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New Products

Usenix Networking '99 Conference in April

The Networking '99 Conference, sponsored by Usenix and SAGE, will be held April 7-12 in Santa Clara, California at the Santa Clara Mariott Hotel.

On April 7 and 8 will be the conference on Network Administration, followed by a Networking Tutorial Program on April 9 and 10, and a workshop on Intrusion Detection and Network Monitoring on April 11 and 12. The goal of these events is to bring together new technologies, techniques, and strategies for managing all facets of your network. The tutorials will be led by expert instructors and are tailored for various levels of experience. For more information, see

Informix Releases Dynamic Server, Linux Edition Suite

Informix Corporation has released Informix Dynamic Server, Linux Edition Suite, which offers a complete database and programming interface solution for developing and deploying client/server and Web/intranet applications including distributed workgroups. This suite of products comprises Informix Dynamic Server, Linux Edition, Informix Client SDK (software development kit), and Informix Connect, which includes integration guidelines for the Apache Web server and connectivity features, such as JDBC and ODBC.

The Informix Dynamic Server, Linux Edition Suite, is available for a free 30-day trial, which includes free email technical support from Informix. Informix will offer full corporate-level support once the product has been purchased. The suite is available for download from the Informix Developers Network ( and is also available from Informix on CD.

Corel Computer Launches NetWinder Group Server

Corel Computer has announced the availability of NetWinder Group Server, an addition to their line of NetWinder thin servers. Based on the Intel StrongARM microprocessor and the Linux operating system, this server offers departmental workgroups and small businesses a wide range of Internet services.

The NetWinder Group Server provides a full suite of Internet/intranet services, including: Web publishing, HTML page authoring, email services, public and private threaded discussion, document indexing and searching, cross-platform file sharing, and document management.

The NetWinder Group Server with 32 MB RAM is priced at $979 for the diskless version; $1339 with 2 GB hard drive; $1629 with 4 GB hard drive, and $1839 for 6 GB hard drive. For more information, contact Corel Computer; WWW:

Xi Graphics Announces Accelerated-X Display Server for Digital Alpha

Xi Graphics' Accelerated-X Display Server is now available for Digital Alpha processor-based computers running Linux. This server incorporates advanced features found in the Accelerated-X for Intel x86 hardware, including hardware gamma color correction, true overlays, and user-adjustable monitor. A list of supported graphics cards can be found on Xi Graphics' Web site ( and includes cards from S3, Matrox, ATI, Number Nine, Rendition, and 3DLabs.

Designed for high performance on desktop PCs, Accelerated-X is a highly optimized, hardware-accelerated, X server based on and compliant with the X11R6.3 release from The Open Group. Accelerated-X Display Server for Alpha is priced at $149.95 plus shipping and handling within the United States, including unlimited free customer support via telephone and email. Quantity discounts are available. For more information, contact Xi Graphics; (800) 946-7433; WWW:

Arco Releases IDE Backup Device

Arco Computer Products, Inc. has announced the release of DupliDisk-Direct, a real-time backup device designed for PC users who want the security of a duplicate hard drive.

DupliDisk-Direct is capable of being plugged directly into one of the computer's on-board IDE controllers. It does not require a PCI or ISA bus slot. The DupliDisk is capable of mirroring up to two pairs of IDE, E-IDE, or U/DMA drives of any capacity. If a hardware failure disables one of the mirrored drives, the DupliDisk automatically shifts operations to the functioning drive. LEDs on the unit's external panel indicate a failed drive, and an audible alarm alerts the user with no interruption of service.

The DupliDisk uses no jumper settings and requires no drivers or TSRs, so installation is simple. DupliDisk has been tested with systems running OS/2, UNIX, Linux, Solaris 386, BSDI, Novell NetWare, DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, and NT. It is priced at $250. For more information, contact Arco Computer Products, Inc.; 2750 North 29th Ave., Hollywood, FL 33020; (954) 925-2688; Fax: (954) 925-2889; Internet:; WWW:

OpenConnect Launches i-WARE

OpenConnect Systems, Inc. has announced i-WARE, a set of software solutions that rapidly integrates applications for Web-based e-commerce. i-WARE incorporates a three-phase strategy that includes: browser-based access to host applications, rejuvenation and extension of these applications to trusted business partners, and the integration of current applications for new e-commerce projects.

OC://WebConnect Enterprise Integration Server is the centerpiece of i-WARE and provides an application development framework for integrating IBM mainframe and AS/400 applications, ERP applications, transaction monitors, and relational database systems. For more information, contact OpenConnect Systems, Inc., 2711 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75234; (972) 484-5200; WWW:

TripWire Announces TripWire Version 2.0

TripWire Security Systems, Inc. has released TripWire 2.0, a fully supported version of their File Integrity Assessment software tool for the UNIX platform. The initial release of TripWire 2.0 will support Linux and Solaris systems, with TripWire for Windows NT to be released at the end of 1Q99.

In addition to full technical support and a product upgrade path, TripWire 2.0 features: seamless and invisible cryptographic signing; enhanced policy language; email reporting; Y2K compliance; and scalability. For more information, contact TripWire; WWW:

StarNet Releases PC X Server

StarNet Communications Corp. has announced X-Win32 Version 4.1.1, the latest in the company's series of X emulator programs for Windows 95 and NT systems. X-Win32 Version 4.1.1 offers greater ease of use, expanded functionality, and improved performance for PC users accessing applications on UNIX servers from their Windows PCs. Another new feature involves a more efficient way for network administrators to set defaults for users with simple Registry edits. Version 4.1.1 also allows administrators to more easily create common sessions that can be accessed by other users on the network, such as in a university lab or classroom.

The product supports a range of features incorporated into the product line, such as font server support and color name editing. It also integrates support for LBX, the Low Bandwidth extension of the X Window system. LBX has resulted in major performance improvements in accessing X application over a dial-up connection and reduced start-up time for "heavy" X applications. Additional enhancements include InstallShield with an uninstall program and a utility for easy setup on a file server.

X-Win32 Version 4.1.1 is priced at $200. Current X-Win32 users can upgrade to the new software at 50% of the regular list and volume discount prices. X-Win32 is StarNet's X Window system server for Windows 95, 98, and Windows NT computers. For a downloadable demo or more information about system requirements, contact StarNet, WWW:

Coyote Point Releases Envoy in Conjunction with Equalizer 3.0

Coyote Point Systems has simultaneously released Equalizer 3.0, an upgrade of its load balancing appliance, and Envoy, a software add-on that enables Equalizer to direct online traffic across multiple server clusters located anywhere in the world.

Envoy groups servers at remote locations into a "geographical cluster" under a single site name. An Envoy-enabled Equalizer routes incoming traffic among the widely distributed servers using multiple criteria, including network topology, to determine which server is best equipped to take the next hit.

Equalizer 3.0 incorporates the following features: higher capacity, enhanced manageability, and more efficient load balancing. Equalizer's browser-based interface now provides more fine-grained data in an at-a-glance format. Users can drill down to event data for a time period as small as two minutes, allowing for fine-grained trend analysis and pre-emptive troubleshooting.

Envoy-enabled Equalizer 250, priced at $3995, balances up to 64 virtual clusters of eight servers each, handles up to 64,000 simultaneous active connections, and is targeted at sites with T1 bandwidth. Equalizer 350, priced at $9995, balances an unlimited number of 16-server virtual clusters, handles up to 2 million simultaneous active connections, and is targeted at sites with T3 bandwidth. Equalizer 450, priced at $14,995, balances an unlimited number of 64-server clusters at up to 100 Mb/s, and handles up to 4 million simultaneous active connections.

Equalizer supports all Internet protocols and accommodates all operating systems, including those from Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and Intel. It works with any IP-based application, including legacy host, mainframe, Java, CORBA-based, and client-server applications from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft. For more information, contact Coyote Point Systems, Inc., (650) 969-6000; WWW:

Overland Announces Web-TLC Software Technology

Overland Data, Inc. has announced a new software technology that enables remote operation and management of its automated tape libraries and autochangers from anywhere in the world via a standard Web browser. This new technology, called Web-TLC (total library control), will be available in a thin Web server also developed by Overland.

Web-TLC's technology is platform independent and allows a central administrator to remotely configure, monitor, and control Overland's LibraryXpress and Loader Xpress DLTtape-based automated storage solutions. Web-TLC supports real-time alerts with TapeAlert-compatible backup software and SNMP-compliant network management consoles. It also allows remote operators to configure, control, and diagnose the libraries instead of just supporting activity and receiving error notifications. If an error message is received, the administrator can access the library through the Web-TLC to review activity and check error logs to track down the problem. Additionally, the administrator can remotely issue commands, such as cleaning the heads of DLT tape drive, or contact the on-site operator to make repairs.

Web-TLC operates with all the leading Web browsers and does not utilize the host server connected to the tape library; thus, it is compatible with a variety of UNIX and Windows NT platforms. For more information, contact Overland Data, 8975 Balboa Ave., San Diego, CA 92123-1599; (619) 571-5555; Fax: (619) 571-0982; WWW:

ODS Networks Releases CMDS 4.0

ODS Networks, Inc. has upgraded its Computer Misuse Detection System (CMDS). CMDS 4.0 is a host-based intrusion detection system that incorporates extensive audit and analysis features. CMDS uses an integrated expert system to analyze and correlate the data from system audit logs to track changes in authorized user behavior. This enables systems administrators to track system use for security policy violation, data theft, and socially engineered attacks.

The main enhancement to CMDS 4.0 is the incorporation of a scalable and adaptable open architecture to support varying intrusion detection and misuse requirements. Additional features include: support for Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL server, and ODBC-compliant databases; a new GUI; a universal log translator; a user-customizable alarming module; and enhanced reporting for both CIO- and administrator-level analysis.

CMDS 4.0 will initially support Windows NT Server and Workstation. Support for UNIX and firewall platforms is scheduled for April 1999. The CMDS console is priced at $6995, with monitoring agents priced from $795 for NT Server and $70 for NT Workstation. For more information, contact ODS Networks, WWW:

TeamQuest Announces TeamQuest Alert

TeamQuest has released new performance management software, called TeamQuest Alert. The software is designed to run from a single location on a variety of UNIX platforms, as well as Windows NT. TeamQuest Alert is capable of handling as many as 200 heterogeneous systems from one console.

TeamQuest Alert's features include: self-configuration, by finding all server on the network where performance data is being collected; allowing users to flexibly group servers into a hierarchical set of folders; health status at a glance; and detailed reports on currently active processes, including hardware architecture, OS type, and memory size.

For more information, contact TeamQuest, 2410 3rd Avenue South, Clear Lake, IA 50428; (515) 357-2700; Fax: (515) 357-2778.

Synergetic Data Releases UnForm Version 3.0

Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. has released UnForm v3 with HTML support. UnForm is a server-based solution for dynamic graphical enhancement of reports from character-based business applications. With UnForm, UNIX sites can eliminate the need for preprinted forms, enhance existing documents with images, logos, and other graphical elements. Additionally, UnForm allows developers to build cost-effective processing logic into documents. for example, UnForm allows users to print and fax identical copies of forms within the same batch, or produce the document in HTML format.

UnForm runs on all UNIX platforms, including SCO, Solaris, AIX, Linux, and HP-UX. Users of Basis International's BBx4 PRO/5 or Visual PRO/5 and ProvideX can use UnForm on MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, and Windows NT machines. Free trial copies are available from Synergetic Data's Web site. UnForm is priced at $995 per license. For more information, contact Synergetic Data Systems, Inc., 907 Embarcadero Drive, Suite 4, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762; (916) 933-0120 or (800) 446-7374; WWW:

Softway Systems Adds COM Support to Interix

Softway Systems, Inc., maker of Interix software that enables UNIX system applications to run on Windows NT and the future Windows 2000, has announced that Interix will now support Microsoft COM, the standard component software model for Windows developers.

According to the company, benefits of this added support include: transparent UNIX and Linux system application reuse on Windows platforms; access to UNIX system applications through Visual Basic, Visual C++, and COM interfaces; UNIX applications require no modification to provide COM services; and fast, native UNIX system application performance on Windows NT. For more information, contact Softway Systems; (415) 896-0708 or (800) 438-8649; WWW:

Heroix Announces SNMP Support for RoboMon

Heroix Corporation has announced that RoboMon, its systems management software product, is now fully SNMP compliant. This SNMP function will enable RoboMon users to monitor and manage their enterprise from a single console and system interface.

The added SNMP support allows users to easily customize RoboMon without writing code. Companies can simply plug statistics into RoboMon, which will automatically identify problems, incorporate the data, and notify staff or correct problems with any device or service supporting SNMP. RoboMon can also generate SNMP traps and set SNMP variables in response to system, network, and application problems.

SNMP support is included in all new versions of RobMon at no additional charge. For more information, contact Heroix Corporation, 120 Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02459-3302; (617)527-1550 or (800) 229-6500; Fax: (617) 527-6132;WWW: