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New Products

Heroix Corporation Releases RoboMon NT V7.0

Heroix Corporation has released version 7.0 of RoboMon, their rule-based systems management software. RoboMon NT V7.0 includes several new enhancements for monitoring, problem detection, simplifying correction ,and improving robustness of applications, databases, servers, and networks across the enterprise.

Heroix describes version 7.0 of RoboMon as "100% fault tolerant and able to scale efficiently from the single department to the global enterprise." A new user interface provides access from anywhere on the network.

RoboMon NT V7.0 is driven by a rule-based engine, which allows users to adapt RoboMon to site-specific requirements. The system discovers and configures all the objects to be monitored, including new objects as they are added. The rule-based system provides greater flexibility than do scripting-based solutions, and RoboMon can deal with a wider variety of problems and unanticipated situations.

RoboMon can be configured to diagnose a problem, correct a problem, try several alternative solutions to a problem, or notify the administrator. RoboMon NT V7.0 also integrates with help desks and framework packages from HP, Tivoli, and Computer Associates.

Version 7.0 includes enhancements in the following areas: reporting and graphics, with automatic archival of key performance data for reports and graphs; solutions management, allowing users to modify rule settings on a global basis for built-in as well as user-defined rules; event server configuration, providing control over event routing through the network and guaranteeing event delivery with multiple event databases supporting automatic failover. Licensing and configuration managers simplify installation and configuration of RoboMon throughout the enterprise.

RoboMon NT V7.0 is priced at $1,000 per unit for the first 10 units, $900 per unit for 11th through 50th unit and $800 per unit for orders totaling more than 50 units. For more information, contact Heroix Corporation, (800) 229-6500; WWW:

SCO and Intel Team to Encourage Intel-based UNIX Systems

SCO announced its support of Intel Corporation's adoption of the Uniform Driver Interface (UDI) as a standard device interface. Additionally, Intel will work with SCO and Project UDI to port UDI to the Linux operating system and distribute it as freeware.

UDI allows device drivers to be portable across both hardware platforms and operating systems without any changes to the driver source. This significantly lowers the cost of driver development, speeds time-to-market of new devices, and allows manufacturers to allocate development resources on improving device performance, features, and functionality. SCO held the first public demonstration of this technology at SCO Forum98, running the same driver under the SCO OpenServer, SCO UnixWare 2, UnixWare 7, and HP-UX operating systems.

UDI is a specification backed by multiple UNIX system providers, including Compaq, HP, IBM, NCR, SCO, and Sun Microsystems, as well as companies such as Adaptec, Interphase Corporation, and Lockheed Martin. A multi-company, joint development effort has produced a UDI prototype with working implementations on seven different operating systems.

UDI isolates drivers from operating system policies, as well as platform and I/O bus dependencies. This allows driver development to be totally independent of OS development. The UDI architecture also insulates drivers from platform specifics such as byte ordering, DMA implications, multi-processing, interrupt implementations, and I/O bus topologies. More information on Project UDI is available at

AVS Releases Linux Version of Visualization Software

Advanced Visual Systems (AVS) has announced the release of AVS5.4 for PCs running the Linux operating system. AVS5 is Advanced Visual Systems' original visual programming data visualization product that was designed for both application developers and end users. AVS5 consists of a suite of data visualization and analysis tools, including tools such as 2D plots, graphs, and image processing, as well as 3D interactive rendering and volume visualization. AVS5 has been applied in applications such as defense, telecommunications, medical imaging, energy exploration, and scientific research.

AVS5.4 provides support for the Linux operating system distribution available from Red Hat Software using the standard GNU compilers. Red Hat Linux is a POSIX-based operating system allowing a PC to function as a UNIX workstation, providing an effective and reliable foundation for complex computing tasks, such as visualization applications developed with AVS 5.

For more information, contact Advanced Visual Systems Inc., 300 Fifth Avenue, Waltham, MA 02451; (781) 890-4300; Fax: (781) 890-8287; WWW:

JSB Announces Terminal Emulation for UNIX Applications

JSB has announced release 4.0 of its MultiView 2000 terminal emulation suite. MultiView 2000 4.0 is a 32-bit application that gives UNIX-based character terminals a graphical face-lift with Windows look-and-feel on the fly and integration into corporate intranets, yet requires no re-programming.

MultiView 2000 4.0 features include: central administration; integrated multimedia support (image, sound, and speech); and Face lifting - providing high-level Windows look-and-feel enhancements, including page dependent toolbars and pop-up menus, text substitution, and Windows message boxes.

MultiView 2000 runs on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT platforms. Pricing starts at $199 for a single-user license. A time-limited demo copy is available from JSB's Web site. For more information, contact JSB, (408) 438-8300; WWW:

DataChannel Inc. Upgrades DataChannel RIO

DataChannel Inc. has announced DataChannel RIO 3.1. The 3.1 version of DataChannel RIO adds in-browser publishing capabilities and enhanced cross-platform server capabilities. DataChannel RIO can be added to Apache Web Server, Netscape Enterprise Server, or Windows NT and Microsoft IIS.

DataChannel creates a two-way corporate portal infrastructure and can be used to integrate existing IT systems into a central Web-based interface or to create an Intranet or Extranet architecture. Key enhancements of version 3.1 include: Save to the Web, allowing users to save to the Web within their browser through HTML as well as added Active X technology; meta-data searching and Microsoft Index integration; installation improvements; and data integration extensions (jumpstart kits for Lotus Notes and Microsoft Active Server pages). Other core features of the DataChannel RIO include: an open API allowing customization; centralized administration and control; and instant content distribution and management.

The 3.1 version of DataChannel RIO is immediately available for a time-limited trial via download or CD. Pricing starts at $9,500 for the DataChannel RIO server for Windows NT, and $14,500 for DataChannel RIO for UNIX. Pricing varies according to the number of desktops supported and quantities purchased. For more information, contact DataChannel, Inc., (425) 462-1999; WWW:

Knozall Systems Announces FileWizard 5

Knozall Systems has announced FileWizard 5, a network storage management application that now supports UNIX servers running NFS. FileWizard now allows network administrators using UNIX servers to view files and manage storage as they have on NT and NetWare servers. FileWizard 5 ships with pre-written queries that provide key storage management reports.

According to the company, FileWizard 5 is unique in the following three ways: File Wizard allows network administrators to automate analysis, forecast storage requirements, and take action on files. FileWizard is priced by the gigabyte, so that costs reflect the amount of storage to be managed, and FileWizard supports UNIX, NetWare, and NT in one software package.

With FileWizard, administrators can identify file types, owners, access times, and size; administrators can use FileWizard to forecast when system storage resources would be exhausted. FileWizard provides the ability to view storage space by a wide variety of options (and combinations of options) including by drive, volume, directory, file extension, access date, create date, name, size, etc. A drag and drop query builder provides the interface for specifying selection criteria.

A time-limited evaluation version of FileWizard 5 is available for download. File Wizard 5 pricing starts at $195 for 15Gb up to $995 for 90Gb storage. Each basic pack includes an administrative console. Additional consoles are priced at $125. Additional capacity can be added in increments of 15Gb, 30Gb, 60Gb, or 90Gb.

For more information, contact Knozall Systems, Inc., 375 East Elliot Road, Suite 10, Chandler, AZ 85225; (602) 545-0006; Fax: (602) 545-0008; WWW:

TriTeal Announces Thin-Client/Server Solution

TriTeal Corporation has announced TealView, desktop software that extends the Citrix WinFrame and MetaFrame systems. TealView extends Windows and UNIX desktops, providing a single, native view of the network. Corporate users benefit from a familiar desktop providing access to network resources.

TriTeal's suite of interoperability tools include: a Windows-to-UNIX tool, supporting Windows applications on UNIX desktops; a UNIX-to-Windows tool, providing UNIX applications, files, and printers to Windows desktops; and a common desktop environment for multiple UNIX platforms.

For more information, contact TriTeal Corporation, 2011 Palomar Airport Road, Suite 200, Carlsbad, CA 92009-1431; (760) 827-5000; Fax: (760) 827-5010; Internet:; WWW:

INOVA Ships Rack-Mounted Tools

INOVA, Inc. has announced comPILOT 1000s, a rack-mounted, slide-out, integral display, keyboard, and mouse. The new package provides all three components in a package that is only 2U high, while a standard display and keyboard drawer might require 13U of rack space (24").

The comPILOT 1000s uses the IBM QuietTouch Industrial keyboard with a built-in TrackPoint pointing device. The display is a flat LCD with a viewing area the size of the a 14" CRT. The comPILOT includes redundant CCFT long life backlights providing a 250nit brightness rating (a typical laptop's display would rate around 80nits). A standard 15-pin SVGA monitor port takes input from standard PC video cards. The comPILOT is made with a rigid chassis to avoid damaging component flex due to temperature, shock, vibration, or mounting inaccuracies. The display provides ultra-wide viewing angle, and an impact resistant polycarbonate, anti-glare faceplate. The comPILOT includes full-length EMI/RFI shielding.

For more information, contact INOVA, Inc., 3100 George Washington Way, Richland, WA 99352; (509) 375-3555; Fax: (509) 375-5678;

URLabs Upgrades I-Gear

URLabs, Inc. has upgraded its Internet Content Management software, I-Gear. I-Gear lets administrators establish unique Internet access permissions for individual users, computers, or groups of users or computers across a network. Features of I-Gear 3.0 include a common object-oriented interface across all platforms, the ability to create virtual user accounts, and multi-threaded execution. I-Gear 3.0 supports Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows NT, and Check Point FireWall-1 platforms. Other features of I-Gear include AutoLock, which automatically disables a user's account, and Audit Modes, which lets users transparently audit unfiltered access. I-Gear also produces summary reports that can be used to pinpoint use policy violations without restricting freedom of access.

For pricing and other information about I-Gear 3.0, contact URLabs, Inc. 303 Butler Farm Rd., Suite 106, Hampton, VA 23666; (757) 865-0810; Fax: (757) 865-4528; WWW:

Elsop Releases LinkScan 5.0

Electronic Software Publishing Corp. has released LinkScan 5.0. Features of LinkScan 5.0 include a Quick Reference Card with HTML lines to key information, the ability to relocate documentation and images to any directory on a server, and local control of Help and Status Code hyperlinks on reports to integrate with local site-specific documentation. Using LinkScan 5.0, both SiteMaps and TapMaps can be defined based on directory structure and link order. LinkScan 5.0 also serves workgroups through a new scheme of Projects, Owners, and Usernames. LinkScan 5.0 also creates separate databases for each content manager and/or workgroup.

LinkScan 5.0 runs on UNIX servers and Windows NT 5.0 servers with Perl 5. LinkScan 5.0, priced at $750, is a free upgrade to purchasers of version 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2. Upgrades from versions earlier than 4.0 may be purchased for $250. A free evaluation copy of LinkScan 5.0 is available for download at the company's Web site. For more information, contact Electronic Software Publishing Corporation, 6214 Meridian Ave., San Jose, CA 95120; (408) 997-7370; WWW:

Sangoma Announces WANPIPE Support

Sangoma Technologies Inc. has announced that its internal router, WANPIPE, supports FreeBSD and Linux. WANPIPE uses existing network servers as high-performance WAN routers. WANPIPE supports Frame Relay, synchronous PPP, Cisco HDLC and X.25 at speeds, according to the company, from 56 Kbps to 2.048 Mpbs. WANPIPE is self-configuring, but also supports customization of both router and DSU/CSU. Remote debugging utilities include the Windows NT Performance Monitor and SNMP.

WANPIPE 2.0.3 for Linux includes support for Cisco HDLC, CIR support for Frame Relay, and support for PAP and CHAP for PPP. Also, WANPIPE 2.0.3 will configure the T1/Fractional T1 DSU CSU without rebooting or running dosemu. In addition, WANPIPE features real man pages for router.conf, router, sdladump, cfgft1, fpipemon, ppipemon, and cpipemon.

WANPIPE supports Linux, UNIX, NetWare, Windows NT, and Windows 95/98. WANPIPE with integrated T1 and Fraction T1 CSU/DSU is priced at $869. The code, including fully documented source, can be found at For more information, contact Sangoma Technologies Inc., Markham, Ontario, Canada; (800) 388-2475 or (905) 474-1990; WWW:

InvisiMail Releases RPK InvisiMail Enterprise Edition

InvisiMail International, Ltd. has released RPK InvisiMail Enterprise Edition, a corporate email security add-in. RPK InvisiMail automatically and transparently encrypts email messages and attachments, authenticates the sender, and verifies that the contents have not been changed in transit. RPK InvisiMail integrates with any Internet email protocol-compliant products (SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4) and operates through a local proxy service allowing RPK InvisiMail to be configured for a variety of environments. Other features of RPK InvisiMail include automatic key management and centralized policy setup and management.

RPK InvisiMail integrates with the following client software: Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Exchange or Outlook, and Eudora. RPK also integrates with the following server software: Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, and other email servers with an SMTP-compliant gateway. Pricing for RPL InvisiMail Enterprise Edition is based on the number of seat licenses and ranges from $100 to $59 per seat based on quantity. For more information, contact InvisiMail International, Ltd., San Francisco, CA; WWW:

Blue Sky Announces RoboHELP Office 7.0

Blue Sky Software Corp. has announced RoboHELP Office 7.0. RoboHELP Office 7.0 lets users create professional Help files for any software application and to produce advanced Intranet information systems. The RoboHELP Office 7.0 suite includes RoboHELP Classic for authoring WinHelp, RoboHELP HTML Edition for HTML-based Help, and 16 Help tools. RoboHELP Office 7.0 also includes WriteOnce single-source technology. WriteOnce lets authors generate HTML Help, cross-platform WebHelp, Windows CE Help, Intranet information systems, Netscape NetHelp, Web sites, and printed documentation from a single source file. Additional features of RoboHELP Office 7.0 include a Macro Assistant, Browse Sequence Builder, docking Component Gallery and Explorer tool palettes, and a diagnostic report for debugging Help projects.

RoboHELP Office 7.0 is priced at $699. For more information, contact Blue Sky Software Corporation, 7777 Fay Ave., Suite 201, La Jolla, CA 92037; (800) 459-2356; Fax: (619) 459-6366; Internet:; WWW:

Uniscape Ships Global C 3.0

Uniscape, Inc. has begun shipping Global C 3.0, a runtime library for creating single-source, multilingual, and portable cross-platform applications. Global C 3.0 provides Unicode support on multiple operating systems including UNIX, Windows 3.1/95, and AS/4000, without porting the source code to each operating system. Features of Global C 3.0 include a message catalog, which externalizes test messages that work with the current Global C locale mechanism, and a locale definition utility, which specifies Global C locale data in text files. Other Global C 3.0 features include character-based string processing, thread support, and Unicode APIs.

Global C 3.0 supports Solaris, MVS, Windows 3.x/95/NT, and NT on Alpha, OS/2, AS400, and other UNIX platforms. For pricing and other information about Global C 3.0, contact Uniscape, Inc., 303 Twin Dolphin Dr., Suite 510, Redwood Shores, CA 94065; (650) 596-1430; Fax: (650) 596-1436; WWW:

ISS Announces R.S.M.

International Software Solutions has announced Remote Services Management (R.S.M.) software version 4.2. R.S.M. provides tools for monitoring and controlling remote PCs in LANs and WANs and is used in transaction processing applications for banking and insurance. Features of R.S.M. include file transfer functions with multiple selection criteria, file identification through sub-tree comparisons, and a parameterable database that handles 512 fields. R.S.M. security functions include user name recognition, passwords, various access restrictions, and encrypted data exchange.

R.S.M. supports Windows NT, Windows 95, and OS/2. UNIX workstations can be handled using R.S.M's Java Manager module. R.S.M. is compatible with standard communication protocols, cards, and modems. For pricing and other information about Remote Services Management 4.2, contact International Software Solutions, 500 S. Australian Ave., Suite 100, West Palm Beach, FL 33401; (561) 820-0802; Fax: (561) 820-0804; WWW:

EIS Introduces VerteX 500

EIS Computers, Inc. has introduced the VerteX 500, a Pentium-II Xeon-Solaris powered server. The VerteX 500 is available at 400MHz with 512 cache and, according to the company, is capable of upgrading to 500MHz. The VerteX 500 is built to customer specifications and can include such features as Fibre Channel, RAID, high-performance video, and a wide variety of storage devices. The platform is built on Intel's MS440GX dual-Xeon motherboards. The VerteX 500 is shipped in three different rack-mountable chassis and houses up to 54 Gb in disk storage. The VerteX 500 also supports up to 1 Gb ECC SDRAM, six PCI slots, and one ISA slot for additional expansion. Onboard interfaces include 100 baseT Ethernet, dual-integrated EIDE I/O, AGP, PS/2 keyboard, and mouse. Floppy and CD-ROM drives and a 300-watt power supply are all standard.

For pricing and other information about the VerteX 500 server, contact EIS Computers, Inc., 207 W. Los Angeles Ave., Suite 303, Moorpark, CA 93201; (805) 383-1466; Fax; (805) 383-1470; WWW:

INRANGE Ships Adapter Card

INRANGE Technologies Corp. has begun shipping the Link/9000 PCI-to-ESCON adapter card for AIX. INRANGE has also announced ChannelDrive, a high-speed software driver as an option to the Link/9000. ChannelDrive does not require a TCP/IP stack or special mainframe software. According to the company, the Link/9000 with ChannelDrive "turbocharges" data transfer operations between S/390 mainframes and AIX servers.

The Link/9000 for AIX supports PCI connectivity for AIX, SP2, Sun Solaris, and Windows NT. For pricing and other information, contact INRANGE Technologies Corporation, 13000 Midlantic Dr., Mount Laurel, NJ 08054; (609) 234-7900; Fax: (609) 778-8700; WWW:

CLAM Introduces Monitoring Programs

CLAM Associates has introduced Applications Monitoring programs for AIX operating systems. Protecting businesses from application failure while the node and cluster is in operation, Application Monitoring "watches" applications, taking corrective actions, and notifying the proper technical resources in the event of a failure. Application Monitoring automatically monitors Web server availability, Web site response time, Oracle or DB/2 database response to retrieval requests, database response to update requests, database response time, database free space allocation, the number of server processes running, and the amount of free space on the CPU or storage device. Application Monitor runs inside or outside the cluster and includes Web Server Monitors, Database Server Monitors, Process Monitors, File System Monitors, and Database File System Monitors.

For pricing and other information about Application Monitoring programs for AIX, contact CLAM Associates, 215 First St., Cambridge, MA 02141; (617) 621-2542; Fax: (617) 621-0834; Internet:; WWW:

HARBOR Announces HFT for Digital UNIX

HARBOR Systems Management Ltd. has announced HARBOR File Transfer (HFT) for Digital UNIX. HFT is designed for information transfer between OS/390 mainframes and open system servers, providing administration and control of the entire file transfer process. HFT offers ESCON communications across a range of platform types. HFT supports connection from RS/6000-to-Channel via an IBM 2754 ESCON Adapter and SCSI-to-Channel vial Bus-Tech's DataBlaster 2. HFT also offers an NT-to-Channel connection via the Polaris PCI ESCON Channel Interface. Additionally, HFT supports Microsoft Windows NT, IBM AIX, Digital UNIX, HP-UX, and Sun Solaris.

HARBOR File Transfer for Digital UNIX is priced at $3,000 per client. A free trial copy of HFT is available at For more information contact HARBOR Systems Management Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada; (403) 231-9800; Fax: (403) 266-6767; Internet:; WWW: