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New Products

S.u.S.E. Updates YaST and Linux Reference Manual

S.u.S.E., Inc. has announced the latest release of S.u.S.E. Linux, version 5.2. Linux is a 2-bit multi-user, multitasking variant of the UNIX operating system. It was created jointly via the Internet by developers from around the world, and it continues to be strengthened and improved in the same timely, and expert manner. Linux is a viable alternative to operating systems such as Windows NT, Windows 95, or commercial UNIX systems. And the source code is available for customization or reconfiguration, if needed.

S.u.S.E. has updated their system administration tool, YaST, and their release also includes a newly revised 400-page reference manual. YaST enhancements include configuration of PPP Internet access, scanner support, and the full source code for YaST. S.u.S.E.'s 400-page reference manual has been updated to include chapters on some of the more than 800 Linux software packages that ship with Linux (including Netscape Communicator 4.04 and KDE Desktop b3). S.u.S.E.'s Linux 5.2 also includes S.u.S.E.'s own Xserver, Xfree86TM 3.3.2, with extended hardware compatibility, including most AGP, PCI, and Permedia chipsets.

S.u.S.E. Linux 5.2 was scheduled to begin shipping May 1, 1998 with a list price of $95. A subscription is also available. For more information, contact S.u.S.E., Inc., (888) 875-4689; Internet:; WWW:

IBM Licenses GraphOn Thin Client X Server for Java

GraphOn Corporation has announced a licensing agreement with IBM Corporation. Under the multi-year agreement, IBM is licensing GraphOn's GO-Joe thin client X server for Java. This will enable IBM's AIX-based RS/6000 systems to deliver X Window applications to a variety of Java-enabled devices, including IBM's Network Stations and Personal Computers. As part of the agreement, IBM plans to include GO-Joe with AIX for Java-enabled clients, which includes the IBM Network Station. GraphOn has also licensed its GO-Joe technology to Sun Microsystems. The IBM and Sun agreements with GraphOn allow IBM and Sun to provide full interoperability between their JavaOS-based network computers and other Java-enabled clients and each other's UNIX servers.

GraphOn also announced an agreement with New Moon Software to offer customers the ability to access UNIX X Windows applications from any PC quickly and easily. They are combining New Moon's Liftoff products, which allow multiple PCs to run applications on a single NT server, and GraphOn's GO-Between thin client X server, allowing users to access any UNIX/X applications from their PCs with no additional X server software installation and with reduced network traffic.

GraphOn's GO-Joe pricing begins at $295 per seat. Evaluation copies are available via FTP from GraphON's Web site. For more information, contact GraphOn Corporation; (800) GRAPHON; FAX: (408) 370-5047; WWW:

Amdahl to Support Solaris on Intel Architecture

Amdahl Corporation has announced plans to support the Solaris operating system with an Intel-based platform. This follows in the wake of Amdahl's parent company, Fujitsu Limited, stating that it will begin shipments of Fujitsu servers running the Intel version of Solaris beginning in the second half of 1998. Amdahl's time frame for its Intel-based Solaris servers has a target focusing on the introduction and use of Intel's new 64-bit Merced CPU chips in 1999. Amdahl will use the Fujitsu teamserver, which it has added to its product line as the base platform that will ultimately utilize Intel's Merced CPU chips. The teamserver is the first leg of a new Amdahl strategy to provide a "Universal Server" - one server that can support different operating systems. In 1999, with Intel's Merced chip integrated into teamserver, Amdahl will provide Windows NT and Solaris support in a single hardware platform.

Amdahl also announced the immediate availability of Fujitsu teamserver systems to its enterprise customers. This follows an agreement between Microsoft and Amdahl to integrate Windows NT and OS/390 environments. Amdahl will initially offer the Fujitsu teamserver M700I RM, which is scaleable from one to six 200MHz Pentium Pro processors with the choice of 512Kb or 1Mb L2 cache, and from 128Mb to 4Gb of memory. Future models will incorporate Intel's Pentium II Xeon processors for greater thoughput.

For more information, contact Amdahl Corporation, 1250 East Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA, 94088-3470; (408) 746-6000; WWW:

MKS Selected by Microsoft to Supply Technology for UNIX Add-On Pack

Mortice Kern Systems Inc. has announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft for a subset of UNIX utilities from the MKS Toolkit. Microsoft plans to use this set of UNIX scripting commands, including the popular Korn shell, as part of an upcoming Windows NT Services for UNIX Add-On Pack. This Microsoft product includes other core interoperability components such as NFS and password synchronization. MKS technology will enable customers to run many existing UNIX scripts on Windows NT-based systems.

Microsoft has licensed a subset of MKS's utilities from the MKS Toolkit. The MKS Toolkit contains a comprehensive set of more than 210 Windows and UNIX tools, with the following features: multiple platform support including Windows 95; Win 32-specific features including security and environment commands; and utilities for Web development, systems administration, and software development. The full MKS Toolkit is available from MKS and its established distribution channels. For more information, contact Mortice Kern Systems Inc.; (800) 265-2797; Fax: (519) 884-8861; Internet:; WWW:

Artecon Introduces Management Tool for Distributed RAID Systems

Artecon has introduced RAIDScape 1.0, a centralized management tool for distributed storage systems. From a single management console, RAIDScape enables a network administrator to configure, maintain, and monitor Artecon disk array products attached to multiple server platforms running different operating systems. RAIDScape is the first product announced by Artecon since the company's March 1998 merger with Storage Dimensions. Initially, RAIDScape will allow for remote administration of Artecon's SuperFlex and entry-level RAIDPro disk arrays attached to Windows NT and NetWare servers located on a local or wide area network. Artecon plans to extend RAIDScape's storage management capability to all of the company's storage product lines and to other operating systems including UNIX.

RAIDScape provides a single application for supporting different server platforms and multiple operating systems. RAIDScape also works within an existing IT framework by reporting storage system status to enterprise management software such as HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, or CA UniCenter via SNMP traps. RAIDScape provides details about storage management tools. RAIDScape collects disk drive serial numbers, as well as drive and controller firmware levels, facilitating troubleshooting and inventory management. For instrumented storage enclosures, such as SuperFlex and RAIDPro, the sofware also displays enclosure environmental conditions and faults.

RAIDScape has been developed as a Java application, providing a common interface across several platforms. Network administrators can login to RAIDScape from any computer on the network, allowing management functions to be performed from whatever system is most convenient.

Initial releases of RAIDScape (for SuperFlex and RAIDPro) are shipping. Other RAIDScape releases are planned for 1998. A single server RAIDScape software configuration is included with each Artecon SuperFlex and RAIDPro storage system. Additional server licenses are available for $995 each. Site licenses are available and range in price from $1,414 for a five-server license to $20,220 for a 250-server license. For more information, contact Artecon, P.O. Box 9000, 6305 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA, 92009-1606; (760) 931-5500; Fax: (760) 931-5527; WWW:

SoftTech Solutions Enhances On-Line! Detective

SoftTech Solutions has enhanced the On-Line! Detective for Sun by adding new systems and content and by expanding the scope of the Detective to include hardware and OS-related issues. Release 8.0 for workstations includes everything from the SPARC Ultra 30 to the SPARC Classic. The server version 5.0 includes the Enterprise servers (6000-3000) and the SPARC1000 and SPARC2000. The Enterprise 5000 and 6000 and the Ultra 30 are among the enhancements.

The Detective now has a module for troubleshooting techniques. This includes information on using a dumb terminal (or laptop), using POST extended diagnostics, troubleshooting a blank screen, and troubleshooting Ethernet problems. The Detective helps determine whether a problem is hardware, software, or network related. Other additions include Sun "X" part numbers, bookmark and note capabilities, and a glossary of SPARC and UNIX terminology. The Detective provides compatibility requirements for components. The bookmark and note capabilities allow administrators to tailor the Detective to meet specific needs.

The Detective runs on most Sun or Microsoft operating systems. It will load on Sun workstations, servers, PCs, and laptops. The tool is sold individually or in multiple-user packs. A demo of the Detective is available on CD. For more information, contact SoftTech Solutions; (888) 786-4393; WWW:

Legato Systems Announces Expanded Platform Coverage for Digital UNIX and NT/Alpha

Legato Systems, Inc. has announced versions of the Legato NetWorker, Legato BusinessSuite, and Legato GEMS product lines for the Digital UNIX and Digital NT/Alpha open systems environments.

Legato NetWorker for Digital UNIX is scheduled for release by June 30. Features include a high-availability option and Saveset Consolidation. Clustering support, exploitation of clustering technology for high availability, redundancy of critical storage management functions, and Saveset Consolidation will be migrated to all NetWorker server platforms in future releases. Legato NetWorker 5.1 for NT/Alpha is available now.

Pricing starts at $1,000 for Legato NetWorker for Digital UNIX. For more information, contact Legato Systems, Inc., 3210 Porter Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94304; (650) 812-6000; Internet:; WWW:

OSM Announces COSMOS Knowledge Module for BMC's PATROL

Open Systems Management, Inc. (OSM) has announced a COSMOS Knowledge Module (KM) for BMC Software Inc.'s PATROL. The KM for PATROL permits COSMOS to be run from within PATROL, providing additional administrative capabilities without requiring a new user interface.

COSMOS is a suite of products from OSM for managing and automating many of the operational tasks for UNIX and Windows NT environments (such as user administration, printing, batch processing, backup and recover, and media management). BMC Software's PATROL application and database management products provide enterprise-wide critical systems availability management and event monitoring. By installing COSMOS and the KM, PATROL system managers and support staff can use their familiar management console interface to monitor and control the operations handled by COSMOS. The COSMOS KM enables an instant overview from PATROL of the status of the jobs within the COSMOS managed activities, and PATROL will generate alarms for COSMOS jobs that have not been performed to schedule.

The complete COSMOS environment consists of ten application areas, available separately and sharing a common look and feel. Applications include print spooling, batch job scheduling, report management, auditing, access security, console management, resources accounting and chargeback, systems administration, software distribution, duty scheduling, backup/recovery, and event monitoring.

For more information, contact Open Systems Management, Inc., (206) 583-8373; Internet:

Mylex Introduces AcceleRAID Adapter Family

Mylex Corporation has introduced the AcceleRAID family, an aggressively priced family of RAID adapters for servers and workstations. AcceleRAID adds hardware RAID capability to Intel's next generation motherboards featuring on-board SCSI.

The AcceleRAID 200 family provides a choice of two RAID configurations, both of which plug directly into the shared PCI/ISA slot in the motherboard. The first configuration consists of the AcceleRAID 200 RAID adapter, which utilizes the SCSI channels on the Intel motherboard. Also offered is the AcceleRAID 250, a RAID adapter that utilizes the Intel motherboard's SCSI chip sets and adds an extra SCSI channel with its own SCSI chips. The extra SCSI channel supports Ultra2 LVD, the newest high-performance SCSI technology standard with throughput of up to 80Mb/sec.

AcceleRAID 200 must be used in a system that supports the new SCSI interrupt Steering Logic (SISL), such as the new Intel SHV server platforms. The AcceleRAID 250 can utilize the SCSI technology of these motherboards or can be used as a low-cost, single-channel RAID controller in any system. The AcceleRAID 200 series provides RAID 0, 0+1, 1, 3, 5, 30, 50, and JBOD level configuration capabilities while supporting 4Mb to 128Mb of cache memory.

For more information, contact Mylex Corporation, 34551 Ardenwood Blvd., Fremont, CA, 94555-3607; (510) 796-6100; WWW:

Liebert Announces SiteNet MultiPort 4

Liebert Corporation has introduced the SiteNet MultiPort 4 communications card. This card allows multiple computer systems to simultaneously monitor the status of a single UPS. The MultiPort 4 runs in conjunction with Liebert's SiteNet 1 shutdown management software and supports UPSs equipped with a Liebert Intellislot, including Liebert's PowerSure Interactive, UPStation GXT, and UPStation GXT MultiModule UPSs.

With MultiPort 4, up to five computers can monitor UPS status-four through the MultiPort 4 via the UPS Intellislot, and one through the UPS RS-232 communications port. With dry-contact signaling for recognizing On Battery and Low Battery conditions, the MultiPort 4 supports orderly shutdown to connect computers running Liebert's SiteNet 1 software. For more elaborate power surveillance and shutdown capabilities, Liebert's SiteNet 2 software is available.

Liebert also introduced its new UPStation GTX Multi Module, a modular UPS scaleable from 3kVA to 9kVA, with N_1 redundancy. UPStation GTX Multi Module features include: redundancy, hot swappability, scaleability, manageability, and rackmount.

Starting list for MultiPort 4 is $159. UPStation GTX Multi Module is priced from $11,400. For more information, contact Liebert Corporation., 1050 Dearborn Drive, P.O. Box 29186, Columbus, OH, 43229; (800) 877-9222; Fax: (614) 841-6973; WWW:

ADTRAN Introduces Modular, Multiport T3 DSU/CSU

ADTRAN, Inc. has announced the T3SU 300, a standalone T3 multiport DSU/CSU. ADTRAN describes the unit as "the price leader in the T3 DSU market, and [it] incorporates features typically found in high-end broadband devices." The T3SU 300 provides a migration path from T1 to T3 services.

ADTRAN's T3SU 300 has the ability to provide up to four high-speed DTE interfaces and can connect high-speed bridges, routers, front-end processors, and other data terminal equipment over unchannelized T3 services. The T3SU provides a single HSSI interface as well as three option slots that accept additional HSSI or high-speed V.35 interfaces. The HSSI interfaces support rates up to 44.2Mbps in 75Kbps increments, while the high-speed v.35 interfaces support rates up to 10Mbps in increments of 75Kbps. The T3SU incorporates automatic remote unit configuration and automatic time of day bandwidth reallocation, and it also supports SNMP and Telnet.

The T3SU 300 has a list price of $4,245. Optional HSSI interface modules are listed at $995, while the V.35 module is listed at $750. For more information, contact ADTRAN, Inc., 901 Exporer Boulevard, Huntsville, AL 35808-2807; (205) 971-8000; Internet:; WWW:

Finjan Launches SurfinGate 4.0

Finjan has launched SurfinGate 4.0 a server-side technology addressing Internet security, control, and performance concerns. SurfinGate 4.0 allows secure deployment of Java and ActiveX through content inspection, as well as secured access control for Java Script, Visual Basic Script, and cookies.

SurfinGate 4.0 offers better performance in inspecting Java applets and ActiveX controls. SurfinGate 4.0 also provides: Global 2000 customer scaleability; plug-in modules for existing proxy or firewall; Microsoft IIS Plug-In compatibility; IP auto discovery; enhanced security profile screen; new alerts; and customizable dialog box.

For more information, contact Finjan Incorporated, 2620 Augustine Dr., #250, Santa Clara, CA 95054; (408) 727-8120; Fax: (409) 727-8528; Internet:; WWW:

WTi Introduces Ultra PCI Workstations and Servers

WTi has introduced the iliad and Odyssey workstations and servers. This line of Ultra PCI systems is manufactured by WTi's affiliate, CES. The iliad/Odyssey Ultra PCI systems are available in both 270MHz and 300MHz configurations with up to 512K cache, 1Gb memory, and internal ultra-wide SCSI. All iliad/Odyssey Ultra PCI systems utilize the UltraSPARC-Iii technology manufactured by Sun Microsystems and run Solaris 2.6 H/W 3/98 64-bit operating system. The iliad is available in desktop, server, or rackmount enclosures. Odyssey supports both single and dual CPU configurations and provides a built-in RAID option.

The iliad systems also provide six long I/O PCI slots, for expansion. Additionally, the iliad supports integrated FFB2 UPA Creator graphics.

For more information, contact WTi, a business unit of Workstation Technologies, Inc., and the marketing arm for CES and PreGen. Wti is based in Fremont, CA; WWW:

Blueberry Software Adds Bidirectional HTML Conversions

Blueberry Software's Filtrix 3.5 now filters bidirectionally among FrameMaker, Interleaf, HTML, Word for Windows 2, 6, and 7, WordPerfect 6-8, Applix Words 4, and ten other formats, including graphics and tables. New this year are Word 97 import, HTML import/export, and BMP graphics extract, along with improvements to standard filters.

Filtrix is available with a fixed license for Sun (Solaris and SunOS), HP 700/800, and Windows. Floating licenses are available for the SunOS and HP 700/800 versions. Filtrix is also available for OEM licensing. Pricing ranges from $189 for DOS to $795 for a floating UNIX license.

A demo version is available for free download. The demo version slightly alters text spelling of output files. Users can obtain a key upon purchase to unlock full functionality. For more information, contact Blueberry Software, 260 Petaluma Avenue, Sebastopol, CA 95472-4222; (707) 829-5443; FAX: (707) 829-5380; Internet:; WWW:

General Signal Networks' IFS/9000 Adds Support for Fibre Channel

General Signal Networks, Inc. has announced that its Intelligent Fiber System/9000 (IFS/9000) now supports high-speed Fibre Channel transmission technology with a new interface available immediately. Fibre Channel operates at a throughput of 100Mbps. The IFS/9000 incorporates the industry's first intelligent fiber patching capability that combines microprocessor technology with fiber optic patch panels. When a fiber cable is moved, the IFS/9000 automatically recognizes the change and documents it. In addition to comprehensive tracking and reporting, IFS/9000 is an open channel solution that provides an array of interconnect components for ESCON, FDDI, ATM, new fiber cable styles, and Fibre Channel.

For more information, contact General Signal Networks, Inc., One Waterview Drive, P.O. Box 872, Shelton, CT, 06484; (203) 926-1801; Fax: (203) 924-6400; WWW:

TiMedia Announces 56K Fax Modem

TiMedia Technology, Inc. has announced a new 56K fax modem based on Rockwell's K56 Flex technology. Features include: full duplex speaker phone capabilities; telephone answering machine/voice mail; paperless fax; analog and digital simultaneous voice over data; v.90 compatibility; drivers for Win 95/NT, Win 3.x, OS/2, and MS-DOS.

TiMedia is looking for selected distributors and high-volume resellers for its OEM packaged version. For information, contact TiMedia Technology, Inc., 2400 South Garnsey Street, Santa Ana, CA 92707; Fax: (714) 825-0986; Internet: