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New Products

Syncsort Upgrades Backup Express

Syncsort, Inc. has released an upgraded version of Backup Express, their high-performance enterprise backup/restore solution designed for multi-platform environments. Its distributed architecture supports concurrent processing to speed data transfer and reduce network traffic, while a PC-like GUI provides simplified central control.

Backup Express 2.1 allows fast, transparent backup of SAP R/3 databases and Oracle7 and Oracle8, using Oracle's EBU and RMAN APIs. It also provides simplified GUI-control for automated tape libraries from vendors such as ADIC, StorageTek, and ATL. Additional new tape library features allow users to: label large non-contiguous sets of tapes automatically using any drive; see a real-time color display showing the exact status and location of all backup and restore media both on and off site; import and export multiple tapes through a simple drag-and-drop GUI screen; and export large sets of tapes automatically, not just one at a time.

For more information about Backup Express, contact Syncsort, Inc., Woodcliff, NJ; (201) 930-8200; WWW:

Torvalds Releases Linux 2.2

Linus Torvalds, the main developer and coordinator of the Linux kernel team, has released a major new version of the Linux kernel. This update includes an advanced collection of low-level features, including: advanced network routing and WAN support; enterprise-level network filesystem support; video capture, TV tuner, and enhanced audio support; and expanded support for SCSI and parallel port devices.

Linux 2.2 is available for free download on the Internet. Visit the Linux Kernel Archive ( to obtain it from a worldwide network of mirror servers.

Overland Announces MinilibraryXpress

Overland Data, Inc. has announced MinilibraryXpress, its latest DLTtape backup product, which is designed to meet the needs of organizations with servers or networks of servers with disk capacity in the range of 50 to 200 gigabytes in an affordable, upgradeable dual-drive-capable library. According to the company, the MinilibraryXpress provides a combination of performance, capacity, and value, delivering the reliability and multi-drive capabilities of the LibraryXpress and the value of their single-drive LoaderXpress unit.

A 15-cartridge media magazine simplifies installation and removal of DLTtape cartridges in the Minilibrary Xpress, allowing up to 525 gigabytes of native capacity to be installed in a single operation. The magazine feature also ensures that a complete multi-cartridge backup data set is stored securely, minimizing the potential of losing cartridges. An optional barcode reader is available to automate media management functions.

All MinilibraryXpress functions can be controlled via an easy-to-use front panel LCD screen that provides direct access to library system statistics and status information on the robotics, drive, and magazine. Operators can also configure parameters either through the front screen menu or via host software operation, providing flexibility to achieve specific data management goals.

The MinilibraryXpress can be ordered in a minimum configuration to meet current storage needs and then expand and upgrade the unit as requirements change. It can be configured with a single DLT4000 or DLT7000 drive and then explanded with a second drive to double native throughput to up to 36 gigabytes per hour. Overland offers the MinilibraryXpress in tabletop or rackmount enclosures, with single-ended or differential SCSI. Manufacturer's suggested price is $10,495.

For more information, contact Overland Data, 8975 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123-1599; (619) 571-5555; Fax: (619) 571-0982; WWW:

Exabyte Announces LVD SCSI Tape Drive and Price Reduction

Exabyte Corp has begun shipping an optional low voltage differential (LVD) SCSI interface with its Mammoth tape drive. LVD provides many of the benefits normally associated with high voltage differential, such as greater signal integrity, increased distances, and more devices per bus, while eliminating the related power and voltage issues.

Additionally, LVD SCSI's multi-mode capabilities provide improved functionality. This makes LVD fully backward compatible with single-ended SCSI. LVD provides several advantages over single-ended differential, such as: provides up to 25 meters in distance, attaches up to 16 devices; provides greater signal integrity; and is compatible with Ultra2 devices. Mammoth tape drives with LVD SCSI are currently priced at $3,730. Fully equipped (with media, cleaning cartridge, cables, etc.), the drive retails for $3,965.

In a related press release, Exabyte announced a global price cut for the Mammoth tape drive, the company's fastest, highest capacity 8mm drive. Along with this price cut, Exabyte announced full availability of Mammoth AME media to the channel. The Mammoth 8mm tape drive, which offers up to 40 GB capacity and 360 MB per minute data transfer rate, is now priced at $3650, down from $4195.

For more information, contact Exabyte Corp., (800) 392-2983; please call 65-271-6331 in Asia/Pacific region and 31-30-2548800 in Europe for inquiries; WWW:

Procom Releases NetFORCE 2000/2200

Procom Technology, Inc. has released its Net FORCE 2000/2200, a high-performance extension to its NetFORCE series of network-attached storage solutions. It also has introduced the 250 and 275 versions of DataFORCE, the latest additions to Procom's CD-ROM networking series.

The NetFORCE 2000 and 2200 are scalable data server solutions for multi-protocol environments, supporting file sharing between UNIX and Windows environments. Installation of the NetFORCE 2000/2200 is a plug-and-play operation requiring power, server storage components, and network cables. Multiple units deployed across the enterprise can be managed by a single centralized administrator with a Web-based GUI, providing administrators access to key operations and maintenance functions.

The NetFORCE 2000 series relies on a high-performance, high-availability RAID storage subsystem that supports RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5, and 10. NetFORCE 2000 features a 10-bay storage subsystem providing a raw capacity of 190 GB. The higher capacity NetFORCE 2200 accommodates up to 900 GB of raw capacity. Additionally, it features an active-active RAID controller architecture that boosts performance and data availability.

Procom's DataFORCE series networking system offers up to 275 CDs running at hard drive speeds across multiple platforms. The new additions to this series, which provide for 250 and 275 CDs, respectively, are aimed at high-capacity applications. Capacity ranges from 6.4 GB hard disk capacity (with formatted capacity of 10+MB per drive) to 50GB hard disk capacity (with formatted capacity of 75+MB per drive). Pricing starts at $8,592.

For more information on these products, contact Procom Technology, 2181 Dupont Drive, Irvine, CA 92612; (714) 852-1000; Fax: (714)852-1221; Internet:; WWW:

SCO Announces New UnixWare 7 Products

SCO has announced two UnixWare 7 products, UnixWare 7 Release 7.1 Business Edition and Departmental Edition aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. UnixWare 7 Release 7.1 features an integrated Webtop, based on SCO's Tarantella technology, which delivers faster and easier access to information. According to the company, the Webtop interface does not require users to learn how to access remote systems, run emulators, or launch client software. Users can simply use their Web browser to access applications on the UnixWare 7 server.

For more information, contact SCO's Web site:

Qualstar Introduces TLS-412360 Tape Library

Qualstar has introduced the TLS-412360 library for AIT and AIT2 tape technology. According to the company, the 412360 offers the best data capacity-to-floor space ratio in the industry, housing up to 46 terabytes of data (46,000 GB) in less than 23 cubic feet of space.

The TLS-412360 utilizes an innovative lead screw design and brushless motors that have prevented mechanical failures in the Qualstar TLS series. The library will provide up to 670 GB per hour of constant throughput when filled to its 12-drive capacity.

The TLS-412360 is designed around Sony-developed AIT and AIT2 tape drives. While AIT offers up to 91 GB of compressed storage per cartridge, AIT2 will hold up to 130 GB. The 412360 houses up to 360 tape cartridges and also uses onboard barcode scanning to keep the tapes in order.

Backup, archive and HSM software solutions, such as CA/ARCserve, IBM ADSM, Seagate Backup Exec, Legato NetWorker, and Veritas NetBackup, support the 412360. Built-in emulation ensures a broad range of platform and software compatibility, including most UNIX platforms and Windows NT.

For more information, contact Qualstar Corporation, 6709 Independence Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91303; (818) 592-0061; Fax: (818) 592-0116; WWW:

Tandberg Announces Two New Storage Products

Tandberg Data, Inc. has announced the availability of its DLT7000 and DLT4000 tape drives. These drives are the company's first data storage products based on the DLTtape platform. The DLT7000 and DLT4000 are designed for mainframe environments, mid-range computers, network server, and high-end workstations, utilizing UNIX operating systems, NetWare, and Windows NT. Both products are available as internal and external "drive kits" and complete data storage subsystem "solutions".

The high-end DLT7000 features four-channel parallel recording to achieve a data storage capacity of 70 GB with data compression and a data transfer rate of 36 GB per hour. The unit's media load time is 37 seconds, average file access time is 60 seconds, and average rewind time is 60 seconds.

The DLT4000 provides 40 GB (compressed) data storage with a data transfer rate of 10.8 GB per hour using two-channel parallel recording. It also features a media load time of 48 seconds, average file access time of 68 seconds, and average rewind time of 70 seconds. Both units have full read and write compatibility with all current and previous DLTtape products. They also feature real-time read-while-write data verification; Cyclical Redundancy Checking; and Reed-Solomon Error Correction Code for data integrity.

For more information, contact Tandberg Data Inc., 2685-A Park Center Drive, Simi Valley, CA 93065-6211; (801) 579-1000; Fax: (801) 579-2555; WWW:

Winchester Systems Introduces LVD Host Interfaces

Winchester Systems Inc. has introduced SCSI low voltage differential (LVD) host interfaces for its entire line of FlashDisk RAID disk arrays. The new LVD interface (also called Ultra2 SCSI) offers up to 80 MB/sec data throughput, which is twice that of its previous Ultra SCSI product.

FlashDisk can now be multi-hosted to three servers using the three LVD host ports. Alternately, all three ports can be attached to separate host adapters in a single server. The new LVD interface also permits servers to be connected at distances up to 25 meters from the storage. All FlashDisk systems with LVD are compatible with industry-standard LVD adapters and backward-compatible with Ultra SCSI and all other SCSI host adapters. FlashDisk RAID acts like a standard SCSI disk with the host. No software drivers are required.

FlashDisk is compatible with midrange server applications, including Alpha Compaq VAX, HP9000, IBM RS/6000, Sun SPARC, Pentium, and Pentium Pro, and can be redeployed from one server to another with no software changes, new parts, or extra cost. FlashDisk RAID is available for workgroup-, departmental-, and enterprise-scale applications in capacities from 9 GB to more than 1,000 GB in tabletop, pedestal, and rackmount enclosures. A FlashDisk RAID pedestal or rackmount equipped with 16 low-profile 9.1 GB drives, triple LVD host ports, and high-speed RAID controller costs $45,592 for 145.6 GB. With 11 18.2 MB drives and 200.2 GB total capacity, FlashDisk RAID costs $63,033.

For more information, contact Winchester Systems Inc., 400 W. Cummings Parkway, Woburn, MA 01801; (800) 325-3700; Fax: (781) 933-6174; Internet:; WWW:

Century Software Upgrades Web-to-Host Connectivity Solutions

Century Software, Inc. has announced new versions of its TinyTERM software, including TinyTERM Web Server Edition, TinyTERM Plus Edition, and TinyTERM Thin Client Edition, aimed at providing scalable browser-based access to information in UNIX and IBM host systems.

The new releases of these products feature the addition of a JavaScript-compatible language (Cscript), allowing customization and automation of host connectivity needs. With Cscript, users can automate file transfers, polling, login, logout, and application shutdown procedures within a browser.

TinyTERM Web Server offers server-based deployment, installation, and configuration of host access through the Internet, intranet, or extranet. TinyTERM Plus Edition provides client-based browser access to UNIX and IBM host data and applications. TinyTERM Thin Client Edition offers support for Citrix MetaFrame and MS Terminal Server environments for centralized deployment and management of host connectivity in thin-client/server environments.

For more information, contact Century Software's Web site:

Allied Telesyn Announces Fast Ethernet Switches

Allied Telesyn Intl. has announced the release of a new family of unmanaged 10/100 autosensing Fast Ethernet switches. The AT-FS700 series, with densities ranging from 4 to 24 ports, is aimed at facilitating the move from Ethernet to Fast Ethernet connectivity. The FS700 family consists of four new switches, each designed to meet a range of network needs at full wire-speed per port performance.

With 24 dual-speed autosensing 10/100 ports, the AT-FS724 switch delivers the port density and wire-speed performance required for bandwidth-intensive applications in segment or workgroup environments. The 16-port AT-FS718 is suited for medium-density environments and has two optional 100TX or FX uplinks. With fiber-uplink options, the AT-FS718 offers a path to fiber-based high-speed networking, with simultaneous access to 100Mbps server pipes. Additionally, the AT-FS704 and AT-FS709 switches are designed to enhance desktop performance while providing the wire-speed per port and flexibility required in low-density networking environments.

The AT-FS700 family is based on a hardware platform that employs integrated ASIC technology. Running in full duplex mode, each port in the FS700 line provides up to 200 Mbps of bandwidth to the end device. Each 10/100TX port on an AT-FS700 switch supports half- or full-duplex operation and is IEEE 802.3u autosensing/autonegotiation compliant.

The AT-FS704 is priced at $399, the AT-FS709 at $755, the AT-FS718 at $1,259, and the AT-FS724 is priced at $1,639. For more information, contact Allied Telesyn Intl., 19015 N. Creek Pkwy., Suite 200, Bothell, WA 98011; (425) 487-8880 or (800) 424-5012; Fax: (425) 489-9191; WWW:

Syntax Upgrades TotalNET Advanced Server

Syntax, Inc. has released version 5.4 of their TotalNET Advanced Server (TAS). This version offers more features, increased functionality, and improvements in the areas of AppleTalk and NT environments.

New features include: NT logon server, unified ACL administration, AppleTalk over TCP/IP, internal attribute export/import utilities, and support for HP-UX 11.00. TAS runs on Sun Microsystems, IBM, SGI, and HP midrange systems and provides a common filesystem for NT, NetWare, Macintosh, and UNIX server environments, allowing users to access the same files regardless of platform.

For more information, contact Syntax, Inc. 840 S. 333rd St., Federal Way, WA 98003; (253) 838-2626; Fax: (253) 838-9836; WWW:

Columbia Releases OTM

Columbia Data Products, Inc. has announced the availability of its Open Transaction Manager (OTM) product. According to the company, OTM totally eliminates the "Backup Window Problem", by forcing all backups to prioritize user I/Os instead of the backup I/Os. This allows the backup to operate as a true background operation without impacting server system performance. OTM also provides for seamless backup of all "in-use" and open files, databases, and raw OS system transactions.

OTM is the core component of CDP's SnapBack Live True Image Backup Solution that eliminates the need for any open file agents when integrated with any vendor's backup solution. For more information, contact Columbia Data Products' Web site:

Procom Expands ATOM Series

Procom Technology, Inc. has expanded its ATOM series of laptop disk solutions with the release of the ATOM ES Series of external subsystems.

ATOM ES (external storage) solutions provide users with a way to secure valuable data stored on a laptop computer hard disk through a PCMCIA card interface. It also allows users who wish to upgrade their laptop storage with a larger capacity ATOM drive to install the old drive in the ATOM ES enclosure and take advantage of the additional capacity when using the laptop in the office.

The ATOM ES series provides a total external storage solution that connects to the laptop through the PCMCIA slot using an included cable and card, enabling fast and easy data transfer between the computer and the ATOM ES subsystem. Capacities range from 3 GB to 6 GB.

For more information, contact Procom Technology, 1821 East Dyer Road, Santa Ana, CA 92705-5700; (949) 852-1000; Fax: (949) 852-1221; Internet:; WWW:

On Time Extends Embedded RTOS with TCP/IP Stack

On Time Software has announced RTIP, an embedded TCP/IP network stack for its 32-bit and 16-bit embedded systems RTOSes.

The 32-bit version of RTIP can be used with On Time's core 32-bit RTOS RTTarget-32 for single-threaded operation or in combination with RTKernel-32 for multi-tasking applications. RTIP contains the core TCP/IP protocols needed by an embedded network application. A number of add-ons are available to extend RTIP's range of supported protocols (e.g., ftp, email, Web server, etc.).

Features include: 100% C source code included; SLIP/CSLIP and Ethernet PCMCIA drivers; BOOTP, RARP, ARP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, and DNS protocols; robust TCOP implementation; standard socket API with extensions; and free technical support.

RTIP is priced at $7500. For more information, contact On Time Software, 88 Christian Ave., Setauket, NY 11733; (516) 689-6654; Fax: (516) 689-1172; Internet:

UniTrends Announces PC ParaChute

UniTrends Software Corporation has released PC ParaChute, a complete crash recovery product for Intel-based PCs. PC ParaChute backup up every PC on the network to the central server through a TCP/IP connection. Backups are performed manually or as part of an automated schedule. When a PC crashes and after the hardware is repaired, the administrator boots the machine from a generated bootable disk, which then connects to the server and restores all data. Once restored, the machine is rebooted and runs Windows as before.

PC ParaChute saves administrators time spent re-installing Windows and its patches, upgrades, and configuration considerations. The centralized backup management and control of each PC allows the company to have customized PCs that are easily recoverable. Because PC Parachute backups are performed from a bootable floppy that is generated on the fly, there are no open files, no locked files, and all registry entries are fully backed up. Information inside and outside of the filesystem is also backed up, including the partition table.

PC ParaChute offers such technology as Bit-Level-Verification of the backup, software compression (reduces network traffic), DynaScan backup verification weeks to months later, and a free space optimizer. The product requires Backup Professional, and the PC must be connected through a TCP/IP connection. The PC must also contain a 1.44 floppy disk. PC Parachute is priced at $35 per PC.

For more information, contact UniTrends Software Corporation, 1601 Oak St., #201, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577; (800) 648-648-2827 or (843) 626-2878; Fax: (843-626-5202; WWW: