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New Products

1998 Atlanta Linux Showcase, Conference, and Exhibits

The Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts, in conjunction with Linux International, are planning the second annual Atlanta Linux Showcase to be held October 23-24, 1998 immediately following NetWorld+Interop in Atlanta, GA. The Showcase will feature two days of Linux talks, vendor exhibits, BOFs, and an opportunity for discussions of all aspects of the Linux operating system. The Atlanta Linux Showcase will be held at the Atlanta Market Center, in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

The initial list of speakers includes Jon "maddog" Hall, Miguel de Icaza, Bruce Perens, and Eric S. Raymond. The keynote address will be given by Dr. Michael Cowpland, President and CEO of Corel. Conference topics include commentary on Open Source software, Linux kernel internals, Linux in business, Linux applications, and Windows NT Integration.

Activities for attendees will begin on October 22nd with the opening of registration at 3p.m., and free birds-of-a-feather sessions will run into the late evening. The conference sessions and show floor will be open from 9a.m.-5p.m. on Friday and Saturday, with additional BOFs until late Friday night.

For more information about the 1998 Atlanta Linux Showcase, visit More information about Linux International is available at

WebTrends Launches Firewall Analysis and Reporting Solution

WebTrends Corporation, has released WebTrends for Firewalls and VPNs, a real-time software tool for managing, monitoring, and reporting on firewall activity. The product supports leading firewalls and proxy servers including Check Point, Axent Technologies/Raptor, Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies, Network Associates/TIS, Novell, Microsoft, and Netscape.

WebTrends for Firewalls and VPNs features include: support for an unlimited number of IP addresses behind the firewall; departmental configuration and management; multiple log files across single or multiple firewall servers; real-time processing for "live" monitoring and reporting; output for customizable reports as MS Word, Excel, HTML, or text; automatic reporting via ftp or email; extensive filtering options; and tracking of general firewall activity, and incoming and outgoing Web activity.

WebTrends for Firewalls and VPNs is available through many VARs, as well as directly from WebTrends. A free 14-day trial system is available for download from WebTrends' Web site. A configuration of the product for a single firewall is priced at $999. Configurations for three or five firewall add-ons are priced at $1,999 and $2,999 respectively. For more information, contact WebTrends Corporation; (503) 294-7025; WWW:

Linux Hardware Certification Library Announced

Aegis Data Systems and Best4u Internet Services have announced a collaborative effort to establish a testing center for Linux hardware compatibility. The focal point for the center will be a Web site at, which was scheduled to begin service on August 1, 1998. The Web site will be used to publish results of tests and provide a central registration for hardware manufacturers and Linux device driver programmers.

The testing center will work with the leadership of the Linux community to establish standards for testing and benchmarks. First to be defined will be criteria for awarding three levels of Linux compatibility to a particular hardware model: (1) Designed for Linux; (2) Works with Linux; (3) Compatible with Linux.

Companies producing hardware, or developers contributing software to the core Linux or xFree86 projects can expect to hear from the Linux Hardware Certification Lab. If they wish to expedite the process, they can contact immediately to express needs or suggestions. For more information, contact Mark Stingley, Aegis Data Systems, P.O. Box 28554, Dallas, TX 75228; (972) 922-8253; Internet:; or, Martin Wiggins, Best4u Internet Services, P.O. Box 742784, Dallas, TX 75374; (972) 342-1973; Internet:

Xi Graphics Announces the Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server v4.1 for Solaris and SCO

Xi Graphics has announced the latest addition to its family of X servers, the Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server v4.1 for Solaris and SCO for use with popular laptop models. Customers will benefit from the Accelerated-X's server features, such as Hot Key switching between external and internal display, single or simultaneous LCD and external display, local client acceleration, automatic display centering, and Xi's performance efforts. In addition, they can get free drivers from Xi Graphics for laptop graphics chipsets from manufacturers including NeoMagic, S3, Trident, and Chips & Technologies.

The Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server for Solaris and SCO supports PseudoColor (16 & 256 colors), HighColor (32768 & 65536 colors), and TrueColor (16.7 million colors) modes. Color depth and display resolutions are limited only by graphics chipset capabilities. The server software is fully compatible with the native X Window System and the Common Desktop Environment (CDE).

The Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server for Solarics and SCO lists for $249.95, and comes with a a money-back guarantee and free technical support. They may be ordered through Xi Graphics resellers or directly from the company. For more information, contact Xi Graphics, 1801 Broadway, Suite 1710, Denver, CO 80202; (303) 298-7478; Internet:; WWW:

SolutionSoft Systems Announces Time Machine for HP-UX, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX, and NCR MP-RAS

SolutionSoft Systems has announced Time Machine for HP-UX, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX, and NCR MP-RAS. Time Machine supports year 2000 discovery, testing, and certification. Time Machine allows an application to "travel through time" by returning a specified date or time whenever the application gets the system time. Because the system clock is not actually changed, only applications with which Time Machine is used are affected. Each application can travel to a different point in time by specifying a different date or time, so it is possible to simultaneously test a month-end application on 7/31/2000 and a year-end application on 12/31/2000, while normal system processing is running on the current date and time.

For a free demo or more information, contact SolutionSoft Systems, Inc.; (888) 884-7337; (408) 988-7378; Fax: (408) 988-4777; WWW:

Cygnus Source-Navigator Now Shipping with the Red Hat Linux Distribution

Cygnus Solutions, has announced the bundling of Cygnus Source-Navigator Lite with Red Hat's Linux Applications CD-ROM shipping with Red Hat Linux 5.1. Cygnus Source-Navigator is a graphical, advanced source-code comprehension and analysis tool, whose varied querying capabilities and presentations allow users to understand code structures and relationships more readily. For workgroups or complex, team-oriented projects, users can upgrade to Cygnus Source-Navigator 4.0, a source comprehension tool supporting on-the-fly visualization and analysis of complex projects exceeding one million lines of code.

For more information on Source-Navigator, contact Cygnus Solutions, 1325 Chesapeake Terrace, Sunnyvale, CA 94089; (408) 542-9600; Fax: (408) 542-9699; Internet:; WWW:

TakeFive Software and Tache Group Products Shipping with Red Hat

TakeFive Software has announced the inclusion of their product, Sniff+, in Red Hat's Linux Applications CD-ROM, shipping with Red Hat Linux 5.1. Tache Group, Inc., has announced the inclusion of their product, the database program CQL++, with the Red Hat Linux 5.1 distribution.

TakeFive's Sniff+ is a source code engineering tool, providing an integrated collection of source code analysis, browsing, navigation, comprehension, make and configuration management tools for C, C++, FORTRAN, Java, and CORBA IDL developers.

Tache Group's CQL++ database is an SQL/ODBCpackage integrated with a B-tree/ISAM package in a single product with complete C++ source code. The client/server version meets the ANSI requirements for repeatable read and transaction isolation for multi-user situations, while the single-user version implements complete transaction processing for one user. ANSI privilege and security features are fully supported as well as ANSI views. CQL++ is also available for other platforms, including: Hewlett-Packard, SGI, Solaris, and Windows 95 and NT.

For more information, contact TakeFive Software; (408) 777-1440; WWW:; or Tache Group; (407) 768-6050; WWW:

ICS Tool Supports Developing on UNIX, Deploying Anywhere

Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) has announced its "Develop on UNIX, Deploy Anywhere" strategy, and a new product to support it, Builder Xcessory PRO 5.0 (BX PRO 5.0). BX PRO 5.0 is a major release of ICS' popular integrated visual development product suite, which allows UNIX developers to deploy their appliations on multiple platforms, including the Web, Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98.

BX PRO 5.0 features include enhanced support for managing large projects, easier integration of third party widgets and user C++ components, extensive support for C++ GUI development, simplified migration from other GUI builders, and support for Java AWT 1.1. BX PRO 5.0 consists of Builder Xcessory, a graphical user interface builder for Java and Motif; ViewKit, a C++ framework that can be tailored to specific needs; and EnhancementPak, a library of 30 reusable components including business graphs and sophisticated user interface controls.

BX PRO 5.0 is priced at $6,495 for a floating license and one year of support in North America. BX PRO 5.0 supports UNIX systems from Sun, HP, IBM, DEC, and SGI. For more information, contact Integrated Computer Solutions Incorporated, 201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139; (617) 621-0060; Fax: (617) 621-9555; Internet:; WWW:

NDG Announces SwiftView Version 4.0

Northern Development Group, Inc. (NDG) has announced SwiftView Version 4.0, a tool for viewing online documents and figures over LANs, WANs, the Internet, and corporate intranets. SwiftView uses PCL and HPGL output file formats to display application-independent vector drawings and documents without relying on the software used to create them. SwiftView is available for major Windows and UNIX platforms, providing an effective tool for sharing documents throughout a heterogeneous environment.

Version 4.0 updates the user interface, providing increased configurability and similarity to the latest browsers, but maintaining simplicity. Text search and manipulation capabilities have been enhanced, and support for off-line viewing of documents has been added. SwiftView display relies on PCL/HPGL output - exactly the same output that might be used to drive HP printers or plotters.

SwiftView licensing is available for LANs, sites, enterprises, and standalone use. It supports Windows and UNIX (Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, and others). In addition to PCL and HPGL, SwiftView displays TIFF, JPEG, CALS G4, and PCX/DCX files. An evaluation copy of the SwiftView Plug-in is available for download. For more information, contact Northern Development Group, Inc. (NDG), 7100 SW Hampton Street, Suite 207, Portland, OR 97223; (503) 620-0196; Fax: (503) 639-8466; Internet:; WWW:

GraphOn Announces GO-Between

GraphOn Corporation has announced that their latest thin client/server product, GO-Between, is scheduled for general availability concurrently with the release of Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 operating system, Terminal Server Edition. Go-Between was designed as an add-on for Terminal Server, to provide fast access to UNIX/X applications from any desktop device. GO-Between installs on Terminal Server, and allows Terminal Server users to access UNIX/X applications without the need for additional software on the user desktop.

GraphOn describes the benefits of GO-Between as follows: access to UNIX/X appliations from any desktop device connected to Terminal Server; no software needed on the desktop; thin client (under 300Kb) add-on for Terminal Server, reducing system overhead and increasing scalability; low-bandwidth RapidX protocol reducing network load and enabling modem and internet connections; and reduction of TCO through centralized installation, deployment, and management.

GO-Between installs a universal X Server on the UNIX host and a sub-300Kb thin client add-on to Terminal Server. PCs and Windows-based terminal users can access their UNIX/X applications through Terminal Server as though they were resident on the desktop.

For more information, contact GraphOn Corporation, 150 Harrison Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008; (800) 472-7466; Fax: (408) 370-5047; WWW:

Palo Verde Software Releases Nt Spectre

Palo Verde Software has announced Nt Spectre version 1.3, a Windows NT security utility. Nt Spectre provides a view of the whole Windows NT security configuration. Nt Spectre provides a range of screen views and tests for Windows NT security diagnosis.

Nt Spectre allows you to: determine file vulnerability to the outside world via the Internet; reveal who has access to files and resources; view the Access Control Lists for processes, directories, files, registry keys, pipes, and shares; and quickly create security tests using a drag and drop interface. Nt Spectre tests include: access, load, differential, password, and more.

For more information, contact Palo Verde Software; (520) 670-1628; Fax: (520) 670-1527; WWW: or

Argent Releases RasTracker 2.0

Argent Software has released RasTracker 2.0 for Windows NT, a RAS management tool. RasTracker generates reports on RAS usage, showing the administrator who is using the RAS ports. RasTracker 2.0 generates custom reports and applications through any ODBC-compliant database. This feature lets NT administrators track RAS resource consumption using Crystal Reports, MS Access, and others. RasTracker also includes a report option that sends the administrator a daily email containing the last 24 hours of activity. RasTracker 2.0 runs as a service and supports Microsoft RRAS.

In addition, RasTracker lets the administrator define rules as to how long a user can be logged in, and automatically logs the user off after sending a warning message. RasTracker also prevents the same user from logging onto multiple ports simultaneously.

Pricing for RasTracker Release 2.0 starts at $2,200 for the first RAS server and eight modems. Additional licenses are available on a sliding scale. For more information, contact Argent Software, 49 Main St., Torrington, CT 06790; (860) 489-5553; Fax: (860) 489-4113; WWW:

Aurora Introduces Two Ethernet Adapter Cards

Aurora Technologies Inc. has introduced two Ethernet adapter cards, the Explorer Multiport EX1 and EX4. Both the EX1 and EX4 let Sun Solaris and Windows NT users access network resources such as printers, fast modems, terminals, and other networking devices. The Explorer Multiport EX1 is a single port Ethernet adapter card. The Explorer Multiport EX4 is a 4-port Ethernet adapter card that provides the equivalent of four separate Ethernet adapters on one PCI-bus card. Additionally, the EX4's PCI-to-PCI bridge reduces the PCI loads. Both Explorer Ethernet adapters support Category 5 UTP cabling and third-party hubs, switches, and other network interface cards.

The Explorer Multiport EX1 is priced at $450, and the Explorer Multiport EX4 is priced at $1,350. Both the EX1 and EX4 includes drivers supporting Sun SPARC Solaris and Solaris x86 Rev. 2.5 and higher, and Windows NT version 4.0. For more information, contact Aurora Technologies Inc., Waltham, MA, WWW:

GO Software Announces NT Service

GO Software, Inc. has announced GO-Start, an NT Service utility designed to start applications on bootup and keep them running. GO-Start was designed for mission critical applications. Even if the operating system crashes, GO-Start will restart the application at bootup and keep it running. Go-Start supports any mission critical application, such as automatic backup programs, fax servers, and others.

GO-Start is free and available for download at the company's Web site. For more information, contact GO Software, Inc., 42 W. Montgomery Crossroad, Suite O, Savannah, GA 31406; (912) 925-4048; Fax: (912) 927-0214; WWW:

StarNet Announces X-Win32/98

StarNet Communications Corp. has announced X-Win32/98, a Windows 98 compatible X terminal emulator program. X-Win32/98, StarNet's X Windows System server for Windows 98, lets PC users access X Windows applications from Windows 98 PCs and workstations connected to X applications through a network. X-Win32/98 is Year 2000 compliant. X-Win32/98 supports a range of features including font server support, color name editing, and access control. X-Win32/98 also integrates support for LBX, the Low Bandwidth X extension of the X Windows System. X-Win32/98 also includes InstallShield with an uninstall program as well as a utility for setup on a file server.

X-Win32/98 is priced at $200 per copy (up to 10 licenses). Site licenses are also available. For more information, contact StarNet Communications Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA; (408) 739-0881; Fax; (408) 739-0936; Internet:; WWW:

Micro Logic Ships DiskMapper for Windows NT

Micro Logic Corporation has begun shipping DiskMapper for Windows NT, a graphical hard disk space management utility. DiskMapper gives users comprehensive file information in an intuitive map format that shows disk usage graphically. Users can customize the map and choose different methods for coloring the map, such as time since the last use of a file, date of creation, file extension, directory level, file type, and file access permission. By visually showing what is taking up space, DiskMapper helps users remove or compact space-wasting files and avoid drive upgrades. DiskMapper for NT also includes several mapping methods along with a standard file tree.

DiskMapper for Windows NT is priced at $99.95. For more information, contact Micro Logic Corporation, P.O. Box 70, Dept. P, Hackensack, NJ 07602; (201) 342-6518; Fax: (201) 342-0370; WWW:

Raidtec Announces Several Products

Raidtec Corporation has announced several products: RAIDserver, FibreArray, and FibreRAID-PCI. RAIDserver is a family of network-attached storage products, which are based on thin server technology and support both Windows and UNIX clients on a LAN. RAIDserver includes three models: the RAIDserver-TFX tower configuration, the RAIDserver-RDFX or RCFX 19" rackmount, and the RAIDserver-M mini-tower. The FibreArray features 7 drive bays that support 4, 9, or 18 Gb FC-Al drives, and 3 (N+1) power supplies and fans, with hot replacement of each component. Up to 16 FibreArrays may be cascaded into a virtual array controlled from a single FibreRAID-PCI controller providing up to 72 Tb of storage. The FibreRAID-PCI controller implements multiple concurrent virtual arrays supporting RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, or 5. FibreRAID-PCI supports Novell 3 and 4, Windows NT, SCO UNIX, and Mac OS.

Prices for RAIDserver start at $3,195. For FibreArray and FibreRAID-PCI controller pricing and other information about these products contact Raidtec Corporation; (770) 664-6066; Fax: (770) 664-6166; Internet:; WWW:

S.u.S.E. Releases Linux version 5.3

S.u.S.E., Inc. has announced the latest version of S.u.S.E Linux, version 5.3. Linux is a 32-bit, multi-user, multi-tasking variant of the UNIX operating system. Among the more than 800 software titles included in version 5.3 are Netscape Communicator Web browser version 4.05, KDE window manager, and GNOME desktop environment. It includes a 400-page reference manual, which guides the user through the processes of installation and partitioning, integrating multiple operating systems, basic Linux commands, and setting up and configuring the GUI and window managers. Version 5.3 also includes S.u.S.E.'s own Xfree86 Xserver, which provides optimum hardware compatibility by supporting a wide variety of graphic cards and chipsets, including most AGP, PCI, and Permedia chipsets. S.u.S.E. Linux 5.3 also comes with SaX (S.u.S.E. advanced X configuration).

S.u.S.E. is scheduled for August 20th release at $49.95. It may be purchased via their subscription service for $34.95. For orders and information, contact S.u.S.E., (888) 875-4789; Internet:; WWW:

Cuadra Announces STAR for Windows NT

Cuadra Associates, developers of STAR information management and retrieval software, have announced that the STAR system that runs on many UNIX platforms is being made available for Windows NT.

STAR is a multi-user software package for managing information and records collections of all types. Records-intensive organizations, such as libraries and museums that track holdings and acquisitions, as well as corporate and government records centers that track photos, films, and document inventories use the STAR system.

All features and functions currently available on UNIX-based STAR systems, including the built-in text management and information retrieval capabilities, will be available in the NT version. The capabilities allow non-technical information managers to develop, manage, and use databases of all kinds with no computer programming support.

Beta testing of the NT port is scheduled for June, with initial product delivery planned for July of 1998. For more information on the STAR family of tools, contact Cuadra Associatates, 11835 Olympic Blvd., Suite 885, Los Angeles, CA 90064; (800) 366-1390; Internet:; WWW: