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New Products

Network Instruments Releases Observer 5.0

Network Instruments, LLC has released Observer 5.0, its protocol analyzer. Features include: probing remote software, multiple concurrent modes, an improved user interface, and additional decodes. By including Probes, administrators can use the Observer console to monitor and troubleshoot 252 segments across any LAN or WAN. With the Distributed Observer license, a user receives one remote probe, letting the user collect data from a remote segment in addition to the local segment to which Observer is connected.

The multiple-mode interface lets administrators track several network monitoring conditions and segments concurrently. By running multiple simultaneous modes, an administrator can watch for an event with high-level mode. After the event occurs, the administrator can drill down using a low-level mode to see what actually occurred.

Observer 5.0's user interface has been updated to include more intuitive controls. All graphs and modes are configurable with a right mouse click. Observer 5.0 also includes several new decodes. These include: IPv6, OSPF/RIPv2/BGP, Full SMB, HTTP/SMTP/POP3/IMAP, MNTP, DNS/BOOTP/DHCP, and Banyan Vines.

Other features of Observer 5.0 include a dashboard showing current LAN conditions and local/probe PC processor utilization, partial packet captures, and a probe communication trace window. Observer 5.0 has also added a display of alias/hard/IP addresses in all modes, a consistent and configurable button bar for all modes, more configurable protocols and IP services, filtering by IP address, and NE2000 NDIS drivers for low-level Ethernet errors.

Observer 5.0 supports UNIX, NetWare, Windows NT, Windows 95/98, DEC, Macintosh, IBM networks, Ethernet, Token Ring, and FDDI. Observer 5.0 is priced at $695. Distributed Observer is priced at $995 for one local and one remote Probe. Additional Probes are priced at $295 each. For more information, contact Network Instruments, LLC, Minneapolis, MN; (612) 932-9899; WWW:

NDG Ships SwiftView Plug-in

Northern Development Group, Inc. has begun shipping the SwiftView Plug-in for UNIX-based Web browsers. The SwiftView, a PCL and HPGL plug-in viewer, provides viewing of technical and business documents and drawings on the Internet and corporate Intranets. SwiftView conforms to open technologies and standards. Users create online documents and drawings by "printing to file." SwiftView requires no distillers or intermediate editing or file conversion.

SwiftView interactively displays what would otherwise have been printed on HP LaserJet printers and plotters using their native PCL and HPGL output file formats. The on-screen display and content are true to the hard copy print output. All content and formatting are preserved, including page numbers, page breaks, headers, and footers. SwiftView users can zoom and pan the open page, perform text searches, copy text to the clipboard, or jump to any page in multi-page documents.

In addition to PCL and HPGL, SwiftView displays TIFF, JPEG, CALS G4, and PCX/DCX files. SwiftView Plug-in supports Netscape browsers operating under HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and Linux versions of the UNIX operating system. SwiftView is also available for Windows systems. A free, full-function evaluation copy of the SwiftView Plug-in is available from the company's Web site. A Web site license for an unlimited number of Intranet or Internet users to access documents or drawings is $1,500. SwiftView licensing is also available for LANs and WANs. For pricing and other information about the SwiftView Plug-in, contact Northern Development Group, Inc., 7100 SW Hampton, Suite 207, Portland, OR 97223; (503) 620-0196; Fax: (503) 639-8466; Internet:; WWW:

TeamQuest Upgrades TeamQuest Baseline Over the 'Net

TeamQuest Corp. has upgraded TeamQuest Baseline Over the 'Net, its monitoring software. TeamQuest Baseline Over the 'Net Level 6.4, which includes a Web user interface (WUI), runs from inside a standard browser and offers point-and-click access to a range of standard and customizable reports. Administrators who use the TeamQuest WUI with an Internet browser can access performance management data from any location. Powered by Java, TeamQuest Baseline Over the 'Net lets administrators obtain management information of the performance, behavior, and activity of their corporate computing resources.

TeamQuest Baseline Over the 'Net Level 6.4 is supported by TeamQuest Baseline. The Web publishing interface of TeamQuest Baseline Over the 'Net supports adaptable report formats and logical time definitions, letting users create automated system reports.

For pricing and other information about TeamQuest Baseline Over the 'Net Level 6.4, contact TeamQuest Corporation, 2410 3rd Ave. South, Clear Lake, IA 50428, (515) 357- 2700; Fax: (515) 357-2778; WWW:

Telebyte Introduces Universal Interface Fiber Optic Modem

Telebyte Technology, Inc. has introduced the Model 8277, a fiber-optic modem with a universal interface for use in any application using the DIN rail concept. For industrial networks, the Model 8277 provides the user with switch selectable interfaces for RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485. Additionally, the RS-485 interface can be configured to operate either half or full duplex on two or four wires. RS-485 options also include enabling the fiber transmitter from RTS or data.

The Model 8277's electrical interface appears on a DB-9 female connector, which is wired in accordance with PC COM port standard. The fiber port of the Model 8277 uses ST connectors to accommodate multimode fiber. The operating wavelength is 850 nm. Network links can be established to handle data transfers of 1 Mbps. The power budget of the Model 8277 is 12 dB, which according to the company, guarantees reliable operation over fiber distances that exceed 2 km.

The Model 8277 is packaged in a DIN rail enclosure. The Model 8277 is powered from +12 volts and required 30 ma. The unit is supplied with a power cord, and adapters for 110 volts or 220 volts are available as an option. The Model 8277 is priced at $249. For more information, contact Telebyte Technology, Inc. 270 Pulaski Rd., Greenlawn, NT 11740; (800) 835-3298 or (516) 423-3232; Fax: (516) 385-8184; Internet:; WWW:

Intelliguard's BudTool Supports Silicon Graphics Native XFS

Intelliguard Software has announced support for Silicon Graphics XFS in Intelliguard's BudTool backup and recovery software. BudTool backs up XFS data in its native format and can recover using BudTool or standard XFS utilities. Intelliguard describes BudTool as providing "industry leading I/O performance" as measured by file system throughput, along with backup/retrieval capabilities for Silicon Graphic's user-defined Arbitrary Attributes, which allow information about the file to be stored outside the file.

BudTool does not use proprietary data formats on tape, so backup data is accessible without delay even in the event of catastrophic failure. The data is stored in its native format and can be recovered with native, open system utilities.

For more information, contact Intelliguard Software; (888) 234-2491; WWW:

Aurora Introduces ControlTower Console Management Software

Aurora Technologies Inc. has introduced ControlTower console management software. Aurora ControlTower supports monitoring and controlling multiple SPARC Solaris systems from one location. ControlTower enables a single SPARC server to function as a common console (monitor and keyboard) for up to 128 managed systems. Any function that can be performed from a keyboard and monitor directly connected to a system can be performed from the console manager server, including monitoring log files, running diagnostics, and rebooting a system. Additionally, a time-stamped log of system messages from each managed system is maintained on the console manager to assist in analyzing system problems.

Using ControlTower viewer software (included with the product), the console manager server can be accessed via a TCP/IP network or modem link. Managed systems in one or more physical locations can be administered from a remote location. The viewer software can be installed at multiple sites to allow coordination among multiple administrators.

ControlTower console manager software runs on a Sun SPARC server or compatible running Solaris 2.5 or higher. Managed systems can be SPARC Solaris compatible servers or other UNIX servers that support a serial line console. Managed systems are connected to the host server via a RS-232 serial interface from the console port. ControlTower console manager software must be used with an Aurora multiport serial controller for optimum performance and reliability. Aurora provides Sbus and PCI-bus multiport serial controllers with break signal protection of managed systems. The serial controllers can handle up to 128 serial connects to a console manager server system slot.

Aurora ControlTower console manager software is sold under a host-ID license agreement and is offered in three versions. The small user edition supports up to 16 managed systems from one host system; list price is $5000. The standard edition supports up to 128 managed systems; list price is $7500. For more information, contact Aurora Technologies Inc., WWW:

Computer Mail Services Announces Advanced LAN Mail-to-Internet Gateway

Computer Mail Services Inc. has announced S-Bridge version 3, a 32-bit LAN Mail-to- Internet gateway for Windows NT and 95. S-Bridge v3 introduces security enhancements, including the ability to block reception of SPAM and the incorporation of expanded virus scanning and cleaning capabilities. S-Bridge v3's anti-SPAM, protocol-level security enables the host to validate the domain name and IP address of the sending, unregistered host. Message level security supports validation of the sender's domain rather than the transmitting mail host domain.

Virus scanning and cleaning is provided for both inbound and outbound attachments, with expansion for compressed components (including recursive expansion of nested compressed attachments. Files that can't be cleaned are quarantined and notifications sent. Status can be viewed graphically or received via email notification. Other new features include: redesigned administration interface, including setup "wizards"; dial-up support, including threshold and calendar-based scheduling; national language support; expanded firewall compatibility; dial-up ISDN support; and rerouting of misdirected mail.

S-Bridge v3 is available through resellers or directly from Computer Mail Services. Pricing starts from $495 for a 15-user license. A full-featured, time-limited evaluation version is available for download. For more information, contact Computer Mail Services, Southfield, Michigan; (800) 883-2674; Fax: (248) 352-8387; Internet:; WWW:

Computer Support of Sioux City Adds High-End Servers

Computer Support of Sioux City has announced the addition of high-end servers to their War Eagle line. The servers incorporate Pentium II processors configured for dual processors running at 266MHz to 333MHz. The servers are pre-loaded with SCO OpenServer 5.04 UnixWare or Windows NT operating systems.

War Eagle systems are built on standardized components, such as Intel motherboards, Adaptec SCSI host adapters, Seagate hard drives, and Digi International multiport serial adapters. The War Eagle Talon Series of servers ranges from the Talon 4600, with single or dual Intel Pentium II processors at up to 333MHz, up to 512Mb SDRAM ECC memory, integrated Adaptec 7880 SCSI and Intel EtherExpress 10/100 NIC adapters. The Talon 4600 comes with six hot-swap modules for hard disk drives, two 300-watt load-sharing hot-swap power supplies, and an automatic cooling fan control system. An optional RAID controller is available. Pricing for the Talon 4600 starts at $4046.

The Talon 2600 is similarly configured, but contains only a single 300-watt power supply, and six bays for internal storage drives. The Talon 1600 supports only a single processor up to 333MHz, and substitutes an Adaptec 2940UW SCSI adapter for the 7880 in the higher end systems. The 1600 comes in a mid-tower case. For more information, contact Computer Support of Sioux City; (712) 258-8888.

Vixel Demos Fibre Channel Storage Networking System

Vixel Corporation announced a demonstration of a complete Fibre Channel storage network, from physical layer to hubs and switches at National Association of Broadcasters. Vixel's Fibre Channel storage interconnect products support enterprise-wide data access. Their demo included full motion video displays using Vixel's Rapport 2000 managed hub, the Rapport 1000 unmanaged hub, the Rapport 4000 switch, and Loop InSite, Fibre Channel interconnect management software providing loop diagnostic, health, and recovery capabilities.

The Rapport 2000 hubs are SNMP-manageable, 12 port hubs. The Rapport 1000 is an unmanaged hub, and the Rapport 4000 switch is an 8-port switch providing FC support. The Loop InSite management software uses SNMP to provide diagnostic and administrative capabilities. For more information, contact Vixel Corporation, 11911 North Creek Pkwy. So., Bothell, WA 98011; (425) 806-4011; Fax: (425)806-4050; Internet:; WWW:

Xi Graphics Upgrades Accelerated-X Display Server

Xi Graphics has upgraded its Accelerated-X Display Server. The 3D Accelerated-X Display Server lets users display 3D graphics using Linux or FreeBSD on an Intel PC. The 3D Accelerated-X Display Server, which includes Silicon Graphics' OpenGL v1.1 API, allows interoperability across heterogeneous networks of Alpha, SPARC, Intel, and other platforms. The 3D Accelerated-X Display Server complies with OpenGL conformance tests and includes standard OpenGL extensions.

The 3D Accelerated-X Display Server also includes true overlay technology and local client acceleration. True overlay technology, a workstation-class feature, lets 3D graphical images remain drawn when hidden. Local client acceleration speeds OpenGL and other applications displays to a graphical Linux workstation.

The 3D Accelerated-X Display Server is priced at $299.95. For more information, contact Xi Graphics, 1801 Broadway, Suite 1710, Denver, CO 80202; (303) 298-7478; Fax: (303) 298-1406; Internet:; WWW:

New Dimensions Announces CONTROL-M/Plus For Tivoli

New Dimensions Software has announced CONTROL-M/Plus for Tivoli, a management tool that integrates CONTROL-M Scheduler and Tivoli's TME 10 framework. CONTROL-M/Plus for Tivoli lets system administrators view and administer scheduled and non-scheduled events throughout the entire network from the Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC). According to the company, CONTROL-M/Plus for Tivoli provides administrators a central point of control, reducing the learning curve and training costs associated with managing a complex computing environment.

CONTROL-M/Plus for Tivoli offers several levels of integration, ranging from simple launch and alert capabilities to automated management and control. CONTROL-M/Plus for Tivoli lets end users consolidate messages within the TME 10 Enterprise Console and TME 10 Distributed Monitoring agents to detect and manage performance and availability problems. Also included are custom event correlation capabilities, which use business rules to identify repeated problems and send alerts via email and pagers. Other features of CONTROL-M/Plus for Tivoli include a TME 10 Software Distribution file that provides synchronized deployment of CONTROL-M software and custom TME 10 tasks.

Prices for CONTROL-M/Plus for Tivoli start at $9,000. For more information, contact New Dimensions Software, 18551 Von Karman Ave., #250, Irvine, CA 92612; (800) 347-4694 or (714) 757-4300; Fax; (714) 756-3900; WWW:

Boldon James Announces Two Products

Boldon James has announced Impart*Vega and Impart-X, software tools for integrating legacy UNIX and ICL VME systems with the Internet and intranets. *Vega provides a VT320 emulation (and subsets) facility within a Web browser environment. Typical emulation products are not suitable for the light-weight environment of Web-based systems. Impart-X uses Microsoft ActiveX technology to provide developer toolkits and a series of pre-defined "COTS" applications to address specific needs.

*Vega features include telnet and rlogin over TCP/IP; configurable styles and colors; key macro support; 80/132 column and 24/25 row support, VT printing facilities, and other features. Impart-X allows users to access legacy UNIX and ICL VME systems via conventional Web browsers, providing seamless integration with company intranets, simple integration with client server applications, reduction in software distribution costs, and rapid "image" upgrade of legacy applications. *Vega is one of the Impart-X range of products. Other products in the line include: *Arion (ICL VME emulator and transport stack); *Libra (VME screen/HTML page converor); *Scriptor and *Virtua(ActiveX component toolkits); and *Pictor (ICL VME direct print facility).

For pricing and other information about IMPART*Vega and Impart-X, contact Boldon James, Alsager, Cheshire, UK; +44 (0) 1270 844000; WWW:

JMR Electronics Supports Fibre Channel

JMR Electronics has introduced the Modular Desktop Tower, which accommodates four 3.5" FH or 1.6" high fibre devices in hot-swappable locking canisters that include a canister-mounted power supply for easy removal. Features include a power supply and fan, audible and visual alarms for fan temperature and power supply, dual I/O fibre ports, and jumper selectable Ids between 0-125 for each slot. Custom configuration is available.

JMR Electronics, Inc. is a fully integrated ISO 9001 manufacture of electronic enclosures for computer peripherals based in the United States. JMR markets a broad product line including enclosures for RAID and CD-ROM storage, rackmounts for industrial data storage, communications racks, and electronic cabinets. For additional information, contact JMR Electronics, Inc., 20400 Plummer Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311; (818)993-4801; WWW: