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New Products

Syntax Announces TAS v5.2

Syntax, Inc. has announced TotalNET Advanced Server (TAS) v5.2. TAS is network operating system software that lets a UNIX server act as a file, print, and application server to a variety of client PCs in a heterogeneous, networked environment. TAS gives Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows for Workgroups, Macintosh, OS/2 Warp, and DOS clients access to the same UNIX file, print, and server resources through each client's desktop interface. TAS is delivered as an Intranet server, letting an administrator install and configure TAS using a standard HTML-based GUI known as TotalAdmin. TAS v5.2 includes new features and improvements to the TotalAdmin GUI including frames, Java technology, and distributed administration. TotalAdmin also administers all TAS servers in the enterprise with a single login and facilitates the optional installation of modules or "spheres".

TAS v5.2 also provides unified mapping of file names across services for UNIX, NetWare, SMB (Windows 3.x, 95, NT, and OS/2), and Macintosh. TAS maps files with pure case insensitivity and case preservation. Additional TAS v5.2 features include: performance tuning, modifications to device drivers, network utilities, tracing, and support for outbound Macintosh printer (PAP) connections.

For pricing and other information about TotalNET Advanced Server v5.2, contact Syntax, Inc., 840 S. 333rd St., Federal Way, WA 98003; (253) 838-2626; Fax: (253) 838-9836; WWW:

Trend Micro Introduces Two ScanMail Products

Trend Micro Inc. has introduced two virus protection products, ScanMail 2.0 for cc:Mail and ScanMail 1.5 for Lotus Notes. The first product, ScanMail 2.0 for cc:Mail, includes a 32-bit management utility, giving administrators the ability to centrally configure manual, scheduled, and real-time scanning of individual or multiple Post Offices within a LAN. Additionally, the administrator can configure cc:Mail to scan all users' in-boxes, mail containers, or personal folders from one central console. A central virus event log has been added to provide tracing of virus infections across the enterprise. ScanMail 2.0 for cc:Mail is installed once on the server, then deployed to clients.

The second product, ScanMail 1.5 for Lotus Notes, supports multiple platforms including Solaris, Windows NT, AIX, and OS/2. ScanMail 1.5 also adds a native Web-enabled interface for remote management of Domino servers. In addition, the Notes client scanning function, included in ScanMail for Notes 1.5, provides for real-time and on-demand virus scanning of users' databases and encrypted documents. ScanMail 1.5 also scans Notes scripts on the server for viruses.

In addition to ScanMail 1.5 for Notes, Trend also provides virus protection for Lotus Messaging Switch (LMS) 3.0 through an agreement with the Softswitch division of Lotus. When Trend technology is used with LMS, email attachments are automatically scanned on the fly at the LMS server to prevent distribution of infected mail across the network.

ScanMail 2.0 for cc:Mail is priced on a per-seat basis, starting at $835 for 25 users. A beta version of ScanMail 2.0 for cc:Mail can be downloaded from the company's Web site. ScanMail 1.5 for Lotus Notes is priced at $835 for a 25-user license and includes one year of program and virus pattern updates. For more information, contact Trend Micro Incorporated, Cupertino, CA; (408) 863-6362; WWW:

I/O Announces Fingerprint Preboot Security System

I/O Software, Inc., has announced a fingerprint-based preboot security system designed to provide preboot PC security through ROM-based software. The preboot security system requires the user's fingerprint to be verified before allowing the computer to boot, preventing unauthorized access even before the operating system is loaded.

The security system is based on Sony's Fingerprint Identification Unit (FIU) which is a small self-contained fingerprint scanner. The system is installed by plugging the FIU into a serial port, and enabling the BIOS extension. Access to information on the floppy drive and hard drive is then blocked without the correct fingerprint. Since the code is contained in the system BIOS, the preboot security system supports any operating system including UNIX, Windows 95/NT, and DOS.

Features of the preboot security system include: support for username/password; username/fingerprint/password verification; user management through a menu system and a Windows application: selectable number of retries; and a selectable fingerprint matching strictness level. Additionally, the preboot security system remembers the last user who started the computer and keeps a chronological history of who logged on when. Other features of the preboot security system include data backup support, a tampering check counter, and a DES update option. Also, 64 users can be enrolled in the preboot security system per computer.

For pricing and other information about the preboot security system, contact I/O Software, Inc., 1533 Spruce St., Riverside, CA 92507; (909) 222-7600; Fax: (909) 222-7601; WWW:

Century Releases TinyTERM 4.0

Century Software announces the release of version 4.0 of TinyTERM and TERM Professional PC-to-UNIX connectivity software. The release is expected in late May 1998 and will include the following new features: the introduction of MS Office integration, which allows users to seamlessly and transparently send data to a remote host. Users will be able to transfer files simply by pressing a Century button on the tool bar of an MS Office application and choosing a destination from the Century Address Book.

TinyTERM and TERM can now be used from within Netscape or Explorer. Hosted inside of the browser, TinyTERM can connect customers to their mission-critical host applications from within a browser.

Version 4.0 takes full advantage of the PC's graphical capabilities by "revamping" text-based applications with a familiar Windows interface. This technology improves the look of programs running under terminal emulation and adds dimension to flat character-based applications without modifying existing legacy code.

Century's new Dialog Editor provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for dialog creation. It allows creation of new standard dialogs, tab dialogs and wizards by simply dragging and dropping controls onto the screen. The Dialog Editor provides a tool bar with the most common visual controls, allowing users to import their own specialized visual custom controls.

For an evaluation copy of this release or more information, contact Century Software, Inc.; (801) 268-3088; Fax: (801) 268-2772;

MKS Upgrades Web Integrity

MKS announces the incorporation of RSA Data Security Inc.'s public-key cryptosystem into the new version of their Web object management solution, Web Integrity 2.2a. This encrytion technology safeguards information moving between the browser and server via Web Integrity's use of the secure socket layer (SSL).

Web Integrity's "surf-edit-approve" approach to Web site development allows users to easily update and publish to the Web site. Unlike electronic document management solutions, Web Integrity is a Web object management system that manages all types of static and dynamic content including text, HTML, graphics, and Java. With the incorporation of RSA technology, all information transferred between the server and the user's desktop browser is encoded, protecting it from corruption or malicious attack.

Web Integrity supports client platforms of Microsoft and Netscape browsers on Win95 and NT 3.51, 4.0, and Netscape Enterprise servers on NT, Solaris, and other versions of UNIX. Web Integrity is available for $749/seat. For more information, contact Mortice Kern Systems Inc. (MKS); (519) 884-2251; Fax: (519) 884-8861; Internet:; WWW:

CacheFlow Ships CacheFlow 1000

CacheFlow Inc. has announced the first of its family of Active Web Caching products, the CacheFlow 1000. CacheFlow's Active Web Caching product line was designed with an architecture specifically supporting the needs of a Web-caching system for an enterprise network. CacheFlow is built using industry standard components and driven by a patent-pending OS, CacheOS, optimized for accelerated retrieval of Web objects.

CacheFlow active caching technology proactively retrieves and updates pages so they will be ready for user access. It is designed for use within an enterprise and can serve hundreds of concurrent users. Users can access Web servers both inside and outside the enterprise. Cacheflow provides a browser-based administration console. The CacheFlow 1000 would be installed at network points such as near routers or subnets, behind firewalls, or in ISP points-of-presence.

The CacheFlow 1000 is available now, with prices ranging from $39,500 for an 8 Gb device to $47,700 for a 25 Gb device. For more information, contact CacheFlow, Inc., Palo Alto, CA; (650) 849-1400; Fax: (650) 849-1450; Internet:; WWW:

JNI Announces SBus-To-Fibre Channel Adapter

Jaycor Networks Inc. has announced the FibreStar SBus-to-Fibre Channel adapter for EMC Corporation's Symmetrix Enterprise Storage System. The FibreStar SBus adapters provide simultaneous Fibre Channel connectivity for Solaris servers with both dedicated and shared multi-platform functionality. The FibreStar SBus adapters support Fibre Channel and other connectivity options, such as Fast-Wide Differential SCSI, Ultra SCSI, mainframe ESCON, and parallel channels.

The FibreStar SBus adapters are compliant with the FC-PH 4.3, FC-AL 4.5, ANSI X3T11, and IEEE 149601993 industry standards. The FibreStar SBus adapters support Fibre Channel data rates of 266 Mbps and 1,062 Mbps and topologies, including point-to-point, arbitrated loop, and switched fabric. The FibreStar SBus adapters also provide a flexible interface to optical fiber and copper cables through standard 80-pin GLM, a standard Fibre Channel chipset H-P Tachyon controller, communication software drivers for TCP/IP and SCSI protocols, and complete diagnostics software.

For pricing and other information about the FibreStar SBus-to-Fibre Channel adapters, contact Jaycor Networks Inc., San Diego, CA; (619) 535-3121; Internet:

Retrieve Launches Pacemaker

Retrieve, Inc. has launched Pacemaker, a high-speed data-sharing tool for SCSI and Fibre Channel. Pacemaker is an external appliance for data sharing on a RAID device between Sun Solaris and/or Windows NT hosts. Data can be accessed directly from either computer. Pacemaker connects to the host computers through SCSI or FibreChannel using the existing host disk drives. The system is administered from a built-in Web management interface letting most computers on the network control and monitor Pacemaker.

RAID technology requires storage to be partitioned off for use by different hosts before any data is stored. Pacemaker eliminates this and lets each host take what it needs, when it needs it. Storage not being used by one host is also available to the others. Pacemaker offloads the data compression and decompression process to the storage subsystem. The server transfers the data then processes other functions. Pacemaker then does the compression for the hosts.

For pricing and other information about Pacemaker, contact Retrieve, Inc., 3080 Valmont Rd., Suite 220, Boulder, CO 80301, (303) 448-9029: WWW:

Overland Introduces LoaderXpress

Overland Data, Inc. has introduced LoaderXpress, a desktop-automated DLT storage system. Available in three models, LoaderXpress features unattained backup, HSM, and near-line storage capabilities. LoaderXpress uses the cartridge magazine design of the LibraryXpress tape library, letting users perform bulk cartridge installation and removal. LoaderXpress also includes magazine-based media management, front control panels, and a security feature that locks the loader and restricts access to the cartridges and magazine.

The Model 405 includes a DLT4000 drive with a five-cartridge magazine, with a native capacity of 100 Gb with throughput of 5.4 Gb per hour. The Model 410 uses the same drive technology with a 10-cartridge magazine, doubling native capacity to 200 Gb. The Model 710 uses the 10-cartridge magazine and Quantum's DLT7000 drive for a native capacity of 350 Gb and throughput of 18 Gb per hour. According to the company, all capacities and data rates can be doubled using on-board data compression.

LoaderXpress supports Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Novell NetWare, and Windows NT Server platforms. LoaderXpress also supports the following connectivity software: Cheyenne ARCserve, Legato NetWorker, and Seagate Software's Backup Exec. Prices for LoaderXpress begin at $4,995. For more information, contact Overland Data, Inc., 8975 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92123; (619) 571-5555; Fax: (619) 571-0982.

Kintronics Ships CD Tower

Kintronics, Inc. has begun shipping its Plug 'n' Play 32X CD Tower for NT, Novell, UNIX, and other networks. The CD Tower includes 7 to 56 installed 32X SCSI drives and the AXIS StorPoint, a CD Server with 10/100 Base Ethernet connection. The CD Server plugs into a node on the network and is ready out-of-the-box. Also included is a WWW Server that can access CDs using a browser such as Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Other features of the CD Tower include steel locking cabinets with hinged door and installed power supplies and fans. According to the company, the CD Tower allows simultaneous usage by up to 100 users.

For pricing and other information, contact Kintronics Inc., 2 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523; (800) 431-1658 or (914) 347-2530; Fax: (914) 347-2588.

Alida Releases GT Backup 5.0

Alida, Inc. has released GT Backup 5.0, an upgraded version of its network-based backup, restore, and tape management software. GT Backup 5.0 supports multiple DBMSs such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Paradox, and Access. GT Backup runs on most UNIX platforms including Sun, SGI, HP, and IBM and supports a variety of mass storage devices. GT Backup 5.0 uses a procedure-oriented methodology and authenticated daemon. Catalog indexes (online and tape) are readable using standard UNIX commands, and data can be recovered without restoring GT Backup. Without crossing routers or firewalls, GT Backup will also execute simultaneous backups to multiple tape drives.

Prices for GT Backup 5.0 start at $2,500 and include Motif, Curses, command-line interfaces, and support for 5 servers and unlimited tape drives. Support for robotics, automatic master fail-over and support for up to 600 servers is also available. For more information, contact Alida, Inc., 300 Route 17 South, Mahwah, NJ 07430; (800) 883-4878 or (201) 512-9820; Fax: (201) 512-9818; Internet:; WWW:

NTI Adds On Screen Display

Network Technologies Inc. has added On Screen Display (OSD) to their Universal Switch Series. The Universal Switches are 8-port keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switches that let a user command 128 computers regardless of platform. The OSD appears directly on the user's monitors, so all SCAN, BROADCAST, and COMMAND functions can be viewed and controlled directly with the keyboard. The switch can be rack mounted and contained in a cabinet system away from the control point.

The Universal Switches can be used to control Sun, Mac, and PS.2 computers as well as HP9000, SGI, and RS6000 models. Any platforms can be attached to the switch, either exclusively or mixed with other platforms, by selecting the appropriate NTI adapter cables for the computers. The OSD feature is built in, so it won't need to be upgraded as more computers are added and regular (non-OSD) Universal Switches are cascaded off the original OSD switch. The ST-8U-OSD (8-port Universal Switch) is housed in an 8.8 x 7.8 x 6.5 plastic case and is powered by 110 or 220 VAC.

The ST-8U-OSD is priced at $1,150. Adapter cables range in price from $6 to $35. For more information, contact Network Technologies Incorporated, 1275 Danner Dr., Aurora, OH 44202; (800) 742-8324 or (330) 562-7070; Fax: (330) 562-1999; WWW:

HT Comm Introduces

HT Comm has introduced connects to a PC's COM (serial) port and emulates a dial modem while actually establishing a dedicated 56-Kbps frame relay connection. establishes a point-to-point connection to its host PC at up to 115 Kbps, then strips off all PPP or SLIP overhead. No special software is required. "discovers" its own frame relay address and link parameters upon powerup, and can be configured by the host. Intended for ISPs offering frame relay services, the desktop is designed to operate with popular browser software. is priced at $595. For more information, contact HT Comm, 4480 Shopping Lane, Simi Valley, CA 93063; (888) 482-4736 or (805) 579-1700; Fax: (805) 522-5295; Internet:; WWW: