800) 419-7463; WWW:

Telebyte Introduces Two Switch Models

Telebyte Technology, Inc. has introduced two 100Base-FX Fast Ethernet switches, the BFW-4002 (4 port) and BFW-8002 (8 port). These switches provide for two fiber or copper uplinks to attach to two servers. Features of the BFW-4002/8002 include internal buses that process at 1 Gbps (100% non-blocking at full fiber speed, simultaneously on all ports); store-and-forward, which provides immediate response to packets in error and prevents performance degradation; and an active back pressure algorithm. The uplink module is standard and operates at 10/100Base-T.

The Web server in each switch allows for the monitoring and configuration management by using standard browsers from any PC or any operating system connected to the LAN, Intranets, or over the Internet. The built-in monitoring agent also provides feedback including simultaneous monitoring of every port. The switches can be stacked though a mini-SCSI connector. The switches are packaged in rack-mounted enclosures 3.5" high. They are equipped with SC connectors for the fiber ports.

The BFW-4002 is priced at $4,800, and the BFW-8002 is priced at $7,800. The fiber 100BASE-FX uplink port is priced at $480. The SNMP Management module is priced at $600. For more information, contact Telebyte Technologies, Inc., 270 Pulaski Rd., Greenlawn, NY 11740; (800) 835-3298 or (516) 423-3232; FAX: (516) 385-8184; Internet:; WWW:

EGS Releases SecureZone Software Database

En Garde Systems, Inc. has released the SecureZone Software Database, an online security service. The SecureZone Software Database lets system administrators keep their services up-to-date by automatically delivering notification of new upgrades of the user's choice of public domain software. Freeware can be upgraded daily if desired. With the SecureZone Software Database, subscribers access the database and download the latest version of the software they need. Once subscribers have registered the services they use with SecureZone, they will be automatically notified whenever new versions, upgrades, or patches for these services are released.The SecureZone Software Database maintains recent histories and links for 160 freeware packages, including programming utilities, security software, user programs, and system management tools.

The SecureZone Software Database is available now and is the first in a suite of Web-based security services offered by EGS. Subscriptions to the SecureZone Software Database are priced at $20 per user, per month, or $2,400 per year for a site license for 10 users. For more information, contact En Garde Systems, Inc., Albuquerque, NM; (505) 275-8655; Internet:; WWW:

EMASS Ships AML/S Library

EMASS has begun shipping the AML/S mid-range automated media library. Customers can start with a single module library containing up to 12 DLT 7000 drives and then expand the library up to a maximum of four modules containing 48 DLT drives generating concurrent throughput of up to 864 Gb per hour. A single module AML/S supports 158 DLT cartridges with the capability to scale up to a four-module library configuration with 788 cartridges and a native capacity of 27.6 TB.

Features of the AML/S library include automatic configuration and inventory upon startup; and a keypad and display which allows access to options such as robotics status, cartridge status and usage, realtime event logging, context sensitive help, automatic service requests, and a suite of library diagnostics. Media management includes a 12-cartridge insert/eject unit to import or export cartridges in bulk. The AML/S library is supported by a range of storage management software applications, including AMASS software that lets the library be accessed by users as a single, large magnetic disk on Windows NT and UNIX platforms. Other support includes Legato NetWorker, Spectralogic Alexandria, HP OmniBack, ISM ADSM, and others.

For pricing and other information about the AML/S media library, contact EMASS, 10949 E. Peakview Ave., Englewood, CO 80111; (303) 792-9700; FAX: (303) 792-2465; WWW:

Quadritek Upgrades QIP

Quadritek Systems, Inc. has upgraded its Quadritek IP Management System (QIP). QIP supports centralized enterprise-wide control of the IP network while allowing distributed, local administration of tasks. Designed for open, large, TCP/IP-based intranets, QIP serves as the IP repository that maintains the characteristics and state of every IP network object including users, administrators, servers, network services and other devices. Features of QIP 4.0 include an improved Windows 95/NT-based GUI with updated graphical icons, Year 2000 compliance, and support for the latest DNS standard. Other QIP 4.0 features include DLLs, user exits, executable commands, dynamic user defied fields, and intelligent install processes.

Pricing for QIP 4.0 begins at $5 per IP address for intranets up to 2,000 addresses. QIP enterprise pricing is discounted based on the volume of IP addresses managed, down to $2 per IP address for intranets of 500,000 addresses or more. For more information, contact Quadritek Systems, Inc., Malvern, PA; (800) 408-2747 or (610) 725-8535; Internet:; WWW:

Esker Announces Esker PLUS

Esker has announced Esker PLUS. Esker PLUS provides all-in-one Web-to-Host access and integration. Esker PLUS gives user immediate parallel access to legacy applications and data on most corporate system straight from their client, without having to wait for MIS to install and configure on their desktop. Esker PLUS gives system administrators the tools to install, configure, and offer end-user deployment of applications and services. Individually customizable end user configurations can be created and installed once and then made available to specific clients. With Esker PLUS, all installation, configuration, and management is handled centrally on the Web server. Other features of Esker PLUS include parallel multi-host data access to host databases, intranet integration tools, standard Web browser interface, and management and network services.

Esker PLUS supports a range of hosts and database formats, including most mainframe, midrange, UNIX and Windows NT services, and is compatible with Novell, Netware for SAA, and Microsoft SNA Server. For pricing and other information about Esker PLUS, contact Esker, 222 Kearney St., Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94104; (415) 675-777; FAX: (415) 675-7775; Internet:; WWW:

Cipher Logics Releases SecureWin Personal Edition

Cipher Logics Corporation has released SecureWin Personal Edition, a desktop security suite that offers 25 security components including six different ways of encrypting data. The SecureWin suite includes five computer security modules. Working in concert, the modules convert Windows 95 into a secure operating system, protecting data from theft, damage, corruption, and hacker break-ins. Features of SecureWin Personal Edition include an interface that integrates with the Windows 95 subsystem, RSA Public Key encryption, and access control and secure screen. Other features of SecureWin include Secure Delete, a digital data shredder; program restrictions that provides "V-Chip" control; and Crash Alert that prevents crashes and memory conflicts. Also included in SecureWin are Password Keeper and the PeekButton password management tools.

SecureWin Professional Edition is priced at $49.95. For more information, contact Cipher Logics Corporation, Rockville, MD;(800) 524-9730 or (301) 762-5458; WWW:

NIT Announces UniShield APD for Windows NT

Network Information Technology has announced UniShield Administrative Privilege Delegation (APD) for Windows NT. UniShield APD for NT prevents security incidents, detects security violations, and enforces security policies on NT-based corporate Intranets. Unishield APD for NT provides security protection at the system and OS level, detects realtime security-related incidents, and supports immediate corrective action.

For administrative privilege delegation, UniShield APD for NT subdivides three groups of Windows NT privileges into 11 organizational groups. Within each of UniShield's 11 groups, three levels of privileges provide for greater control and lets administrators adapt the system to their particular organization's security needs. UniShield also supports central auditing of enterprise-wide privileged activities.

UniShield is compatible with third party software programs that use Microsoft's Net APIs. System Administrators can use their present server administration tools while UniShield transparently audits and monitors all administrative activities. For pricing and other information about UniShield APD for NT, contact Network Information Technology, Saratoga, CA, (408) 996-1688; FAX: (408) 996-1893; Internet:; WWW: