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New Products

Red Hat Upgrades Linux

Red Hat Software, Inc. has upgraded Red Hat Linux, its operating system that can be used as a UNIX workstation. Features of Red Hat Linux 5.0 include an intuitive disk partitioning user interface, automatic hardware probing and configuration, sound support, and a Kickstart facility for system administrators. Another feature of Red Hat Linux 5.0 is a C library, Glibc, that supports threads and internationalization. Other features of Red Hat Linux 5.0 include configuration for multiple windows managers, graphical user-level tools, and other tools for system administration. Red Hat Linux 5.0 also includes Real Audio Internet audio broadcaster, MetroX, and BRU 2000-PE Backup and Restore Utility.

Red Hat Linux 5.0 supports Sun SPARC, Digital Alpha, and Intel platforms. Red Hat Linux 5.0 is priced at $49.95 and comes with two CDs and a manual. For more information, contact Red Hat Software, Inc., Research Triangle Park, NC; (919) 547-0012; WWW:

Raritan Introduces MasterConsole

Raritan Computer, Inc. has introduced MasterConsole. MasterConsole is a compact box that controls from 2 to 64 PCs, Macintoshes, and Suns from one keyboard, monitor, and mouse. MasterConsoles supports computers running any operating system and any application software. MasterConsole is designed for applications such as management of network file servers, Internet servers, bridges and gateways; PCs used for dial-up communications; burn-in testing for PC production; hardware and software stress testing and systems integration; and access to applications running on multiple workstations.

MasterConsole includes Raritan's MasterView, which provides on-screen control and menu selection of the computers connected to MasterConsole. Masterview lets users assign names to each computer connected to MasterConsole and select a specific computer from a pop-up menu on the controlling monitor. Other features of MasterConsole include AUTOSCAN, which automatically monitors all connected computers in 1 to 16 second intervals; AUTOSKIP, which automatically bypasses inactive ports; and built-in keyboard and mouse emulators that support all three scan code sets. Additionally, MasterConsole includes standard length cables from 3 to 60 feet and double-shielded coaxial video cables for VGA, SVGA, and XGA video. MasterConsole also includes an internal 11/220 AC power supply.

Available in either desktop or rack mount models that connect 2, 4, 8, and 16 machines, MasterConsole can be daisy-chained to connect up to 64 computers and configured to add optional dual access up to 150 feet away. MasterConsole capacity can also be expanded to 1,024 computers by cascading models. Prices for MasterConsole range from $295 for a two-computer unit to $2,220 for a 16-computer model. For more information, contact Raritan Computer, Inc., Somerset, NJ; (908) 764-8887; Internet:; WWW:

PLATINUM Upgrades ProVision

PLATINUM technology, inc. has upgraded its integrated systems and database management suite, ProVision. ProVision lets users collaborate on problem solving, manage distributed resources, automate critical management processes, proactively monitor system health, and isolate and resolve problems before they turn critical. ProVision tools include: ProVision AutoSys; ProVision AutoSecure ACX; ProVision TSreorg; ProVision WireTap, ServerVision, and DBVision; ProVision Apriori; and ProVision AutoXfer.

ProVision tools share a common look and feel and include a common set of services, called POEMS, that provides integration across all the tools. Features of the tools include: Windows NT and 95 interfaces with one central management console, Windows NT support for heterogeneous environment including UNIX and NT, common install and configuration, data store, and event management for automatic processes, correlating event across tools, and automatic notification through email and paging.

In addition to POEMS enhancements, several ProVision tools have been upgraded. AutoSys has added historical and realtime information reporting, a Windows interface, user customizable job views, and workload balancing. AutoSecure ACX has added a GUI interface in which administrators can manage the UNIX environment for a single point using a Windows point-and-click, drop-and-drag interface. TSreorg lets users run simultaneous tables and index reorgs and deploy reorg jobs to thousands of nodes. ProVision DBVision, ServerVision, and WireTap include event correlation, a redesigned Windows interface, and support Oracle 8 and Microsoft SQL Server monitoring.

ProVision tools support heterogeneous environments and are also available for Microsoft Windows NT. Tools in the ProVision suite are offered individually or as a complete package. Current users of the tools are able to upgraded to ProVision at no cost. For pricing and other information, contact PLATINUM technology, inc., Oakbrook Terrace, IL; (800) 442-6861 or (630) 620-5000; WWW:

BGS Announces BEST/1

BGS Systems, Inc. has announced BEST/1 for Distributed Systems, a tool for deploying business applications across UNIX and NT platforms. Using BEST/1, capacity requirements of new applications can be sized, service levels and user expectations can be managed through tracking and analysis, potential problems can be spotted before they occur, and real-time problems can be pinpointed and responses can be automated.

Best/I includes a single data collection agent. The agent's collected data is used as the foundation for BEST/1 realtime alerting, historical analysis and reporting, and capacity planning for UNIX and NT environments. The collected data is also available at any time. The single agent on each managed system also serves multiple BEST/1 management consoles. Another feature of BEST/1 is predictive modeling of UNIX environments. Predictive modeling is planned for NT in 1Q 98. BEST/1 also includes realtime application response time management for applications supporting ARM-standard API. BEST/1 includes integrated support for Oracle, Sybase, Informix, SQL Server, MS Exchange, and SAP R/3.

For pricing and other information about BEST/1 for Distributed Systems, contact BGS Systems, Inc., 1 First Ave., Waltham, MA 02254; (781) 891-0000; FAX: (617) 890-0000; Internet:; WWW:

Network Instruments Releases Observer 4.5

Network Instruments, LLC has released Observer 4.5, a software only, 32-bit Windows NT and Windows 95/98-based protocol analyzer and network troubleshooting tool. Observer lets administrators track network errors; graphically map LAN/WAN; monitor bandwidth utilization; collect statistics; capture, view, and decode LAN traffic; and set triggers and alarms to pinpoint critical problems.

Features of Observer 4.5 include the Discoverer graphical mapping facility and Ethernet error tracking by station. The Discoverer graphically draws a map of the LAN and discovers all names, addresses, IP services for TCP/IP, IPX, and NetBIOS/NetBEUI stations. Once discovery is complete and stations polled, Discoverer reports uptimes, response-times, and sends alarms if a station goes down or if response times are outside configurable boundaries. Observer 4.5 also includes NDIS drivers that receive error packets and report their source. Drivers for adapters that use the DCE 2114x (D-Link, SMC, etc.) chipset are included. Additional adapter drivers are planned.

Observer 4.5 is priced at $695. A demonstration copy is available and can be downloaded from the company's Web site. For more information, contact Network Instruments, LCC, Fourth Floor, 8800 W. Hwy 7, Minneapolis, MN 55426; (800) 526-7919 or (612) 932-9899; Fax: (612) 932-9545; Internet:; WWW:

ATTO Announces ExpressPCI Ultra2

ATTO Technology, Inc. has announced the ExpressPCI Ultra2/WIDE SCSI host adapter. The ExpressPCI Ultra2 is a 32-bit host adapter that provides data throughput from any SCSI host adapter at data transfer rates up to 80 Mbps. The ExpressPCI Ultra2 uses LVD (low voltage differential signaling), which allows cable lengths from 3 to 12 meters and connection of up to 16 devices at Ultra2/WIDE SCSI speeds. The ExpressPCI Ultra2 also provides backward compatibility with existing single-ended SCSI devices and upper byte termination, which supports the combination of narrow and wide devices on the same SCSI bus. Another feature of the ExpressPCI Ultra2 is Advanced Data Streaming technology, which includes an embedded RISC SCSI-3 processor, bus mastering, full-block buffering, improved data interleave, and optimized SCSI-3 algorithms.

The ExpressPCI Ultra2 is compatible with DEC Alpha Systems, Macintosh, and PCs. ExpressPCI Ultra2 supports tagged command queuing; multiple initiator support, flash BIOS ROM, PCI 2.1 compliance, and includes ATTO ExpressPro-Tools disk utility software. ExpressPCI Ultra2 ships with drives that support Windows NT, Windows 95, Mac OS, and DOS. Additional operating systems and driver support are available. The ExpressPCI Ultra2/WIDE SCSI host adapter is priced at $545. For more information, contact ATTO Technology, Inc., Audubon Technology Park, 40 Hazelwood Dr., Bldg. 106, Amherst, NY 14228; (716) 691-1999; FAX: (716) 691-9353; WWW:

Maxspeed Introduces MaxStation for Windows NT

Maxspeed Corp. has introduced MaxStation for Windows NT. Incorporating IGC's MultiNode software, MaxStation for Windows NT supports multiple users simultaneously sharing a single system. According to the company, when using MaxStation for Windows NT,16 thin-client users can access one NT server without experiencing any degradation in performance. MaxStations run NT-supported applications.

MaxStation for Windows NT is priced at $650 per seat. MaxStation for UNIX is already available. For more information about MaxStation for Windows NT or MaxStation for UNIX, contact Maxspeed Corporation, 3788 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303; (800) 877-7998 or (650) 856-8818; Fax: (650) 856-8838; WWW:

New Dimensions Announces CONTROL-M Support

New Dimensions Software has announced that CONTROL-M supports Tandem Guardian, Tandem FT/UX, and Tandem NT. Features of the CONTROL-M for the Tandem Guardian operating system, also know as Tandem Non-Stop Kernel, include an interface for Tandem's Safeguard security administration product and the Sysout analysis and management by exception. CONTROL-M works with Safeguard to provide a secured, hierarchic access management creating a protected job control environment tailored to the administrator's requirements. The Sysout enhancements support full output analysis, and immediate user notification in case of an identified problem. Another feature of CONTROL-M for Guardian is that CONTROL-M analyzes the results of a command or OBEY file, reacts by altering the scheduling flow, and issues an alert to the administrator and other designated users. In related announcements, CONTROL-M also supports Tandem FT/UX and Tandem NT. Tandem FT/UX is a variant of UNIX.

Designed for complex distributed environments, CONTROL-M lets operations personnel seamlessly integrate any number of disparate platforms into the production environment including MVS, VAX, AS/400, OS/2200, Windows NT, and OS/2. CONTROL-M supports major UNIX platforms including HP-UX, Sun Solaris and SunOS, Digital UNIX, SGI, AIX, NCR, Sequent and Sequent Dynix, Pyramid, Reliant UNIX, Siemens Nixdorf Sinix, and Sony News.

CONTROL-M for Tandem FT/UX and Tandem NT are priced at $20,995 and are now available. For pricing and other information about CONTROL-M for Tandem Guardian or the other CONTROL-M products, contact New Dimension Software, 18551 Von Karman Ave., #250, Irvine, CA 92612; (800) 347-4694 or (714) 757-4300; Fax: (714) 756-3900; WWW:

Cybernetics Announces MIC Tapes

Cybernetics has announced Memory-In-Cassette (MIC) tapes for the CY-8000 8-mm Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) subsystem. MIC cassettes have a built-in chip with 16 Kbits of EEPROM. The CY-8000 AIT subsystem stores 25 Gb on each tape at 3 Mbps, uncompressed, and to 125 Gb at 9 Mbps with data compression.

The subsystem uses the MIC chip to store and retrieve selected reference area information. The MIC system partitions the AIT tapes in the same way a user partitions a disk drive. Users can load or unload an MIC tape at any of 256 partitions. The AIT drive reads the system log information directly from the MIC and proceeds to the targeted file without reading the tape first.

Each CY-8000 features a backlit display providing complete status information. The AIT subsystem is available in desktop, rackmount, and library configurations with one to seven drives. Multi-drive units can also be configured with Advanced SCSI Processor for striping, mirroring, cascade, independent, and offline copy/verify modes. Libraries support multi-host connectivity.

For pricing and other information about MIC tapes for the CY-8000 AIT subsystem, contact Cybernetics, Yorktown, VA, (757) 833-9090.

FacetCorp Announces FacetWin Support

FacetCorp has announced that its FacetWin connectivity software provides transparent access from any Windows client to Sequent Computer Systems' NUMA-Q 2000 and Symmetry data center servers. FacetWin includes an all-in-one feature set that allows users of Windows NT and Windows 95 clients to access and use the Sequent DYNIX/ptx-based network resources such as files, disks, applications, and printers.

Features of FacetWin include transparent file and print services, terminal emulation, and automatic backup of networked PCs to Sequent DYNIX/ptx tape drives. FacetWin supports the following terminal emulation packages: Digital's VT series, SCO/ANSI color console, Wyse, and IBM. FacetWin's terminal emulation also includes the Window Watch and QuickLaunch Other features of FacetWin include networked modem access for PC users, email POP3 server, and remote computing support that provides network functionality to users connected via modem.

FacetWin for Sequent DYNIX/ptx is priced at $195 with discounts for multi-user licenses. A free 30-day evaluation copy is available at the company's Web site. For more information, contact FacetCorp, 4031 W. Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75093; (972) 985-9901; Fax: (972) 612-2035; WWW:

NCE Storage Solutions Introduces Tape Libraries

NCE Storage Solutions has introduced three Emerald Systems AutoXpress tape libraries for network backup on UNIX, Microsoft NT, Novell, DEC, and IBM platforms. The libraries include: AutoXpress DLT Library with five models ranging in capacity from 150 Gb to 4.2 Tb; AutoXpress-8000 Tape Library, with eight models using 8-mm tape and Sony AIT that range in capacity from 140 to 6000 Gb; and AutoXpress-4000 Tape Library with six models that use DDS-2 and DDS-3, 4-mm DAT and range in capacity from 144 to 3456 Gb. All AutoXpress Tape Libraries support Legato Networker, Cheyenne ARCserve, and Seagate Backup Exec for Windows NT.

The AutoXpress DLT libraries include a 100-cartridge magazine with choice of six drives. The library's LCD front-panel display features 20 characters for each of its line lines of read-out. The AutoXpress-4000 models offers transfer rates of 510 Kbps in native modes, and 1 Mbps in compressed mode for each drive. These 4-mm devices can be equipped with two to four 4-mm DAT drives and house from 18 to 144 tapes using four, 8-Gb cassettes. The AutoXpress-8000 models deliver transfer rates of 1 Mbps compresses per drive. These devices house from 10 to 20 tapes using 14-Gb or 50-Gb cassettes accommodating for two to six 8-mm drives. Both the AutoXpress-4000 and AutoXpress-8000 feature optional barcode scanning capabilities, an I/O port, a lockable front door, and a positive pressure-filtered air system.

Prices starts at $10,000 for the AutoXpress 300 DLT Library; at $10,500 for the AutoXpress-4000 Tape Library; and $15,500 for the AutoXpress-8000 Tape Library. For more information, contact NCE Storage Solutions, 9717 Pacific Heights Blvd., San Diego, CA 92121; (800) 767-2587 or (619) 658-9720; Fax: (619) 658-9733; CompuServe: GO EMERALD or GO MOUNTAIN; WWW:

Soffront Adds TRACKRules

Soffront Software, Inc. has added TRACKRules, a flexible rule definition system, to its TRACK family of tracking software. Extending the functionality of both TRACK and TRACKWeb, TRACKRules lets system administrators define complex conditions that activate both mail notifications and field updates. Features of TRACKRules include interfaces for defining complex rules, starting and stopping the rule check system, and viewing and printing rule details. Other features include the ability to base rules on present as well as past data and a notification capability that uses cc:MAIL, Microsoft Mail, and Internet Mail.

TRACKRules server runs on Windows 95, Windows NT Server/Workstation. TRACKRules requires TRACK for Windows/95/NT and supports dBaseIV or Microsoft SQL Server databases. TRACKRules is priced at $1,995. TRACK is priced at $595 and multi-user network, floating, and site licenses are available. For more information, contact Soffront Software, Inc., 238 S. Hillview Dr., Milpitas, CA 95035; (800) 763-3766 or (408) 263-2703; Fax; (408) 263-7452; Internet: WWW: http://www/

VSI Adds Windows NT Support to VSI-FAX

V-Systems Inc. has added support for Windows NT servers and Internet Web browsers (as fax clients) to VSI-FAX. VSI-FAX provides cross-platform integration of enterprise-wide fax applications. VSI-FAX integrates pre-formatted fax communications with applications and archives and routes incoming faxes, including optional direct inward dial to a personal fax number for desktops in the system. Using a graphical interface, VSI-FAX guides desktops systems running UNIX, Windows, or Web browsers through sending, receiving, and processing functions. These functions include custom coversheet generation, display, route, print, rotate, scale, and archive. VSI-FAX also delivers faxes to the desktop as email attachments. Also included in VSI-FAX are GUI-based administration tools and a command line interface for applications programmers.

VSI-FAX Gold Series software runs on UNIX or NT servers with TCP/IP connectivity. Transmission formats include Postscript, PCL, TIFF, ASCII and file/print origination from Windows applications. For pricing and other information about VSI-FAX, contact V-Systems, Inc., 32232 Paseo Adelanto, Suite 100, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675; (714) 489-8778; Fax: (714) 489-2486.

Level 8 Releases FalconMQ

Level 8 Systems has released FalconMQ, a suite of cross-platform and cross-message queue interoperability products. FalconMQ extends the functionality of MSMQ for Windows NT and Windows 95 to non-Windows systems such as UNIX, VMS, AS/400, MVS, Unisys, and IBM mainframes. These extensions support plug-and-play message queuing links and provide a bridge to IBM MQSeries on 20 different MQSeries supported platforms.

FalconMQ consists of FalconMQ Clients, which provides the MSMQ APIs non-Windows legacy platforms; FalconMQ Bridge for MQSeries, which provides wire-level interoperability between MSMQ-based and IBM MQSeries message queuing system applications; and the FalconMQ Extension Property API, a 'helper' API that assists programmers in working with the MSMQ extension property.

For pricing, licensing, and other information about FalconMQ, contact Level 8 Systems, 1 Penn Plaza, Suite 3401, New York, NY 10119; (212) 244-1234; Fax: (212) 760-2327; Internet:

KOM Upgrades OptiServer

KOM, Inc. has upgraded OptiServer, its optical storage manager for UNIX. OptiServer emulates a magnetic storage interface, making optical drives and jukeboxes appear and behave like HDD (magnetic) drives. OptiServer is compliant with the UNIX native file system (UFS), and no proprietary file system is necessary.

Features of OptiServer 5.0 includes an advanced GUI and also a "power failure safe" interface which supports remote administration and a suite of library functions. Other features of OptiServer 5.0 include online import/export of media, a '"Time Travel" feature that permits recovery of accidentally deleted WORM files, scaleable from a standalone drive to multiple jukeboxes, and backward compatibility to all KOM software products.

OptiServer 5.0 supports a variety of MO rewritable and ablative WORM and CD jukeboxes and standalone drives. OptiServer supports HP-UX, Sun/Solaris, Digital UNIX, and other UNIX versions via NFS. For pricing and other information, contact KOM, Inc., 4019 Carling Ave., Kanata, Ontario, Canada 2K2 2A3; (800) 668-1777 or (613) 599-7205; Fax: (613) 599-7206; WWW:

Tecmar Announces Travan

Tecmar Technologies, Inc. has the announced Travan NS 20 tape drive. The NS 20 supports 20 Gb of capacity at a 2 Mbps transfer rate. The NS 20 drive features thin-film MR heads, a standard 2 Mb data buffer, tape flash firmware for upgradeability, and read-while-write data recording. The NS 20 also includes built-in hardware data compression and Adaptive Lossless Data Compression (ALDC) technology for realtime compression. The NS 20 drives also provides backward read compatibility with NS 8 and TR-4 drives. The NS 20 is available with a Fast SCSI interface.

The Travan NS 20 drive is priced at $649 for an internal unit. The NS 20 drive also carries a 2-year warranty. For other information, contact Tecmar Technologies, Inc., 1900 Pike Rd., Longmont, CO 80501; (303) 682-3700; Fax: (303) 776-1698; WWW:

Breece Hill Introduces FireFox

Breece Hill Technologies has introduced FireFox, an automated tape library based on Sony's AIT 8-mm technology. The FireFox AIT 8-mm library provides backward compatibility with the installed base of Exabyte 8-mm drives. The FireFox libraries support the mixed interchange of AIT and Exabyte 8-mm tape in a single library enclosure. The FireFox libraries come in four configurations (10, 20, 40, and 60 cartridges) supporting up to four AIT drives. This gives the FireFox libraries a 3 Tb capacity and data throughput of 86 Gb per hour. Features of the FireFox library include DataIQ architecture, QwikScan technology, and the LaZerCaL adaptive positioning system.

For pricing and other information about the FireFox AIT 8-mm library, contact Breece Hill Technologies, 6287 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO 80303; (303) 449-2673; Fax: (303) 449-1027; WWW: